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Ian Somerhalder is Definitely the Hottest Man in D.C. Right Now

Ian Somerhalder is Definitely the Hottest Man in D.C. Right Now

Ian Somerhalder bares his buff muscles while making his way through Ronald Reagan National Airport on Monday afternoon (June 23) in Washington, D.C.

The 35-year-old actor arrived in town to speak before congress tomorrow to represent his charity, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

“My Congressional Testimony will be tomorrow between 2-4:30 EST. Ill find a way to tune in hopefully. Its important. To us all-I promise ;)” Ian tweeted that morning.

“THIS IS HAPPENING! As in very soon. Washington DC, here we come. Lets go save some amazing creatures and make our world a better fricking place to live… Sound like a good idea? Thoughts…?” Ian wrote on Instagram the night before.

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  • Eva


  • Vilma

    He’s awesome. Couldn’t be more proud of him. You go Ian ;) btw, looking oh so handsome as usual ;)

  • Sam

    He always takes Time for his Fans. LOVE HIM! Good luck tomorrow Ian. You rock Hero!!!!!!!

  • Jane

    Jared, I know you’re gay and that’s awesome, but why do you only give compliments to men celebrities on this site? Just something I’ve been noticing.

  • Mandy

    Loving the Headline! Very accurate ;) anyway Ian is da bomb, he’s super hot, intelligent, talented, awesome, funny, kind hearted and caring. Can’t wait for his speech tomorrow :)

  • Ärm

    I absolut love how much he cares. He’s an amazing man and I’m so proud to call him my Idol. Him being so good looking is just a Bonus ;)

  • Tommy

    He has a gorgeous smile & hot Body. Plus he has a very good Heart. Awesome dude.

  • TVD Fan

    “Ian Somerhalder is Definitely the Hottest Man in D.C. ” YOU GOT THAT RIGHT JARED <333


    As usual Ian is so gorgeous and I love what he does to make this world better, he truly cares even if it is a small amount of help, every little counts. Some people say Ian likes to promote himself when he does charities but I doubt it.

  • Nina

    He’s gorgoeus. Hopefully we can watch his testimony live. Would love to see this great man speak again.

  • CallItLikeItIs

    Why would Congress give a shit what an actor from a teen soap on the cw has to say? How is he in any way shape or form qualified or relevant?? He takes himself way too seriously…

  • Danny

    He’s so much more than just a pretty face. SO MUCH MORE. Proud of him XD

    @CallItLikeItIs: seriously? EVERYONE MATTERS! And Ian isn’t just an actor. Do some reseach.

  • http://justjared LOL

    Ewww he is sooo ugly

  • Yvonne

    He’s beautiful in and outside!!! He will always have my support.

  • Sandra

    he looks terrible

  • fanny

    @CallItLikeItIs: he is actually a flop actor.

  • Mel

    He’s amazing and so handsome.

  • Susan

    He has the biggest Heart ever. That makes him even more beautiful than he already is.

  • WOW

    THAT MAN IS PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jenna

    He’s so sexy and his smile is to die for. wow <3 anyway I'm so proud of him and can't wait for tomorrow! He will rock it like always!

  • Dee

    Love him!!!

  • Dee

    Oh and love the headline too, lol!

  • clmguest

    God bless you as you testify before Congress tomorrow, Ian. As you have already testified before Congress before, you know how to handle yourself in this important setting. I know you have done your homework and are ready to speak with confidence, conviction and passion. Hopefully you have had enough time to rest and refresh from your past two months of travels. Be strong and keep striving to get your messages out in spite of the many negative voices that would TRY to keep you down.

  • Sage

    I find it hilarious that so many women want this guy. He’s definitely gay. It’s obvious.

  • Izzie

    He’s amazing…and I think all the charity work he does is really admirable :)

  • Zoey

    GO IAN <3

    @Sage: nope sorry he has a girlfriend.

  • Sage

    @Zoey: right… he has a “girlfriend”…. a beard you mean. Ian is one of the many Hollywood men who has kept his orientation private. It doesn’t matter what his orientation is, I just find it funny that so many women think he’s straight.

  • Zoey

    @Sage: I won’t discuss this with you because that is not what the article is about. Ian is straight and everyone knows that. Bye now ;)

  • Vessy

    There are only a couple of people here who do not find Ian incredibly hot and also an amazing human being with a mission greater than all of us together. Those people are either dumb, blind, or too jealous to see the real Ian! Apparently your place is not here. Didn’t you hear? Spreading hate and being malicious is not longer trending. Now go get a LIFE!

  • :)

    I love Ian, he’s great! So cool that he’s giving a testimony tomorrow!

  • Kat

    @:): IKR? Isn’t it awesome how he uses his Fame to do good? I’m constantely amazed by him. He’s the best Idol I could ever ask for ;)

  • Vessy

    Apparently they give a s*it, big time because he will speak there and they will hear him. When was the last time you spoke before the American Congress??? Not realizing how big and important this is, makes you look very stupid. Do not embarrass yourself anymore.

  • :)

    @Kat: Ita, we could do with a lot more people like Ian!

  • Amy


    He has his own Environmenatal Foundation just like Leo DiCaprio. Do you have one too?

  • lol

    @Sage: apparently he’s dating some woman that LIVES in Brasil named Nathalie Rumpf. Butt ugly, you could fry eggs on her forehead but she traveled from RDJ to ATL to see him for days…..and nights.

  • CallItLikeItIs

    @Vessy: Dude you’re an idiot. Anyone can speak before Congress. Even the guy from Pineapple Express (though no one gave a shit about him there either). You think those politicians called up Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries and were like, “Hey, Congress loves the show and wants you to come talk about the environment for an hour”? Pigs are flying in your delusional mind.

  • No

    @CallItLikeItIs: If you do not have anythign good to say why dont u STFO and dont come here and post negative things about Ian. When is the last time you did something meaningful?

  • Kat

    @CallItLikeItIs: You make no sense at all. And they sure as hell haven’t called him because of TVD. Are you actually that dumb? But I see it’s pretty pointless arguing with someone like you.

  • CallItLikeItIs

    @Kat: “They” didn’t call him at all. I know you find this hard to believe, but not everyone has an Ian bug up their ass like his fans do.

  • KarinL

    @CallItLikeItIs: I suggest you watch His speech in front of congress, a few Years back, it was fantastic and President Obama seems to think He has a very important role to play, because he invited Ian to breakfast. That man is a truly caring man,

  • Gina

    Him and his rich white boy causes.

  • Vessy

    @Gina: Unfortunately it is people like you who are making this world hateful and messed up. Thank God there are a few like Ian trying to fix our own shit!

  • Wanda


    and ? is “gay” supposed to be an insult ? what IF he were gay ? that doesnt take away the fact that he is HOT , AMAZING CARING AND SMART .
    PS: he is NOT gay ;)

  • Gina

    @Vessy: People like me?? People like me are fighting to help the poor and the hungry, sorry if saving cute little fuzzy animals don’t make it to top three on my list of priorities.

  • Vessy

    @Gina: His causes are not less important, he cant save the world. i meant wth, white boy causes? He helps the poor too and has taken part in such charities as well. Just because you do not cross paths in it does not mean his causes are less great. this is what i mean.

  • Vessy

    @Wanda: Nothing wrong with being gay. But we have known Ian for years so well and much about his family and life and he simply is not….that’s all.

  • Damon is a hero

    Hot, sexy, smart, caring & beautiful inside and out. Love him so much.

  • Kate

    Gorgeous man!

  • Gina

    @Vessy: Whether his causes are just as important is highly debateable. IMO, once the humans are taken care of, then I can focus on the animals. But thats just my opinion.

  • Cherie

    So proud of You! not only are you absolutely beautiful on the outside, you are just as beautiful on the inside. Thank you for all of Your hard work, every day, to make this a better world to live in for our future generations , through your businesses and the ISF. good luck tomorrow, hope I will be able to see it <3