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Diane Kruger Once Flew From Kenya to Vancouver to Surprise Joshua Jackson On Set!

Diane Kruger Once Flew From Kenya to Vancouver to Surprise Joshua Jackson On Set!

Diane Kruger shields her eyes from the sun as she makes a stop at Gelson’s to stock up on groceries on Thursday (June 12) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 37-year-old The Bridge star recently spoke with Metro about if she’s surprised Joshua Jackson with grand romantic gestures.

“I have been, sure, every once in a while. I think it’s lovely to show your partner or someone you love, whether it’s a man or a friend, your affection and to do something outrageously romantic,” Diane said. She also said she has flown into town to surprise him on a set!

“Absolutely! While we were shooting A Perfect Plan, my partner was shooting a show in Vancouver. So I flew from Kenya, via London, to Vancouver for 24 hours because we hadn’t seen each other in five weeks,” Diane said.

FYI: Diane is wearing [BLANKNYC] jeans.

15+ pictures inside of Diane Kruger grabbing groceries…

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diane kruger believes in grand romantic gestures 02
diane kruger believes in grand romantic gestures 03
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  • ugh

    She looks better here than she did on his birthday.

    “grand romantic gestures” yeah that’s very romantic, I guess she wanted to keep an eye on him and Anna Torv, it is known that she was jealous of her for being such good friends with him.

  • Marie

    @ugh…Diane has told that “travel story” many times before. Why in the world would she be jealous of Anna Torv? The story that goes around most was that Joshua and Anna Torv didn’t even get along. If she was worried, I doubt she’d be away from him for 5 weeks. Lol

  • Jeanne

    Stocking up on the wine for the weekend. Is that 4 bottles in her cart? Go girl!

  • ugh


    They got along just fine during the first 4 seasons

  • Lisa


    Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv stopped taking pictures with each other around season 4, no matter how much you hate each other as actors you have to do your job, and photo shoots is part of it. So I see no reason to not take photo shoots together other then a jealous (who we already know had anger issues) girlfriend and a boyfriend that will do everything for her (like we know Josh does).
    Not even one picture at the end of the show party (where Diane was there and for some reason walked on the red carpet), we got pictures of Josh and Diane but non of him and Torv and Noble. Coincidence? There’s a lot of “coincidences” with Josh and Diane.

    I don’t know if Josh and Torv were great friends but the dynamic between them changed dramatically in the 4th 5th seasons.

  • jodi

    @ugh: really?
    And what happened after S4, then?

  • Marie

    @Lisa: so you’re basing your theory entirely on the fact that you didn’t see any pictures? Wow, that’s a very small view of the world. We prob see 1% of these peoples lives through whatever pictures they let us see. The other 99% of the time, they live a life we know nothing about, what friends they have, who they spend time with, etc.

  • Lisa


    Not pictures, promotional shoots, what is their life had to do with it? It’s their work, and they didn’t do it in the last seasons.

  • Marie

    @Lisa: I just googled the photo shoots from season 4 and 5, and both of those Comic cons, they’re both there. Plus you can see them talking and laughing in the blooper reels for both seasons.

    I’m not sure what else you’re expecting? You need to see the two of them linking arms and singing Kum-by-ya? They did their jobs as far as I can see.

    Even if they didn’t get along, I doubt either of them would allow that to affect their professionalism and do their jobs.

  • Lisa

    Did they sit next to each other on comic con in those years? No.
    Did they had photo shoots with just them in it like in the first seasons? No.
    The dynamics changed, it’s a fact and if you’d followed the show from the start you’d saw it.

    If you’d watch interviews from the first season they were very close, it’s all on the internet you just need to go and look for more then 5 minutes.

  • Marie

    I have watched the show since the beginning, I’m just not someone who is obsessive about Anna Torv and needs some traumatic event to have happened to drive she and Josh apart, and for Diane to be the reason.

    They were coworkers. They prob liked each other more at times, less at times. So what, it happens to everyone at work.

    And they don’t pick where they sit for comic con. Lol

  • Ugh


    I agree, they looked really uncomfortable with each other in the last seasons. not like they hate each other just like it’s really awkward for them to be around each other. and the were really great at the beginning when the joked around all the time and John Noble was like a father with his two kids

  • Lisa


    What is “being obsessive about Anna Torv” has to do with anything? This is the first excuse you have you blame everyone for being Torvson shippers. I don’t even like Torv and I love Diane so your point is idiotic. I’m just not blind to things just because I love them.

    The organizer of the last comic con changed the names after they seated because Torv didn’t sit in her place. Feel free to see the panel on youtube, you can clearly see it. “Lol” :/

  • toni


    You must have missed the memo. They didn’t sit next to each other in the last one, why does it even matter, is beyond me, because the girls wanted to sit together, because they never had the chance before. It was mentioned in interviews after.

  • Lisa


    They were seated together at the last moment, they didn’t ask to sit together. That’s what they said. And the comic con before? The last time they sit next to each other was at the comic con where Diane was there and it didn’t go so well. Even Josh said that he got in trouble.

    You must have missed that one. Trust me, I love Josh and I saw every interview with him and you can see how his behavior change. But whatever.

  • toni


    LOL I knew you were going to make something out of nothing. The two of them made the decision at the last minute to sit together. So, what. They got to do what they wanted to do.

  • Kerry Louise

    I don’t see the appeal to Joshua Jackson. He is the kind of loser you see trolling around in a local bar or bagging groceries.

  • jodi

    @Lisa: I think @Marie: is right. Josh Jackson and Anna Torv didn´t get along. Someone on Youtube said this:


    There is a guy on Reddit who says he was a video technician on Fringe and he confirms that they don’t get along because of ego clashes and that it all started during the filming of Season 3 (dunno why then), that was when the tension showed up, grew and went on until 2013… :( Then there is this, but this one’s just gossip, google Blind Gossip: A Parallel universe…However the video technician says they were very professional during the filming and never acknowledged each other afterwards.

    I googled “Blind Gossip: A Parallel universe”. Here it is:

    BLIND GOSSIP 01/28/2013

    These two actors starred together on a television show that just wrapped its final season. On screen, the two main characters loved and respected each other. Off screen… it was a parallel universe. They could not stand each other! As soon as a scene concluded, they would not so much as speak or look each other in the eye. We don’t have anything wild to report, like a screaming match or a physical fight. They just stayed away from each other. It was just a matter of two big egos clashing on a personal level. They each did their work their way, and when it came time for the cameras to roll, they put aside their personal differences, got into their characters, did their jobs, and went home. It’s actually quite a testament to their acting skills that the viewers saw great chemistry on screen. It does provide some explanation, though, as to why the two of them rarely did appearances together, and never hung out together outside of work.
    Television Show: “Fringe”
    Actor: Joshua Jackson
    Actress: Anna Torv

    So apparently Josh and Anna didn´t get along because “of two big egos clashing on a personal level”.

  • toni


    The guy from reddit deleted his post. He obviously wasn’t willing to standby what he wrote. That says it all really. Why delete it, otherwise. Don’t know how blind gossip work? They take rumours they see on message boards and add bits to make it their own. It’s just a rehash of what the guy said. Plus, it’s a day or so after his post.

    It’s a general consensus among most that they got along, but just weren’t close. They were work colleagues and that’s the sort of relationship it was. They had very different personalities and it was like that in the way they worked as well. They had issues in season 3, due to the fact that Josh can turn his character face on in an instant, in contrast to Anna who is closer to being a method actress. However, they found a way to make it work obviously, because everybody said they were nothing but professional when it came to do the filming. That comes from someone who worked on set. That person said they do get along, by the way. It’s just not the way fans wanted it to be. Even on set during takes Josh liked to talk and joke with the crew while Anna was quieter and liked to keep to herself a bit. So, very different and probably not a lot in common. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s like that in work environments, you are not best buds with everybody.

    They did appearances together to promote the show, but they all seemed to take turns doing it , between John, Josh and Anna, depending on who had to work. People observed them hanging out at comic con together with others. You don’t do that if you hate someone.

  • toni


    The blooper reels put to rest the not talking to each other and looking each other in the eye stuff in the blind item. There are takes of talking to each other and laughing in those, as well as behind the scenes photos that show the opposite.

    As Marie said, when you work with each other for the sort of long hours that they did on Fringe you are bound to probably like each other more at times,and less at times. Especially, if you have very different personalities like they did.

  • jodi

    @toni: Here is a witness, who says that they didn´t get along ( this one was not deleted):

    Fringe: Anna and Josh

    Posted February 1, 2013 by Vancity Filming

    Now that Fringe has finished, I think it’s safe to say that Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson didn’t really get along.

    Get along might not be the best choice of words actually. They are both professional actors and were paid to do a job together. They did that job extremely well on camera.

    But, the impression I got from visiting many sets of Fringe whilst they were filming here was that the chemistry they had on screen wasn’t there off screen. Not once did I see them laugh and joke with one another.
    Josh does have a relaxed, more laid back attitude when he’s not on camera, but Anna is shy and quiet.

    Some people say “But how do you explain the interviews, pictures and so on where the cast are together where they smile and talk and so on?”
    I say the same thing, they are paid professional actors and are in the public eye. They’re not going to actually say that they don’t get along or show that they don’t.

    I like both actors by the way. This is not one of those “I hate Josh / I hate Anna” posts. They both are extremely good at what they do. But I often get asked if I ever saw them interact together off camera, and I always have to say no because of what I saw.

    @toni: They had issues in season 3 because… Anna is a method actress?

    They had very different personalities? Josh seems to be a very nice person. Was Anna Torv a diva or a b**ch or something, then?

  • toni

    No, they had issues because their acting styles are completely different. That’s all the set person said. It wasn’t nasty or anything. They obviously worked it out. People have different ways of doing things. That’s life. No, Anna was nothing of the sort. The person had no bad things to say about Anna or Josh. This was said when they were filming season 5.

    Vancity guy is a pap guy and he has an opinion based on the time he went to set, which varies in time . Others have been to set and have different opinions to him. They have seen them laugh and joke with each other. One person who used to go to set and watch them all day, (when you could publicly access them) and she did it for a whole season and a bit, says they do get along. I tend to believe the people who sees them day in day out all the time. I personally think they didn’t have much in common, and did their own thing during takes. People seem to take that, as they did not get along, which I don’t think was the case at all.

  • geri

    She looks great!! Thanks for the pictures, Jared!!!

  • jodi

    @toni: I see.

    It´s seemed kind of strange to me that Josh gets along with everyone, even with Diane Kruger, but would have problems with shy quiet method actors.

  • VanityFair US (july 2014)
  • Vanity Fair US (july 2014)
  • eydoux

    Great figure! she looks fantastic

  • kelis

    Like her a lot. She is so sweet, talented and very beautiful. Her boyfriend is a handsome guy. She really knows how to pick them.

  • Mike101

    @Lisa: Does anybody know what Anna Torv is doing / filming right now? You can hardly find real news on the web, almost all entries are “old” and in connection with Fringe. The announcement that she will be co-starring in Ryan Murphy’s HBO drama series “Open” is almost 1 year old, I guess this show has been canceled in the meanwhile? Josh Jackson is shooting the new series “The Affair” and John Noble is co-starring in “Sleepy Hollow” – but it seems that Anna Torv could not made it into a new series and we won’t see her on the screen again in the next months?