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Mila Kunis Demands Future Fathers Stop Saying 'We Are Pregnant' in Hilarious Video PSA for 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Mila Kunis Demands Future Fathers Stop Saying 'We Are Pregnant' in Hilarious Video PSA for 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Mila Kunis is campaigning to get soon-to-be fathers to stop saying “We’re pregnant” in this brand new PSA filmed during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday (June 10).

“Oh, you’re both having a baby?” the 30-year-old actress asked Jimmy when he said him and his wife were pregnant. “You and your wife are pregnant?”

“Stop saying ‘we’re pregnant,’” Mila added. “You’re not pregnant! Do you have to squeeze a watermelon-sized person out of your lady-hole? No.”

“You’re not pregnant,” Mila continued, as a group of pregnant women holding tubs of ice cream emerged behind her. “We are.”

Watch the hilarious clip below!

Mila Kunis Demands Future Fathers Stop Saying ‘We Are Pregnant’

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  • Zeke

    Shes so not funny. Ashton is the one who was tricked into knocking her up.

  • The Truth

    Counter-offer. We will agree to stop saying we are pregnant if all pregnant and future pregnant women agree to rub their own feet, keep us out of their mood swings, go out in any weather condition and time of day to get whatever they are craving themselves, and whenever they are ready to give birth get themselves to the hospital.

    If you do not accept the counter you are acknowledging pregnancy is a team effort.

    By the bye since we are not pregnant we are free to keep drinking alcohol and do things pregnant women can not do. So men crack open your wife’s favorite food or drink she can no longer have and remind her she is a hypocrite if she asks/tells/demand you don’t do that in front of her.

  • snapcracklepop

    @The Truth:
    Yeah, that exists…that’s called being a loser with no wife or girlfriend. Enjoy that freedom! Freedom from sex that is. LOL

  • yes

    Why is Meg so mad?

  • DanaJ

    I thought men say that because they’re supporting their women. It’s actually a nice thing to say, no?
    What is this crazy stuff? That’s feminism taken too far, I’d say.

  • troll

    Another feminist rampage. Uh oh here they come everybody pretend to look interested in the subject.

  • Jeanie

    She is so right. I have been saying that for years, that couples should stop saying, ‘we are pregnant’. That is absurd. Because ONLY the woman is pregnant.

  • Sam

    In her defense, this was TOTALLY staged and meant to be funny. She meant men should say “We are having a baby” instead of “We are pregnant.”

  • Jeanie


    YES, “we are having a baby” is appropriate. Because ONLY the woman is pregnant.

  • Jeanie

    Correction: Even for the man to say “we’re having a baby” is inappropriate, because the man is not having a baby. He should say “we’re expecting a baby”

  • Cassandra

    There are no words to describe how much I have aways and will aways worship her. Her and Ashton are a perfect couple, they have such a great love story for their little one, dying to see what they name it :-)

  • courtney

    obviously none of you have ever heard of Couvade syndrome [Sympathy pregnancy] a condition in witch the expectant father mimics the symptoms of his fiancée/wife while she’s expecting their child/children especially if she’s experiencing complications with the pregnancy which hopefully Mila isn’t

  • Jen

    @Jeanie: YES. I was just about to say that. The major anger was obviously staged for the skit, but (without all the dramatics lol) “we’re expecting a baby” is the appropriate term. The woman is HAVING the baby, the couple are expecting a baby. It doesn’t take anything away from the man, but it is what it is. I knew someone would bring up the “sympathy pregnancy”, but that’s not even valid because he won’t be having his wee-wee sympathetically stretched and destroyed when the labor comes lol. and FYI to the douche @The Truth, if you both are EXPECTING a baby then help the person HAVING the baby out. What a tool comment.

  • Amy

    @The Truth: I’m a woman and agree with you. My poor husband had to endure so with me during my first trimester, and still would say he loved me. I mean I couldnt eat, clean, go anywhere..he had to do everything and work full time. He fed me, did laundry, clean the dishes, pay the bills, take me to the docs, etc. So it isnt only women who have to deal with pregnancy.

  • @

    @Cassandra: You must live a sad and pathetic life if your god is a phoney ho from Hollywood. .kids like you are exactly what is wrong with the world today.

  • The Truth

    @Amy: Amy, your comments have great truth and you understand each person has a role in a pregnancy it is not just one person to either enjoy or endure.

  • The Truth

    @snapcracklepop: I will let my wife and 3 children know, have fun in whatever fantasy you live in.

  • Emma

    Oh God. Enough with her already!!! What a famewhore she has become and it’s growing greater and greater as she gets bigger and bigger. My God woman, enough with all the PR.

  • Woh

    She’s SO pretty. I love her skin tone with her hair color. And she has the most gorgeous eyes. Such a stunner. I don’t really like Ashton Kutcher though, but whatever. I thought that was funny………’s true. Men should say “We’re expecting”. They’re not going through everything the woman is going through. It’s not feminism, it’s the truth! Women have to endure SO much stuff that men don’t: period, pregnancy, delivery….ugh. Guys will never admit it.

  • The Truth is lame

    @The Truth: How pathetic of you to think that way. Your poor wife and kids. If you dont are pregnant and you dont go through the pain of giving birth then you dont have the right to act like YOU ARE PREGNANT. Because you dont, your poor wife was, while you were bi-tching around I guess.

  • Biggie

    Dude, this chicks been on JJ almost every day. No movies, no problem, just do shiit for the gossip site.Time to change the channel on her.

  • Ray

    This Oger should stop complaining because she’s beyond happy she trapped Ashton with a baby.

    She’s 30 and aging badly. Ashton will be outta that relationship first chance he gets.

    She’s a slob and unattractive w/o tons of makeup. After the baby comes and she stops being active in the sack, he will go onto another woman like he’s done in the past. Then Ashon will be like “You got Punk’d biotch!”

  • Jen

    @Amy: @The Truth: If I was harsh earlier, I apologize, but it’s not about taking anything away from the man, Amy. You and The Truth might have both missed the point. It’s simply a term. Both the mother and the father are EXPECTING a baby therefore both prepare for the baby, take care of each other, and then when the time comes you both have shared responsibility in taking care of the baby. A couple expects a baby; they share, bask, endure the rough parts and enjoy the good bits all while waiting for their child to arrive..but you’re not both having a baby in the sense that you’re both carrying it. The man is going to be a father, he’s expecting a child, his child is on the way, etc etc etc, but is he having one? carrying one? No. The skit was stupid because the term isn’t that big of a deal, but the term they’re talking about is indeed a wrong way of saying it. I believe The Truth (if he has a wife/kids) did a lot for his wife and that’s wonderful and hats off to your husband for stepping up and making your pregnancy has comfortable as possible, but neither The Truth or your husband had the baby. It is what it is. That’s all I have to say on the subject and I wish you both well.

  • leolardo

    I really like that “We’re pregnant” term. It not only shows how involved a father is in the pregnancy, but how beautiful it is to become one with your significant other. Especially when a man says it i think it’s adorable. Also it suits both people because men tend to have the same symptoms more or less than the woman. My bf acted like the pregnant one i was just chill.

  • jen

    she looks amazing pregnant.

  • Boring

    @@: Sorry to be negative, @Cassandra, but I agree with this poster. Bread and circuses; look that up!

  • Peter

    Shut up Meg.

  • Brooke

    Mila Kunis pregnant on red carpet, read all about it

  • hello

    Pregnancy is only a team effort if the father wants to be involved and is supportive. Women have been giving birth and raising babies by themselves for centuries.

  • losers

    @Ray: so says the idiot fat slob hiding behind his computer…

  • losers

    @The Truth: you do realize that alot of men dont do half the stuff you mentioned right..or are you another moron. and you sure have alot of time to troll this post for someone who has “3 kids”.

  • Alex P. Robinett

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  • Susan

    She should shut her mouth, she acts like she is the first pregant women ever, what a stupid comment, almost as bad as the one “Kutcher is not judging her weight” comment, grab a brain Mila.

  • Susan

    @Jen: Jen-who are you, Mila’s press agent?Why do you feel you are have the right to attack people on here?I see this all the time on every story about Mila and Ashton, if there is a negative comment, the commentor is attacked, Most people dont like this couple, they both used people to get where they are and they really have no acting abilities as they ruin every movie they are in. End of story.

  • we are so happily pregnant

    @Susan: I totally agree with you.
    And her energy is bad for a baby. She’s being agressive, not funny at all.

  • bap

    Susan Mila is trying keep relevant. Her movie has been pushed back until February 2015.

  • X

    LOL, the comments are hilarious. Now that I’ve had a good laugh, I’m out.

  • Losers

    @Susan: do you speak for “most people”? I suppose that makes you the top idiot. And all the reasons you list for not liking them can be applied to most of Hollywood with a few exceptions. But you know that if you actually had a brain cell.

  • ughh

    @Susan: exactly!! she should just shut up – gosh she’s so annoying lately.

  • csa

    she is not funny..she is irritating! somebody should slap her face!

  • Jen

    @Susan: First of all, I find it funny that you’re attacking me about attacking someone else. Pot meet kettle? Second of all, I explained how I felt to Amy and The Truth and I apologized for coming off harsh to them. It’s the internet, not everyone can pick up “tone” through text, but because of the “tool” comment towards The Truth (which his first comment wasn’t very nice at all), I still apologized but also explained the feelings behind the term in the best way I could. I wasn’t “attacking” anyone…unlike you. Also “if there is a negative comment, the commentor is attacked” is what you said, but in the comment above you responded to Mila (someone you don’t know) regarding a friggen SKIT and told her to “shut her mouth” and to “grab a brain” and then proceeded to attack me. That’s worse than anything I said on here, and I don’t need to understand “tone” to know you’re just a snob. In the end, I was never talking to you, so move along please. Thanks.

  • STFU

    All you haters need to get a life. She didn’t trap anyone, they were already engaged when SHE got pregnant. They’ve been dating forever.

  • GregR

    @The Truth: Either way, you’re still not pregnant. What man would say that? “We’re pregnant”. That’s stupid. It’s sickening when guys act like pussies.

  • GregR

    @Jeanie: He should just say, “the old lady got knocked up”.

  • GregR

    re: “the 30-year-old actress asked Jimmy when he said him and his wife were pregnant. “…

    It’s “he and his wife”

  • Online Wishing Well
  • reality check

    Wooo wooo wooo.
    I wouldn’t like being Ashton right now. With such a wife. Pregnant wife sowry. And her fan mail and anti fan mail…
    If she is like this at home…!!!??? He will have to wait untill their baby is born. And breast fed for 2 years at least.

  • losers

    @reality check: riiiight. because he takes advice from trolls on the net. talk about needing a reality check village idiot

  • Elis

    Mila, Bulldog.

  • michelle brazilian