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George Clooney's Fiancee Amal Alamuddin Puts Her Tiny Waist on Display

George Clooney's Fiancee Amal Alamuddin Puts Her Tiny Waist on Display

Amal Alamuddin steps out in a lacy crop top to display her tiny and toned waist on Friday (June 13) in London, England.

The 36-year-old lawyer picked up a cup of coffee that day before reportedly heading to get a facial at a spa.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amal Alamuddin

The day before, Amal joined Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict.

FYI: Amal is wearing Heidi London sunglasses.

15+ pictures inside of Amal Alamuddin displaying her toned figure en route to her facial…

Just Jared on Facebook
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 01
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 02
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 03
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 04
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 05
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 06
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 07
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 08
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 09
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 10
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 11
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 12
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 13
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 14
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 15
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 16
amal alamuddin displays her tiny waist 17

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Nule

    Much better than that cheap stacey. Good choice George. Better late than never :)

  • Meiling


  • pff

    As if this will last…………….

  • Prits

    Her feet look weird :s

  • Tyla

    She is too skinny. I realize she’s probably naturally this thin, but she’s TINY!

  • Lorenzo

    Sitting Bull has called. He wants his toe nails back.

  • Ivermom

    She might look better if she had some meat on her bones! Skinny is good but the anorexic look is not appealing. She could be Jolie’s twin.

  • Amy

    She’s too old to be wearing a crop top.

  • Arrow 12

    Look it’s Ms. Hollywood Lawyer….


    Terrorist gaylien “lawyer”. It’s already dead in America, so who cares what it marries.

  • Jane

    Enough with the negativity. She absolutely beautiful.

  • Drats

    Today’s Friday. Isn’t she supposed to be at her job?

  • jmho

    Jared, why do you keep trying to link her to Brad and Angelina? Who knows if they even ran into each other at the conference.

  • What a snooz!

    @Jane: Jane,
    Do you need glasses? Better yet, go get a pair. Her body is not appealing. Too bony, and no a*s*s* whatsoever! She is trying to look sexy. I guess when they were doing this photo op this what they came up with for her to do. Yeah, it just makes her look even more stupid than she is. No self respecting professional would stoop to act like a fame*ho like she is doing. Close the book on this mess!

  • Alya

    Amal,you better work on Julian Assange’s case

  • Fashionista

    UGLY!!! She’a an emaciated she-male drag queen.
    Grotesque featured face like Groucho Marx.
    Wannabe is channeling a model look; she lost a lot of weight since he took her, her nose & Geoffery Robetson QC to dinner at Berners last October 24th.

  • honestly

    @Lorenzo – LOL

    Anteater on the loose in Notting Hill.
    Emaciated body of a twink. Hideous face.

    Feral & Fugly!!!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/alamuddin29f-11-web.jpg

  • Shanghai

    She’s gorgeous AND a human rights lawyer what are you haters doing with your lives!!!

  • honestly

    Very ugly woman. More like Conchita Wurst.

    Her top is ok, but typical like a gypsy Arab she’s overdone print it with her lame style.

    Actually Conchita is prettier.

  • Emmanuella

    Amal Alamuddin is ugly! But more important than being such a diseased eating disorder androgynous hermaphrodite, is that she is a corrupt lawyer who defends criminals, rapists, terrorists, all human rights violators. FOR MONEY.
    Yes, this Islamic Transvestite has only been a barrister less than 4 years.

  • susanuu8

    angelina is thin too, but they don’t call her too skinny. Angelina is beyond skinny,angelina isn’t naturally thin

  • honestly

    Angelina is a bit angular but petite. She’s no more than 5ft5. I’ve seen her. Angelina also has breasts, and a bottom.

    This hideous anorexic transvestite lawyer (who was wired by an incompetent British PR network of crones) is tall, lanky with SHORT LEGS AND A LOOOOOOONNNNG TORSO. She was taller than George in the Malibu photos, looking 100% TRANSVESTITE.
    Amal Alamuddin is the most beastly looking hideous freak ever hired as George Clooney’s FAKE publicity partner.
    Even Rock Hudson had a prettier beard. So did Elton John.

  • Media Bulletin

    Angelina Jolie has a breathtakingly beautiful face. Clint Eastwood said she’s the most attractive woman in the industry.
    She DRAGS DOWN his stock. MEGA FAIL.

  • :P Barf!!
    Just threw up my lunch!
    Circus freak-show toes. Gross from top to bottom.
    What a PR disaster this unbalanced couple is….
    Hollywood icon & Terrorist Fameho apprentice lawyer.
    Beauty (George) & Beast (Amal)

  • Micky

    The jealousy on here is quite sickening

  • Leah

    Bunion alert.

  • michelle

    she dresses wayyy to young for her age. makes herself look childish. i don’t think she’s as smart as they would have us believe. she’s just a good cover for his political aspirations

  • siennagold

    I’m not a fan of her fashion style but I appreciate that she’s a human rights lawyer.

  • FOX

    @siennagold: a human rights lawyer is a name she attached to herself while she defends rapists, criminals & terrorists. Ghaddafi’s Senussi, Assange, King of Bahrain who tortures political prisoners, PLO, many others.
    She’s a filthy Arab Islamic terrorist. On the streets of Baghdad, Islamists are beheading & crucifying others every day in mass numbers. In neighbouring Lebanon, in her Hezbollah Islamic village, her people are profiting from the war with illicit drug & arms trading.
    And this pretentious drag queen & her embarrassing Muslim mother Baria Alamuddin are a front for such atrocities!

  • FOX

    @michelle: Clooney can’t go into politics.
    He has no college education. He can continue being a humanitarian but not run for office. Reagan, Schwartzenegger…all had academic studies.

    Too many skeletons in Clooney’s closet.

  • supersonic speed

    Too many skeletons in Clooney’s closet, all right. Looks like he hired a scary looking one to scare people away.
    She’s so fake. Trying to act like she’s upset…Fugly ho.

  • So…

    OMG! She looks like starving gypsy eunuch beggar walking around with a cup asking for “loose change.”
    “Eunuch” being the key word here.

  • Oh Please

    @Fox your ignorance on the Middle East and the Muslim religion is astounding. Go read up on the it and not on Fox news which is where you must have got your silly comments from

  • FOX

    @Oh Please: no, you stop rimming the ugly eunuch’s asss, like you’re paid to do. My education & knowledge of foreign affairs most certainly exceeds yours, moron PR troll.

  • FOX

    @Oh Please: fu**in pg uneducated moron, she is part of a Druze ISLAMIC sect. Muslims fall under the same religion: ISLAM. Like her gypsy mother who runs around Zone 1 in London with hair curlers in public. Or her father in his fuchsia coloured satin shirts.
    The hideous manly Amal Alamuddin was offered to do a publicity arrangement with Clooney but her terms included engagement & marriage. Because she claimed to be better than the previous hoookers who she considers “uneducated” & beneath her.
    Never mind that that she looks uglier than Conchita Wurst.

  • Tell It Like It Is

    Well blame George Clooney then for associating in such shams. He never slept with Stacy Keibler in 2 years fake PR arrangement. Then she married Tattoo from Fantasy Island after she deliberately fell pregnant.
    Clooney also had a 2 year PR relationship with the horse face Berlusconi Bunga hoooker Elisabetto Canalis. He slept with her casually.
    And with Las Vegas high “class” escort Sarah Larson.

    No one bought his trashy FAKE affairs anymore.
    So the frustrated alcoholic opted to listen to his lousy PR crones & they found this transexual Amal Alamuddin. Post-op hermaphrodite?? Looks like it.
    Twist with this fameho is she has a bought “education” as major namedropping.


  • Bemused

    Very long masculine body & short legs.
    + broad shoulder / thick neck.

  • Kalicho

    I thought she was Amy Winehouse, but then I remembered Amy is dead.

  • Fashionista
  • Fashionista

    When a fashion model calls me asking to shoot for her model portfolio I email her examples of the look we will be going for so she can plan. Always have her bring twice the amount of outfits. :-)


    She is pretty.She never meet the couple,Angie and Brad don´t knows this lady.Who knows if they even ran into each other at the conference.Jared insists for more comments!


    She is very similar Ane Hattaway,so clone!Pretty lady!

  • jojo

    George!!!! What are you doing???? It’s not too late!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!

  • Seriously mega ugly. Her face alone must make GC want to puke. Then the skinny skeletal awful body like a freak with short chicken legs, hammer toes & wide back, no sass, no waist…topped with deadbeat personality.
    What an abnormal union.

  • Everyone IGNORE “UGH”



    She’s too old to wear that, but she’s not used to being followed around when shopping and doing errands. Leave her alone.

  • Annaa

    Woww you people are so jealous its sick! She’s pretty and an amazing human being! Unlike these peiple who keep changing names and calling her a transvestite and whatnot

  • troll patrol

    @Annaa: that includes you, Lola. Keep spinning. Stan has left it all in your capable hands.
    Amal IS manly & unattractive. Fact. Doesn’t even qualify as pretty. Sure she’s educated… but that’s not what you’re selling, head honcho. You make your residual main income selling these “fashion shows…”

  • Al’s Marmot

    @Everyone IGNORE “UGH”: @Everyone IGNORE “UGH”: Everyone knows these are staged photo ops and the paps are called. The publicity hacks choose an outfit or costume for her to wear. It’s all completely staged. This woman is a big fake, just like the previous fake girlfriends. If you think Clooney is actually engaged to this fameho, I have some beach front property in Arizona to sell you.

  • seriously

    Now you know you wrong for zooming in her feet like that…lmao.

  • http://Website Gabi Araujo

    It now appears, so why is the bride of GC ………… because until then nobody never heard of it .. Smart? This presents and clothes? Look at the feet and toes could have …… more class