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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Spend Father's Day Golfing!

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Spend Father's Day Golfing!

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel head inside the Lakeside Golf Club to get ready for a round of eighteen on Sunday (June 15) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

“#HappyFathersDay everybody(that is a Dad)!!!” the 33-year-old singer tweeted that day. “To my Step-Father Paul: You have taught me more about life than anyone. I love you and I appreciate you more than you know #HappyFathersDay.”

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Jessica was spotted going solo earlier in the weekend while picking up a bouquet of flowers and some groceries at a local supermarket.

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  • June

    Aww, these 2 always look so comfortable, happy, smiley & in love:) They support each other, understand each other & give each other the required space to grow. This is one Hollywood match that is truly made in heaven!

  • ugh

    She’s such a doormat. I almost feel sorry for her but then I remember how bad she wanted this.

  • vanilla couple

    50 shades of boring….She clearly loves him more than he does.

  • Jane

    What does Jessica Biel do for a living these days? Besides being Mrs. Timberlake.

  • Jules

    @Jane: Nothing. Trophy wife 24/7.

  • cathy

    So glad these two stay under the radar. Justin and Jessica keep theirmarriage private. the media can only make up shit about them because they don’t know shit!!

  • ace11

    @ 5 and that ain’t no great trophy wife either

  • LMAO

    @cathy: We know he keeps cheating, and she keeps looking the other way. No doubt about it. Still can’t believe she took him back. She’s a damn fool.

  • Jane

    To be honest, she should audition to become a new RHOBH cast member.

  • Me

    He never cheated on her! The rumors were false and made no sense. They are normal private couple. I would like to see how exciting other people lives are to call them boring. They are together 7 years and they both seem happy.

  • Yupyup

    I like them as a couple. They doesn’t seem to care about publicity. It’s good to see celebrities not being fake.

  • Yupyup

    @Yupyup: *don’t

  • KG

    He always looks so miserable and bored when he’s with her. Counting down to the separation tbh, unless she gets pregnant soon.

  • Kay

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people keep thinking that because a couple has been together a certain amount of years, that automatically means they are so happy and so in love. Please listen to Culture Club’s song Time (Clock of the Heart). It basically describes this “so called” long standing relationship. Better yet, listen to a couple of JT’s old songs where he basically talks about being blindsided by what he “thought” was real love and about how she has the rest of the world fooled but he knows the truth. There is PLENTY of reliable proof out there that this marriage is staged. If nothing else, you can look at some of the more recent vacation pictures and plainly see (well, some of us can) that there is no real chemistry between these two (merely showing up and casually smiling for the pre-arranged papparazzi does NOT count). Anyway, if they like it then so be it. But it is NOT real love…

  • Abc

    @Kay: Let me guess, Britney fan? Then look at the pictures from the tour taken by fans and see that they seem happy. How do you know they are not happy? Maybe they just don’t like paparazzi? But I guess you are with them during their private moments, you creep… Sometimes song is just a song, not some kind of message.

  • here we go

    I love how jessihorse fans always think the people that don’t like her are a Britney fan I cant stand Britney. Jess is so boring and an awful actress no one wants to hire her and the project shes doing are from her own production company Justin probably funds. I haven’t liked her since 7th heaven I cringe when I watch her act . Ill give it to her she has a great body but wtf did she do to her face girl please lay off the lip interjections it doesn’t help you look less manish and awful clothes use that money for an acting coach

  • Abc

    @here we go: I’m not Jessica’s fan but I’m Justin’s fan. I just respect her as every other person. Does she deserve the way you talk about her? Did she hurt you in any way? She seems pretty quiet and nice. And on old pictures you can see she always had these lips.

  • Cute

    He’s still in love with Britney, Bitch! They got married because he feels bad and because she likes status. My timer says 3 years, max.

  • yawn

    They don’t have any chemistry. It looks forced. Probably bearding for each other to stay relevant.

  • SMH at delusional people

    @Cute: I think YOU are blinded by YOUR love for Britney…

  • Arlene

    Jessica is hardly what anyone would consider an ‘actress’. More like she gets paid to show up on red carpets and hits the gifting suites.

  • let it go, let it go

    Justin and Jessica are so 2006. No one cares about them anymore. Please, stop making them happen. They can’t act and bore us to death.

  • Irresistable Girl

    All I have to say I agree with number 2 – 5 and number 19 apart from the others that is standing up for Jessica Biel whether your a fan of her or not I don’t agree with your comments. Because u have to ask yourself really if a man like Justin Timberlake really love his wife so much like Jessica Biel why would he really put his career before his marriage and where he stays away from home and his wife for almost year because he allow himself to of go on tour for that period of time? Because do you know that when u keep putting your career before your love life or marriage he can cause your love-life or marriage to eventually break-down, it can even cause especially the other spouse that u leave at home alone to cheat on u because there is always a true saying when the cats away the mouse will play and u can’t say that Jessica will never cheat on Justin because she loves him too much, because there is another true saying goes never say never because you can never put nothing pass people even the ones that you know and trusted.

  • Tamy

    Looks like she’s molded her personality to fit his. It’s actually kind of creepy lol. She’s basic as hell but her body is still okay. Proof that good make-up and hair can turn anyone into a beauty.

  • kelly

    This beige ass couple. I am still not 100% sure who is the man in their relationship. I bet he spent more time on his hair than she did.

  • stupid people

    I just don’t get it. Why people are complaining? Better take care of your own stupid lives.

  • Ann

    I used to tolerate her until a few years ago she made a ridiculous comment about being too beautiful to get any good roles. Funny enough, since that comment, Biel has never looked uglier and unemployed. As for having her husband as a calling card…please, Timberlake is utterly untalented and boring as oatmeal too. Both can’t act their way out of a paper bag so in a way they are a good match.

  • Kay

    @Abc: No, I am NOT a Britney fan nor will I EVER be one. Just because my view may be different from yours, doesn’t mean that I am a Britney fanatic. Also, while I understand that this is a celebrity gossip site, let’s try to keep the conversation civil and mature without childish name calling, shall we? Also, you do realize that Justin has been with other celebrities since Britney, right? When I mentioned Culture Club’s song Time, I was using it as an example of what this so called marriage is PURPOSELY designed to project to the public through the media and some of the tabloids…I didn’t mean the song literally, SMH! (After all, this IS Hollywood that we are talking about) This practice has been used for YEARS in the industry so I’m not quite sure why some people get upset when someone points out a marriage that is so obviously staged, like this one. Remember both JT and Jessica having acting in their resume so staging affection for the cameras is no stretch for them, at all. But I will give you a clue to what I am talking about since you want to respond to me like I don’t have one: It is “documented” that prior to this couple getting married, they broke up at least three major times: 2007, 2009, 2011. During these “break ups”, JT recorded these songs that coincede with that timeline: Crazy Girl, Touch You If I Could, TKO and was featured in Freesol’s song called Role model, as well as on the tracks. All of those songs DO talk about Jessica and gives a glimpse of what he has experienced with her privately. Particularly pay attention to a masked woman in the song Role Model that Justin stops in front of and screams the chorus at her. She is made up to resemble Jessica from a side glance, including wearing a pair of large earrings that are almost identical to a pair that Jessica was pictured wearing to one of the award shows that she attended. If you look at the video, then google images of Jessica afterwards and you will see what I am talking about. Too much to be merely a coincidence with ALL of these songs. I admire JT’s talent and I listen to his music but by no means am I some fanatic that is just being spiteful towards Jessica. I am merely expression my views and observations just like you did, which is what the comment section is for. Finally, have you been with them in any of their private moments to be so sure that they are truly happy? I actually KNOW people affiliated with the industry and know how things like this work how about you?

  • Kay

    @Kay: correction I meant to say both JT and Jessica HAVE acting in their resumes.

  • guest

    I lost all respect for JT when he was on Punk’d and they tried to tow his car so he called mommy while trying really hard not to cry. Then when he found out it was a silly joke, he suddenly got all “faux ghetto” and tried to act badass lol. Poor clingy Jessica no self esteem and even less intelligence or talent. Have some respect for yourself girl! Justin Timberdouche is so not worth it. I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. This has irreconcilable differences written all over it.

  • Kay

    @stupid people: Ha, ha…Too funny…People who come to the same site to make insulting comments about other people who are making comments, too…Wow! Which do you think has the greater potential to be as you say, “stupid”…SMH!

  • welp

    His body language says enough… He has way more fun with the female artists and actresses he works with then he does with her. I have more chemistry with my neighbour whom I loathe with a great passion, at least when we side eye each other, the non existent sexual tension is even palpable and shit…
    …and what happened to Jessica’s face?? Instead of aging with dignity she’s going to Botox, lip collagen injections and surgical nose tweaks. Smh, she used to be cute. It’s a vicious circle cause one day JT is gonna look over and think “Wait, where is that hot chick I married and who is this creepy b-tch?”

  • narnia

    i think JT is sort of gay..lots of publicity stunts..always claiming to be the macho guy but lack cs..

  • Candice

    She has a thing for players with mommy issues & STDs who always end up cheating on her cuz she’s boring and shallow. Jeter, Evans, Butler, Timberlake… not a good record. Having a good ass but lacking a personality ain’t gonna keep a man from wanting more, honey.

  • ?

    Is this site always full of haters? It’s actually disgusting to read.

  • !

    @?: Get the f-ck outta here then. No one’s stopping you.

  • ??

    @!: Congratulations. You just show your idiocy and your lack of manners.

  • narnia

    J T and JB are both LOSERS.. Hate them both.. Ugly couple..*vomits*

  • Kay

    @??: And you showed yours…

  • Wishing them well

    They are such a normal and nice couple. Rarity for celebs nowadays.