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Jake Gyllenhaal & Rachel McAdams Watch a Boxing Match Together!

Jake Gyllenhaal & Rachel McAdams Watch a Boxing Match Together!

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams head into Madison Square Garden together to watch the Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez fight on Saturday (June 7) in New York City.

The pair arrived in the same car and attended the match to prepare for their upcoming movie Southpaw, which takes place in the boxing world.

Jake and Rachel were spotted together last week having dinner in Pittsburgh, where there move will go into production shortly.

It was just reported that Jake is in talks to star in the upcoming movie Demolition, which “tells the story of an investment banker struggling to understand his emotional disconnect after the tragic death of his wife. He begins to tear apart his life in a effort to see where he went wrong and is ultimately rescued by a woman he meets in a chance encounter,” according to Variety.

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  • Just saying

    They are very cute together :)

  • GGGive

    omgg yes yes yess is this really happening?? i hope they end up together! massive fan of both

  • :)

    @GGGive: Me too !

  • Silo

    It’s prep for the movie. But they’d make a cute couple! RA looks sooooo cute in that sparkly dress.

  • bbm

    weird… but i like it!

  • andrea

    He is never with anyone his fans like! So they are probably just learning more about their roles.

  • fan!

    @andrea: LOL! Very true

  • gina

    I wanna see this movie, I think it’s gonna be great judging by the cast.

  • Pxe

    Love the idea of these two together.

  • Alaia

    They’re probably just preparing for the film. I remember reading that Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams lived together in preparation for Blue Valentine.

  • kassie

    They would make an attractive couple! She is GORGEOUS!!

  • Demi

    Well it’s probably for the movie because Antoine Fuqua the director of the movie was with them. They were all together. But I love the idea that they could be dating. They would make a perfect couple.

  • T

    isn’t she like almost 40 years old?

  • haven

    nah, don’t see them together.

  • 11

    rachel’s legs are fat and ugly.

  • Jenny

    I always skip Jake threads because they devolve into lunacy thanks to one crazy poster who has made it their mission in life to harass anyone who suggests Jake might be gay. I don’t know if Jake is gay but I think he’s a terrible dresser!

  • Vblind

    She is his beard. Flat out. He is toothy tile

  • lol

    @Vblind: Hello, PG!

  • louisa

    same things were said when he co-starred with Anne H and Anna K. they are just 2 actors trying to get into character.

  • http://n/a I agree with no15

    Truth is her legs look chunky in such a short dress….like Demi Lovato’s legs! But don’t say FAT, you might offend someone! So what would you suggest people say, if people think her legs look “fat and ugly”….lie? Is being a big bullshitter any better?

  • It’s Me

    I love her but I’m holding out for her and Ryan Gosling to get back together!!!

  • courtey

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!! I love them both so much they would be an awesome couple :) :) :)

  • Shirley

    Jake is married to a guy named Austin and they have a child together. I don’t think he’ll be hooking up with a lady anytime soon.

  • Pamela

    Rachel is beautiful. Really, people? And an awesome body.

  • lol

    @Shirley: OMG blog fanfiction

  • You are not fooling anyone

    @Jenny: Give me a f-ucking break “Jenny”

  • The edge of reality

    @Shirley: Sure! the marriage was celebrated in an alien spaceship, and the Elvis ghost sang love me tender on receipt! LOL!

  • areader

    Actually, Rachel’s legs are simply great.

  • Yup

    @areader: Rachel is just perfect, they would be like the best couple ever.

  • Oh Really?

    @Jenny:Oh Really? I always skip Jake threads because they devolve into lunacy thanks to one crazy poster who has made it their mission in life to harass anyone who suggests Jake might be straight, dating a woman, or a good actor or even a decent person

  • DanaJ

    Well, I can’t deny – they are the cutest together, Although, I don’t believe they will be a couple. It looks like Rachel is no longer willing to date a famouse actor and have all those crazy fans following her the way it was when she was with Ryan. She clearly wants a simple kind of life. She’s no attention seaker.
    And by the way, she’s not 40, she’s 35. What are you, stupid? And Jack is 33, so they’re the same age, which is nice.
    Second. Her legs are freaking perfect. She’s the best looking acrtress in Hollywood. And she’s an amazing actress.

  • Pamela


    Preach it sister!….I think a bunch gossip hungry middle aged women needed to hear that. Rachel and Jake are 2 beautiful people on their own or together.
    People could LEARN from these 2!

  • ITA

    @DanaJ: @Pamela: Totally agree, Rachel & Jake are both beautiful talented, and down to earth.

  • Nessa

    @Pamela: Agreed. These two are lovely. Individually and/or collectively. They are both great.

  • A

    I don’t believe this at all. Last month she was seen kissing that music producer. If she is suddenly dating JG than it’s all for PR.

  • ace11

    PLEASE..they are so NOT dating

    a roll in the sheets maybe

    but not dating

  • WOW!

    according to page six Jake and Rachel are really “close”

    “Romance buzz began when the pair stepped out last week for dinner in Pittsburgh, where they’re shooting a boxing movie, “Southpaw,” with Lupita Nyong’o and Forest Whitaker.

    On Saturday in New York, spies said Gyllenhaal and McAdams appeared together at Lugo Caffe across from MSG before the bout.

    “They arrived together and sat next to each other,” said a spy, adding the actors were “in deep conversation.” They stayed for an hour at the packed party and “looked happy and very friendly.”

    Gyllenhaal wore a casual black baseball cap and jeans while McAdams went with a little back dress, and they headed over to the fight together.”

  • rachel rules

    @A: She is not that kind of person.

  • Jeanne

    Rachel has had a boyfriend for over a year. They’re just hanging as co-workers.

  • Jeanne

    Not sure why people keep thinking she’s single, she’s not. Lol

  • gg

    Rachel has really nasty horse looking legs.

  • Kachasa

    @DanaJ: 35 and 33 is NOT the same age. You must be a blond.

  • Stevie

    Her face is plain and she is a boring actress. and If i had her legs i would cover them up and not show them.

  • haters gonna hate

    She is beautiful and talented, and her legs are just fine

  • Calif

    She lies about her age. she was born in 1976

  • Ringo

    @haters gonna hate: sorry but her legs have a really really ugly shape.

  • Pamela

    Can’t make sad lonely people happy..they have to hurt others..Rachel is gorgeous.

  • Jack

    @Pamela: well, it’s the truth. It has nothing to do with the so called feelings you’re trying to convince yourself they have. I have nothing against her as a person but i don’t think she’s very pretty. She doesn’t have a nice body either. Those are just tastes, opinions, not because they are “sad”.

  • kyle

    @Jeanne: I know right? She has a steady bf. This is all PR for their movie.

  • Tyla

    This is PR for their upcoming film…. Not a date.