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Vampire Diairies' Kendrick Sampson To Play Hottie Thug Jeremy Meeks In New Movie?

Vampire Diairies' Kendrick Sampson To Play Hottie Thug Jeremy Meeks In New Movie?

Vampire Diaries stud Kendrick Sampson just elected himself to play hottie thug Jeremy Meeks in his next feature film.

“My next role. #JeremyMeeks”, the actor tweeted, also posting a picture of Jeremy‘s mug shot.

Obviously, Kendrick was joking but if a movie (or at least a parody) is made, we think Kendrick is the perfect guy to do it. The physical similarities are uncanny!

Earlier today, Jeremy‘s mug shot became a viral sensation because of his criminally-good looks. He was picked up in a gun sweep in Stockton, California, for felony weapon charges on Wednesday.

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  • GFW

    What an opportunist. Talk about selling yourself. Good job.
    The thug is a thug no matter how handsome he is. He got there by being unhappy or rejected or abused. He is, after all, wearing a tattooed tear near his eyes, no?

  • So stupid d

    I can’t believe this stupid county has made this thug famous. Country of morons.

  • val

    I think the tear tattoo means he killed someone. He’s gonna be VERY “popular” in prison!

  • Frankie

    The comments are so salty LMFAO. A bunch of men are angry at a bunch of women they’ve never met and noting the attractiveness of a guy they’ve never met and have never dated. How productive.

  • Frankie

    These comments are so salty LMFAO. A bunch of men are angry at anonymous women they’ve never met and have never dated because they note the attractiveness of this guy …. whom they’ve never met and have never dated. How productive.

  • Ivan

    Well, if the country is so stupid … pack you shit and leave!

  • Quinn

    Both of them are fine as hell!

  • Balonkadonka

    This world is beyond saving.

  • Xoxo

    Why don’t I got kill somebody or rob a bank
    Or rape a woman and get a movie about my criminal life
    Yes I’m a gorgeous woman if u wanna know

  • lu

    si es verdad el tatuaje significa que mato a alguien tiene que pertenecer a una banda

  • anonymous

    Jesse Williams would be my choice.

  • .

    @So stupid d: Then go live somewhere else, moron.

  • Gina

    Geez, enough already! (although yes, Jesse Williams would be a better choice lol)

  • sayer

    This thug is hot. Such a waste. Btw, the teardrop tattoo could also mean he has lost someone…a comrade or mentor.

  • Derek117

    @So stupid d:

    Totally agree. We live in the Dumbest of Times.

  • Mike

    Okay so I can admit when a guy is good-looking that is all fine and well, but the woman going on about him are just insane. I can find a woman attractive, but the minute I find out she’s off her rocker i.e. a criminal I’m done. I quit you for life. The problem with woman is they think they can turn a man like this (or bad boys in general) around.

  • Nightwish

    Dude is attractive. SO WHAT? this is exactly the problem with shallow americans who fawn over talentless, intellectually stupifying and criminal people over their appearance. You have many thousands of idiot women who are victims of domestic violence and the lives of children ruined because they are attracted to morons like this. And people wonder why our country is a total wreck.

  • JustSayin

    So because he’s attractive we’re gonna glamorize his illegal actions? You guys realize this is one of the reasons why this country’s gun issues are increasing, right? Stop glamorizing this shit. It’s not cool, and we shouldn’t be encouraging people to do things like this. Gosh, we’re stupid.

  • Whet?

    @Mike: It’s not just women fawning over his looks.

  • NYC

    For all of you shallow people out there:
    I remember dying for a very gorgeous person to ask me for a date.
    Once it happened, I was so happy. Within 5 minutes after our conversation began, this person’s way of speaking and lack of intelligence was a complete turnoff. Within seconds I was “done” and no longer attracted to them, at all. How you conduct your life and who you are is very important. How you look is (should be) just a bonus. A “good” person with an education, class and style is what is attractive. I think his face is pretty amazing but the felon aspect is disturbing. I hope he can rehab and turn his life around. This story proves how far we have fallen as a society. I’m exhausted trying to deal every day with shallow, nasty people.

  • silver

    you know the men are pissed off cause there women are looking at this thug guy and getting there panties wet lol oh man this country the men are the bitches now and the women run shit lol

  • mel

    I am so glad the majority of the comments are in regards to the shallowness of these dumbarsed people fawning over this dude

  • danielle

    What the f*** did I just read? No really, THIS is a BREAKING NEWS? I think I lost all my faith in humanity…

  • Nic

    Poor us. What a bad end for this world.

  • Janire

    Omg, uff… -.-

  • confused

    Why are people on just jared complaining about the shallowness of others. Hate to break it to you, but this is a celebrity news site…. which means that you, yes you, are at least somewhat shallow.