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Olivier Martinez Satisfies His Baguette Craving

Olivier Martinez Satisfies His Baguette Craving

Olivier Martinez makes his way out of Bristol Farms holding a fresh baguette on Wednesday afternoon (June 18) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week, the 48-year-old actor was seen stepping out on the red carpet with his wife Halle Berry at the premiere of her new television show Extant.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

Next up for Olivier is the mini-series Texas Rising, which details the Texas Revolution against Mexico and the rise of the legendary Texas Rangers, the oldest law enforcement group in North America.

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  • Dalieston

    No, The Texas Rangers are not the oldest law enforcement group in North America by far, needless to say you are way off, but they are legendary and they are great all the same. One can only trust they haven’t already begun to screw this opportunity to make this mini-series up.

  • shelbethegreat

    Love Olivier, looks liking he is getting into character to play General
    Santa Ana. Love the History channel too, bet this will a great mini series with all those great actors. Bet Halle & the kids will have fun in Mexico City while Olivier is filming.

  • just saying

    getting ugly by day, look like a grandpa instead of a new father.

  • yep

    @just saying: booze, cigarettes, baguettes, no sun and Halle.

  • thank you Jared

    Thank you Jared for showing the periodic pix of Halle’s Baguette Boy making a bread run … LOL ;)

  • RE: Texas Rising

    The series won’t be coming out until 2015. Hopefully, it will do OK with the all-star cast of Ray Liotta, Bill Paxton, Brenden Fraser, Chad Michael Murray,Jeffrey Dean Morgan,Max Thieriot , Jake Bussey etal and OM’s 7th billing. They’re filming in Durango, Mexico for 6months. Who knows if Halle and the kids will go down to see him in between her work schedule other than on weekends if he’s not back here? Durango is almost 10 hours from Mexico City. (9:49 -9:58 depending on traffic). I don’t think and the kids will be in Durango much. Remember, Gabe also has to OK anytime Halle takes Nahla out of the US including summer vacays regardless of what he’s getting paid.

  • meh

    Always looks sickly and lost a bunch a weight. Love the hair dye.

  • pruty

    the jokes write themselves

  • shelbethegreat

    @RE: Texas Rising: At least Olivier actually is working for his money unlike that leech Gabe. Honestly, doesn’t it make you just a little ashamed Goldilocks can’t take care of himself and lives off a woman like a child, you can have him and his receding hairline. As for vacations, Nahla has gone all over the world with Halle so nothing will stop this from happening. She said she and the kids will be joining him in Mexico this summer and when it happens you can cry in your beer.

  • Texas Rising-thx


    Thanks for the correction–I really must have missed Halle saying that in recent interviews. Glad, they are going.

    Am glad, she and Aubry have come to an agreement of taking her out of the country and out of state. Because prior to last year’s ruling ( you can look it up)–she had to get his permission to do so including taking her to Europe, her wedding and even their family Hawaiian vacay.

    Really don’t give a shit about Aubry and the court-appointed child support for Halle make a total jacka$$ out of herself running her mouth and don’t having an agreement in place. I knew you’d re-act.

  • interview link

    @shelbethegreat: Shelbe thanks for the info. Guess,I missed it , too! Can you please provide the article and/or interview link. Good for them. She probably need a break from doing her show. Thank you.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @RE: Texas Rising: One more thing, maybe Halle SHOULD leave Nahla behind in America(I’m sure the little girl won’t mind) and just take Maceo to Mexico. She does have another child you know and he is as cute as a button. Focus on her son for a while instead of that girl, drop her off with the blonde babysitter, Maceo is just getting started.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @interview link: Here is the article with the information with Halle talking about joining Olivier in Mexico with the kids for your viewing pleasure.

  • Tay

    Yeah she should just temporarily abandon her daughter- that other kid, from that other guy- and focus only on the new shiny cute baby. Sounds like great parenting. ( I’m having fun with you, surly that’s not what you meant was it?)

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Tay: Sure I mean it. If all these haters think Nahla should be with her father then let him have her. Maceo is an adorable baby with no drama attached. See the pix of the new baby –

  • OMG-ty

    @Shelbethegreat: OMG you bookmarked the link I posted last month -glad you like them especially with the nanny, bodyguard and shift -made curtain for his protection. He is cute w/his chubby cheeks.

  • thank you

    @Shelbethegreat: thank you will check it out.

  • thanks you

    @OMG-ty: saw it Shelbe/Angel. Thanks.

  • Carla Mendes
  • Shelbethegreat

    I’m glad were all in agreement that Maceo is a cute little darling who needs his mother more than that girl. Halle should pack Maceo’s baby stuff, then drop the older girl off at Goldilocks’ house on her way to the airport. Focus on the baby.

  • 55vineyard

    Try the cheese rolls at BF, they are really good and go well with the lamb kabobs and a little fruit salad.

  • thanks

    @55vineyard: thanks for the BF rec

  • Wurry

    Wow. Shelbe is having a really good yarn on her own here again. I guess if this guy gets a lot of conversation in his post, him and Halle won’t have to pay for the publicity.
    (Yes, I know how it works.)

  • Shelbethegreat

    I read in an article that Olivier will be in Mexico shooting Texas Rising for 6 months. That seems like a very long time. This mini series must be an epic. Still can’t wait to see him acting. Hope they show more pictures of Maceo too.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Wurry: Your crazy and leave me alone.

  • Bran

    After everything that’s transpired, no decent woman would want to be with this self-entitled douche, Gabriel Aubry, especially a man that’s basically living off another woman. He’ll only attract douchettes who’ll have to deal with his many issues. He thought he hit the jackpot, but has only dug himself a hole. And when his daughter grows up, she’ll realize that it’s her mother who’d been paying for everything all this time. That her father couldn’t be bothered to find a way to at least pay for some of it out of his own pockets. How embarrassing. He was a high paid model and could have afforded a nice house without Halle’s money, now he’s a stay-at-home guitar-playing douche.He might have gained a victory of sorts but his self-esteem will be in the toilet.

    courtesy Dawn @TMZ

  • just saying

    @ Bran What are you talking about? are you a man or women because if you are a man you should be glad for equal rights.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Bran: Bran I totally agree, think how proud Maceo will be of his father Olivier working hard everyday, like a man does to support his son. From Olivier Maceo will learn how to not only take care of himself but his family. A role model of integrity and honor that every child should expect from their parent. That little boy is lucky and Nahla is too to have Olivier to look up too. He would never stoop to taking money from a woman.

  • @justsaying

    @just saying: Bran’s some crazy a$$ bitch who used to frequent JJ , Halle’s imdb page etc spewing her venom worse than @shelbethegreat. Doubt they are the same person.

  • No not true

    @Shelbethegreat: was being sarcastic

  • @Wurry

    @Wurry: Great post…you missed it on one of the posts a few weeks ago, someone called her out asking her if she gave that advice to her counseling/therapy patients.
    LOL if true and her calling you and others on being crazy ;)

  • stella

    I have no respect for a man or woman who lives on child support. Gabriel is nothing but a leech. I saw this a long time ago.

  • Carla Mendes

    I believe in equal rights, but not to take advantage! of course no one needs so much money to support a child. What does he pays? lunch? dinner? clothes? of course he’s having a good life thanks to his child. That’s abusive. No matter if it’s a man or a woman. The question it’s not if he wins money how much she has to pay!

  • just saying

    @ Bran @Shelbethegreat @ stella @ Carla Mendes We will be waiting for Olivier to pay Halle child support when their break up and see if you are going to be against her too, By the way it not your money

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: Yeah, that’s right it will be Olivier not Halle that will be paying child support. He makes less than his wife and you can bet it will be him paying not Halle because he unlike some others, is a man. But my prayers are for their marriage to last for the sake of themselves and their children. You should be doing the same.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @@Wurry: You forgot to change your name before you posted again to yourself. You are being reported to JJ internal monitoring and if you continue a police report will be made. You are a cyberstalker and what you’re doing is against the law.

  • just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat.I was bring sarcastic I know Calif. Law Halle will be paying him child support too,She has way more money than him, and by the way do you know Olivier personally the way you speak I would think you are his mother

  • Carla Mendes

    @just saying:
    Like I said – it’s not about halle, Olivier or any famous people, it’s about too much money to support a child! when a man or a woman receives so much money in the name of a child something is wrong. No matter if they are famous, or ordinary people.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Carla Mendes: Totally agree.

  • just saying

    @ Carla Mendes you are not GOD. who are you to say how much a rich kid should get from his or her mother or father, you out of place it not your business. In you real life you can tell the judge you don’t went child support but not in any rich child life. We are not like them.

  • stella

    Just saying, I still think Gab is a gold digger, and there is nothing you can do to change that. I have no respect for anyone living off child support.

  • Carla Mendes

    @just saying:

    Maybe I know enough about money, You don’t know me, so I’m not God, but I am someone who have opinions. You live in a free country and i can express my opinion, if you don’t like, you should respect, after all you talked about GOD, not me. You are not God to tell me what I know about money, because PROBABLY I know what I am talking about. Please respect other people.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: They call ol’Gabe a gold digger cause that is what he is. Zero respect for a man living off a woman. Olivier is three times the man, Halle should be proud of him.

  • just saying

    @ Carla Mendes Yes am not God but am not telling rich kid parents what to do like you, yes it your opinion and so is everyone on JJ posts and who make you king of knowing about money I know about like everyone else on this post and the only way you know what you are talking about if you are Halle and everyone know she lies.@ Shelbethegreat you are a dead case what you have to say mean noting to us real people, go hide under a rock.

  • Carla Mendes

    @just saying:
    First you have to learn what you are reading. Where did I sad what rich people should do with them money???? I sad that no matter if they are rich or poor no children needs so much money! I sad that a mother who pays the school and other things of course it’s too much money. What the father makes with the money it’s other question! maybe he keeps to her maybe spends! that’s not our problem

  • just saying

    @ Carla Mendes First of all I can read this what you said not me I (believe in equal rights, but not to take advantage! of course no one needs so much money to support a child. What does he pays? lunch? dinner? clothes? of course he’s having a good life thanks to his child. That’s abusive. No matter if it’s a man or a woman. The question it’s not if he wins money how much she has to pay!) IT’S NOT YOUR BUISNESS OR YOUR MONEY.

  • stella

    Gold digger period!!

  • Shelbethegreat

    Yep, definitely a gold digger and no amount of excuses will change this fact. That Gabe is a loser.

  • stella
  • Shelbethegreat

    @stella: Jesus, ol’ Gabe owes 1.2 million dollars in taxes to Uncle Sam. Even if he gave half of his $200,000 welfare check per year it would still take 12 years to pay it off. By that time Nahla will be 18 and child support will end. Man what a loser, he needs to pay his taxes like everyone else. At least he won’t be living like a king on Halle’s money (or you could say the IRS’s money) some justice in the world. Thanks for the info Stella.