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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Take a Trip to Monash Children's Hospital!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Take a Trip to Monash Children's Hospital!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban stay close during a trip to the Monash Children’s Hospital on Friday afternoon (June 13) in Melbourne, Australia.

The power couple took pictures with the children and Keith even played a few songs for the crowd.

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Later that weekend, Nicole attended a press conference to discuss her new film Grace of Monaco in Shanghai, China.

While Nicole was in China, Keith stayed in Australia to get ready for his upcoming tour there.

Nicole Kidman Sings Along with Keith Urban

FYI: Nicole is wearing a Salvatore Ferragamo dress at the press conference.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

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  • Arlene

    Wow this site is really milking these two of late. Keith looks like an unhappy kept man , and his hairstyle resembles that of an angry lesbian. Nicole is a complete farce, the only Woman in history to carry a child to term without showing a bump or any weight gain. Please, the people are on to this ruse.

  • kary

    I love this couple… I saw a video and both of them were singing for the children… they were very nice :)

  • Barf

    Sick of these two fake people. Everything they do is staged to try and get them some popularity when Kidman’s movies are an epic fail. JJ keeps doing shit on them because of the crazies that are stalking them and giving them a fake popularity rating.

  • Ruby

    Warning : Joni/Brenda/Jobeth/Audra/Jamy and any other number of alias names will be hassling anyone that speaks of the Urban’s in a non saintly way. Be prepared for the dedication of the one and only defender of the Urban’s. (Let the beast out of its cage;) ;))

  • http://comcast Joni

    Comments 1and3 — Is THE. CRAZY ONE again, who must stay up day and night thinking of more ugly things to say about THE BEAUTIFUL KEITH URBAN FAMILY. Nicole and Keith are nice, talented people. The Crazy One must get something about being so hateful ???????????????

  • stating the obvious

    1, 3, and 4 are the same person. Maybe one day they’ll figure out the correct use of possessives in the English language. It’s The Urbans not The Urban’s. Trolls out themselves. Enough said.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    So you’re ‘Arlene’ tonight, at least for now. These remarks you continue to make re Nicole’s pregnancy with Sunday are ridiculous on so many levels. You’re implying that the hospital in Nashville where she delivered was in on this huge cover-up also. Dear Lord, that conspiracy would be right along with JFK and Elvis still being alive. And as far as Nicole’s weight gain; I delivered an 8’3″ baby girl and gained only 16 pounds while pregnant. If you watch your diet it isn’t necessary to gain an unnecessary amount of weight.
    Keith looks like a very happy man in these hospital snaps, and Nicole looks more relaxed and stress-free than she has in a long time. They met in Melbourne on her return from Shanghai, and the happy family is together now for the remainder of their stay in Oz.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Also Ruby using different name aka The Crazy One. Keep guessing on those names, 100 percent wrong. Keep guessing. By the way, most people do admire this beautiful couple, just a couple nuts that get a thrill out of being so mean and ugly !!!! Scientology !!

  • Ruby

    @Joni – actually I have nothing against Nicole or Keith at all – they seem like a normal couple and I have already stated this several times to you. I do however, find your bashing of others quite ridiculous. We as human beings do have our own opinions, feelings and viewpoints about everything in life and this is a celeb/gossip site …why feel you must hassle people for having an opinion different to yours? What makes you so damn special? You do make for some fine entertainment though Joni, I will give you that.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Your pathetic Ruby,
    have nothing against The Urbans, read your own comments.

  • kary

    if you don’t like Nicole and Keith why are you reading this post? I mean… I don’t read or comment the things or celebrities I don’t like, for me is ok if you hate or whatever this famiy (it’s kinda crazy because you don’t even know them) but why are you every single post wasting time on comments that they don’t even read? I’m here because I’m a fan and I like to say that I love Nicole and Keith. I don’t go to others post insulting celebrities I don’t like because I think is pathetic.

  • http://comcast Audra

    I just love Keith Urban on American Idol and he puts on the greatest concerts ever.

  • Ruby

    @Joni – You are having some trouble so I will repeat : Warning : Joni/Brenda/Jobeth/Audra/Jamy and any other number of alias names will be hassling anyone that speaks of the Urban’s in a non saintly way. Be prepared for the dedication of the one and only defender of the Urban’s. (Let the beast out of its cage;) ;)) Next comment:@Joni – actually I have nothing against Nicole or Keith at all – they seem like a normal couple and I have already stated this several times to you. I do however, find your bashing of others quite ridiculous. We as human beings do have our own opinions, feelings and viewpoints about everything in life and this is a celeb/gossip site …why feel you must hassle people for having an opinion different to yours? What makes you so damn special? You do make for some fine entertainment though Joni, I will give you that. So as you see, yet again, I have not said anything that is negative or rude or hateful or slandering to either Nicole or Keith. I am having an absolute blast winding you up though. I have never come across someone so obsessed with two people before in my life. You are so deeply focused on Nicole and Keith that you have made up your own fable to reason with yourself as to why people would have an opinion that does not match yours. I love Nic’s movies and think Keith is a nice fellow. Its YOU that has the issues poppet.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    I was just looking at these pictures taken at the children’s hospital and noticed something interesting. On the #7 picture above you can see lines in Nicole’s forehead; so much for the Botox remarks. Joni, keep up the positive attitude, and I think you’re correct on the cult meddling.

  • Shirley


    You are either obsessed with this fraudulent couple or you are being paid by someone to defend them and say good things about them. I wish you no malice, I just wish that you are able to see through the hype and that you open your mind to the viewpoints of others.

  • Sorry

    Another flop movie for her and a flop album for him. Hardly a “power couple”, more like a couple of desperate, middle aged has-beens.

  • Granny has no class

    Are they her wonky looking nipples you can see under the dress fabric?

  • http://comcast Joni

    I am beginning to think maybe Ruby might not be THE CRAZY ONE, but 15, 16 and 17 are. Real Sicko !! I apologize Ruby for putting you in that terrible category.

  • Trish

    Keith and Nicole look so adorable in that singing video from the hospital. They do lots of charity work at that hospital, so nice of them. I see so many hateful posts about them, why can’t people just be nice, and if seeing this wonderful couple irks you that bad, I suggest not reading the articles.

  • Julie

    Melbourne. Why Melbourne ? I
    would think he would go back to Sydney where his children are.

  • Cal

    I’d like the Urbans as friends. They seem like kind, hardworking people. Can’t say the same about some of you who post all the hate stuff, most of it ridiculous and not true. There’s a difference between criticism and out and out lying and viciousness. Glad I don’t know you personally. Feel sorry for those who do.

  • http://comcast Patricia

    I love to see pics of Nicole and Keith together, they make a beautiful couple and seem so down-to-earth.

  • Carl

    @Sorry: Do your homework. Grace has made 12 million in limited release and the other stinker Diana made 21 mil in full release over 4 weeks. It is hardly Nicole’s fault (but then everything is isn’t it) that the script was bad and that Weinstein and the director got into it. Nicole has a solid track record of successes in the foreign market and yes, not so much in the US. But then not everyone thinks the US is the center of the world anyhow.

    And Keith’s Fuse album in 2013 hit the no. 1 spot on Billboard in all genres. He also won several CMA awards this month. His new album isn’t even out yet. You only make yourself look foolish when you spew.

  • DisGrace of Monaco reviews

    “I can’t imagine a more disastrous film than Grace Of Monaco. It’s a right Royal cock-up, featuring a muddle of a central performance by Nicole Kidman and a mess of a plot. Grace Kelly is a fascinating figure. However, not in this movie, where she is portrayed by Nicole Kidman as a doe-eyed vacuous yap. It’s a truly awful performance. Not for one moment, do you believe a single beat of her wooden heart.”
    “Kidman has become such an amateurish, one-dimensional performer who has taken to channelling the girly, breathy speaking style of Marilyn Monroe – it was once comic mode but now she does it in dramas – that a canny director would be reluctant to cast her in a school play.”

  • bashed


    You owe me an apology too!

  • bashed

    THE OBSESSED ONE is an Australian woman who lives in the area where Keith grew up. She shares the Urbans’ wedding anniversary, and this makes her feel somewhat like family. She knows EVERYTHING about them. Their movements. Their feelings. What they do at night. What they think, etc etc. (I mean, how the heck does she know that they intend staying on in Melbourne?)

    She just can’t accept that there is more than ONE person on this planet that senses smoke and mirrors about Keith and Nicole.

    Her name is Colleen, and she created a blog called “Skewering the Skeptics” (charming!!) where she spews her hatred of the people she calls ‘skeptics’. She has been rampant for as long as the Urbans have been together. Her nickname is “SEWER MISTRESS”, for obvious reasons. And yes, she has many many aliases.

    So many people have been at the receiving end of her endless abuse. She ignores warnings. It seems she just can’t resist being a monster.

    She is truly THE OBSESSED ONE. What a life!

  • Shiver me timbers!


    I thought she told an interviewer that she was laying off the Botox and other things? Wax mummy. Never seen such two mismatched people in my life

  • Shiver me timbers!

    @DisGrace of Monaco reviews:

    Critics have also been complaining that she always acts with her mouth open. They really complained about it in the Diane Arbus movie.

    She’s always been a one dimensional actress.

  • http://comcast Joni

    I am from Australia now, LOL, I haven’t been there but I would love to gosometime !!!! I have a bunch of aliases also. LOL @ bashed: don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology, it will never happen THE CRAZY ONE. Sewer mistress is a name you love to use. GET A LIFE and you won’t care enough to write ugly remarks about different celebrities.

  • http://comcast Joni

    I forgot to mention what a talented couple Keith and Nicole are. Beautiful to look at. Beautiful daughters. Beautiful life. Beautiful love the have for each other. Don’t choke The Crazy One,when you read something nice anyone has to say about this couple The Crazy One.

  • pancake


    You are a prize idiot.

  • Carolyn

    What a sweet story. Nicole has been a patron, supporter and visitor to children’s hospitals for years. She’s donated money for medical equipment and supplies to the one in Sydney. Keith is involved with St Jude’s in Nashville. All celebrities should be as giving of their time and money as they are. It’s not surprising that the same few people post negatively on even such a nice story. They hate to see this couple leading happy and productive lives and try to denigrate everything they do.

  • llj88

    Say all you want but they brought happy smiles to thoes sick children faces, gave the hospital awareness and brought in lots of money, some on here say its PR, so where was all the press, lets just say it was , wish more stars did more PR stuff like this, like I said brought in lots of money for hosipal, plus awearness, and made alot of sick kids and the people who take care of them happy.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    @Joni: @Joni:

    From the posts by Arlene/Bashed it’s pretty obvious that you’re suffering from some of my comments.

  • Nancy

    I happened to be in attendance for this. I am a nurse at the hospital. Keith and Nicole are simply lovely people who give of their time, hearts, and pocketbooks to such things. The love they have for one another is obvious to anyone who has had the pleasure of being near them. God has blessed them and they have gratitude for that.. All the rest of you here should be ashamed of yourselves. Make a difference in other’s lives instead of spreading hate about celebrities that you don’t have the pleasure of knowing!

  • bashed


    bingo! you admit to being THE OBSESSED ONE.
    Yes, you’re the village idiot.

  • Ho Hum

    This was a wonderful thing for them to do for the children and staff. Too bad it has been made into a media circus making the rounds. What was a lovely thing to do has now become a Keith & Nicole duet making the rounds.

  • Ivy

    Some of the comments here are disgusting. Nicole and Keith do a LOT for charity and they deserve respect for that. Some people here are just evil. Just nasty, sad, pathetic individuals. I wish the owner of this site would do something and erase their nasty, LIBELOUS comments.

  • Jamy

    @Ruby: Why do you include me in your sick little game? It’s obvious you are one of the hateful people posting trash about Keith and Nicole. You just have a very sick, twisted mind. Do you think you sound believable when you say you like Keith and Nicole?! Honey, you stalk and harass anybody that defends them and you defend people like “x” and her multiple personalities. Tell me, what do you truly think of “x” and her “friends”? Do you think they are good people? What do you think of the hatred, nastiness and lies they’ve been spewing about Keith, Nicole or their children for nearly TEN YEARS?!!! Why, as a fan of Keith and Nicole, don’t you focus your energy on them instead of poor Joni? Please, tell us why (I already know the answer).

  • I don’t think so.

    @bashed: You think Colleen created that blog? WRONG. Bahahahaha! Shows how little the skeptics know.

  • duh

    bashed is really full of it. Skeptics named themselves skeptics because they thought it was clever. They are the ones that started the name calling with bunnies, kool-aid drinkers and buckeye bakers. Believing nothing, creating your own reality, and making everything into a conspiracy theory is not a skeptic. The blog she hates tells the truth and it was never written by an Australian. You can see that in the writing and spelling. Skeptics have been grasping at straws for almost a decade. They also said that blog was written by a Kidman employee and a former skeptic. Every fan that told the truth and told them off on E! was an employee. One skeptic was so out of it that once she accused fans of being Keith’s parents. They have no clue.

  • nice try sewer mistress

    @Nancy: a nurse at the hospital? bahahahaha!!!!!

  • Cindy

    @DisGrace of Monaco reviews: Your comments are hilarious, must have overused that one brain cell. ““I can’t imagine a more disastrous film….(insert sarcasm), well, don’t strain yourself, LoL

  • Ruby

    @Jamy : oh possum, do learn to read posts just a little better. I leave comments on many of JJ’s posts, I am not a stalker or obsessed fan of any one celeb as you are darlin’ ….

  • http://comcast Joni

    @bashed: What the hell are you talking about The Crazy One, I haven’t admitted to anything. Keep guessing !!!!!!

  • http://comcast Joni

    @JoBeth: Thank you Jo Beth. When a person is insulted by this vicious The Crazy One, it is the ultimate compliment !!!!

  • Jamy

    @Ruby: And of course you didn’t answer my questions. But keep on bashing good people and defending nasty, evil ones, it says so much about you, “Ruby”.

  • http://comcast Teresa

    I just love Nicole and Keith, they are a lovely couple !!!

  • http://comcast Amanda

    I really admire Nicole and Keith, they are so devoted to each other. I think people think they read this garbage ( comments) we make, they don’t, they make that very clear.