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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Happily Go Hiking Together!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Happily Go Hiking Together!

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her toned tummy while stretching in her Puma kicks before taking a hike on Thursday morning (June 19) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old actress was joined for the outing by her longtime boyfriend Austin Butler, who rocked a ponytail, as they shared a few laughs together.

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Earlier in the week, V posed for a silly photo while stepping out for the Summer Samba party held at a private residence in Beverly Hills.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Puma sneakers.

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vanessa hudgens austin butler laughs hike together 01
vanessa hudgens austin butler laughs hike together 02
vanessa hudgens austin butler laughs hike together 03
vanessa hudgens austin butler laughs hike together 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler laughs hike together 05

Credit: Jason Merritt/WireImage; Photos: Getty
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  • Selma

    OMG she is really beautiful every time i see her she’s breathtaking
    Very pretty Vanessa and i want her body please he’s so perfect

  • Diedre

    JJ, why do you constantly feature pictures of Vanessa Hudgens hiking? You do realize this isn’t interesting, right?

  • Leo

    Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens HOT MOMENTS!

  • Roxie

    no one cares!

  • Caryn

    Total set up for the paps to take pics of them.

  • lulz

    lol she has her personal pap on standby and she’s hawking pumas. wrong way of even getting a slice of respect in hollywood if she even cares to get a good movie role. this girl is a joke and she promos items to get her paycheck. she’s even a bad actress in these staged pics.

  • sure

    And the paps just happened to be there? As if. They’re a cute couple though.. even if they do call the paps.

  • olive

    Jared is obsessed with her tummy I swear he keeps talking about that on all her posts. Cute girl but not interesting, she’s only famous in the US I guess.

  • Whatever!!!

    Good to see many of those commenting finally realize what is going on here. She alerts the photogs and THAT is how they get close up, flattering photos. She gets a financial kickback when the photos run. This is about the only way she can make money these days. This is not an actor, this is not a successful entertainer. This is a desperate one-time successful girl who is realizing the end of her short career is NOW.

  • Cate

    More staged photos from this woman! So considerate of Vanessa and her boyfriend to make sure the paparazzi got lovely, clear shots of their Puma gear so they could be highlighted in this JJ article. She has the photographers on speed dial and obviously gets paid for these frequent set up pics. Maybe she is broke? She hardly ever works.

  • Allynn

    @olive: She’s popular in many markets from Vegas to Singapore to Rome. I’m sure if Britain were open to females and heterosexual relationships she’d be popular with you, too. To each their own.

  • liz

    stop calling the paps please it’s annoying as f*ck to look at staged photos of D list celebrities who haven’t done anything significant in over 10 years

  • LOL

    Runyon Canyon isn’t hiking!! Im so sick of people who think if they are walking on an unpaved path, then they are hiking in the wilderness.. some many idiots in LA

  • Marz

    This is her income and now she’s doing Pap commercials with her boy. They are both unemployed and need to pay the bills. You click on it the companies pay them.

  • hah

    her smile is so fake, she’s not even a good actress anyways. yawn, next.

  • Effy

    Even as a Vanessa Hudgens fan, I can admit that these are definitely staged. First off Jared only mentioned her wearing “Puma” which means Puma is paying Vanessa to wear them in photos.Plus wearing that much makeup for a hike is ridiculous.

  • Effy

    @LOL: Agreed! Where I live, we actually hike on a REAL mountain(s).

  • Whatever!!!

    @Effy: EXACTLY! Why even mention the brand unless she is getting paid or Jared is getting paid to mention? This site has turned into total BS.

  • tina

    Must be nice to look so good with your bf that every picture with him must be staged. Last time they had on Adidas. Sorry but you don’t get paid for wearing different brands you have to wear only one. Love all the unhappy petty people who post here. Keep up the good work, since I’ve been busy and had no time to be here. Thanks for keeping the post counts up.

  • Fake Flake

    This is so staged and phony it’s cringe-worthy. This woman has no dignity and will never be taken seriously at this rate.

  • tina

    FYI JJ mentions the brand on all just about all his posts. …. so does that mean everyone’s advertising? Lol

  • Nightwish


  • Gina

    Jared loves her because she is half Filipino and he himself is Filipino. That is all. Its fine that he wants to support people of his ethnic background and all but lets call a spade a spade here.

    Olivia Munn & Jamie Chung are of Asian descent so they are also posted on this website often. I’m sure Jared can find much more talented Asians to post about, there are many wonderfully talented ones out there.

  • Fake Flake

    @Nightwish: You mean a job that doesn’t entail pimping herself out to sell booze or teen clothing? Lol fat chance of that happening

  • Eduardo

    @olive: Everyone knows who is Vanessa here in Brazil…

  • yets

    Nice to see Austin again.

  • Welly

    Get her pregnant big lips. Stick it in there. Start making kids. It will give her something to do.

  • maria

    Love all the dimwits who don’t realize the paps pretty much inhabit these areas all over LA in hopes of getting some pics. What a crime to go hiking with your BF. I just don’t get the hate. So what if Jared is Filipino and likes to post pics of her? So what if she is not working on a film set at the moment? You people are freakin’ nuts. Vanessa looks stunning and fresh-faced, and she and Austin have been together almost 3 years. The losers must admit she has got to be special having such long relationships with her guys. I’m sure most of you have no idea what that takes.

  • maria

    @Welly: You are a disgusting piece of work.

  • oh hell no

    @Welly: This chick is way too self absorbed and immature to be a mom, please don’t jinx the birth control that’s been working so far for her

  • Isabella

    Another daily ‘paid update” from this insipid and untalented Woman.

  • cali

    Obviously Vanessa has hired JJ to take pictures of her. No one cares about her and her fake relationship.

  • lol

    @oh hell no: even tho neither one of them work they would still hire a full time nanny w/their pap endorsement $$. vanessa would instagram the crap out of that kid, she’d even share pics of every loaded diaper the nanny changed. shudder to think

  • ethan

    Well, I think she’s beautiful and who cares if she endorses certain products. Yes, I wish she would do another movie but the girl has to make a living between projects right?

  • rebeck


    Thats why she’s with this guy. Her past relationships she was in open relationships. She had $ and as she is not coming in with income she would die to loose her $wallet, Austin. As soon as she pimps more brands or gets a job she’ll start her old catting around ways. She’s a thorn in Hollywoods a**.

  • Geez

    She doesn’t “cat” around. Her last serious relationship lasted five years and it wasn’t open. Geez, at least get some of the bullsh it straight. She’s fine financially.

  • Jr

    People like to make up their own facts. It makes them think they’re smart when they couldn’t find their feet with a flashlight.

  • zacfan

    damn, vanessa looks amazing.


    She does look amazing doesn’t she!?. Nice seeing Austin. The love is still going strong.

  • http://justjared Charlie

    Vanessa is so beautiful. She looks like a 19 years old girl without make-up.

  • Rachel

    She looks pretty.

  • Georgia

    Beautiful couple and they look fantastic.

  • tina

    Always good to see them together. Love the smile he puts on her face.

  • lol

    @tina perhaps Ashley’s marriage will follow hers and austin’s. They can sell the photos exclusively to a mag & earn a good sum to live upon too, you know money will be tight considering austin doesn’t work at all and she hasn’t been getting roles either.

  • maria

    @lol: It’s pretty stupid to comment on anyone’s finances without any knowledge. And you don’t. I don’t see her doing anything outrageous while not filming, and you have no idea what is going on behind the scenes in her life. I highly doubt a hike, a go at the gym, or having lunch with a friend is breaking her bank.

  • maria

    Saw this tweet this morning. Sure looks like Hawaii, and wondering if this may be where Ashley gets married this weekend? It has always been one of her favorite places, so who knows? Vanessa looks fabulous!

  • lol

    @maria well it’s not like she has starred in any first billed roles since hsm. She has only one box office success outside hsm tho she starred in multitude of films. So its not rocket science she isn’t bankable. On top of that she has found a beau who doesn’t work at all. I’m so dissapointes.

  • Lilly

    @lol: Your idol ZAC made more money but wasted in on alcohol, good time, drugs, only to spend more for rehab! What a joke

  • maria

    @lol: And it’s not rocket science to see she hasn’t been in any big budget movies that would make that kind of money. Her recent indies have helped her stretch herself and have shown nice range for her. Being of mixed race doesn’t make it easy for her in rich, Jewish Hollywood, and she doesn’t have a teen heartthrob chest to flash everywhere. She has had to start all over after HSM, and I have liked her role choices. She needed some experience and roles to build a resume. No need to shoot her down for trying. At least she’s not throwing herself into a seedy world and drinking or sleeping her way around. Some of you are so ridiculous; you hate her cause she has pics here and lives her life without drama. Wow. How hateful is that?? *smh*

  • welly

    Maira shut your f mouth. Won’t talk Maria. people don’t like you in this site.