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Amal Alamuddin's Fiance George Clooney Believes America Can Resolve Sudan Violence!

Amal Alamuddin's Fiance George Clooney Believes America Can Resolve Sudan Violence!

Amal Alamuddin is super chic in a pastel-colored mini dress while out and about on Friday (June 13) in London, England.

The day after, the 36-year-old lawyer and fiancee of George Clooney changed up her style and showed her urban fashion sense while spending time with friends.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amal Alamuddin

George recently voiced his opinion on the violence in Sudan.

“Sudan’s Air Force has acquired more accurate bomber planes and more destructive bombs to intensify its aerial assault against civilian targets in the war zones, in total defiance of feckless UN Security Council resolutions,” he shared on Vice News. “Our Satellite Sentinel Project captures frequent satellite imagery of communities leveled by bombing raids. So far, that evidence has been ignored.”

He added, “The situation may sound hopeless — but that is not the case. This is a crisis America can help resolve. On a number of past occasions, the US has used its influence to bring about positive outcomes in Sudan.”

FYI: Amal is wearing a Ted Baker London dress and Heidi London sunglasses.

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# 1
Newsflash! @ 06/15/2014 at 8:34 am

Her clients comprise of terrorists like Senussi, Ghadaffi’s war criminal, alleged rapists like Assange & the King of Bahrain who has been accused of human rights violations against political prisoners.
The she-male Amal has only been a barrister for 4 years & is after MONEY.

# 2

Transexual in drag. Ugliest beard Clooney has ever hired.
Rock Hudson, Elton John & Michael Jackson all married women too. At least their wives/ alibis looked like women…
No one was buying Clooney’s hired prostitutes 2 year contracts anymore.
So his queeeer manager Bryan Lourde told him Harvey Weinstein wants him to marry.
They didn’t know the freak is anti-Zionist though.

# 3
Mary Fisher, UK @ 06/15/2014 at 8:48 am

She looks like an anteater.
Really masculine. How odd.

@Jason L
Clooney is engaged so he can hide his bisexuality and long term relationship with Waldo Sanchez.

# 4
Lola's fashion shoot @ 06/15/2014 at 8:52 am

WTF?? Is this a drag queen fashion show on a daily basis?
Chicken-legged ugly transexual with an attitude.

# 5
likeahepburn @ 06/15/2014 at 8:54 am

Beautiful and smart woman. You guys say she is a transexual because she doesn’t look like Hollywood stars but she has different kind of beauty. She is a lawyer(a real job which you need a brain to do it) and she always looks classy.

# 6

I agree. Most unbalanced couple in Hollywood showbiz. Beauty George vs Beast Anmal.
Brad Pitt got the ethereal petite Angie… George got a contract with a hideous thyroid-eyed, bucktoothed, hump nosed camel.

# 7
Fashionista @ 06/15/2014 at 8:57 am

OMG! OMG! She SO channels Boy George & Michael Jackson…
Where are her publicity trolls trying to promote the ugly eunuch???
No wonder George Clooney refers to her as Conchita Wurst behind her back…

# 8
Fashionista @ 06/15/2014 at 9:00 am

She’s UGLY. Period.
From her freak toes, to her short chicken legs, long torso with a flat assss, no waist, to her big drag queen shoulders, thick neck… and then that HIDEOUSLY UGLY FACE… MAN, AMAL ALAMUDDIN IS UGLY!
PR team is desperate to make her appealing.
There are millions of beautiful lawyers. They chose the ugliest one as Clooney’s beard.

# 9

it is all very fake. Everywhere I read, people think this is a major publicity stunt like many gay actors. Not politics because he has no education at all so can’t run. He’s like a high-school dropout.

George Clooney had money and years upon years to go get a college degree, and PhD or law degree, etc and become an expert in world politics. Or…to run for public office, and test public interest in having him spout off on his opinion on the matter and butt his head into volatile Sudanese/US or world politics.

He didn’t do that. Unlike scores of OTHER brilliant scholars, military experts, war heroes, diplomats, politicians, etc. who actually spent time doing the hard studying to get the expertise, etc. George dated supermodels, questionable international playboy hangers on, etc with his years. Why is he suddenly an expert we need to listen to?

Sorry… But a rushed engagement and marriage to an international human rights lawyer and her parading herself around town day after day in Donna Karan with lattes and double cappuccino mochas does not render him qualified to jump in here as an expert. (Note: does Donna Karan still design and do those drinks I mentioned even exist? Sorry I’ve got political science and law degrees with experience in legislative process as well as the judiciary.. But I’m afraid my high fashion savvy isn’t on par with Amal’s and I’m not a coffee drinker so no expert there LOL… :)…). Oops, I suppose that’s my point…

So, I guess what I’m saying is Jane Fonda…er…I mean…George Clooney… (Well, let’s tick off everyone shall we? Angelina, Brad, Sean Penn) should just take their millions and their limousines and stay in Hollywood making movies. And leave world policy to folks who work in the REAL world with proven expertise in handling volatile and dangerous war zone policies.

And by the way, everyone can say Angelina is a saint for driving around in a limo getting free press with the UN to make her speech about stopping sex violence in war zones, but think about it. Do we really need Angelina to tell us that???? I say we stop war in war zones too. How about that? That speech would be just as effective. I hope her fans get that she is an uneducated celebrity calling for war criminals to play nicey nicey the next time they go into a war zone to commit a war crime. But, she does get free press and so does George for stating the OBVIOUS.

Once again, the world is not enough for self serving narcissistic celebrities. They can’t be happy being 100x over millionaires. They have to take over free taxpayer grants and now world politics. Enough already…

she’s classy.

Fugly woman! And a desperate fame seeker! Gurl no one would care about you if it weren’t for George Clooney.

@likeahepburn: always looks Classy? Clooney went mad when she showed up in teenage ripped jeans & Hermann Munster shoes at Heathrow.
Clooney was furious with her gypsy embarrassing mother who walks around in public with hair curlers.
Clooney was also making fun of her father and re & Arab relatives like her hot pink satin wearing father.

She’s more intelligent and beautiful than most of you people who write here such a nasty hateful comments about her. Let her live her life!

Sylvia Cheevers, PR consultant @ 06/15/2014 at 9:21 am

George Clooney and his homosexual partner Waldo Sanchez taking a long romantic walk in Valencia this year.
George Clooney and his homosexual lover Waldo Sanchez having sex in a care after leaving Loulou’s Nightclub in London.
As a supporter of Prop 8, Clooney should be allowed to marry Waldo Sanchez. Not forced to be with this grotesque featured tall hermaphrodite.

Sylvia Cheevers, PR consultant @ 06/15/2014 at 9:22 am
George Clooney and his homosexual lover Waldo Sanchez having sex in a care after leaving Loulou’s Nightclub in London.

Sylvia Cheevers, PR consultant @ 06/15/2014 at 9:22 am
George Clooney and his homosexual lover Waldo Sanchez having sex in a car after leaving Loulou’s Nightclub in London.

She looks like she just smelled her own ****. Better keep a bottle of Fabreeze with you George cuz she makes that face a lot!

Omg I can’t write f art on here without it being censored!?!? W t f kind of
p o s site…

Deluded ugly desperate fameho. Guttertrash Arab terrorist.
What a waste! Hollywood legend with Arab Islamic transexual.
In Bagdad, her Sunni Islamic cult kin behead & crucify innocent civilians every day. And this scum of the earth, parades around like she’s at a fashion show for post-op transexuals so she can make more money. Yeah, real human rights. Defend more Islamic terrorist. Plenty of those in Sudan. Senussi is one of your clients. He’ll hook you up, freakshow.


but Conchita does not she have droopy bulge bag eyes. Conchita has nice eyes.

And you know this how?
oh, you just pulled it out of your azz?

B!tch Please @ 06/15/2014 at 10:22 am

lena lena lena. your stink from the FatFvckers R Us cesspool has followed you here. Still sitting in your sh!tty diaper spewing filth from that nasty-azzzz slash in your face that you call a mouth. lmfao

I have no idea who she is or what she has done, but guys stop the discriminated slur against her. She is Doing her Job if she is defending any terrorist whatsoever, bet if any of you were a barrister and got biG money you would do the same. Btw she is classier than any of George’s ex-GF. Peace out.

Proud Canadian @ 06/15/2014 at 10:36 am

It’s pretty obvious you have the same person posting under different alias’ with those hateful post. The imbecile could be a little less obvious about it. Scary to know how mentally challenged and BIGOTED majority America really is. It’s no surprise “y’all” are so despised throughout the world. The country is filled with narcissistic white supremacist RACIST a.s.s.h.o.l.e.s.

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