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Kim Kardashian Lets Her Boobs Hang Out in Front of 100,000 People at Bonnaroo

Kim Kardashian Lets Her Boobs Hang Out in Front of 100,000 People at Bonnaroo

Kim Kardashian lets her assets hang out in a totally sheer top while posing on stage during day two of the 2014 Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival on Friday evening (June 13) in Manchester, Tenn.

The 33-year-old reality star was there to support her husband Kanye West, who closed out the night with a high-octane performance that ended with a mega fireworks display.

“Oh hey 100,000 people! #Bonnaroo,” Kim captioned the photo on her Instagram page. During the performance, she was seen hanging out to the side of the stage with a gal pal.

Earlier in the week, Kim flaunted her bikini body while spending time on a second honeymoon in Mexico at a private home.

FYI: Kim is wearing J Brand jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the music festival…

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kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 01
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 02
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 03
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 04
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 05
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 06
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 07
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 08
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 09
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 10
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 11
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 12
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 13
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 14
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 15
kim kardashian boobs hang out bonaroo 16

Credit: Jeff Kravitz; Photos: Film Magic, Getty
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  • Jen

    Has anyone told Kim she’s not 18 anymore?

  • Jen

    also, Kanye annoys me…but those are some cool silhouette stage shots of him.

  • lisa

    if you got it flaunt it. She looks great. At least she’s not like Rihanna and wears a bra.

  • SaraS

    Wow.. Jared I’m surprised at this title. Doesn’t seem like how you treat other celebrities on this site. Kind of mean.

  • Tyla

    ehhh, I get that’s it’s the new trend, and yes, unlike Rihanna Kim wore a bra! Thank god. but this is still pretty gross and just screams for attention.

  • Jen

    @lisa: @Tyla: Rihanna is tacky, yes, but she’s also 25, single and not a mother…Kim is 33, married and a mom. She can “flaunt it” without looking like a tramp. The jeans, jacket and shoes are fine but the sheer white bodysuit and nude bra are not just’s not flattering of her curves and it’s an bad pairing in general…on anyone.

  • Jen

    @Tyla: oh and yeah the idea is trendy, for sure, but Kim’s particular pieces aren’t cute. Reminds me of those sock stockings for trying on shoes.

  • Not1ofYouPeople

    @Jen: Sounds jealous..rejected lately?

  • JaredNorthcutt

    @Tyla But shirtless heterosexual white men never scream for attention, do they?

  • hot girl

    she’s hot, great boobs…Jen above sounds super jealous. Just let people be who they want to be, stop judging. She’s a gorgeous woman, why hate her for being herself?? like seriously, get over it.

  • Sheena

    What a disgusting tramp

  • Tyla

    @JaredNorthcutt: actually, they do. Don’t assume that you know my perspective on things.

  • nathalie

    Always “classy”, Kim Krapashian! Tacky, classless, vulgar, disgusting, as usual. She obviously doesn’t know that certain things look better on small breasts…

  • Looselipz
  • nemo

    @hot girl: “great” FAKE boobs. everything in her body is fake. anyone can look like that after having so many procedures.

    and yeah, she’s tacky. you can’t buy class.

  • Jen

    @Not1ofYouPeople: @hot girl: How am I being jealous? I don’t think Kim is ugly at all. I don’t think she has a bad body. I think the outfit is too young and immature for her…and mostly just the bodysuit. Because I think an outfit is tacky that makes me jealous? Because I’m not a fan of a nude looking bodysuit with a flesh tone bra, that makes me jealous? Kim’s always trying to dress like she’s still a teen and quite frankly I think teens clothes these days aren’t cute. If I’m insulting anything it’s a sheer top trend. Just changing her top here would have made the outfit cuter, Kim look even better and still age appropriate. Hating an outfit isn’t passing judgement. Don’t confuse jealousy with a distaste for a friggen see through bodysuit. Literally anyone could be wearing her outfit and I’d still dislike it.

  • siennagold

    Those are huge fake boobs

  • Agreed

    @Jen: Don’t ‘cha love how a comment on her lack of taste means you’re jealous?? LOL. Lack of taste is pretty rampant and I agree with you 100%. Does she think she’s the only woman in the world with breasts? I have them too, DD’s, but since I have taste, modesty, and class, I don’t have the need to have everyone see them. My husband is the only one who does. And believe me, I am in NO way jealous of this unfortunate woman.

  • Registered Burse

    Very cheap woman,fat and ugly

  • Ruby

    Ahhhh Kim, always over sharing your parts with the world. So trashy and degrading to yourself.

  • Doody

    Maybe someone will lock her in a portapotty

  • meiii

    showing her fake boobs……..

  • Mary

    Those white jeans are amazingly unflattering. And the top is just kinda sad and cheap looking. Poor thing.

  • Diedre

    Well, I guess we should be grateful that she wore a bra.
    Keepin’ it classy!!

  • Avery

    What a fat lard a$$ , her boobs look gross, what is she trying to prove showing those jugs with practically with just her bra… Who does this besides desperate attention ho’ .. Most women have better boobs then this cow and not plastic like her , doesn’t mean they walk out with just a bra on, just cause you can Kim doesn’t mean you have to.

  • Ed

    @ jarednorthcutt……….. What’s your point, what does race or sexual orientation have to do with it, so g@y black guys without their shirt , aren’t looking for attention , go back to race baiting , you dumb racist.

  • Mia

    He wasn’t even in the official lineup Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival, can’t stand when they have the odd rapper at festivals like this , crap music go to the club with this sh*t music

  • NYC

    She’s nothin but a ho, what’s the big shocker here?

  • Me

    What a sl ut!

  • Larissa

    It’s not that bad. She’s wearing a bra, not like the tramp known as Rihanna. What does look bad is her lower body in white pants. She needs to drop some weight or firm up her thighs and rump.

  • basic

    She is a nasty whale who has too much plastic surgery before 40. Kanye is a ego maniac. Neither of them have any discernible talent. Can both these losers just go away?

  • Becca

    I don’t understand what people are trying to accomplish by posting negative and hateful comments on stories like these? There are certainly bigger issues to lend your voice to. Why not just let these people live their lives how they wish to, they’re not hurting anyone, and everyone else can live how they wish to as well. It’s not affecting your life in any way. (p.s no one is forcing you to read anything you don’t like)

  • gross

    Fat legs, fat butt, but she thinks she’s awesome….barf. BTW, after a 2nd honeymoon then this, when is she going to take care of her kid??

  • jojo

    Shouldn’t be home just being a mother????? Poor kid

  • Jen

    @Agreed: Agreed. I’m proud of my body and I’m not lacking in the bust department either. It’s not about jealousy. I mean, sure, I’d love to have her bank account..who wouldn’t? But, I wasn’t insulting her as a person..just a bodysuit lol. It’s not that serious,but of course, there will be people who can’t understand that. :)

  • Ummm

    Where’s Ignori???? Being ignored as usual.

  • troll

    Having fun flaunting your breasts instead of raising your child.

  • santamariavargas

    This sh*t just keeps getting better and better.

  • my guess

    Child taken away to foster home for her own sake.
    That’s my guess for KK and her self-imposed hubby for the near future.

  • Not really

    @gross: Her legs aren’t fat at all’s her hips/butt…it creates a wide look up top…I get if she had a small pert butt and slim hips, you’d see that her legs aren’t boney but they’re not fat either.

  • Marta

    Someone, please , buy her a proper bra.

  • Derek

    Who’s the girl dressed in all black and a Stella in her hand? She’s hot

  • aranka paul

    She is not so much fat as she is built disproportionately. Her hips are way too wide and the huge ass and boobs just overwhelm her small frame. Now, if she wore her white jeans a bit lower on her hips instead of all the way up to the waist, she would look more slender. She should also have opted for black and not white. I still don’t know why the fascination with this woman, she is (if you exclude all the surgeries she has had over time) fairly ordinary in every way. People compare her to Rhianna, but Rhianna is younger, has different body type and being younger also has advantage of body parts being where they should be. Also being slender makes her look more sophisticated and on the cuttng edge (she is just a hip girl who can wear a plastic garbage bag and still look gorgous), no comparrison to Kim. Kim would like to look like Beyonce or Rhianna but that ain’t happening.

  • Reba

    @Jen: Kim is nasty!

  • Reba

    Kim is just nasty, I don’t understand all the selfie’s, and photo’s of her body, there are a lot of celeb. that are beautiful and have great bodies that don”t take pictures of their self every min…..I think woman who have babies in the real world should not have to worry about their bodies,but they need to care most about the babies. Being a mom is the most beautiful thing in the world. It is obvious her priority is in the wrong place…I know, I know, everyone will say you can have a beautiful body and a baby, that is great, but Kim put down the camera and focus on what is important.

  • Rihanna looked way better.

    Rihanna looked like a goddess in that dress, Kim just looks weird, like this look isnt made for her. Kim should have wore better pants, who look better on her.

  • Joelle

    Tits and a ss are her signature, is anyone surprised? This woman has absolutely nothing else to recommend her. She is nothing and stands for nothing beyond self. Not even motherhood has made a dent in her love of herself. Truly, she and Kanye are perfectly matched. He’s as egotistical as she is.

  • asd

    she looks like trash no matter what she wears. And poor Ignori is being raised by Pimp Mama Kris.

  • jen

    NO Morals…she is teaching her daughter that it is ok to be known for your fat boobs only. Not your mind. Way to be a mom Kim.

  • Raphael

    Kim is gorgeous!