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Gerard Butler Enjoys NYC Stroll with Skin Showing Mystery Woman!

Gerard Butler Enjoys NYC Stroll with Skin Showing Mystery Woman!

Gerard Butler shows off his muscles in a tee while taking a stroll with a mystery woman on Monday (June 16) in New York City.

Last week, the 44-year-old Scottish actor was seen hugging and kissing another woman outside of his hotel in the Big Apple, where is currently promoting his latest film How to Train Your Dragon 2.

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Check out the video of Gerard chatting on Today about how touching and emotional the film is.

Gerard Butler – ‘Today’ Interview

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler spending time with a mystery woman in New York City…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler venice on stroll with mystery woman 01
gerard butler venice on stroll with mystery woman 02
gerard butler venice on stroll with mystery woman 03
gerard butler venice on stroll with mystery woman 04
gerard butler venice on stroll with mystery woman 05
gerard butler venice on stroll with mystery woman 06
gerard butler venice on stroll with mystery woman 07
gerard butler venice on stroll with mystery woman 08
gerard butler venice on stroll with mystery woman 09
gerard butler venice on stroll with mystery woman 10

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • I see

    He’s out on a stroll with a friend.

  • cupcake

    Love the track pants. Looking good Gerry.

  • Or perhaps…

    ha ha looks like the model from the photoshoot that never existed.

  • I don’t like Mondays

    Looks like he is admiring her…………

  • ??????

    @Or perhaps…: What photshoot?

  • @??????


    15 Jun 14, 18:45
    You know you’ve made it when Gerard butler comes to your photo shoot

    (She deleted it 4 hours or so later, but it’s still in WO’s newsbox….someone copied/pasted it and info about Milk Studios)

  • Ducky
    Milk Studios, sponsored by Red-bull and the festivities that went on yesterday. Perhaps someone he met there.

  • Garbage

    @Or perhaps…: “ha ha looks like the model from the photoshoot that never existed.”

    Looks nothing like her.

  • Ducky Canyaval in Chelsea yesterday. How could he not attend. Guess he won’t be going to Brazil, the carnival has come to him.

  • Hmm…

    There’s some articles/pics for “The Ladies of Miss Lily’s” (a featured Jamaican restaurant at the Milk Studios/Red Bull event), she *looks* like one of them (If so or not, she/both = very pretty).

  • Prancing Pony

    @Ducky: Hi Ducky – hope you are well.
    You could be right. You know what I find interesting? It’s very unusual to see him out (papped) with a girl – whether it be a colleague, friend or a girlfriend. Especially without that guy that’s been with him everywhere he goes lately. I doubt very much that he”d want to be papped with someone but who knows. He looks like he’s on casual date….

  • Prancing Pony

    @Embla: Hi there, Embla! Welcome back – I hope you had a great holiday. :)

  • Hmm…

    Kes the Band
    Good vibin ..Bless up @gerardbutlerofficial .. It’s the #EndlessSummer so we live it

  • Sonia

    If you look at the fifth photo, where he’s wiping his sunglasses, you’ll see a blue Nike shoe at the bottom right corner. I believe that’s the same shoe worn by the guy he’s always seen with lately. Check previous thread, that guy had those shoes on. So, yeah, looks like Gerard and the girl weren’t alone, as the cropped out photos might suggest.
    PS: my first time commenting here, although I’ve been reading the site for ages.

  • Anonimus

    @Prancing Pony: in fact there is also the other guy. In two pictures you can see a foot and a hand. However, it seem to me just a walk with friends.

  • Prancing Pony

    @Sonia: Welcome, Sonia. :) Good first post. :)

  • Embla

    @Prancing Pony:
    Hi Prancer, thanks. I had a great time. Good to see you, and Ducky too. :-)
    Doesn`t this “mystery woman” look a bit like one of the girls in the background in this pic? :
    It`s from the Milk Studios

  • Sonia

    @Prancing Pony Thanks. :) I’m always amazed at how photos are often conveniently cropped out by the paps/tabloids! ;)

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Ducky

    Hi Prancer and Embla, Anya Ayoung Chee [on the left] put that whole Canyaval together yesterday with a fashion show on the roof.
    Today a whole bunch are watching the Ghana/US game. Tried posting but went into moderation. Just wondering if gerry was there.
    What is with that thread title. “A skin showing mystery woman”. That’s a bad thing to say and I take offense to that.
    Glad you’re back Embla.

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Prancing Pony

    @Anonimus: Yep, you’re probably right. :)

  • Prancing Pony

    @Sonia: Argh, the dreaded crop shot! They really shouldn’t do that you know…someone (someone gullable like me) might get the wrong idea. ;-)

  • Prancing Pony

    @Ducky: I agree Ducky. The “skin showing” thing is a silly thing to write.

  • Cara

    So many pictures of the man. It is so nice to see him out and about. I wonder where Freddie is, seems odd that he has not been there to see him or maybe he has. Seems like Gerry is changing his image in a way. The people who were always around are not there. The body guard is always by his side. What ever is going on he looks good. And I loved all of Craig and his interviews.

  • Kori P. Haley

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  • Good 4 U

    and while you were making a good living, thousands of Iraqi people were slaughtered while our president was golfing and a thousand more kids and adults crossed our borders by bus illegally. Hope he had a good day and had lots of fresh water.

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Special Request

    Please refrain from using exclamation points
    its traumatizing

  • I agree !!!!!!!!

    There is an overuse of exclamation points!!!!!!
    and I just noticed that on all of the headings for top posts, each and every one of the thread titles has an exclamation point !!!!!!, including this one.!!!!!!
    There is a regular poster here who uses them regularly, I wonder if that is the mole troll mod.


  • Weekend results

    N 22 Jump Street Sony $57,071,445 - 3,306
    N How to Train Your Dragon 2 Fox $49,451,322 - 4,253

  • Congrats USA!!!!!!!!
    Knew he wouldn’t miss the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sonia

    @Prancing Pony: Haha! All done just so we believe from the likes of the Daily Mail that he’s a ‘bad boy’ who ‘romances’ women just by walking next to them. I know he’s no saint but…Although, in honesty, he’d just have to walk next to me and I might just pounce on him! ;)

  • Some update on the Psychic

    from 2012. For those that don’t remember, there was a psychic that posted a few times with some very convincing ideas on Gerry’s soul mate. I was suitably disappointed when she predicted that his soul mate’s name would be Maria.
    That’s very specific and I called BS on the whole thing.
    Sensing general events I can believe, but a name? That’s too specific.
    But the comments from the last thread got me thinking about the psychic again. Someone said that he’ll be shooting two movies in Bulgaria.
    A chill went up my spine.
    My neighbor’s mother (stay with me) is named Maria. Yes, my neighbor is Bulgarian and no, I don’t think her 78 year old mother is his one true love. But it did get me thinking about the name and Bulgaria. So I did a quick search and the most popular name for girls in Bulgaria? You guessed it, it’s Maria.
    The psychic also said that his soul mate would have something to do with his work. I’m thinking a production assistant? Caterer? Local real estate broker?
    Obviously, we mortal souls can’t have this beautiful man to ourselves, but I sure do hope this allusive woman is waiting patiently for him in Bulgaria.
    Get ready girl, because you’re about to be Butlerized!

  • my my
  • JS

    @Sonia: Welcome Sonia. You are correct about the picture and someone else being there. This is typical of journalists who go out of their way to try to make a good story even if one doesn’t exist. Gerry is often in New York and it stands to reason he will have friends there. She is probably just a friend, or a friend of a friend.

  • Some update on the Psychic

    @my my:
    It’s all just a bit of fun. Lighten up. On the plus side, I haven’t heard him talk about Bulgarian women so we know after the films have wrapped, we’ll get the obligatory Gerry “I’m going to marry a Bulgarian woman” comment. Can’t wait.

  • JS

    @Prancing Pony: “They really shouldn’t do that you know…someone (someone gullable like me) might get the wrong idea. ;-)”

    Don’t worry PP, that’s their plan when they do it, to make something appear other than it really is.

  • JS

    @Sonia: “Haha! All done just so we believe from the likes of the Daily Mail that he’s a ‘bad boy’ who ‘romances’ women just by walking next to them.”

    Sonia, a friend of mine calls the Daily Mail the Daily Lie. It’s apparently notorious for twisting the truth.

  • JS

    @Some update on the Psychic: If Maria is the most popular grils name in Romania then it stands to reason that the odds of meeting a Romanian woman called Maria is high. That’s how these so called psychics work, a bit like mediums, ” I’m getting a message from someone with a name beginning with R” and then they go through a whole list of names till some gullible person says “yes, that was my granny’s name.” They are con artists.

  • JS

    @JS: that should be GIRLS name.

  • Some update on the Psychic

    You missed the point on this JS. It’s BULGARIA not Romania, for a start.
    And how could the psychic know two years ago, in 2012 that he’d be working in Bulgaria in 2014?
    The only thing the psychic said is her name. I’m the one that had fun with the name and Bulgaria.

  • Sonia

    @JS: Yup, typical tabloid/gossip site ‘reporting’. I wouldn’t go so far to call it ‘journalism’, haha! Just like the pix of him walking with the ‘mystery brunette’ in Bondi few weeks ago when it was pretty obvious there were many other people around! Oh, thanks for the welcome. :)

  • Just Checking

    Has anyone checked the online film websites?. No cast to speak of except the OHF immediate cast. Still no director. No longer any information of filming location that is updated. What is out there is all old news and no sites have updated information.
    It seems a bit questionable to me. Septembers of Shiraz, the same thing. more information was available 6 months ago than it is now. The only reason for Bulgaria would be Lerner’s studio and he may only be distributing at this point. Will see but it doesn’t look like anything is solid for either of those movies. LHF was to begin filming end of June which will be in less than 2 weeks.

  • Sonia

    @JS: Ah yes, or the Daily Fail. As it’s also known in some circles. ;)

  • @Sonia

    Nice try, @Pamela. Another day, another moniker.

  • So true

    @JS: “a friend of mine calls the Daily Mail the Daily Lie.”

    It has to be the most biased paper ever especially with regards the independence debate. They are so one sided and print letters against independence but not in favour. When lottery winners Colin and Chris Weir donated a million pounds to the Yes campaign they called them selfish people using their wealth to break up the Union. Fast forward a few weeks and when author JK Rowling gave a million to the No campaign she becomes the blue eyed girl using her wealth to save the Union. How very hypocritical.

  • another nutter
  • Psychic right or wrong

    @Some update on the Psychic: interesting take on it
    mine has always been Mary as in Mary’s Meals. That they would have something in common. And did she not say he would meet someone in June too?? Universe maybe a bit off haha and plz do not care about ol phannies who can’t stand anyone talking about Gerry and a possible love He will eventually find someone.

    And this one for the trolls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life will you!!!!!!!!

    Someone in the past thread made a wish and got it fulfilled with this one Don’t you know “be careful what you wish for” ;-)

    He looks relaxed and she is young enough for him too so maybe he is taking it slow and prepping her to find out if he can hit it off with her
    OR maybe she is nothing but a young girl seeking his company as he looks like her older brother or even her father. What do you think?

    And is this the place where I should pretend to be a new fan or write “I have never posted before …” Stop pretending being so f****** gullible and here you go !!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!! !!!!

  • Rena

    @Psychic right or wrong: “He looks relaxed and she is young enough for him too so maybe he is taking it slow and prepping her to find out if he can hit it off with her”

    She is just a young woman walking along the road with him and others who have been cropped out. Why can’t he just be seen talking or walking with someone without all this shite that he must be dating her?

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