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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Share a Loving Glance at Celebrate Life Ball!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Share a Loving Glance at Celebrate Life Ball!

Nicole Kidman shares a loving glance with her husband Keith Urban at the Celebrate Life Ball held at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne on Friday (June 13) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 46-year-old actress and her rocker hubby, also 46, didn’t let go of each other’s hand on the masquerade style event red carpet!

Nicole is currently campaigning to help the Nashville Public Library raise two million dollars.

“I read because it relaxes me, and I read because I get lost in that place,” Nicole said to help the campaign (via USA Today). “I read for inspiration, and I read for protection, and I read for spiritual growth.”

FYI: Nicole is wearing Prada with Christian Louboutin shoes.

15+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban on the red carpet…

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nicole kidman keith urban share sweet glance 01
nicole kidman keith urban share sweet glance 02
nicole kidman keith urban share sweet glance 03
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  • anon

    She’s his beard.

  • Ruby

    Is it just me or is Nicole’s assets looking quite plastic?

  • Silicone Sally

    Holy Implants Batman!! When did she get these?

  • Ruby

    @Silicone Sally – My thoughts exactly!! ;)

  • ari

    @Silicone Sally:
    Few years ago, I notice new boobs long time ago

  • ari

    Why they always do “love show” on the red carpet? It’s so annoying.

  • purdy

    Two Girls…That’s all I see… Two Girls

  • http://comcast Patricia

    Beautiful couple !! Wonderful to see them so happy.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Ruby: The Crazy One !! Hello.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ari: Yes annoying to someone that doesn’t know what love is, especially someone like you that only knows hate.

  • Roberta

    Who’s got the bigger heels, Keith or Nic? LOL

  • http://comcast Joni

    Time for you to get back to The Negative Thread that nobody but evil people read. It’s a real laugh, author Mary maclan aka The Crazy One. Who pays you for being so hateful ???? Scientology or are you this hateful on your own ???? You need help !! Get a life of your own and you won’t have to worry about The Urban Family.

  • Really

    Seriously didn’t any of you read Keith’s last comments about how hurtful the words are that people have been saying about his wife. Hurtful to him and Nicole. WTF is wrong with all of you. Both Keith and Nicole look wonderful. She looks beautiful in the dress that was designed for her for this occasion and Keith looks very handsome. Grow up or go away.

  • Ruby

    @ Joni – Crazy how? Hello to you too weirdo.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Roberta: Jealous much Crazy One. let me answer that for you YES YES YES. Why do you keep using different names ?????

  • plastic doll

    Did she seriously think we wouldn’t notice her new boob job?
    Makes her look even more weird and desperate.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ plastic doll. Where does all the hate come from. Get a life and you won’t have to worry about Keith and Nicoles beautiful life!!! Or her boobs, come to think of it !!! Don’t be a coward and keep using all of these multiple names !!

  • Jules

    New t*ts and botox treatments? Yet she keeps insisting that she’s “completely natural”. Who the hell is she kidding?

  • Julie R. Kemp

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  • Roberta

    @Joni: Who the hell is The Crazy One? I honestly have no idea of what you are talking about.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    I read that Keith had planned to fly out to Brisbane in order to set up for a Saturday concert, but he changed his plans and left the next morning in order to be with her. She’s gone through enough alone recently, so Keith and her dad both were at this affair for her. She, as usual, looks beautiful, and it’s great to see Keith out of a T-shirt; he cleans up real good. Looking secure at 5′ 10″, with a 5′ 11″ wife wearing 3″ heels is so damned sexy. Carrie Underwood nailed it when she said being such a loving husband made him the sexiest man in country music. BTW, Anon, you and your immature aliases jumped in bright and early this a.m. Getting ready for a day of spreading love and joy? You are one sick puppy.

  • Silicone Sally

    @Really — Pointing out the obvious — implants & injections — this is not character assasination.

  • Jen

    @Lizzie: #21

    She IS his beard. Can’t accept the truth, huh?

  • Jen

    @ari: #6

    Why they always do “love show” on the red carpet? It’s so annoying.
    Because they are trying to convince themselves and everyone else that they are in love, and trying to convince people that she is not a beard.

  • Roberta

    @Lizzie: He’s not 5’10. He is 5’8.

  • Marty

    LOL, I guess none of you have heard of Victoria Secret bras. Ever see Adam Levine’s girl In catalog vs out? Silly women..

  • http://comcast Bridget

    @ Lizzie Beautifully said !! I am happy to see someone on this thread that isn’t full of jealousy and hate. Keith and Nicole are a beautiful couple.

  • http://comcast Bridget

    Your wrong Roberta, prob The Crazy One,

  • Marty
  • Roberta

    @Bridget: I am not wrong and I am not the crazy one. I actually don’t even know what you guys are talking about. The times I comment on this page, I only use my name. This is my real name.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Very nice comment Lizzie. You will be happy to know that most of these ugly comments are made by one person Mary maclan aka The Crazy One. This person uses multiple names and even comments ( ugly ones of course) in Australia.

  • just me

    She suppose to be going to china to judge films too!

  • Macy

    That was a great example of how a push-up bra and padding do the trick. No boob job for someone whose mother struggled with breast cancer. She and Keith both look great. Lots of jealous people around.

  • Denise

    When people do not compliment this couple, their fans will say it is one person. Well that is far from the truth, there are many of us on this thread who speak the truth about this fraud of a couple. They over do it in public which leads us to believe they are trying to convince people of something. Very odd phony couple.
    And it has been rumored for a long time that Keith( and Nicole) are gay.

  • Denise

    And BTW that is not being mean. There is no stigma to being gay these days. It is widely accepted in our country.

  • jil


    Just because one has an opinion of this couple that is not flattery does not mean jealousy. GROW-UP!

  • Sam

    I wonder how long this charade of a marriage is going to last.

  • Really

    All of you, except for one or two, are sick, mentally disturbed people. Please post your pictures so that we can all judge you. Nicole is a beautiful woman who loves her husband very much. Keith is a handsome man who loves his wife very much. Keith posted this the other day, “We are a husband and wife, mum and dad and it hurts, it really hurts because it is not like we have gone out and attacked somebody or been caught out for something, some illegality or abusive behaviour … it felt like someone sucker punched us.”

    For God’s sake grow up. Oh wait you’ll never see God as you are all going straight to Hell.

  • llj88

    People who post negative stuff are very unhappy people who have unfulfilled life, so they have to put other people down to build themself up, I don’t know if their marrage is real, it looks real to me and I will take their word for it, since no one here can prove other wise, if soplease prove Iit by posting, and take a look at yourself do you have the perfect life the perfect body, hollywood not easy place to hace a career for a woman,they show up with wwrinkles and grey, press would have a hey day, show up with work done samething , women can’t win, but men like George Cooney or Harrison Ford, so on , no big deal, so until you walk in someone shoes you shouldn’t judge, that is what is wrong with this world, people judge to much can make statement bying saying dont care gor her as a acctress, or him as a artist, or even that she had work done, no big deal but to go on and on about their marrage and being down rigth awful, is just wrong , what is wrong with you people,

  • Holly

    She does look like a plastic doll, and this isn’t a compliment. Pretty bad when your skin on your entire body looks like plastic. If the truth hurts Keith, so be it.

  • stating the obvioud

    @Denise: No stigma? Tell that to actual gay citizens living in states where they can’t marry, and can legally be discriminated against for employment. adoption, and medical issues. You’re completely deluded. You and every single one of your posting aliases. The Urbans aren’t gay, they aren’t getting a divorce, Nicole never got implants, and your pathological need to post lies over and over won’t change the truth.

  • Holly

    @stating the obvioud: The rest of the world would disagree with you. She did have a boob job.

  • Marie

    @Denise: You and your many aliases have been making up derogatory comments about this couple since they got married. You think they are gay? Since you’ve been spreading these lies for years without proof, I really believe you are the one who is gay; you’re the one who hates being gay. Why won’t you just accept that you are gay? Why suffer?

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Jules:None of your business !!! Why read or look at this if you are going to worry about Nicoles beautiful face or the size of her breasts. Just happy to see THE KEITH URBAN FAMILY so happy.

  • http://comcast Patricia

    @Jen: @ Jen, you are soooo jealous it is pathetic. Come on THE CRAZY ONE another name ?????????? None of your business.

  • duh

    The Mirror, a trashy rag, is the rest of the world? You really are a complete nutjob.

    The blog of record proves you are lying again and again.

  • http://comcast Patricia

    @ Denise. You are the worst kind. You better make up your mind, is Keith a womanizer or is he gay. It is none of your business Denise????? I will tell you what he is: a kind talented man that adores his wife In fact they adore each other. Love to see people happy, you ought to try it.

  • http://comcast Audra

    @ Denise??? No there is no stigma for being gay but when you make up lies, you are the worst kind. You are a pathetic person.

  • Emily

    Anyone can see the dress is built in with a bra that’s doing all the work. Look at how structured it is.

    Anyway, the ball was a success. So many great photos. Keith with his silver mask, Nicole and her elegant but sexy black one. The Urbans pledged $10,000 on behalf of Sunday and Faith which is sweet because the hospitals involved treat children their age. A great night. Really this one woman’s obsession because she can’t have Keith doesn’t matter at all.

  • Holly