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Johnny Depp Celebrates 51st Birthday Dressed as Another Man

Johnny Depp Celebrates 51st Birthday Dressed as Another Man

Johnny Depp transforms himself into Whitey Bulger on the set of his upcoming movie Black Mass on Monday morning (June 9) in Boston, Mass.

The actor is celebrating his 51st birthday today and is doing so while dressed up as another man!

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Johnny was most recently spotted with his fiancee Amber Heard on the set of the film last week sharing a romantic kiss during a break from filming.

FYI: Johnny is wearing DITA Eyewear sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp celebrating his birthday on set…

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johnny depp celebrates birthday black mass 01
johnny depp celebrates birthday black mass 02
johnny depp celebrates birthday black mass 03
johnny depp celebrates birthday black mass 04
johnny depp celebrates birthday black mass 05
johnny depp celebrates birthday black mass 06
johnny depp celebrates birthday black mass 07
johnny depp celebrates birthday black mass 08
johnny depp celebrates birthday black mass 09
johnny depp celebrates birthday black mass 10

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Meh

    happy birthday Johnny!
    You look unrecognizable! my god…

  • pants

    I couldn’t help but notice the tight pants at the 4th photo!wow johnny!
    And also the transformation is so realistic it’s scary!!!!Oscar coming…

  • HBD

    Happy Birthday Johnny!!!!!!!!!You look…scary

  • @he’s impressive

    @pants: I know what you mean!! but there’s a reason why his girlfriends seems to went crazy for him and it’s not only because he’s a romantic or a handsome man…Kate Moss called him “Donkey D…” and his name appear in the book “Hollywood Babylon” as the best endowed in HW along with Sean Connery. He seem to be legendary…
    Enjoy AH!

  • Modelizer

    Happy Bday. Love u. My first whiteboy crush.

  • fan

    Happy Birhday, my dear Johnny!
    Here a beautiful video I just found on youtube:

  • meli

    happy bday johnny ; D

  • Gosh

    Feeling sick.
    Also about the pants.

  • True

    Another movie flop for this 51-yr-old creepster.

  • ForMe

    @True: At least it isn’t one of those stupid Pirates movies. I get the feeling Johnny will make at least 5 more of those.

  • Didy

    Happy Birthday, Johnny!!!!
    OMG, he is scary, but that’s why he is the best actor in the world.
    I think it’s not easy to make him look like an older man (yes, he is 51 but looks 31), wonderful makeup work!
    He is spending his birthday working, but he looks happy, it’s normal in his job. This also happened to Amber this year, she also was working on her birthday one month and a half ago.
    They’ve been working a lot, but every time they have a little break, they come to see each other.
    Adorable (and true) couple!

  • JDF

    @Gosh: @True: Another crappy comment from the same troll.

  • JDF

    @True: YOU WISH IT IS! The budget for this little biopic is $30 million and not $130 million. It will be a hit and it will earn him an Oscar.

    Creepster your trollish a$$.

  • JDF

    @Gosh: Gosh, feeling sick by your crappy trollish comments!

    And about the pants..

  • Katie

    How many flops can an actor have before studios decide to give the part to someone else. It’s not that Johnny makes an effort to act in movies anymore.

  • Love The Shoes

    He looks SO much like Whitey Bulger! This is the first Johnny Depp movie I’ve been interested in seeing since The Tourist. Excited; very very excited.

  • JDF

    @Katie: Why are you posting the same crap from a different name again you pathetic troll?

  • JDF

    @Katie: Which part of HE IS JOHNNY FREAKING DEPP do you not understand? He’ll always get to play all the roles that he wants to play. He will always make all the kind of movies that he wants to make.

    He’s got a production company. He could produce anything he wants to make. He doesn’t need studios. Are you too dumb to get that??

    Johnny always makes an effort and plays his roles in the best possible way. He always gives great performances.

    It’s not like you even watch the movies he makes so why are you so pressed that he still makes high profile projects? He’ll always make high profile projects. Deal with it you pressed pathetic troll.

  • Katie


    Sometimes it’s hard to face reality isn’t it!

  • I love it

    @Katie: If you don’t like him, what are you doing here anyway?
    Happy Birthday, Johnny!!!!

  • I love it

    @Love The Shoes:I like the Tourist, but i Know that since that movie, he’s been criticized by people and press. I think it’s not fair! His movies are good, his acting is always perfect and unique! I’m sure he’ll make a perfect Bulger! We already can see how perfect he is in this character, looks at the pictures!

  • JDF

    @Katie: Right back at you! Sometimes it’s hard to face reality isn’t it!? It’s hard to deal with the fact that he is a Hollywood legend and royalty that will always play any role he wants and do any project he wants.

  • Katie

    @I love it

    This is a gossip message board, not a Johnny Depp fansite. Lots of people are annoyed by Johnny Depp’s try hard behavior, his lazy attempts at acting, his famewhoring his relationship with a fake girlfriend who is a lesbian. There is only so much you can do before people are not buying the fake shtick anymore. Johnny Depp’s sweet mainstream darling has nothing to do with who he really is.

  • I love it

    @Katie: I know this is a gossip site, but it’s not a bad one. And the story is about an actor who is making a new movie and it’s his birthday today! It would be polite of you to simply ignore the article. When a good site gives good news about an actor or when it comments on the fact that this day is his birthday, this article is usually directed towards people who like him, his fans, isn’t it? It’s nasty and disrespectful having comments like yours! And the worst is that you’re the kind of person who think that his personal life has something to do with you!
    Who are you to say who he really is? Do you know him? No! But I had the honor to talk to him twice (once during a premiere, a year ago and the second time at one of his gigs) and I can tell you that he really is that sweet person that everyone talks about!
    Anyone who knows him knows that well! It is also not polite to bash his fiancee! She is not a lesbian! And you know that!
    This is the first time in many years, that I see Johnny being so true, having a real life, and this is happening in his life thanks to Amber! She is not the bad person you think she is (and like tabloids painted her)! I’m sure she is way better than you and all those who spend their time and fingers on the computer keyboard writing bad things about her and Johnny!

  • Matte

    According to an article at cinemablend today, he’s still one of the only three actors in hollywood that according to a math study, increase the box office gross of any movie where they are…which makes you wonder about how much worse transcendence could do without him? Or the tourist or TLR, etc. That’s why the studios pay for him and will continue paying for him despite of what the haters believe…maths don’t lie!

  • JDF

    @Katie: This is a celebs site and not a gossip site. It’s a place for news and pictures and not nasty gossip.

    Speak for yourself only, you are the only one who posts crappy comments about him with different names here.

    What try hard behaviour? Are you blind or what? Walking on set is try hard behaviour now?

    He’s been in the business for 30 years because of his “lazzy” attempts at acting. He’s been nominated for the Oscar 3 times because of his “lazzy” attempts at acting. 3 of his movies made a billion dollar because of his “lazzy” attempts at acting!

    How is he “famewhoring” his relationship, exactly? Oh because he’s been followed and photographed with his woman by strangers lke every other couple in the business? Do they all “famewhore” or what?

    I wonder how his girlfriend is fake when they only came out in public as a couple after 1 year of dating! She never even talked about him or talked about their relationship and you say that she is a fake girlfriend?

    Which part of SHE IS A BISEXUAL do you not understand?? She dated more men than she dated women.

    What fake shtick? Do you really think Johnny have to fake anything? Johnny is always himself and he is a sweet and nice person even when there’s no cameras around and that’s what all the people and fans who have met him said.

    And again, speak for yourself only and don’t say “people”.

    How he represents himself is how he actually is and it’s the truth. He is a very sweet and nice and generous person and that’s what all people say about him.

    Stop making up crap you desperate pathetic hater.

  • Katie

    And again, speak for yourself only and don’t say “people”.

    Face the facts, “people” are not showing up for Johnny anymore, and it has everything to do with HIM. But people like you wouldn’t be able to see reality if it was right under your nose.

  • JDF

    @Katie: That’s funny because people showed up for his critically panned movies and that’s why Transcendence made $78,918,226 million and counting. It didn’t even open in many big markets such as Japan yet.

    If some people didn’t show up for his latest movies, it’s because of all the bad reviews/press and not him.

    people like YOU wouldn’t be able to see reality if it was right under your nose. You are beyond delusional.

  • Lina

    @True: well, Amber’ll jinx this movie too. She jinx whatever she touches

  • dado

    Happy Birthday! Johnny. I wish a long life for you .I hope that you find the true love and you soon free of amberjinx

  • Ihatelies

    @Katie: Of course this is not a fansite! That’s why most Johnny’s fans does not usually come here! Fortunately there are still some of his fans on sites like this defending him! But most of his fans prefer to attend only good fansites, where they know they will find true news and where people have respect for him, for his work and his loved people (including of course, his sweet fiancee, Amber).
    In a 2009, in an interview Johnny said he visit those fansites sometimes, and he has much respect for people who do that work because they search for news about him on the internet, and then, they filter the news by selecting what is true and throwing out all the trash! Johnny has always been criticized, he always had his bashers, his haters, as all his girlfriends have always had their haters (except the “goddess” Winona). So, the problem is not Amber, the problem is Johnny having someone by his side, someone who is not Winona, or yourself basher! … Just like any artist he has always had his fans on one side and the his haters on the other side. Haters are people who waste their time bashing artists on the web. Yes, the haters “work” is a waste of time, because artists do not really care about them, they ignore them! Artists work for their fans (Johnny says that we, his fans, are his real bosses). If any artist cared about what the haters say, we would have no actors in Hollywood (and the world!) anymore, because all of them would have already retired!
    But it is the fans’ opinion what really matter to them! Johnny knows he has millions of fans, and I believe he also knows that there are also many fans of the couple Johnny and Amber, people who like to see them together on the big screen and in real life! Of course they will not do anything to show for the fans, but they know they have no reason to hide! Fans see their beautiful love and support them (and we always will!).

  • Lana

    @Matte: So true! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mine

    @ fan
    Very boring this video. This couple seems fake and not pleasant !

  • michelle brazilian

    after they began dating Amber Heard he got cuter! He is visibly happy, seems very passionate, and handles well the photographers. He no longer ashamed to take pictures, and realizes that he kisses Amber mouth all the time. It is very difficult to take a man’s girlfriend and he did it without fear.

  • Free

    If Amber really loved Johnny, she should let him free. It is clear that he doesn’t love her and that he is suffering. Johnny needs to have his life under his hands again

  • Meg

    If he did not have in the past resorted to the implants of hair and to the botox, he could play this role of course without having be made up !

  • JDF

    @Meg: What the hell are you talking about? He hasn’t had any work done, the role is older than him and that’s why he needs the makeup to look older.

  • JDF

    @Mine: How do they exactly seem fake and not pleasant?????

  • Lida

    Shoo Amber. Don’t jinx the upcoming Johnny’s movie. Go away!