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Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Use Signs to Raise Awareness for Charities Again!

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Use Signs to Raise Awareness for Charities Again!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield share a message with photographers after eating breakfast at Cafe Cluny on Tuesday morning (June 17) in New York City.

Here is what both of their cards said:

Emma: “Good morning! We were eating and saw a group of guys with cameras outside. And so we thought, let’s try this again. We don’t need the attention, but these wonderful organizations do: —>”

Andrew: “, (and don’t forget), Here’s to the stuff that matters. Have a great day!”

If you don’t remember, the cute couple did the same thing back in September while getting photographed in the Big Apple.

FYI: Emma is wearing rag & bone shorts and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

15+ pictures inside of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield raising awareness for good causes…

Just Jared on Facebook
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 01
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 02
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 03
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 04
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 05
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 06
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 07
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 08
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 09
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 10
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 11
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 12
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 13
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 14
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 15
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 16
emma stone andrew garfield use signs to raise awareness 17

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Amy

    Hmmm… How about just joining Twitter and/or Facebook instead?

  • Micky

    The paparazzi have a job to do. Just as you make money off the public they make money off of you. Your orgnizations that you support will not make them money nor make the glossies money. If you want people to view these organizations try using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc to promote it.

  • Eliza

    All this made me do is roll my freakin’ eyes at them.

  • couple

    Just when I thought they didnt like publicity….

  • LOL

    Wasn’t Benedict Cumberbatch the one who started this trend of holding up a paper with the cause of the day who we should focus on.
    I bet they thought they were being so clever.

  • Fercat

    Haven’t they learned from the last time? Keep it simple and legible.

    Or get a T-shirt.

  • Ad

    So Ridiculous

  • remember da truth

    WOW – are you serious??? All you nasty losers trashing them for doing something good out of being stalked??

    What is wrong with you people? Eliza rolls her eyes — because sitting on a site staring at photos of people who have accomplished something is better than actually supporting a worthwhile organization? Fercat calling them stupid and others saying to use Facebook, but are too much of an idiot themselves to understand that all they did was go out to breakfast, and weren’t planning on some sort of promotional campaign. They just are saying that a picture with those websites is more important than a picture of them.

    You people suck, I can’t believe the ignorance and nastiness that would make someone think that saying “hey, if you’re going to stalk me for a picture, I’m going to make you focus on a website for autism instead of my face” is bad and worth criticizing. I’ll bet LOL thinks he’s so clever, but obviously is too shallow to get it….

  • remember da truth

    Micky, are you really that clueless? No,they don’t make money off the public. They are actors, and that means that they entertain for a voluntary price if you want to buy their product, like when you buy jeans, you get to wear them. It’s not like a mandatory tax, you fool!!!

    And no, the paparazzi are not a necessary evil. They are parasites, completely apart from the professional part of being an entertainer where you have to go and promote your movie or TV show with interviews, red carpet appearances and photo shoots. Having someone stalk you and take photos of you when you leave your house is NOT part of the job — it’s a nuisance that happens. Paparazzi don’t ‘have a job” to do.They are losers like yourself looking to make a buck off of legalized stalking.

  • ….

    @LOL: yep you’re right it was benedict that started it but all the british people at the dailymail think emma and andrew started it first and praise the crap out of them. this couple does do things when the paps are on them, just like the “unexpected open mouth kiss” in front of the paps, what BS. now these two are just acting pretentious and if i saw those two walking like that with signs on their faces in new york as a tourist, id think these two are crazy. just focus on your causes yourself emma and andrew, you guys have more than enough spiderman money to donate to those charities but of course celebrities are too stingy with their millions and ask us “peasants” to donate.

  • Clara

    I just love how cute and down to earth they are. The sweetest couple ever <3 @remember da truth: I agree, but haters gonna hate, so don’t pay much attention to those comments. They are simply not worth it.

  • Fercat

    @remember da truth:
    I did not call THEM stupid but maybe I should have because that’s what you’ll read from it anyway.

  • David

    Ughh such two phonies ! they make sick really !

  • Katie

    @remember da truth: thank youuu

  • P

    @remember da truth: Couldn’t agree more with you!!

  • Gretchen

    Think this is great, but there are a lot of problems with Autism Speaks, I’d probably try supporting a different organization but at least they’re trying

  • lilk

    tooo many words.
    just put the websites of the organisations

  • Annonymous

    How convenient they are papped as Spiderman 2 comes out on Blue Ray

  • Wow

    @Fercat: and that’s all you read from their comment. RDT writes an entire response to all of the people who insulted two people who would rather draw attention to worthy causes then have their photos taken involuntarily and yet you insult them for one word, turn it back on them, and then claim they didn’t focus on YOUR whole comment. That’s not only pathetic, it’s sad that it’s the only thing you took away from it.

  • Wow

    @remember da truth: Thanks for your response. You basically said everything I was going to and now I don’t have to. As for the comments about paps, to add more to your comment,… paps are gross. They stop at nothing to get pictures of celebrities and think they have the right to be as intrusive as possible just because it’s not illegal to take photos of public figures. Andrew and Emma are aware of paps but they got into the business to act and be successful both in their career and financially..after all, isn’t that why anyone works? To have money? The paps get money, sure, but that doesn’t make their job legitimate and upstanding. The only difference between a pap and a stalker is that if you’re a public figure…it’s not illegal…and that’s disgusting. Paparazzi have caused more harm than not over the years. It needs to get to the point where unless the public figure is at a public entertainment event like a red carpet event, press conferences, openings or concerts, they can’t have their photo taken. It will never happen but it should be that way.

  • Wow

    @remember da truth: Couldn’t agree more. You said everything I wanted to…in fact, to add to your comment, the only difference between paps and stalkers is that if you’re a celebrity then they’re allowed to do it. It’s wrong. So wrong.

  • Wow

    For those who don’t understand that…celebrities are considered “public figures” and public figures can have their photo practically taken anywhere unless it’s done on private property…which is why they invest in extra long lensea. So creepy.

  • Wow

    Sorry for the duplicate response…it told me my longer one wouldn’t post. Oops.

  • Dave

    oh look, it’s emma stone covering her fake nose! Yes, we know you got a nose job emma, you don’t have to hide it with a cause you don’t even work for.

  • Nelly

    Those two are boring, replaceable actors who acted in a blockbuster, that’s it.
    The Spiderman comic is already famous.
    They won’t last long ’cause they are not the real thing.

  • some chick

    I don’t care for either of their movies.But I love them for this.

  • Paris

    Can they just break up already…

  • Lyra

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  • Eliza

    LOL. Some people.
    I rolled my eyes because it stills comes back to the attention being on themselves. There’s much better ways to promote charities where people will actually talk about the charities and not the celebs holding up signs. It’s not clever; it’s silly IMHO (which I’m entitled to have).

  • ha ha

    two dumb famewh0res

  • Barthelemy

    @Eliza: i agree with you. well said

  • Mojina

    @LOL: @….: Actually if you type in Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield sign, you will see they first did this in September 2012. I looked up Benedict and I can only trace him doing it back to last year. SO NO, YOU ARE ONE WHO IS WRONG HERE!

  • Mojina

    @LOL: I bet you thought you were being so clever.

  • Laura

    @remember da truth: Tha truth!! :)

  • asd

    they are the most pretentious celebrities around. You star in a comic book franchise, for god’s sake. Get over yourselves.

  • jon m’shulla

    I have a meme somewhere ridiculing this “word sign use” behavior.

  • Rolling them back

    @Eliza: a cynic… wow how original

  • SS

    Self-righteous assholes.

  • Mojina

    @Mojina: (*THE ONE) Just to respond to my comment, here is the link to JJ posting the first time they did this.

  • Mojina

    h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m / 9 l j d 8 q p

  • guest

    @remember da truth:

    Paps are getting paid because of the fans who want to see the photos, so in essence the fans are to blame. It’s supply and demand. The paps are supplying a demand.

  • Eliza

    @rolling them back. LOL. Okay. Again, sorry I do not find this so amazing. Curious how many fans actually looked up these charities and donated their time or money?

  • Benerese

    It’s just a pity that they chose Autism Speaks as one of their examples, as that organization is TERRIBLE. They give almost no money to actually autistic people and services that would be helpful for them, outright lie about where their money goes, promote eugenics, spread misinformation, have made videos in the past showing parents of autistic children fantasizing about murdering them, and, despite claiming to support autistic people, they have consistently refused to allow a single autistic person to have a role in running their organization.
    Sorry, but Autism Speaks does not speak for autistic people.
    Want a better option? Check out the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)

  • Shannon

    If you are so bothered about the charities and the organizations why didn’t you give their websites instead of bringing all that “unwanted”attention to your pretentious selves.

    Oh and also don’t forget kiddies the amazing spider-man 2 dvd will be in stores on the 16th of august,make sure you ALL buy a copy.!!

  • Rj

    Would like to see them do some heavy lifting rather than just promote it. These 2 are so full of themselves. Ugh.