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Ian Somerhalder is Definitely the Hottest Man in D.C. Right Now

Ian Somerhalder is Definitely the Hottest Man in D.C. Right Now

Ian Somerhalder bares his buff muscles while making his way through Ronald Reagan National Airport on Monday afternoon (June 23) in Washington, D.C.

The 35-year-old actor arrived in town to speak before congress tomorrow to represent his charity, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

“My Congressional Testimony will be tomorrow between 2-4:30 EST. Ill find a way to tune in hopefully. Its important. To us all-I promise ;)” Ian tweeted that morning.

“THIS IS HAPPENING! As in very soon. Washington DC, here we come. Lets go save some amazing creatures and make our world a better fricking place to live… Sound like a good idea? Thoughts…?” Ian wrote on Instagram the night before.

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  • Love from Greece

    Beautiful pics, he’s amazing!

  • Liz

    Definitely the hottest man in the world.

  • nada

    Gorgeous with the pure heart of him, the reason why we respect him.

  • Kelly

    @Gina: IMO animals are just as important as humans. They need our help, our voices! There is far more animal cruelty happening all over the world than most people realise, with hundreds of millions of animals suffering horrifically at the hands of humans who seem to think they have the right to treat animals this way. And IMO Ian is a hero for fighting against it, he uses his Fame to raise awaress. He rescued Nietzsche ( his dog) and her Babies. Moke ( his cat) and many more. He may not be able to end all this cruelty but he’s doing his best to help. Not many celebritys are as genuine as he is.

  • verox87

    Very proud of him..he’s such and amazing human being with a big heart..God bless him!

  • Katerina

    I have so much love and respect for him and for everything he represends!

  • Tine

    @Katerina: me too! He’s so awesome! Mad respect for this man! Go Ian, good luck today <3

  • Gina

    @Kelly: I never said that animals aren’t important, but my priorities are different. We’ll just have to agree to disagree and leave it at that.

  • cherie

    @Kelly: So true! also Ian is also on environmentalist, and has build the ISF from Scratch with hard work. His Speech the last time in congress was about the oil Spill, People loosing there livelihood, the oil Company’s making restitution and having to install the gadget, that would have prevented that to begin all which will be benefitting humans. He travel’s extensively to get together with company’s to go green, and is heavy invested in green company’s, and everything that will make our planet a better and saver place to live in, campaigns against genetically modified foods and so much more, which all benefits humans, He will hire troubled Teens to work with Animals ,at His animal sanctuary, which all will benefit humans and so on. That Man is truly amazing with not a mean Bone in His Body,

  • Ellen

    I was not able watch the video, maybe I will find a scource later, but here is Ian’s fantastic, inspirational speech.

  • sarah

    Ian ….. a fantastic gay! Too bad, should be higher!

  • LaineyRottenSoul

    he looks rough .

  • Ciara

    Yes he is and there is no doubt about it.

  • Joanna

    Love Ian,he is not only a handsome guy but a caring one too. Your fans are very proud of you for all your good work and caring and doing so many things for others. Congrats!

  • Vessy

    @Gina: When will you people realize that the well being of many impoverished and poor people depend on the flora and fauna in this world. See Ian’s testimony and you will see why. This is directly related to every human being on this planet too. Destroy what is giving us life and then no cause will save the poor!

    BTW, he is not dating anyone from Brazil, he does not have anyone else since over a year ago.

  • lulu

    It’s interesting how you come on here representing yourself concerned about the poor and hungry yet the first thing out of your mouth is condemning someone for their cause. That doesn’t go together. Either you are genuinely a caring person who wants to do good for others or you are a pretender who hides behind saying they do good while bashing others. Which is it? If you truly have a heart for the hungry and poor, how are you furthering your cause by cutting down Ian?

  • Gina

    @lulu: Oh, please gimme a damn break, I don’t need your failed attempt at analyzing me. I’m just tired of him being rammed down my damn throat. Sometimes charitable causes can come off as someone being a trendy hipster, so don’t talk to me about being genuine honey.

  • lulu

    Did someone force you to come on this site and read an article about Ian and reply? Of course not! So the only one forcing anything down your throat is you. The rest of your response answers my questions, no further analyzing needed…

  • nada

    He is simply gorgeous!!!!

  • Demy

    The perfect human being! I’m so in love with him!

  • HMinogue

    He’s, indeed, the hottest man!

  • Gina

    @lulu: Ha! do you actually think I read the article. I knew as soon as I glanced at his picture & saw the letters DC that I knew it was about one of his hipster causes. So no, no one forced me to read anything and I didn’t!! I come on this site for the other articles. Oh, and by the way, you’re still analyzing and you’re still wrong. Shocker!

  • lulu

    Whether you read the title, scanned the article or whatever story you want to spin, you still know my point. You complain about Ian being rammed down your throat but keep posting on his article. Just admit you love him, we all know down deep inside that’s the only reason you would keep returning to respond over and over…lol.

  • Gina

    @lulu: Someone’s misinformed. I never once said I disliked Ian, not once! Much to your dismay, I keep posting because I will ALWAYS defend myself against other posters who have something to say to me. ALWAYS. Seems like your the one who loves me as you keep responding to my posts which you supposedly detest so much. Just admit it lol. I can keep going all day sweetie, as long as you continue to humor me. Your call

  • Lina

    What a babe and he has a heart, the perfect combination <33333333333

  • somerholic

    Love him! He does so much good, tirelessly!!

  • Why

    I am tired of some entertainemtn gossip news that keep posting that Ian and Nina are back together. I mean it has been more than 1 yr since they break up and I do not see any signlas of the 2 of them getting back togethr why some news insisting on something it is not true> Cant they move on?

    Today I heard that even Ninas mother is alreayd involved cause the article I read said thta Ninas mother is trying for Nina and Ian to be back together cause Ninas mother is not liking Nina to be fooling around with other guys so she wants her with Ian cause Ian is a nice guy.

    Ninas mom also cheer Ian up in a twit when Ian was headed to Washington to make his speech before Congress.

  • Lost for Boone

    Babe <333

  • cherie

    @Why: I fail to see, what Nina has to do with this Article of Ian giving a Speech at the white house. or this Article. period,, or this Mans Accomplishments, in working hard ,for a better Place for us and further generations.

  • Nicole

    I love this man

  • I bet

    @cherie: The article mentions Nina’s mom so therefore automatically she was mentioned

  • cherie

    @I bet: Hi I bet, I must be missing something, because I don’t see Nina’s’ Mom mentioned anywhere on this Article, Nina’s mom has always supported Ian and His foundation, and it is just the same trash magazine that trier to make something more out of it. I only see on article on Here about Ian and His s business in Washington DC.

  • I bet…

    @cherie: The article mentions Ninas Mom name and it says that she was tweeting about ian before he was headed to Congress, but maybe u and i were reading a different article from a different site.

  • cherie

    @I bet…: I am referring to the article on this site, just Jared, and it dos not mention anything about Nina or Here Mom, its just about Ian, hat is why I made that comment: :-)

  • I bet

    @cherie: Ohh I was talking about an article i read in another website that is why and in the one I read it did mention Ninas mom.

  • cherie

    @I bet: Ah, that explains it,, I could not find anything about that In this article , thought I kept missing something ,lol.

  • Sick of it

    I am sick and tired of the media and press contineu and continue to link Ian and Nina as a couple. Everyday I read that those 2 are getting back together. What is the darn obsession of the media. It has been over more than a year and time to move on plizzzzzzzzzzzzzz