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Ellen Page Slams Texas Governor After His Anti-Gay Remarks!

Ellen Page Slams Texas Governor After His Anti-Gay Remarks!

Ellen Page rocks a denim vest while hanging out with a pal on Friday (June 13) in New York City.

“are you for real ? @GovernorPerry,” the 27-year-old actress tweeted earlier in the week after Texas governor Rick Perry stated that homosexuality can be avoided.

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“Whether or not you feel compelled to follow a particular lifestyle or not, you have the ability to decide not to do that. I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue the same way,” Rick said during a visit to the Commonwealth Club of California.

Last week, Ellen and her close gal pal Shannon Woodard spent time together while shopping at The Grove.

10+ pictures inside of Ellen Page spending time in New York…

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  • As expected…

    All gays and lesbians will find Governor Perry’s comments inappropriate or annoying. But the guy is right and he speaks the truth.
    As for Ellen, she is beginning to look more and more like a neglected hobo.

  • eternalozzie

    @As expected…:
    uneducated ignorant bigots like Perry and commenter “as expected” are dinosaurs, a dying breed … anyone who has ever studied psychiatry, sociology, and human development knows attraction is by no means a conscious choice and it develops over the course of time. Even if you don’t study those subjects just watch human growing up and developing around you. You can literally watch it happen.

    It’s the 21st century people. It’s time to close your bibles for good and pop open a school book occasionally. We are no longer a primitive species needing to worship magical people that were made up in a time when we couldn’t explain the world around us.

  • AshleyLove

    I can’t stand this man with a passion, but not everyone is going to agree with being gay. Live and let live. God is good!

  • AshleyLove


    What’s on those dollar bills in your pocket? “In God, we trust.” God Bless America. Satan ain’t gon save you.

  • Boomshakalaka


    “Close your bibles and…open a school book”??! Really? Since prayer was removed from schools in the early 60′s, how has that worked? Another school rampage last week in Oregon and I bet he had a bunch of school books…
    Just my opinion, but you’re a fool (you can find that word in your schoolbooks and Bible).

  • Brooklyn

    Sorry Tom Boy, oops, I mean Ellen, like it or not everybody is entitled to their own opinion. The best thing you can do, in my opinion, is ignore Perry’s comment and for goodness sake get rid of that dang Tom Boy hat. LOL!

  • @Brooklyn

    I think gays and lesbians forget that in a democratic country like the USA, people are free to express their opinions.

  • Ann

    The girl looks awful.

  • kayla

    @eternalozzie: Then you would know being gay lesbian bi or transgender is mental. I’m bi and even i can admit the issues in my personal life have triggered my orientation. My friend was raped before she became a full on d y k e lesbian, that has now decided to become straight. Explain that to me. I accept her either way and don’t judge her, but if you are actually friends with gay people you would know they have lots of abuse issues.

  • Glad I no longer live in TX

    Perry is a typical Texas good old boy. I used to live in Austin, and they hated him and W. The problem is, the rest of Texas is made up of a bunch of ignorant morons who support this type of attitude.

  • Katie

    @As expected…: I am straight and I find his comment repulsive. Being attracted to someone of the same sex is not a choice. Is it perhaps a choice of mine to be straight? No. I am sexually attracted to men, that is not something I choose.

  • Katie

    @kayla: I have abuse issues and I am straight. Do you know how many people who have abuse issues? Sadly, a ton. You can’t say someone is gay because of abuse

  • Strong Leaders

    Give it time, Perry is deep in the closet, thing about closets sometimes the doors falls off and out comes the hiders.
    Perry is hiding his demons, why should he care what others are doing in their private lives, because he don’t have to guts to be honest about his sexuality, he is picking on others, who are honest.
    You can only hide behind the good book for so long, Perry’s day is coming.

  • paul

    poor ellen, her career has come to an end at 27

  • ZeNd

    well said Mr Perry! Thumbs up for you.

  • Jay

    Your sexual orientation may not be something you can choose but you certainly DO choose to act on those feelings. You will have to give an account of these activities to God one day. God said he loved Jacob and HATED Esau.

  • Perry for President

    At last a politician who is not afraid to express what most tax payers think.


    Darling. Sweetheart. Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you get through this female ‘period’ period in your life.
    And never think for one second that you will have to go it alone. Bring along your sexy girlfriend too; all is well that ends well.

  • kayla

    @Katie: Uh yes duh! Why do you think i made the comment. Unlike you I’m pretty open minded on the subject. I was straight at one time and i started having an attraction to girls so i acted on it. Like i said before my friend was aa full blown butch and she recently became straight. I wasn’t implying tjat only gays have issues it just went with the subject. You’re comment was really unnecessary i don’t even know why i responded to it when you didn’t even get the point of it. You’re just one of those that support gays when you don’t even understand what it’s like. My guess is your friends or relatives just come out to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

  • eternalozzie


    Kayla’s comments have a lot of validity to them but they actually support my argument that it’s not a conscious choice. In the example she used that abuse survivor’s sexuality has a lot to do with the abuse they suffered is very real.

    The things that traumatize us when we’re young tend to become attractions when we are older.

  • KBB

    Why so much commentary on the way in which someone feels most comfortable living their lives. It’s not hurting me or anyone else. I think people that are so opposed to it are probably compensating for something. Just saying

  • planet earth

    Agree with perry just because she choses to like women doesn’t mean we have to except it and they always want to bring god into this first read the bible and you will find the truth.

  • Amy

    I feel so sorry for this innocent Woman. She has moved to Hollywood and immersed herself in the most disgusting filth that a Human can endure. I hope someday that she can get some help to escape her sinful disgusting lifestyle.

  • jon m’shulla

    Thanks. You tell him Ellen Page.

  • Normandy

    come on, youre an idiot-no one agrees with you

  • Normandy

    not agree with? that doesnt make sense dumdum. Being gay simply IS. And there is no god

  • Normandy

    that was added in the 50s, you ignoramus because some republicans were scared about communism…idiot!

  • Normandy

    wrong, idiot-she’s in the most successful summer movie this year…silly hillbillies

  • themoreilearn

    Ah Governor Perry, in your infinite wisdom you’ve equated sexuality to alcoholism. I must have missed seeing Johnny Walker on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. You can survive without alcohol, but humans can’t survive physiologically without loving and being sexual regardless of their sexuality.

    So… how about we leave the social issues alone and stick with the fiscal conservatism that makes Texas great? K. Thanks.

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