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Zachary Quinto & Boyfriend Miles McMillan Are Still Going Strong in NYC!

Zachary Quinto & Boyfriend Miles McMillan Are Still Going Strong in NYC!

Zachary Quinto sports a cool pair of eyeglasses while enjoying a stroll with his boyfriend Miles McMillan on Friday (June 6) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor was spotted resting his hands on his model boyfriend’s shoulders during the outing.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zachary Quinto

Earlier in the week, Zachary was handsome while attending the Sundance Institute Vanguard Leadership Award event in the Big Apple.

It was recently announced that Zachary and Matt Bomer will be introducing a new Tony honor at the 2014 Tony Awards on Sunday (June 8).

10+ pictures inside of Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan spending time together…

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  • Gmitse Ko

    Disgusting and disgraceful

  • Sal

    Why so tense Zachary Quinto? smile for the cameras….even tho’ it’s Richard Chai’s bf you’re walking with!

  • wherefore art thou?

    Anyone know where “cerulean, bombay sapphire, deep end of the pool” Pine is?

  • LOL

    His boyfriend is cute..but he looks mad young next to Zachary.

  • ewww

    His boyfriend looks like a 15 year old girl!

  • The Zen Zachary Quinto sayz..

    “I believe that you get back what you put out in the world. I’m a big believer in treating people with compassion and respect and that’s the only way to treat people…..”
    I sure hope so Zachary Quinto! I hope you get back two fold. especially from the Asian fans who seem to be Quinto’s newest target.
    What a disgusting creep Quinto has become.

  • Ruuni

    Hey Quinto why don’t you take your boyfriend on the red carpet? Or take him to any events where Hollywood Alisters are present?

  • Lolz

    The Asian market? Isn’t that where “Jack Ryan” was supposed to have made its money? Is that why Zachary Quinto has a Minto blog all in chinese?

  • Groan…

    here goes the daily fail again!
    “That was the same exact month the Broadway thespian broke things off with his previous boyfriend, Jonathan Groff, whom he was with for eight months.”
    wrong. like the rest of the article…
    btw miles is an artist? what did he draw other than nudies of himself? lol as someone said, what a dingbat!

  • شات جروح

    His boyfriend is cute..but he looks mad young next to Zachary

  • DM

    Gotta love the DM…
    “Before Groff, Quinto reportedly romanced Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, stylist Johnny Wujek, and model Colton Haynes.”
    Wait, there’s more…. he.. er.. REPORTEDLY romanced:
    Milo Ventimiglia, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Ryan Murphy, Tyler Shields, , JJ Abrams (what? he’s married? oops!) Bob Orci (Is he married? yes? no? whatever?) Prince Harry (no? he wasn’t the ginger haired guy walking the dogs? oh!) Simon Pegg, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof to name a few…
    And he never ever reportedly romanced?
    Christopher Whitelaw Pine

  • Sara

    Way to go Zachary….wow that guys is gorgeous!

  • blubbies

    Gosh, the boy is only 23 years old.
    Get one from your own age Zachary. Being gay shouldn’t include way-weird thougts of attraction for way too younger men-or weman.
    Get a balanced equal relationship with a guy and show the world gay love is equal to other love. For god’s sake. This is not doing the gay group any good.

  • blubbies

    Oh and by the way a real big age difference in bisexual or heterosexual relationships raises my eye brows too. It is not about the sex thing, it is about the age difference thing, which is all too often and too easily reduced to sexual preferences.

    (I am hetero btw, without any probs to sexually differently orientated adult people)

  • just me

    They looks very cute and in love, Zachary is a great actor

  • Huh?

    @Ruuni: Actually Miles is always with him at every event or trip

  • http://JustJared Teepi

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Zach dating a 23 yr old, age is just a number, it’s the love that counts……. no one seems to mind that Chris Pine is dating a 23 yr old beauty queen, Iris Bjork Johannesdottir. Never knew double standards existed in gay world!

  • Ruuni

    Tell me one instance where he’s on the red carpet or seen with Alisters?

  • Sal

    Age is actually anything but a number. Talk to a 40 yr old and a 15 yr old and believe me you’ll notice the difference. And age is not the only thing that’s off about this so called relationship. You really should read the past pages here.
    Oh yeah Chris Pine and his 23 year old and the mini movie in Paris. Doesn’t Pine also insist he’s soooo “private” just like Quinto does?

  • Lefil


    Zachary and Miles are dating. Just get over it.

  • Ruuni

    Which part of “red carpet/Alisters” don’t you understand?
    Dating? Sure. In a blaze of pap pics! LOL
    Whatever happened to private Quinny?

  • Lefil

    If you don’t like them, why do you even care?

  • hah hah hah

    the crazy pinto fools always saying their bs, i adore how they suffer for their fantasy that will never be realized, cause minto is happening

  • Ruuni

    Wait, now you’re down to asking me personal questions? lol
    Nothing to say about the red carpet/Alisters and the over publicized dating stratergy?
    @hah hah hah
    The pinto card is getting boring. Try something else. Some of us are not pinto fans, just disheartened by the lying douchebag Quinto has become.

  • Sal

    So…I’ve yet to hear from you Minto fans why Quinto won’t take his kiddie on the red carpet or introduce him around the Alisters? Ya know, just like he did with Groff.
    Gotta love our Zachy boy. spouting all that spiritual bs about honesty, integrity and how to treat people. Hah!

  • Zachary Quinto’s zen BS

    Laughable how the minto minions pull out the pinto card when they’re cornered. ROFL

  • Shay

    Finally we get to see Zach and Matt together! They are really close friends since and hang out together all the time yet we only have two pictures of them hanging out, or like pictures of Zach with Matt’s husband Simon at the Tony’s.

    I wonder if they ever hooked up in college. Nowadays it’s interesting because obviously Quinto prefers them very young and Matt likes daddies…

  • Grintofan

    I miss Grinto. I think the last time we saw them together was at the Tony Awards last year. Why did Quinto downgrade in boyfriends? Groff has so much more to offer than this twink.

  • scarjo

    The age different between these two is very apparent. They actually look like father and son…creepy.

  • Lefil

    While Zachary and Jon Groff were photographed on the red carpet, there were no photos of TOGETHER. And I never saw any PDA between Zac and Jon.

  • wherefore art thou?

    Where is Chris Pine?? Guy’s disappeared again? After telling EVERYONE about how he hates to shave? His beard fascinates me like that “rad hairstyle” he had when he “cut off all his hair”!
    And why is Zachariah having the jitters?

  • Millie’s floral “skirt”

    Zachariah is having the jitters? Piney must be thisclose!!

  • ?!?!?!?!

    @Ruuni: You’re crazy or in denial or both, Zachary has just finished shooting a movie around the world, and Miles was with him all the time, they are a cute couple in love, get over it and move on.

  • Mister Spock’s logic

    @wherefore art thou?: Who cares where Chris Pine is? That’s a Zachary Quinto /Miles McMillan thread.

  • Jeez!

    Listen dumba$$, ZQ NEVER took Miles on the red carpet or anywhere near Alisters. Tthat’s what was said. You have a problem sticking to the point??

  • ?!?!?!?!

    @Jeez!: you are crazy and very rude, Miles is always with him, as it happens to real couples, they are beautiful, talented and IN LOVE deal with it and go out from your slash world

  • The search for Pine!

    Of course we’re interested in pretty blue eyes. Afterall it’s not everyday that Spockie says stuff like “cerulean, Bombay Sapphire, deepend of the pool” is it? Now, has he EVER said that about 15 yr under age girl Miilie’s muddy little brown orbs?!

  • Jeez!

    Crazy & rude? Lol yeah when I read what people like you write. Neither of them are beautiful. ZQ is a good actor but Miles is a nobody. Talent? what talent? you referring to his nude drawings? lmao.
    As for love, yeah ZQ can’t even take him on the red carpet. or to events where HW Alists are. Why is that?
    As for “slash world” there you go again, when you have nothing to say, pull out the pinto card! LOL

  • Sal

    Without calling people crazy and rude why don’t you answer the question asked here so many times? Here it is again.
    “I’ve yet to hear from you Minto fans why Quinto won’t take his kiddie on the red carpet or introduce him around the Alisters?”
    Odd for a couple so “in love” haha. And the way Quinto flogs his love life around the gossip blogs is just disgraceful.
    Explain all of it. Accusing people of being “slashers” is not gonna get you a free pass.

  • ?!?!?!?!

    @Jeez!:Sorry but who cares about the red carpets, They are always together, Miles is always with him, this is what really matter, they looksto like a well-matched pair and in love, Zachary is a great actor, a dozen times better than most of the so-called Hollywood male stars of his own age, Miles is a model, and an artist from what I’ve seen, with a remarkable talent, Why so much venom?

  • Sal

    While I’m at it, would you like to comment on the Minto blog all in Chinese and some of the pics in it? the most interesting question being who took the pics? LOL Richard Chai? Yeah right. Love my a$$!

  • ?!?!?!?!

    they looksto like a well-matched pair and in love*** sorry I meant “they look like a well-matched pair and in love”

  • ?!?!?!?!

    @Sal: Richard Chai? What are you talking about?
    Richard is a friend of Miles, and I think for about two years he has been dating a guy who is not a model, what does this have to do with Zachary and Miles?

  • Jeez!


    “Sorry but who cares about the red carpets”
    What? are you serious? Ok so you have no answer for that. (cringe)
    “They are always together”
    oh really? how exactly do you know that? From the staged Minto pics in the gossip blogs?
    “they looksto like a well-matched pair”
    Oh Lordy, I’m not even going to answer that….other than say ZQ looks like a creep.
    “Zachary is a great actor, a dozen times better than most of the so-called Hollywood male stars of his own age”
    Are you completely nuts? ZQ is not a great actor. A good one yes. A great actor? better than most his age? What the hell are you smoking? maybe you are his PR. lol
    “Miles is a model, and an artist from what I’ve seen, with a remarkable talent”
    Miles is a model. Who looks like a girl. He paints nudies of himself. 2 to be exact. And you call that a “remarkable talent”?
    Man, you just have to be Quinto’s PR because not even a fangurl will write such drivel!
    I’m done here sheesh!

  • Sal

    Richard Chai is Miles McMillan’s boyfriend. The one that hung around the edges when minto did their epic PDA fest a few months back. The one ZQ so very diligently promotes whenever he can.
    So you “think” he has a bf. “think”!!
    You really need to get with the program.
    No comment on the weird minto blog in Chinese?

  • ?!?!?!?!

    @Jeez!: Listen I stop to answer you, because it is obvious that you have some serious problems to connect with reality, if you prefer to stay in your fantasy world where Spock and Kirk are madly in love and so also the actors who play them on the screen, it’s ok, everyone is free to choose their own poison, but there is no need to spread hatred and be rude and invasive, the truth is beyond clear, your efforts are useless.

  • Sal

    So from pinto now it’s moved to Spock and Kirk? If there is anyone here who has a problem with reality it’s you. wow! Spock and Kirk are fictitious characters they are NOT Quinto and Pine. And you, who are so quick to label people “slashers” should know that people identify Nimoy and Shatner wayyy more with the characters than Quinto & Pine. People here call Quinto on his BS because that’s what it is. The evidence is all in the past pages. read it. If you think we are being rude and invasive, that’s your call. I’m sure others who read here can make up their own minds. Still no comment on the weird Chinese Minto blog?!!
    “the truth is beyond clear, your efforts are useless.” If that doesn’t reek of PR what does? LMAO
    Look, you are too stupid to go back and forth with. If you can’t come up with intelligent comments other than a slew of ridiculous accusations about pinto and slashers, you’ll get no more answers.

  • ?!?!?!?!

    @Sal: Wow how much vehemence and stupid arrogance, I must have hit some nerve, and it hurts doesn’t it?
    And darling stop calling people stupid, it does not help your case, in addition to highlighting your full-blown insanity this attitude also removes any pitiful human sympathy, that some good Samaritan could feel reading your rants

  • Ruuni

    #40 – Who cares about the red carpet?
    Nobody asked you who cared about the red carpet. What was asked was Why the “madly in love” couple are never seen on the red carpet and why Quinto dumps his ever loving bf when he gets to the Alisters?
    Answer the question.

  • Sal

    Uhoh getting personal much? Thanks for letting everyone know you really have nothing to say. *smirk*