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Adam Levine Wants the Washington Redskins to Change Their Name!

Adam Levine Wants the Washington Redskins to Change Their Name!

Adam Levine rocks a tropical shirt as he exits his hotel on Friday afternoon (June 20) in New York City.

The 35-year-old entertainer signed autographs for fans before hopping into his car.

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“This debate about the Washington Redskins shouldn’t even be a debate. It’s literally a derogatory term and should no longer be used. Period,” Adam tweeted revealing his opinion on the topic.

In case you missed it, check out Maroon 5‘s latest single, “Maps,” here.

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  • of course

    He’s totally correct….if the intolerant owner Snyder still can’t see can’t see the value in being decent, he should at least see the value in how much money he’ll make with sales of jerseys with the new name on them- no brainer. Off to see Maleficent again!

  • Stephan

    It’s not derogatory, of course. Jews like this trying to turn American Redskin into a “derogatory” term need to stay in their home in britain and NEVER, EVER come to America. PERIOD!!

  • Kel

    I want Adam Levine to change his shirt.

  • offtheproperty

    He is part of the junta.

  • Lisa

    Well. It is derogatory. Period. Would it be okay to name a sports team “The Tar Babies,” “The Ragheads,” “The Yellowmen” or “The Micks?” No. I understand that the team was named at a earlier time, but I prefer to think that we live in a more ethnically accepting and aware time by now.

  • Adiane

    They have been the Redskins before probably most of us was born, and when did he become interested in football? He needs to stick to actually a sport he likes and knows about, basketball. I have alit of American Indian in my family, and have a friend that is from the reservation. They don’t have issues with the name at all. It seems that people now days, of every race and religion. Find just about anything to complain about. Another thing about Adam, he needs to stop joining on things he actually could care less about and find causes he actually cares about. Instead of following people on things that makes the media and to get attention to make himself look like a good guy. In fact he needs to stop copying everyone pretending he is into things, like certain music, people, and even certain foods because of the woman he is with. Until he stops and finds his true self, he is just going to be a clone of whoever he is with and never find true happiness.

  • Nicole

    @Lisa: Completely agree with Adam and with you. My hometown High School recently had to change their mascot and team’s name because they were called The Braves and had an American Indian in full headress since the 1960′s.


    It’s not in least bit “derogatory”, I don’t have to tell anyone within America. I’m American Redskn as is the next and this gaylien britshit needs to park its homeless boat back on faggo island in chinkyland, because its king has no home or clothes and all the britshit trolls on this propatainment site won’t help it any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephan

    Sorry, british troll liars, but you are trying to cause communist confusion within THE REAL AMERICA and you, as with this levine idiot, fall flat on your snorting jew noses!!!!!!!! @Nicole: Name your school, lying transoceanic troll liar!! You can’t, because you’re a troll that just made that up!! NEVER come to America. You won’t like THE REAL AMERICANS, who will give you every reason to stay home and not like them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • reality check

    @Lisa: Exactly Lisa. So what if the native Americans took a little longer to speak up about the name. The name is offensive and needs to stop being used.
    @Adiane: Some black people don’t mind the N word. But I and many others take offence of it in all forms of the word. So just because you know a group that is ok with it does not mean it is not offensive to others.

  • Oh Good Grief!

    Society today is just getting worse and worse. First of all, there are more important things to worry about in this big world other than the name and mascot of a high school, college or pro team. Most of these establishments had their team logos since before any of us where even conceived. It’s like this new age society is into victim hood as their quest. If you are against what I believe then you are bullying me mentality has to end!

    How about putting that energy & money into something that can really effect change in real peoples lives. Stick to what you actually know Adam and use it to help others and leave the other useless non-issues alone. It’s a waste of time.

  • Sigh….

    Zionists want to force everyone to do what they want.

    Why is this s sudden issue with libtards? The name has been around for 80 years. Why didn’t he have an issue with it, ten years ago?

    This is just more MSM Bull//shit, incite racial crap that no one even thinks about. They are doing the same crap Yugoslavia did int he 90′s, they want this country broken up and balkanized like their evil puppet masters.

    F/u/c/k this false issue and the MSM trouble making. They should be tried for crimes against humanity as it is with their endless lying and falsifying and nonsense.

    NO native Americans have a problem with it, not one, white jews want to start racial nonsense because they hate this country.

    Why won’t anyone listen to indians that don’t care?

  • Jen

    You can’t tell someone not to be offended. If they’re offended, they’re offended. No matter how you look at it, no matter how long its been around, the word IS derogatory. I can’t stand Adam, but he’s right …totally and completely. It doesn’t matter how long the team has been around, it still needs to be changed, I’ve always felt that way. To those bringing up the N-word …it has been around since before I was born, my mother and father were born, etc…but that doesn’t make it any less offensive and derogatory now. People use it, even black people, but all it shows is pure ignorance on ANYONE who uses it. I’m both black AND Native American and find both words offensive. I’m NOT Spanish, Jewish, Asian, Canadian or any other race/nationality/religion but if something was named using an offensive word to them, I would want it changed too. As I said, you can’t tell someone NOT to be offended anymore that you can tell someone who got hit “that didn’t hurt”. They need to change the name of this team 100%.

  • Jen

    @Oh Good Grief!: “Society today is just getting worse and worse.”? It’s kind of sad that due to social media and other platforms people (both famous and not) are getting their voice heard to help change society that has been SO bad in the past …and you think that’s wrong. It’s sad AND pathetic that you see wanting to change offensive words and behavior as a negative thing. It’s sad and pathetic and ignorant that you think that just because offensive things and derogatory things have existed for a long period of time, it should keep on keeping on. Racism has been going on since before anyone commenting on here has been born too, but people all around the world are trying to end it everyday and you feel people should just leave it alone because people have put time and money into establishing a name of derogatory ignorance. You said “If you are against what I believe then you are bullying me mentality has to end!”…racism is one of the highest forms in bullying, but you think those bullying are being bullied. Wow. In the end, you’re sad, pathetic and ignorant. I hope you get some sense at some point in your life.

  • Niko

    This kind of things could only happen in the U.S. You’re obsessed with racism.

  • Stephan

    @Jen: Americans don’t interact with aliens, “black” or otherwise, so that makes you another filthy commie propatainment transoceanic troll!!!! If you even tried to go to America you would NEVER, EVER MAKE IT!!!! Try trolling around with THAT, nig nog!!!!

  • Amy


    Anyone who thinks it’s alright to keep the Redskins name must be old. I’m glad that younger generations are trying to make the world better.

  • Stephan

    @Niko: You export it to America, but America NEVER buys it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have the races to be “racist”, after all, troll, something America doesn’t care to have, obviously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, go troll off, nig nog, your masters are calling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephan

    @Amy: “Younger generation” where, troll?? Do you have Redskins in your hemisphere?? No, troll, you don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s not even the slightest bit entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LaCroix

    I think Americans have much more important things to worry about, but the real issues are that people in power try to blind us with insignificant issues to cloud us from the real problems in the U.S. wake up people. If you really give a damn about Native Americans give them back their land & stfu!

  • Cathy

    Adam Levine is a moran. I am open to hearing his opinion on new hairstyles and new hair colors available and the newest victoria’s secret models. You know…..things he really knows about…..

  • Sigh….


    They world is not better.

    It was better 30 years ago when everyone was free and TPTB didn’t use social media billions of dollars and psychological manipulation to incite violence and hatred for no reason other than to horde power and divide and conquer us. Your world is not better under Orwellian oppression. Tyranny is not better.

  • Cruizin596

    I see alot of comments by people who have not bothered to actually look into the origins of the word “redskin”. This word only became derogatory because a group within the many Native American organizations wanted to make it so. Most Native Americans do not have a problem with the team using this as their mascot. The team was renamed the Boston Redskins (from the Boston Braves) in the late ’30s when they moved out of Brave Field. It was never intended as a racist commentary. Just how many times have you EVER heard Native Americans referred to as Redskins? It was a self identifying label that can be traced at least as far back as the early 17th century. If it is such a derogatory word, why are there HS with majority Native American populations that use Redskin as their mascot? Adam Levine needs to mind his own effin business.

  • Ruby

    @Stephan : You are an absolute ignoramus.

  • Effy

    Everyone in this world is so sensitive, will sue for anything and looks into things too far. It’s a football team; it’s only derogatory if it’s being said in a derogatory way.

  • UglyMichelle

    People these days are so stupid. Is this the biggest issue in this world? It’s the name of a sports team. If you don’t like it, move on. Everyone these days has to be so politcally correct and it’s stupidity. Do you even know the history of Indian tribes? Go look at what the Apaches did to their enemies. I know it’s always “the white man stole their land” but the Indians were not just sitting down and taking it. Adam Levine is nothing but an idiot. Bad tattoos, bad music, just plain bad.

  • Gina

    The only thing I like about Adam Levine is this here opinion. I couldn’t agree more.


    @Ruby: Everything Stephan says is correct, as America knows fully and completely. You’re a troll that says everything that is wrong. Stephan WINS!! You LOSE!! As is your way!!


    @UglyMichelle: Most Americans are the “white men”, alien. Most Apache, the real ones, not your britshit version, are as light skinned as Eurasians. You need to invent a better history for your dead little island empire, but we ALL know that won’t help you out.

  • 55vineyard

    I have no problem with the name (yes I am older, 60) but neither did my late husband or his sister, both of whom are 1/4 Cherokee.

  • Sheena

    Who the f*uck does Adam Levine think he is?

  • jon m’shulla

    There is no hate involved.

  • Adiane

    @reality check: first if all you need to retread what I posted. I never mentioned black people or the N word period. I basically said that it’s a shame that people are to sensitive no days. As far as the Redskins, I can see people saying something about the name of the team if it was just named that, but that’s been the teams name since what the sixties. But I stand by this Adam Levine just looks like a fake and he is because he is trying to hard for attention before the film comes out. Trying to make himself like a good guy. This is actually old news about the team name. He pulls this when it’s in the news. Just like he had to tell the press that he is apologizing to his exes. If he was sincere he wouldn’t have to go to the news for that. He just follows whoever he is In a relationship with and just instead being himself he acts like he is against or for or buddies with certain people for the sake of love. Until he is honest with himself as a human being. He won’t find happiness or true love.

  • pepe

    Why are Americans SO obsessed with political correctness?? In France you can p*ss in the streets and no one cares!

  • Ruby

    @COMPLETE: like your name, it suits you and your COMPLETELY deranged mentality. You and Stephen are obviously soul mates – perfectly made for one another. P.S since when are you two the voice of America?? (narcissistic personality disorder me thinks!)

  • Original Pechanga

    50 U.S. Senators of the Democratic Party, including California’s own Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, recently signed a two page letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell asking him to use the recent NBA/Donald Sterling controversy to get the Washington Redskins to drop their team name.

    REALLY SENATORS? ;You grab the low hanging fruit of a nickname controversy versus those that you have repeatedly ignored?

    Sen. Boxer IGNORES the issues of water rights theft by the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians of Temecula CA. ;In fact, she SPONSORED this Apartheid practicing tribe’s attempt to steal water from reservation allottees. She turned a blind eye to the abuse of Native Americans by Chairman Mark Macarro This is WORSE than a Nickname!

    Senators, the Chukchansi Tribe of Fresno has eliminated 60% of their tribe, turning off the heat to homes and stripping the citizenship of original language speakers. They threw flaming longs and shot bear pepper spray at those protesting for their rights. THIS IS WORSE than a nickname!

    The Redding Rancheria FORCED the family of their FIRST tribal Chairman to dig up their ancestor for a DNA test. When it came back as 99.8% positive, they ignored the findngs: WORSE than a Nickname!

    Tribes have STOLEN $750 MILLION in Per Capita payments, via disenrollment: WORSE than a Nickname!

    GET SERIOUS about the issues that MATTER, and REDSKINS DO NOT MATTER. Apartheid, Segregation, disenrollment, Elder Abuse…MATTERS

  • Jessie

    It only takes a few loud people to tell everyone else what is offensive to them. That’s what’s wrong about deciding what is offensive, not everyone agrees. Who decides? I’m thinking most American Indians don’t care if the term is used because as a team mascot it’s not being used in a demeaning way. The Indian is a proud symbol of the team’s, strength and power. Redneck is suppose to be offensive, but not all those so called agree. There are some dang proud to be called redneck. Maybe we should just stop giving things or people alternate names or writing or talking or thinking for that matter, lest someone gets offended. Adam should shut up, he’s on whatever bandwagon that will get him attention.

  • Lola M. Ray

    He is a good singer, good judge on Voice. But, leave the Redskins. Why after sooo many years has the name become offensive. The generation is changing everything. If its been good for 150 or so years, and it has worked good. What if the caucasian (white) people sat and spent hours looking for offensive stuff, we wouldn’t be sble to talk at all. Sorry!!!