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Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Reach Child Support Settlement

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Reach Child Support Settlement

Gabriel Aubry plays a round of golf while attending the Screen Actors Guild Foundation’s Actors Fore Actors event on Monday (June 9) at Lakeside Golf Club in Burbank, Calif.

The 38-year-old model will be getting a major amount of money coming his way in the form of child support payments from his ex Halle Berry.

A judge has just signed off on a settlement in the former couple’s custody dispute over six-year-old Nahla, which calls for Halle to pay $16,000 a month in child support. That comes out to nearly $200,000 each year.

Halle also must pay Gabriel a retroactive payment of $115,000 and pay him $300,000 in attorney’s fees, according to TMZ.

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  • K

    Good for him. She wanted to completely erase him from her life. She can start a new life with a new man but she can’t keep the kid from her dad. She should be happy not a lot of men would fight so persistently to be a part of their child’s life.

  • guest

    This is a disgrace. No man needs to be collecting that much money from a woman, when it is his responsibility to support his child.
    So this must mean all of his income can go on himself, and other women.

  • just saying

    Halle you can now kick out Olivier look what he just cost you.

  • Lakisha Redd

    It’s sad that she has to pay him that much money and there child lives with her

  • Verity

    @guest: Because he is a man he should not take child support? It their responsibility. Halle Berry was the main bread winner while they were together. Whomever was making the majority income must pay child support. Besides he’s getting pennies compared to some women out there.

  • allison

    Well we fought for equal rights.
    But he does look like he’s not working out anymore. Which means he probably not getting modeling jobs. Which means he has decided to live off Halle. He will probably be like Britney’s Ex and start a whole new family with Halle’s money.

  • Three Little Kittens

    The child must be supported in the manner to which she is accustomed. That means better housing. He can’t live in just some ordinary apartment. It has to have security and be in a good area. He may need extra money for other security measures. Halle makes millions a year. She can afford it and probably doesn’t mind paying it if it will benefit her daughter. Gabriel is a model and probably doesn’t make more than half a million a year, if that.

  • mcwitch11

    Well I think it was her constant complaints over the dangerous living situation her daughter was in when she spent time at his 2bd condo. She overburden the courts with baseless accusations, none of which were proved, slandered him and wanted to have him removed of any and all contact with his daughter and leave the country. She owes for his legal costs and if his 2bd is good enough guess the extra child support will pay for better housing. GOOD FOR HIM!!! Teach people that fame and money don’t always win

  • Mike

    So when he dates a woman in the future and she asks him “what do you do for a living” he says “I’m a lazy spineless baby daddy on the take big-time”

  • Gabriel is a good dad

    They should give up child support for every American ex wife out there! Because he is not seen does not mean he is not working ! This should
    Of been private ! Who released this information, no he will not be like
    Britney’s ex husband , and he will take good care of her.. Sure thing that Jenny Garth is getting that much from her ex husband to support her kids!

  • just saying

    @ Mike when you baby mom take you to court for child support are you going to call her lazy spineless baby mother? For a man you surprise me what happen to equal rights.

  • tammy

    Well done Gabriel!!Make her life miserable in every possible way.That crazy bltch deserves everything that comes in her way.And it´s better that she be prepared because crazy Olivier is going to do the same.Or worse.

  • tammy

    And by the way he is hot! HalleBat definety downgraded.

  • Ewww

    Look at him. Completely capable of getting a job for himself but instead a freeloader. What a pig. Get a job Gabriel! Oh I forgot, dating Halle WAS the job you sought.

  • Loser guy

    He is done with in Hollywood. Everyone will know he is an opportunist.

  • Demi


    I agree completely. She brought al this on herself. Then she lets her boyfriend (at the time) beat her daughter’s father up in front of her house and threaten him because he insisted on having visitation and custody rights to his own child.

    Halle is psycho and everybody knows it. So let her pay this time. Her & Olivier have their baby now and they’re married, so they have a new distraction. But you know what? At some point, a few years down the road, Halle wll explde about Oivier. Just wait. Everyone knows he drinks too much and he can be abusive. Give it time.

    Halle insists on making the same mistakes all over again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Gabriel as not a violent man. He never was abusive. Every one who knows him says he is a sweet, kind person. But Halle turned on him because of money.

    She knew he was a model when she got with him. He tried a couple of business ventures and then she called him a freeloader who never carried his share, and she got all vicious.She needs to take a good look at Olivier. Talk about a freeloader who doesn’t do his share. LOL! Good luck, Halle.

  • meiii

    love him……so handsome and a loving dad….i hope he finds love and has more kids!!!

  • ……

    @Mike: Not to mention a sponge.

  • You are a witch

    @mcwitch11: Then why does he need so much money? You sound like a total idiot.

  • sweetness

    I know Halle and Gabriel is a divisive subject, but can someone explain how these child support payments work…and why so much? I could understand setting up a trust fund but does any child need $16,000 a month to survive. And if he is a working model, why does Halle foot the entire support. Does Nahla live with Gabriel solely? It reminds me of Tom Cruise’s child support but Suri Cruise lives primarily with her mother…

  • Pau

    Go back to the stone age…

    Halley is crazy, she want to get rid of him and he didn’t let her. He fought for his daughter and he won.

  • mcwitch11

    @You are a witch: I think California law stipulates that the child receives money to keep the lifestyle she is accustomed to. I imagine security has to be provided because Halle is high profile and a target for stalkers/abductors. If I’m an idiot for seeing her as she is so be it. I didn’t make up stories about my ex, prevent him from seeing his child or getting pregnant by a model. Fathers have rights too!!!

  • truth


    He is receiving child support because Halle claimed his household was not up to the standards in which her child was accustomed too. Sye was trying to get his parental rights revoked but instead the judge ordered her to pay child support to him so he can keep Nahla’s comforts that she has with her mom at her dad’s home. This will pay for security, special dietary needs and so on. This woman tried to gain custody of her child because Gabriel gave his daughter a slice of pizza for dinner! The judge felt if that was her argument then Halle should pay for the ompulent lifestyle she created for her child.

  • Lulu

    I have seen 50,000/month child support so, ……..

  • Jake

    Totally normal, Gabriel Aubry was the most successfull male model out there for years making half to a million dollar a year if not double , who are you to tell him to get a job maybe he can live on his savings ? Maybe he has invested what do you know? Fighting for equality goes both ways. All of you thiking that because he’ll get 16000 he’ll put 1000 or her and keep the rest for himself know nothing , it´s in every rich people custody contract to provide receipts of where did the monthly money did go . Otherwise every one of them would pay for a 1000$ a month condo and buy gucci bags or golf clubs with the rest

  • spirit7

    Halle has plenty of money. That’s a drop in the bucket. There’s nothing wrong with her having to pay him. He loved Halle more than any other man that she’s been with.

  • sweetness


    does that mean he has to meet the demands of the $16,000 child support…because again I’m not understanding why Halle has to foot the entire cost. If the child’s lifestyle demands $16,000. Why doesn’t Gabriel have to split the child support or is this actually half of what it costs to raise Nahla and that would be $32,000 a month. Also what happens to the child support money that isn’t spent?

  • Wurry

    That’s not really a MAJOR amount actually. Just procedural as the date was up for the court to decide. It’s not like he went to court to get more child support or anything – it’s down from last year so either he has more assets or her income has been lowered. The fact that she hasn’t paid for so long is concerning ….if the were a wealthy man who has not been paying, everyone would be up in arms.

  • sorry

    Halle was a fool to let Gabriel go. He is so darn good looking. Plus from what I know he really loved her and truly love and adore his daughter.

  • Lainey is that you!!

    why does he need so much child support ,
    he wont be her main care giver any way.
    and he’s made quite a mint from modeling.
    i dont understand why americans in particular have to treat theyre former relationships as a means to making money there is a (bad) name for these kinds of people…/prostitutes.

  • @sorry

    “Halle was a fool to let Gabriel go. He is so darn good looking”

    what a shallow thing to say ,you must be incredibly unattractive to think someone is worth keeping just because they are handsome..just because a man is attractive doesn’t mean he’s ‘good’ .

  • Jimmy

    Halle berry is a disgrace. He was so smart to get away intact.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Told you that Gabriel was nothing but a leech. He contributes nothing to the care of his own daughter and is suppose to be a good father. Every one knows this loser was just after Halle’s money. I’m glad Olivier beat the living daylights out of this creep.

  • schampuslady

    schön wieder mal neue bilder zu sehen alles gute

  • kayla

    She could pay him off right now if she wanted to what a few million. Her networth is something like $80 or $90 million, she’s not hurting!

  • just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat You are not Nahla mother or father so you are noting, stay out of Nahla business it’s not your money and it’s equal right .

  • Demi

    Don’t forget, Halle also said he was a terrible father when she was building her case, so I imagine in addition to her food, clothing, housing, and her education, Halle is also paying for her security, and for a nanny to care for her. Halle was very busy telling the judge all the reasons why Gabriel should not have custody of Nahla. The court wasted a lot of money investigating her claims and sending people to watch how Gabriel acted with his daughter. Halle built a very good case. So now the judge is saying to her, well, let’s make sure she gets all the things she needs.

    I honestly believe that Halle wouldn’t be into Gabriel for so much money if she hadn’t started this mess by attacking him in court, and then by letting Olivier beat him up so bad. Go back and look at the pictures. Nahla was right there and Halle grabbed her and pushed her into the house, but she saw Olivier punch her father and kick him on the ground, banging his head on the cement. So now Halle pays. Good for Gabriel.

  • stella

    Gab’s broke arse has 12 more years to collect on child support. He looks like a broke man’s K-Fed.

  • just saying

    @ stella That one good looking broke man, HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • allison

    @sweetness: The judge took into consideration how much Gabriel earns from his modeling and part ownership in a restaurant. The judge made a decision that $16,000 a month more (than what Gabriel earns) was needed to keep Nahla in the lifestyle she is accustomed too.
    “Under California law,” Kelly adds, “The children must have the same lifestyle as their mother since she is considered an individual who falls under a high bracket income.”
    “California law and the IRS state the primary caretaker doesn’t have to give anything to the government since the monies are being used to support children.”


  • Expensive

    What an expensive lesson for Halle…Aubry your man card is revoked. Halle might be a little nutbar( and I love her) but Aubbry is a loser living off a woman. Yes he should be in his daughters life of course, doesn’t need all that much money!!! And for the record I think its also crap when guys are ordered to pay women some ridiculous amount of money for child support also…

  • Huggybear

    Why is Halle letting Just Jared, Mail online and many more in her business, Is it for us to watch her new TV SHOW and us to feel sorry for her ,just saying.

  • Copy of petition /terms?
  • ll2008

    @Huggybear: Could very well be or just karma getting justice. Her bashing the exes when she has movie or other work out goes back to David and Eric. Nothing new. Personally, I thought the whole thing was settled .

  • ll2008 part 2

    @ll2008: @huggybear there also have been cases sites /others knowing this have tried to start something—but this is probably not the case here. If team Halle rather than Team Gabe leaked this to People/TMZ , she is notorious for self-sabotage when trying to move forward careerwise

  • Donte

    Gabriel Aubry can golf with his celebrity friends but can’t support his daughter. He is a sorry excuse for a man! Good thing he’s going to be cut off when their daughter graduates from high school.

  • kia

    Gabriel= Britney’s ex Federline

  • gg

    He’s gorgeous. When I saw how his face after he was beaten by Oliver, i was shocked. What a horrible thing to do. halle and oliver seem like shady people. violent people to me.

  • Kachasa

    what happened between them anyway? Olivier seems like such a loser. his career suckkks big time. He’s not even liked in france;

  • Emerald


    Why is this a disgrace? It’s called equality. By the way, welcome to the 21st century. Halle tried to erase this man completely out of her life. She also tried to move their child to France with no consideration to his wishes.