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Halle Berry Has 'Extant' On Her Mind After Reaching Child Support Settlement!

Halle Berry Has 'Extant' On Her Mind After Reaching Child Support Settlement!

Halle Berry rocks a chic blazer while walking on the set of her upcoming show Extant on Tuesday (June 10) in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

It was recently announced that the 47-year-old actress would pay $16,000 monthly to her former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry in child support for their daughter Nahla.

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In case you missed it, check out a teaser trailer for Extant, which airs on CBS in July!

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry shooting scenes for new CBS show Extant….

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  • My Opinions

    I would hate to owe someone money for my own child’s care that I am going to do. Especially if I were the breadwinner. That’s got to be hard to accept. She is paying this guy off because she is probably going to buy all the clothes for her daughter and other needs. Was it cheaper to keep him?

    Well, she can sit his share aside in an account and send it to him in increments. At least she has it available. Some people have this issue and the other party doesn’t have any excess funds. I wouldn’t want to part with $2.50 of my money so I can only imagine 2,500.00 over a period of years. That’s a movie check. Those roles don’t come easy. Hard lesson learned here.

  • Jessie

    My Opinions @ 06/11/2014 at 2:28 pm #1

    This is child support no different than when the man is the bread winner and the couple divorces. Sucks to be her, but she chose her baby’s daddy.

  • syl

    Well…us women wanted equal rights. Am i wrong? Because women get money from men too.

  • Woh

    Yeah. I used to think Gabriel Aubry was one of the hottest guys to ever walk this planet but now… I’m quite revolted. He’s pretty much sucking off Halle Berry’s money. I know she’s filthy rich but as the first commenter said, that must SUCK to pay the dad when you’re the one who earns the money and he doesn’t do anything. Wow. And to the other commenters saying it’s equality… well, I’m not saying it’d be any better if it were a woman. Any person, man or woman living off of another person’s money is annoying. I guess she must regret ever lying eyes upon that guy. But oh well though, she still has loads of $$$$$$ lol. I don’t think it’s gonna ruin her but still!

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Woh: It’s wrong whether it’s a man or a woman. I been saying for some time Gabriel was a leech and this just proves it. It’s even worse that she has a new baby and the money that could go to him for diapers/baby food has to be used on this bum. Still Halle has a lot going for her, she beautiful, rich, has a loving husband and two beautiful children, that is were the focus should be.

  • donna clark

    If he were going to have sole custody I would have no problem with the child support.But they are SHARING custody so I don’t get why she should pay him and still take care of the child when she has her.She should only pay when he has her.

  • donna clark

    I think he’s a poor excuse for a man.If you have a child whether you’re a man or a woman you should get a job and take care of your child.He’s supposed to be a model,so get off your azz and MODEL!!!!

  • Court docs

    Funny, no one has pointed out that according the Court documents state that Nahla is with Gabe 50% or more of the time.

  • Arlene

    What a disgusting self involved Woman. She is simply horrendous.

  • Ha Ha Ha

    @Court docs
    I noticed that as well. Seems fair to me. 50/50 Timeshare is what it says.
    Poor Shelbe looks to be completely traumatised by this story she posted minimum 30, yes that’s THIRTY posts on various sites under her own name and the other names she uses, Angel was very active!!!
    I just had to do a quick count as I was laughing so much. Guess she knows a big fat nothing about this family, same as everyone else.

  • Court docs

    @Ha Ha Ha: @Ha Ha Ha —thanks for your post. Why I am not surprised? LOL

    My comments was implying it looks fair to me since he has her 50% or more of the time proving that it’s totally justified. Personally, as noted before, I thought this stuff was settled

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Ha Ha Ha: @just saying your talking to yourself again. You have so many names on this one post you could be called multiple personalities. As you can see a lot of people agree with me that Gabriel is a leech and you can’t accept it. The loser that say he gets her 50/50 of the time obviously doesn’t have children or understand child custody. All that means is he can make decision regarding her welfare. No where does it say he has her most of the time. That girl goes to school and then to her mother’s trailer were she is working on Extant to play with her little brother. He is a loser and everyone can see it except you old lady.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Court docs: Notice how you put in 50 percent of the time (or more) and this part is a lie. You need to learn how to read.

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat You just make and A** of yourself am not @Ha Ha Ha ,but whoever there is there are correct you needed to learn how to read Gabriel do have her 50% of the time ,the truth hurt don’t it everyone is laughing at you fool. You never see any picture of Nahla at Halle job, yet you just hear her said so on the talk show and you run with it. Get a life will you.

  • pardon me 51% +

    @Shelbethegreat: Meant 51% or more …typos. Read the document. Says he has her more than 50%.

  • romor has it

    @Shelbethegreat:Save it for your therapy patients

  • Shelbethegreat

    @romor has it: Who are you.