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Sophia Bush: I'd Love Emma Stone to Play Me in a Movie!

Sophia Bush: I'd Love Emma Stone to Play Me in a Movie!

Sophia Bush multitasks by making a phone call while also stopping to fill up her gas tank on Tuesday afternoon (June 24) in Westwood, Calif.

The 31-year-old Chicago P.D. star recently revealed the actress she would want to play her, if her life were made into a movie.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sophia Bush

Guess who she picked? Emma Stone! That’s right, Sophia told Chalkboard Mag that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 star would be her dream choice. We love it!

The week before, Sophia was all smiles as she carried her Givenchy Bambi tote on her arm while out shopping in L.A.

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  • kel

    That’s funny.

  • tanya

    Aw I love these starlets who feign annoyance with the paparazzi. Wasn’t you Ms. Bush and your publicist who asked for some casual shots before a certain premiere a few months back? Her publicist is one of the most calculating people we’ve ever worked with.

  • Curious

    @tanya: If you work in PR, do share more….

  • Ha!!

    Reach for the stars

  • Cindy

    tanya #2
    I don’t see the BS you are talking about…She is having a conversation and pumping gas. Maybe you are a bitter b*tch. Just saying….

  • Yep

    I know she was asked the question, but seriously, why would anyone make or watch a film about her life?

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  • Selena

    You know, when I see bitter little b*tches bringing out their claws on Just Jared, it always make me laugh. Clearly, those hating on Sophia either have WAYYYYY too much time on their hands due to living absolutely miserable lives….OR…..Sophia probably kicked their dog or something.
    My advice?? Grow the f*ck up you losers. Why spend time dwelling on someone you supposedly don’t like???
    Sophia’s living her life.
    I suggest you do the same.

  • Jenny

    I LOVE YOU SOPHIA!!!!!!!!!!!


    Who the hell are you and why should a famous actress play you in a film?

  • LMAO

    Sophia WAS asked the question in an interview….what is your problem? It seems like you sure spend time letting every moment in Sophia’s life get under your skin. You have big problems of your own to solve.

  • Philberto Cardenez

    I love her but that blonde hair has to go.

  • SassybutClassy

    Sophia’s got some ego… just like her ex hubby

  • http://justjared Jake

    Whooo is she?? I never saw her in movies

  • Jess


    She has been in some movies, Hitcher, john tucker most die. She is best known for her role as Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill that lasted 9 seasons. she is currently playing A detective on nbc Chicago PD. She was asked the question and she awnsered Emma Stone. Sophia is very sweet and she replies to her fans on twitter and encourages them. I don’t see why people hate her so much. She’s one of the nice celebrities

  • Kelsey

    It’s only a handful of trolls who hate Sophia. These trolls AKA losers have been bitter about the fact that out of the entire OTH cast, the world only gives a sh$t about Sophia. Which means, no one has been, or continues to give a damn about their favorite OTH star. It’s quite hysterical really. They pretend like it doesn’t bother them. But guess what you idiots???
    When you waste time talking sh$t about someone you claim to not like or indirectly proceed to insult them…….it DOES bother you ;-)

  • Love!

    That is so true! It really is as simple as that…bitter people s*ck.

  • tanya


    Her publicist has asked for shots with guys she is friends with while “causally” out for lunch to get a column about who she is supposedly dating. Last time I believe it was US Weekly. We’ve worked more with the publicist than Sophia herself but the publicist is a hustler for sure. I just checked and didn’t One Tree Hill end two years ago? Kelsey, truth be told, nobody in the world really gives a rats caboose about Sophia either. Her photos don’t even reach the 40% margins of what our other clients do.

  • Ali

    Hey A hole, Sophia doesn’t have a publicist…don’t believe everything you read. Also real publicist are too busy to check on JJ posts. But bitter b*tches apparently are relentless trying to diss Sophia.

  • Hehe

    Tanya #18
    hahaha no publicist! I bet that burns. Sophia does not need to pay someone to get press she gets the press because she is POPULAR! lol

  • Hehe

    OOPS I guess you have REALLY important clients….so you spend your valuable time checking posts by fans on a celeb you dislike….MORON.

  • Truth Always Comes Out

    Absolutely hilarious to see this Tanya b$tch get blown out of the water!
    I mean really……lets all ask ourselves…..would a person who claims to work for PR and supposedly deals with all these famous clients really have the time or need to stalk Just Jared posts about Sophia and spew out complete and utter bulsh$t??
    I guess we can all conclude that Tanya= gutter trash. Lol
    And here’s some advice b$tch:
    Ms. Sophia Bush has a job. So since you dislike her so much,why not one up Sophia and go find yourself a REAL job that doesn’t consist of stalking her???

  • Truth

    #22 Right on Sista! Women supporting Women nothing better than that! Tanya what a nasty person you are. Sophia is successful, employed , generous and kind. What can be said about you?

  • Nellie

    Tanya, you’re a freak man!
    I seriously worry for those around you!
    Seek some help for your mental health—ASAP!

  • tanya

    LMAO Sophia DOES have a publicist. And it’s part of my job to look at these blogs. Fools, all of you.

  • lolzy


    she’s an airhead hobag with a loosy goosy punani. known for sucking off costars one after the other

  • Lol

    Ohhhhhhh. Nice!
    Is it also your job to say sh$t about stars and make nasty comments?
    How wonderfully professional! Lol
    I’m sure you’re so called “job” description includes “stalking celebrity posts (Just Jared) in particular and proceed to insult celebrities….and their fans.”
    F$cking LOSER.

  • Kate

    Dear Sophia Bush,
    I think you’re absolutely awesome and an absolute beauty, both inside and out.
    Anyone who has something even remotely negative to say about you is a jealous turd who deserves to sit and rot in front of their little computer screens where they supposedly feel better by insulting others.

    Ciao B*tches!

  • tanya

    Oh hey, it’s the psycho who stole my name last time and is now posting under another ID to feign a new identity. LMAO. I’ll give you points for consistency. In case it missed your pea sized brain, I didn’t actually post anything insulting about this woman, other than comments about how people like her who actively recruit PR firms still put on a front of being separated from the whole business. It’s a very small business and I have enough intel to post some dirt but I’ll leave at that. PR is about image, fool. So our firms DO look at these blogs, among many others. And yes, I can post whenever and wherever I want. And yes, some of us get paid to post anonymously for certain people. And yes, some of the people who post on celebrity communities are members of their publicity teams. You don’t know anything about any of this so just zip it. You are so ignorant to the whole process it makes me laugh. So since your trifling, psychotic ass gets into a tizzy each time I post, I’ll just continue.

  • tanya


    HA. Why don’t you go out for a run and give those fat rolls you’ve probably accumulated fawning over this woman a little bit of a work out? Your blood pressure is probably soaring over the roof considering how angry you get LMAO so don’t go getting yourself a stroke while you’re at it.

  • Jen

    Holy shittttt batman!!!!!
    Are you okay?
    Are you having a stroke?!?!
    Should I call 911?????

  • Nia

    Ladies, please go back and reread this “Tanya” persons posts, especially #30 and tell me if any of you think this is coming from
    A) A pathetic excuse for a person who most likely spends her life trashing people behind a computer screen pretending to be something she is clearly NOT.
    B) A “professional” working in PR.

    Ummmm, I choose A. There’s no way a sane professional can be so vulgar and disgusting to other people.

    Case Closed.

  • Everyone

    Tanya is mentally ill. Notice ALL the PR people…only her phony a*s. Sophia DOES NOT have a publicist… did she during OTH yes. Sophia is on a hit show “CHICAGO PD” in case you haven’t heard Tanya. The woman is POPULAR the paps chase her around BECAUSE they make MONEY from her pics…You need to find out what your underlying issues are with Sophia. Probably jealousy…I heard Joy’s new show was not picked up by E. maybe that is your problem because you are obsessed with Sophia’s success. I hope another network picks up Joy’s show because it would fun to hear her sing, beautiful voice that woman has.

  • Sophia Fan

    Preach it sister!!

  • Josh

    Come on!!!! people she just answered a question!!! and she once told she is a fan of emma stone