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Gerard Butler Hugs & Kisses Mystery Woman Outside His Hotel

Gerard Butler Hugs & Kisses Mystery Woman Outside His Hotel

Gerard Butler embraces a mystery woman outside of his hotel on Friday afternoon (June 13) in New York City.

The 44-year-old actor was seen giving the lady a hug and a kiss on the cheek. We’re not sure if Gerry knows the woman, but it’s very possible that this is just one very lucky fan as we all know how nice he is to them!

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Gerard has been in the Big Apple while promoting his new animated movie How to Train Your Dragon 2, which is in theaters now.

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  • Molly

    Naughty boy!! ;)

  • Lookin fine Mr. B

    Keep her away from the paps and you’ll be fine. If she’s Australian, marry her.

  • It looks like it could be LOL

    that he’s hugging

  • I Love NY in June
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Sassy gul

    Haven’t been on here in a while but I am appreciative of AnaBs, GFWs, and Duckys posts.. Wondering why the posts cant stay positive. I would think that if you are taking the time to read gossip about Gerry, then you find favor in him soooooooooo let’s all try to be positive! I must add that I have had the opportunity to be around Gerry and he IS very kind, he DOES care about people. Everyone, at times, puts ones foot in the mouth…. To only later regret what may have been said? We are all human… So is Gerry;). Have a great weekend! I know I will and God Bless!

  • I Love NY in June Not a bad boy. More with Craig and Gerry.

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Reality check up

    Awww so nice to see her again. He looks delighted to see her and in much need of a hug and a kiss (: or he saw the paps ;) no wonder she looks a bit surprised when he hauls her in LOL
    She is the lady who attended the rehab meeting that he met up with outside the building and the woman he spoke to at the festival where he was wasted. She is probably his mentor.
    Good for him with a reality check up.

  • Caption time

    Who can make the best caption for these pictures will win the honour of being Mrs Butler for a day. Come on gals let’s have some fun

  • My Caption

    “An Insane Woman Tries to Reject a Hug and Kiss From Gerard Butler: Women Around the World Weep at her Stupidity”
    Who’s next?

  • Quit the rumor

    @Reality check up: Just wanted to set the record straight and have a little “real” reality. First of all it was a casting call in LA. There are no “rehab” meetings and it isn’t the same girl. And it’s the wrong coast. He is still in NYC.
    Don’t you think he knows other women then the ones that show up on JJ?

  • Here’s one


  • Sockingsassy

    @Sassy gul: You have your opinion, and others have theirs. Don’t come on here and tell people how to post. This is a gossip site, NOT a fan site. Learn the difference. If you want rainbows and unicorns, go to a fan site.

  • One more caption

    @My Caption: I’m next LOL
    “Woman asked for direction and was viciously kissed on the cheek by a man and his guard”

  • Sleepin In

    @Sassy gul: You can post whaterver you bloody well please and nobody has the right to tell you otherwise. Thread mommy needs to learn some manners.

  • Can I play
    I know I’m late again
    She said she would meet me
    Wait, she’s there and probably pissed at me
    Sorry I stepped on your toe
    Nice shoes.
    Come up for lunch?

  • Finally

    Finally we got to see his new woman and I am amazed that ms psychic was right. She said he would meet her in June and she is on top of that his age and very attractive as well. Good for you Gerry.

  • Wrong

    @Finally: naaah that IS ms psychic he is meeting up with. He needs to know when he will finally meet that one and only, his princess, that will change his life completely when he meets her. HA!

  • Teresa54

    Oh baby, I would grab both sides of his beautiful face and plant one on the lips!!!!!!

  • Ah, wrong

    Ms psychic said OCTOBER not June.

  • Looks like a friend to me
    She’s carrying a Zara bag so maybe she was shopping and decided to meet up with Gerry while he was in town. I doubt they know that is his hotel. They could have been going to the restaurant there. Could be an old flame. They look comfortable with each other. Old friends I think.
    She’s not to fussed to see him. Definitely friends.

  • exgirlfriend gb
  • Can’tGetEnough Hey @gerardbutler, we just made eye contact for a good 8 seconds in #UnionSquare. That was cool! And P.S. — #iloveyou (#OnlyInNY)
    Have a good weekend JJer’s!

  • On the prowl in NY

    He’s looking for fun before work. Eight seconds wasn’t eye contact Abbie. He was checking you out.

  • Smack

    So, he’s with one of his gay buddies who looks like Nick Boyle or fry guy, and he’s going into a NY hotel with the guy and runs into some older European chick he knows from somewhere who’s wearing bad shoes and plants his smelly lips and big sweaty hams on her in a Scotch Euro greeting. Her ass is saggy, too. She must be at least 45 so way too old for his usual staged fauxlationship photo op.


  • greg

    was he getting private time with that guy???????????? omg yeah probly yeah. knew he was gay always thought it.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Yes he’s gay, we all know it. Thanks for updating :-)


    Go away. We know the real CGE wouldn’t say something like that!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    I don’lt know but I’m starting to think everyone is right. He is gay.. He’s not normal that’s for sure.

  • GFW

    Yeah if he’s gay then I’m a fat 60 year old jealous hag with a bad p o r n site and a readership of two.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Please use your own moniker. Everyone knows I wouldn’t say stuff like that, so why bother??

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @MONIKER STEALER: Thank you!!

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough Craig Ferguson, Gerard Butler Exclusive Interview – How to Train Your Dragon 2

  • GFW said it herself

    @GFW: well that proves it then cuz you are all that and more

  • To prowl or not

    @On the prowl in NY: yes on the prowl for sure but not to find ms average so you are absolutely right. He keeps looking people straight into peoples eyes until he finds her. Did ms psychic not say June and October? Maybe she told him that he will know her when he looks into her eyes. Maybe someone here knows something about all this and could tell us more? and yes I am a romantic nod so bear with me :-)

  • Question

    Why is he staying in a hotel when he has an apartment in NYC?

  • Answer

    Your question has been discussed over and over so has been laid to rest.

  • just a thought

    @ Question I thought that looked like entrance to his apartment building
    We’ve also seen that girl before but I’m not sure some one earlier on this tread said it was the girl from what some said was a rehab meeting and what other’s said was a casing call. I thought it was the girl in FLA before that watch dinner. She was by a pool and hugging an kissing him. I remember she had on a skirt, not very good at making a point. But it sure looked like greeting a friend to me.

  • Wrong

    “I thought that looked like entrance to his apartment building.”
    You thought wrong.
    The Gaslight is the West Village. Butler’s place is rented and in Chelsea.
    This is the entrance to his hotel just as JJ posted.

  • Kurtsy

    Well, delivery boy’s make good storeperson’s and that is usually their job anyway. I’ve also seen them as assemblers of machinery or equipment too. Some end up labouring in mills.

  • Kurtsy

    Trolley collecting has changed from single supermarkets where the employee would work his way up into management. Supermarkets of today have multiple businesses where different shopping trolleys are collected by employees to the shopping centre and I would’nt have a clue if it is possible to work up into management anymore.

  • Kurtsy

    The future of cabs/taxis will be interesting to see, could be a sockyarn, did you see that computer program that had online chatters thinking they were talking to a twelve year old boy? Imagine if you could pick who you wanted to talk to in a solo cab trip or what about in your own house? It could be better talking to your own dog like in the movie ‘up’ if your elderly tho.

  • Kurtsy

    Adhd, schizophrenia, aspbergers bipolar, tourettes, female sexual arousal disorder, anxiety disorders, stuttering science believes is treatable and even curable although there will always be a stigmata, other bad stuff is not curable I’ve heard some say, which is sad to accept.

  • Kurtsy

    I’m fine with my own disorder, although I’m a little toey when having to supervise children in dangerous situations, like mountain hiking. Toe down! I don’t care what they do to me. It’s a simple peck on the cheek and water off a duck’s back, more of it! Talk to you later.
    ps. if it was the arctic they would rub noses.

  • I’ll tell you.

    @Question: “Why is he staying in a hotel when he has an apartment in NYC?”

    As he is not in NY for long periods he has no need of it and it’s let out. He probably only bought it as an investment and never intended to live there.
    This is why when a certain Romanian posted pictures trying to make people think she was staying there it was obvious she was up to her games because there was no way she could stay there when it was let out to a tenant.

  • Oh Please!

    @Reality check up: “She is the lady who attended the rehab meeting that he met up with outside the building and the woman he spoke to at the festival where he was wasted. She is probably his mentor.”

    There was no rehab meeting, stop spreading tales.

  • Kurtsy

    I spose ‘ok’ with danger, other peoples safety is a worry, should be more yellow lines to cross for some, although that would be viewed as a disclaimer and that yellow line is there for a reason. God bless the one who invented permission slips.