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Angelina Jolie Made an Honorary Dame by Queen Elizabeth II!

Angelina Jolie Made an Honorary Dame by Queen Elizabeth II!

Angelina Jolie can add a new achievement to her already impressive life of work – royal recognition!

The 39-year-old actress has been made an honorary dame by England’s Queen Elizabeth II for her work combating sexual violence in war zones. Angelina will not be able to use the title of “dame” before her name though as she is not a British or Commonwealth citizen.

Previous United States citizens have received honorary knighthoods include director Steven Spielberg, former President Ronald Reagen, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

“To receive an honor related to foreign policy means a great deal to me, as it is what I wish to dedicate my working life to,” Angelina said (via Associated Press). Working on PVSI and with survivors of rape is an honour in itself. I know that succeeding in our goals will take a lifetime, and I am dedicated to it for all of mine.”

Pictured inside: Angelina meeting with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and foreign secretary William Hague on Thursday (June 12) at Clarence House in London, England.

FYI: Angelina is wearing Saint Laurent.

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  • the numbers

    Maleficent was severely beaten this weekend. How To Train Your Dragon 2 killed its legs. Its not in the top 4 friday numbers:

    22 Jump Street 60M

    How To Train Your Dragon 2 54M

    FIOS – 1&M
    Cruise – 16 M

    bey bey 200 Millions

  • http://Justjared Susan

    @Rose: You forgot to say Dame Angelina, LOL
    Can Brad get any prouder of this woman, and their six kids.
    What a birthday present for her.

  • Phool.

    I was LOL at the point where she got the Tourism Minister involved to get Brad over to NZ

    Former political opponents get together for a good cause
    10:37 AM Saturday Jun 14, 2014

    Former political adversaries Judith Collins and Helen Clark have come together in London for a “great catch-up” over lunch and a worthy cause – the Angelina Jolie-led international bid to stamp out rape in military conflicts.
    Justice Minister Ms Collins spoke at the final day of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict in London this week, an initiative spearheaded by the British Government and film star Jolie, who is Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
    Helen Clark, a former Labour prime minister now administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, was also present.”She came over and we had lunch together and it was great to catch up”, Ms Collins said last night.
    “She was obviously very supportive of what we’re doing around the [New Zealand bid for a place on the] Security Council and really supportive of the interest in the work we’re doing around the conference itself in terms of trying to rid the world of sexual violence in conflicts.”
    Over dinner later Ms Collins had the opportunity to chat with Jolie and her fiance Brad Pitt with whom she had a “nice little chat”.
    “I initially said to him ‘you wouldn’t be interested in coming and doing a movie here would you?’
    The Hollywood A-lister told her he was keen to do a motorcycle tour of New Zealand. “I, of course, alerted the Minister of Tourism – John Key. He thought it was a great idea too.”
    Ms Collins tweeted pictures of herself with the couple, the first time she has used the social media network after a self-imposed ban a month ago after she used it to wrongly accuse Press Gallery reporter Katie Bradford of seeking her intervention in a personal matter.
    While in the UK Ms Collins has also met a series of ministers including Home Secretary Theresa May, Attorney-General Dominic Grieve, and Minister of Justice Chris Grayling.
    The agenda for talks has included issues around crime prevention, particularly around domestic and sexual violence and “Clare’s Law” or the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme put in place in Britain after the murder of Clare Wood by her former boyfriend in 2009.

  • the numbers


    it seems that Dame Angelina Jolie wont joint the club of the + 200M ladies Club.

  • Rose

    @Susan: Sorry, I have to practice saying Dame Angelina Jolie. good times.

  • Tehya


    Yes there will, they hold it at Buckingham Palace.

  • Phool.

    I bet next time Daniel Day Lewis will meet Angie is when he’s a Sir & She’s a Dame, I can see that big smile on his face, and he always gets giddy around Angie. I remember was it at Golden Globes or SAG’s where he was practically talking to her pregnancy boobs, and Brad was all over her marking his territory LOL.

  • Rose

    @the numbers: Stop counting your chickens before they hatched. Come back on Monday with your prediction..

  • busted

    @the numbers:

    again the trolls having a party way too early.. lol

  • marisol

    Rose and phool…. thank you for defending Angelina you are truly fans and you guys are so knowledgeable and so smart I wish I can know so much about Angelina as you guys do! gracias thank you for all the information and the news you guys are awesome

  • the numbers
  • Phool.

    #Rose @ 06/13/2014 at 8:07 pm
    i haven’t seen the FYI video, but have seen the BBC interview she did yesterday where the reporter clearly said it and she clearly refered back to her the H word. I will leave it at that before eruptions start lol.
    Susan is right yiu need to address Angie properly now get used to it Girl Angie is Brads Dame.

  • Phool.

    #marisol @ 06/13/2014 at 8:20 pm
    Your’e Welcome, you can join in any time the more the merrier.

  • Phool.

    Its getting late , I got to sleep, bye God Bless.
    PS don’t forget to close the Windows you don’t want to hear MANiston Trolls Screaming in the Ocean now do you LOL.

  • Emerald


    You really don’t get it do you? No Angelina cannot use the title “Dame” in front of her name but that is not the point. The point is that she is the first American born Actress to be honored in this way by the Queen of Great Britain. Now take your jealousy elsewhere please.

  • well

    So great that Brad was taking pictures- he is SO PROUD of his sweet Angie, or should I say Dame Angie!!

  • Rose

    @marisol: Just keep reading the fans comments, especially Phool, Passing Through, CLINIQUA, QQQQ, Susan, Wonderbust, Observer 2, Anustin, Dawne, Busted, Awhodat, are just a few of the fans with great knowledge about the Jolie Pitts…. you will learn a lot from Their fans. Take care.

  • busted


    hey Rose
    I saw that interview. The woman said something to Angie about her Husband being there to support and Angie agreed. I like that she didn’t correct it but went with it. So it seems to be how they are going to refer to each other. I have not complaints.

  • groundcontrol

    LOL! Oh these poor dears. You have so hit a nerve. Lots of nerves.
    I hope they don’t all hurt themselves too badly with all this thrashing around.

  • http://justjared zce

    CONGRATULATION Angelina, you are worthy for the recognition, you have devoted endless time trying to make it right, I am very happy that your knight Brad was standing hand in hand with you, for support, your family will very happy to hear the news. GOD BLESS THE JOLIE PITTS AND FAMILY AND AGAIN CONGRATULATION.

  • a lurker

    congrats to Angie, but I prefer queen Angelina, she is the queen, she is better than Queen Elizabeth. Angie is the best human being, same is Brad.

  • Ako si Gladys

    Dame Angelina Jolie always makes us all proud!:D
    ummmm so what’s next?? Nobel Peace Prize?? Hehehe
    cant stop laughing at the canonization comment from
    the previous thread just to pissed off the trollolololololos!!! Hahahahahaha

  • Brad Pitt

    The fact that she wrote (with the help of other writers) a letter because she had a boob job is one of the biggest jokes of the past 10 years!!

  • Rose

    @Phool, @Busted,

    On May 15 while doing an interview for Maleficent this is what Angelina Jolie says: “I feel very fortunate, there are so many mothers who don’t have the ability I do to work and then have time off or take turns with their partners. ‘I HAVE A GREAT HUSBAND IN BRAD’”. she says. You can look it up. I can’t believe you all never read that quote.

  • Brad Pitt

    if we did not idolise celebrities so much and make them so wealthy, the problems of the world would be solved. sick and tired of people of privilege shouting the odds. with their money they could cure poverty overnight! what a bunch of attention seeking pieces of sh@@!

  • Marc

    ah! let me laugh, what A JOKE!

  • Hahahha

    Now I’ve heard everything. It’ll be Dame Kardashian next.

  • Burt


  • Samuello

    To all those Jolie fans there are hundreds of women more worthy than this attention seeker will ever be. It’s all publicity to her and nothing else. When she has given what the likes of mother Theresa gave then she might be worth it. Until then she should stick to acting. Oh wait that is what she is doing at the sumit isn’t it

  • L’inverse

    This is an utter disgrace.
    What on earth has Angelina or her work to do with Britain?
    how pathetic giving an award to a rich piece a of trash only interested in promoting themselves! She adopted all those kids to get promotions….and then doesn’t spend any time with them.

  • Wonderbust

    @the numbers:
    Poor troll do you want a repeat of last week. You rejoice way too early.

  • Biritish men

    the Pitt/Jolie couple have zero influence on the world ; they are from Hollywood, not the real world.

    Does she not know that nowadays most British people don’t consider an honour to be as such because so many are bought from politicians by spiv businessmen. It’s considered class to turn one down.

  • Rose

    @Phool and Busted, you can see that quote at “entertainment” go to May 15, 2014.

    =#175, Why are you worried about the fans at this site. Now go to all the other gossip sites on the Internet and post the same comment you are posting here. Please leave them with your words of wisdom. Take care.

  • Marie-Antoinette

    Well, as an American this just made me realize the British honor system is a complete joke.
    She gave them money and BOUGHT that title!

  • Chris

    This is beyond ridiculous!
    Fvcking bad joke of a plastic woman!

  • Awful

    @Brad Pitt:

    So unoriginal Tampax. Man..

  • troll meltdown

    Year 10- troll is in pain, day after day, night after night, for thousands upon thousands of days and nights. Troll is a failure- Brad still love Angie and Angie still loves Brad. And it is certain that there is more pain to come for the troll!

  • The truth

    This woman thinks she’s headed for the White House – in all seriousness – hence the little seemingly casual but all so carefully planned reference to “not thinking she would be taken seriously enough to be effective as a politician” comment she made in an interview a matter of weeks ago. If she thinks she can cover up the serious skeletons she still has lurking in her closet though she will be sadly mistaken. The truth will out Angie!

  • Rose

    This one troll is having a meltdown. Keep posting with a hundred monikers and it’s still only one of you Sybil. Ms Angelina Jolie Pitt is still Dame Angelina. Good times.

  • Jolie iconic

    @Marie-Antoinette: lmao of course that has to be it. Dame Jolie works hard for other people. You should be happy that a woman on her level of fame is doing her part for the world.


    Brad say´s:congratulacions,MY lady!!So cute!!Angie deserves,we ,real fans,proud you,pretty dame!

  • Passing Through

    Congratulations to Angie on a great honor! I saw this news as I was leaving work. In the last 8 months she’s gotten the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and been named an Honorary Dame by the British government in recognition of her humanitarian work. Kickin’ ass and takin’ names! Meanwhile…TamWRONGKo continues being WRONG about everything. Ain’t it ironic how the universe sometimes rights itself? LOL!

  • Stanley cup

    She’s one truly odd critter….endlessly fawned over by a gullible public.

    I am fed up with celebrities getting recognition for a few public appearances to make themselves look good

    Jolie and Pitt are nothing but self-aggrandizing, attention-seekers. Tinseltown talk-the-talkers.

  • Jane

    She’s got what she wants then, it was all about her all along. Abolish the honours list now if this is what it’s come down to, She makes me feel sick.

  • Gorgeous JPs

    Congrats, Angie- well-deserved!

  • kevin

    This is the end. Can there be a more nauseatingly irritating woman in the world?
    Pretty sickening narcissm.
    These ‘awards’ get cheaper by the minute.

  • Hahhahaha

    My word, her face is looking so gaunt – that’s what happens when you have every ounce of fat surgically removed from the cheeks and chin – nothing to bolster the face now, what will it look like in 10 years? Her lower jaw seems to protrude too far now. There is a price to pay for ‘perfection’ in youth – weird looking old people!

  • marina

    “Let the dogs bark, Sancho. It’s a sign that we are on track” – Miguel de Cervantes , Don Quixote.

    This honor bestowed upon AJ is like salt on slugs (trolls).

  • marina

    hahaha this is AJ’s karma. Suck it.

  • hmmm

    I think a few of the DUHLISTERS and FREAKS are here..

    Nobody here cares what you losers think.. Angie got it so deal.