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Zac Efron Joins Pal Ryan Rottman for Children Mending Hearts

Zac Efron Joins Pal Ryan Rottman for Children Mending Hearts

Zac Efron enjoys the festivities while attending the Children Mending Hearts Fundraiser held at a private residence on Saturday afternoon (June 14) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 26-year-old actor joined his buddy Ryan Rottman for the “Empathy Rocks: A Spring Into Summer Bash” event.

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Zac sent his dad David a super sweet message via Twitter the next day for Father’s Day.

“To the best man I’ve ever known, Thank you for everything you’ve taught me. Your Son, Z,” he tweeted for all his followers to see.

FYI: Zac is wearing an Abbot + Main shirt.

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  • lauren901

    i dont know about bff’s jared. but whatever you say

  • Tragic

    Poor Zac. He’s his own worst enemy.

  • CiCi

    Is it me or I love their outfits. It’s so colorful.

  • Price

    His Father’s Day message was so sweet. Happy Belated Father’s Day to everyone.

  • lauren901

    poor you and your user name.

  • Nina

    @Price: yeah that was sweet. Loved the picture.

  • Keely

    There was a bunch of celebrities at this fundraiser.

  • Meg

    This is really late. I knew about this when it happened.

  • Gina

    @CiCi: it’s summertime. The time for cool clothes lol. I wonder how much the fundraiser earned that afternoon. And yea some of the people from the cast of TVD was also in attendance.

  • Lea

    @Price: I know right. I also hope everyone had a good fathers day. I know I did. Food was amazing lol.

  • Rachel

    That is one really sweet message Zac posted on Twitter.

    Nice to see him at the fundraiser.

  • Keely

    @Rachel: yup, it is.

  • Mason

    On a random note. I’m surprise Zac didn’t go to the LA Kings game although sometimes it is a lot better watching games from home.

  • Vez

    I like their shorts… Almost thought they were swim trunks lol.

  • Becca

    Does anyone know what episode Zac is on in Running Wild with Bear Grylls and when it airs?

  • OK

    @Tragic No one loves Zac more than I do but I agree with you 100% .Sometimes Zac is his own worst enemy.

  • Lainey


  • Missy

    Charity events always get me excited. I don’t know why, but they just do. Maybe because I like helping people.

  • Taylor

    @Becca: idk. I don’t think anyone knows yet. Maybe I’m mistaken.

  • Roc

    Wonder if they gave away some skateboards…

  • Cate

    Isn’t that Rottman guy bad news? Probably not a good idea for Efron to be hanging around with him again after his recent issues.

  • OK

    What is important right now Zac looks good , looks healthy, and is doing something nice for charity.

  • Lauren901

    Arnt you a lily collins fan? Why are you on here?

  • Nikki

    Very gorgeous. Love that he is supporting a good cause.

  • Cam

    I’ll tell you one thing. Tight t-shirts rock. Remember when baggy was in? So happy that’s over. The message to his dad was so nice.

  • Bad News

    Ryan rottaman is drug pusher he got Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan , Zac . and others started This is why Zac was on Lindsey’s List thanks to Ryan bringing her in Zac’s crowd and to his home. Now he’s back after Zac ditching him for so long. So sad hope Zac stays away aftr this from him and his old crowd.

  • Cece

    He Tweeted his dad why didn’t he just go and see him? JJ are you sayin it was just for show so his fans could see?

  • emily.d

    @BadNews I sadly agree.
    This Ryan is no good influence on Zac and he’s the last person Zac should be seeing right now.
    Kind of confused and disappointed they still meet.
    But it’s his life, and not my business.

  • Cece

    @emily.d: I also agree it’s not our business butfans do care and want to see him make it . So it’s sad to see him going back to bad habits. sadder becasue he will hide even more and no one will know until it’s too late.

  • OK

    Maybe Zac is strong right now and is resisting temptation (This is for Charity) That being said, Zac you bonehead run far and run fast.
    I love you Zac but hate seeing you hanging with people who are known trouble.

  • jon m’shulla

    That guy Ryan Rottman must be way down on the totem pole and needing a ton of PR to want to be seem with the drug addict Zac Efron.

  • Claudia

    The tweet he wrote for his father was so sweet!! i hope they spent a really nice day together..

    And about Ryan, is he a bad guy?? I don’t know, i mean, i know who he is, but i have no idea if he’s a good or bad influence for Zac. A the end, I think Zac is a grown up man and he know what he’s doing..

    Love you Zac <3

  • Lesa

    Love ya Zac!!

  • Mickey

    @Cece: he could have done both. You just don’t know.

  • Not again….

    Well, well, well. So finally the Efron fans are beginning to see what some of us have said for years. Hanging with the immature p*ssy-bathing friends, running around the world with rich playboys and their models, and his weak backbone are a BIG problem. Pretty to look at, but that ain’t enough if you’re goin’ down the road to stupid again.

  • Wow

    @Not again….: … You sound like someone very familiar… Oh and pussy-bathing. Wow. That was mature.

  • Susan

    @Cece: yeah, but I also think that if he was going back to bad habits, he would hide those relationships not publicly show it. Idk right now it’s all assumptions when we don’t really know. I do have to say he looks very healthy now and I’m enjoying him helping out with charity. I also think it’s funny how he didn’t take pics on the red carpet, but his friend did lol.

  • Jesse

    Wow, who knew going to a charity event could lead to this much fall out.

  • Sheena

    I think once he comes out of the closet he will be be much happier. Just like Jake Gyllenhaal.

  • Fruitfly

    Unless he’s had a total personality overhaul, Ryan Rottman is, well, rotten. But I am going to pretend he is not in these pictures and appreciate Zac for attending a charity event and being cute in his little bathing suit shorts.

  • Donte

    Oh no! I hope Zac stays sober. Ryan Rottman is bad news.

  • Ali

    What in God’s name is wrong with u, Zac Efron? Did u suddenly become brain dead? Do u have amnesia? Y r u hanging out with the party boy?

  • lauren901

    pretty sure jake never came out…..

  • xvlmxx

    @Sheena: Sorry to disappoint you, but neither Zac or Jake are gay. You, like 90% of the people here, wants them to be gay which means you are either doubting your own sexually or you are extremely affected by their sexuality.

  • Bren

    @Sheena: wow, I’ve never seen someone so focus on someone else’s sexuality before. It’s kinda creepy.

  • emily.d

    Us true fans are worried about him.
    To be honest, I’ve never heard of Ryan Rottman before, but in connection with Zac, and I don’t even know what he really does until now, but NOTHING I’ve heard or read about this guy has been positive.

    But let’s just assume they bumped into each other at this charity event by COINCIDENCE? There’s just one pic of them “together” and as you can see, they’re not even chatting, so maybe it was just a pure coincidence and Zac isn’t really friends with him anymore.
    Zac doesn’t even look very happy in his presence. :P

    I just hope he’s on the right path now. There’ve been many controversial news about him lately (the “Skid Row” story etc.) and as a true fan, I just wanna see him healthy and happy, INDEED, not just in the “fairy tales” his PR constantly seems to be making up.

  • emily.d

    and no, Zac is not gay. I’m not sure about Jake Gyllenhaal, because I’m not interested in him so much, but Zac is 100% straight.

  • susan

    each person must be responsible and have character! Ryan and his group of friends are Clean and Honest do not hurt none, Zac has its problems.

  • Welly

    He looks good. It’s about time he comes out. Like men with tight shirts.

  • Lea

    Helping the kids…awesome.