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Nicole Kidman Shimmers at Shanghai International Film Festival Opening Ceremony!

Nicole Kidman Shimmers at Shanghai International Film Festival Opening Ceremony!

Nicole Kidman blows kisses in a shimmering dress while arriving on the red carpet of the 2014 Shanghai International Film Festival Opening Ceremony at Shanghai Grand Theatre on Saturday (June 14) in Shanghai, China.

The 46-year-old actress was on hand to accept an outstanding contribution award from Hugh Grant and director John Woo.

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The Shanghai International Film Festival, which runs from June 14 – June 22, is one of the biggest film festivals in Asia.

The day before, Nicole and her husband Keith Urban held hands at the Celebrate Life Ball in Melbourne, Australia.

FYI: Nicole is wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress, Christian Dior shoes, Omega jewels, and Salvatore Ferragamo clutch.

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nicole kidman shimmers shanghai film fetival opening 05
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  • Roberta

    I like her dress.

  • http://Yahoo JoBeth

    Anyone who doesn’t think Nicole looks absolutely lovely in this gown is either so filled with bias they don’t want to see, or are classless. The Chinese love Nicole, and this weekend is exactly what she needs to help her get over the past couple of weeks of insane criticism she’s received.

  • Jana

    I always thought that she was absolutely beautiful and I didn’t really see all the botox stuff other people have been talking about – until the Cannes festival this year, when it really hit me… Since then she’s looked like a plastic doll to me… Man oh man, she’s so beautiful, why is she doing this to herself? In 10 years time she won’t be getting any roles cause she’ll look ridicoulus…

  • Pandora

    Whatever you say Jana. You have the sun and all those high speed cameras with the huge flashes in your face and they’ll capture some shots of your eyes that aren’t perfect either.

    She looks gorgeous. Congratulations Nicole on the award!

  • Gabriela

    So pretty :D

  • Ruby

    Each to their own opinion but I love this dress on Nicole, very well suited to her frame.

  • Sally

    Nicole looks absolutely beautiful. A huge congratulations on this award and the one she received last week.

  • Carolyn

    She epitomizes Old Hollywood glamour and class. She is a lovely woman.

  • Well Done

    The queen of box office poison received an award for wooden acting.

  • Oh dear

    She really needs to stop blowing kisses. She looks mental and her lips look even more deformed.

  • yes yes

    TALENED, CLASSY and GLAMOUROS and intelligent, clever, great orator and commitment to charity

  • yes yes

    @Oh dear:
    Mental its ONLY you ,dear

  • No class. No brains

    Imagine singing Amazing Grace to children with cancer. Thoughtless and inappropriate.

  • Kidman has no class

    In contrast to the Australian red carpet, at least she decided not to offend the Chinese by covering her silicone boobs.

  • what i’m thinkin

    Nicole is starting to look a bit foolish at her age with her blushing shy coy girl thing that she does. Get hold of yourself woman.

  • Un-Amazing Grace

    “I can’t imagine a more disastrous film than Grace Of Monaco. It’s a right Royal cock-up, featuring a muddle of a central performance by Nicole Kidman and a mess of a plot. Grace Kelly is a fascinating figure. However, not in this movie, where she is portrayed by Nicole Kidman as a doe-eyed vacuous yap. It’s a truly awful performance. Not for one moment, do you believe a single beat of her wooden heart.”

  • Rebecca Chambers

    Wow that dress is stunning, just beautiful all around!

  • .

    @No class. No brains: Too stupid to watch.the video? They sang with hospital staff.

  • Carolyn

    @Un-Amazing Grace:
    Even when her movie fails, she handles herself with class and dignity.
    She’s got lots more movies in the works, thousands and thousands of loyal fans, loads of money, two beautiful little girls, and a loving husband she adores. We should all be so fortunate.

  • http://comcast Lorna

    @ Jana That is really a bullshit story. Use your real name. Nicole Kidman is a real beauty and her husband Keith Urban is gorgeous also.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Well Done: Again THE CRAZY ONE–Stop with your poison. Millions and millions of us adore her. She’s a real beauty.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Oh dear: If you say so The Crazy One. Nicole no more blowing kisses The Crazy one says.

  • http://comcast Audra

    @No class. No brains: Whoever you are, you are pathetic. Get a life. So nice of Keith and Nicole to visit the children in the hospital. They always donate time and money to this hospital.

  • Ruby

    @Joni – But I thought I was The Crazy One???! **sobs uncontrollably**

  • http://comcast Audra

    Also, 14, 15, and 16 all the same person. The Crazy One. Such hate for someone they don’t know. Jealousy!!!! Scientology !!!!

  • Cate

    She looks much better and at recent events than at Cannes.

  • Ruby

    @Joni – Curious as to why you are so quick to defend Nicole and Keith I decided to check out all the other posts on JJ and sure enough you have jumped in at EVERY possible moment to accuse people of being The Crazy One. I note that you don’t comment on any other celebs and you find it your ”duty” to hassle any person whom has an opinion that does not glorify your beloved idols. I personally have nothing against them whatsoever, but your obsessiveness, stalker behaviour, accusing and delusional state of mind is truly disturbing. You are either very very ill or you are a close friend of the Urban family and feel it is your right/duty to uphold their honour however and whenever possible. Pretty sure they don’t need your help you nut job.

  • .

    @Ruby: Fail. Same cr@p spewed by x, curious, ?, Holly, and all the dozens more names you post under.

  • Ruby

    @ . – How can i be your famous character when i don’t post anything negative about your Nicole & Keith??? …… @Brenda @Joni @ . @Audra — you are losing it. Anyone can research all the Urban threads and find you stalking, defending and name calling any person whom says something remotely negative. Thank god they have you!!!!! You and all your alias’s that defend the Urban name are truly making a difference to Nicole and Keith, god shine light upon your mentally twisted soul for all your good work! (note the sarcasm)

  • Christy


    Do you realize that what you just said to Joni describes you to a T? Joni is right. You and your multiple screen names are crazy. All you do is surf around the web for every mention about this couple and you post the same hateful lies. Do you even have a job? I am sure you have no friends because no one wants wants to be aroundround critical, hateful, negative, and a liar like you. If you don’t like this actress, why are you here? No one believes every word you say. Why bother? Oh, you want attention. How miserable your life must be. I feel so sorry for you.

  • http://comcast Patricia

    @ Ruby Add Patricia to your list. Love Keith and Nicole, both talented and gorgeous. Love The Kidman-Urban family.

  • Ruby

    @Joni @. @Brenda @Audra @JoBeth @Lorna —- You do realize there is many other celebs out there that need your help right?? …. Not to mention the many other sites with articles about the Urban’s that require your ”special attention” i.e. there are millions of people that have their own opinion (gasp!) that may not have your identical obsession for Nicole & Keith right??….you know this yeah? QUICK! HURRY! GET TO WORK – THEY NEED YOU!!!!!! **put your cape on and save the day because if it weren’t for you being there at every moment to save them who knows where Nic & Keith would be?*
    I do hope your on their Christmas card list, at the very least.

  • Ruby

    @ Christy – check out my comment about Nic looking gorgeous in her dress then reassess your whole stance as i have nothing against the Urban’s whatsoever. Nic’s an amazing actress and Keith is lovely, i only have a problem with Joni and his/her alias’s that feel the need to name call everyone ”The crazy one” whenever they have an opinion that might not match his or hers. Someone has to put a stop to this nut job.

  • x

    Sewer mistress and her crazed henchman “Joni” accuse everyone of being “one” person because that is the only defense they have left. You only need to read the Daily Mail comments section to know there are hundreds of individuals posting opinions regarding Nicole’s rampant Botox use, her oddly shaped silicone breasts and Keith’s transitional journey from a man into a woman.

  • http://comcast Rachael

    OMG. Love Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, they are both talented artists. They both ooooooze with sex appeal.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @x comment 34 aka The Crazy One, no there is only one or two mean spirited people like you. Do you get paid to write all of these lies. Someone wants to put a stop to me. LOL Are you a Scientologist or are you just plain mean?????? Everyone has your number and your multiple names.

  • Maria

    Beautiful. Hair, make up, accessories and dress. She looks great.

  • Christy

    @x: We know that those were posted by you using multiple screen names. You are not fooling anyone. You are the only hater here.

  • Amy

    She’s terribly fake.

  • Ruby

    @Rachel – Are you sure that x is the crazy one? Perhaps you and Joni can combine forces on this? The Urban’s need you!!!

  • Ruby

    @Christy – Your slipping love, decide who is The Crazy One and stick with it – both you and Joni (and his/her many alias’s) need to save the Urban’s reputation! Nicole & Keith need you!!

  • Well Done Granny

    The 46-year-old actress was on hand to accept an outstanding contribution award for the greatest number of box office flops.

  • curious

    The Urban’s need Joni like a hole in the head. Joni is batsh!t crazy and doing the Urban’s no favors.

  • Ruby

    @ curious – hahaha I know, I’m being sarcastic as hell;)

  • Jamy

    The negative comments about Keith and Nicole are obviously made by the same three or four people. I wish JJ would do something about it because some of those comments are shockingly hateful and libelous (not to mention the homophobic rants).
    Nicole looks great here, a real movie star. Yes Grace of Monaco is a flop, I saw it and it is a really bad movie but Kidman is good in it and there’s no way it will ruin her career. She already has four upcoming movies including one directed by Werner Herzog.
    Keith and Nicole are good people who do a lot for charity, they deserve respect, not the nasty, ridiculous comments from very unhappy people I see here.

  • Sorry

    @Jamy: Grace of Monaco is a high profile flop and has alerted millions of people to just how bad an actress she really is. It has done immeasurable damage to her already questionable reputation. btw, Nicole does a minimal amount of charity for PR only.

  • goodbye and good riddance

    @Jamy: if you don’t enjoy varying opinions, I suggest you move to a country where there is no freedom of speech.

  • bahahaha

    @Jamy: doesn’t matter who the director is. The queen of box office poison will prevail.

  • little my

    She’s like a sparkly diamond, love the look!

  • just me

    What’s wrong with you people? She does has class. Jared hayden Christensen went too. Why’s you stop posting hayden Christensen anyway. He didn’t do nothing wrong. It was Rachel doing she the who kept going to Canada visiing him. You use to post here but I don’t blame she took her story to us week . But don’t stop posting hayden.