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Frank Darabont to Direct 'Snow White & The Huntsman' Spinoff?

Frank Darabont to Direct 'Snow White & The Huntsman' Spinoff?

Frank Darabont is reportedly in talks to direct the upcoming spinoff to Snow White and the Huntsman, which will be focusing on the Huntsman character played by Chris Hemsworth in the original film.

The director is best known these days for creating the smash hit television series The Walking Dead, but his film directing credits also include The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Majestic.

Kristen Stewart‘s role in the movie is expected to be very small and possibly just a cameo, according to Variety.

Snow White and the Huntsman grossed nearly $400 million at the worldwide box office and now Universal will be taking advantage of Chris‘ mega stardom with a fresh take on the story.

ARE YOU EXCITED for a spinoff to Snow White and the Huntsman?

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    Chris and Charlize are the best, glad they are writing Kristen out

  • Liz

    Wow so that’s how Universal handles female discrimination against Stewart: they give her a cameo. Nice… well done. But anyway I believe the best for her would be to distance herself from this movie completely, because she needs to distance herself from anything regarding her affair. Plus this movie sounds pointless. Who cares about the Huntsman character? This whole “universe” was about Snow White, or at least the queen. Why make a movie about a character that was only important when another character was on play (Snow White). And don’t get me wrong, I love Chris Hemsworth, but this franchise is dead because of that huge black spot that Sanders and Stewart stained it with.

  • Jennifer

    I know this is going to be ridden with Kristen fans freaking out over her absence and a bunch of people will bring up the scandal with the last director, but speaking as someone who just saw the movie because it looked really really good, I’m not sure how this spin off is going to work. I’m not a Kristen fan nor a Twilight fan by any means but I am a fan of the Snow White story. I mean, I’ve always thought Chris was good looking and I have always loved Charlize and her work, but after seeing the movie I was impressed by Charlize, Chris and Kristen as a whole…their chemistry, their characters. I loved them all in it. With Charlize’s character not being able to come back and Kristen only making a cameo… I’m not sure I’d have the same interest to watch it. I guess I’ll see when it’s done and the trailer comes out.

  • Jennifer

    @SHINE: Charlize won’t be in it either though. I don’t know how they can spin off the movie with one of the characters that wasn’t all that interesting. The huntsman was more of the strong and silent type in the last film. He played a major role in the success of the storyline…but let’s be real here…the last movie was about Snow White and the evil queen. They carried the bulk of the movie. With the absence of both…what’s the point?

  • TK

    Movie seems pointless without Snow White and the queen…why ruin a good thing by even adding on with a sequel or a prequel? That’s Hollywood for you. I saw a bunch of fans commenting on another post about how it will tank without Kristen’s fanbase…newsflash…it’s going to tank for more than just that. I know plenty of people who said “I can’t stand Kristen Stewart but I’m going to see it because it looks kick-a$$”…I also know plenty of people who saw it because Charlize was sick as the evil queen. The movie is pointless without Kristen, sure, but the box office success didn’t fall soley on her…Charlize can sell a movie, the story of Snow White can sell a movie, and a bada$$ trailer can sell a movie…but that doesn’t mean a sequel based off one character will sell the movie unless the storyline is SO good and they get a bunch of well known liked actors to jump on board.

  • Living in a box

    What will they called sequel? The Hunstman And The Searching of Snow White?

  • SR

    YES! Please!! Chris and his character was the BEST part of that movie!!

  • aquarius64

    I knew it. I couldn’t understand why Universal would do SWATH 2 because it would bring back memories of the Mini-Coopering. The minimizing of Stewart’s role seems pointless. The studio might as well scrap this project because that “momentary indiscretion” as forever tainted a potential franchise.

  • Amy

    Another film for the Walmart $2 DVD bin.

  • Effy

    I’ve NEVER seen Kristen impress me in any movie. Maybe I’m just too ticked about how awful Bella Swan was played.

  • Az

    I wouldn’t be interested in seeing the movie if the huntsman is the main focus. Snow White should be the center of it.

  • Ha

    Didn’t they try to spark a little sort of romance between her and the huntsman, wasn’t that the whole odd twist that they were going for with this franchise basically??

  • Ha

    What’s the point of doing this without Snow white? Though I hate Stewart with a passion, she’s the core of the storyline. I don’t get how she can appear only in cameo, really…

  • Me

    I think a movie focusing on the Huntsman would benefit Hemsworth more than a Swath2. I think he was the most likeable character in the first movie and I think he’s locked in with a sequel of some sort anyway because of contract. Therefore I like this news more than that of a SWATH2.

  • d


    Yes he was. He will be great and the film will be amazing with or without Ms. Stewart.

  • damn

    This movie will still suck with or without Kristen Stewart. It’s all about Hollywood’s new obsession with transforming classic fairy tales into gritty mature movies. Examples: Snow White and the Huntsman, Maleficent, Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood. It’s a shame they are making a sequel, even though the two actors – Charlize and Chris are amazing. What pisses me is that Darabont is too good for this s***. For God’s sake, he directed The Shawshank Redemption and now he directs this? I thought he had enough money from The Walking Dead.

  • Sarah

    This is unfortunate. A movie based on the story of Snow White should have her involved in a bigger way than just a cameo. There was no appeal to the Huntsman except for the fact he was helping Snow White and there was chemistry between them. I don’t see how this story will be exciting having one without the other. Disappointing.

  • Sam

    This is so disappointing. Kristen Stewart’s Snow White was the best part of that movie. This is like driving a cart without a horse. Sorry, Hemsworth your lost.

  • http://RayRayray6563 Ray

    The best part of this movie is Kristen Stewart as Snow White. Hemsorth is just always playing the same part. His voice sucks. Universal depriving little girls of Snow White says to me they are not important. Sorry girls.

  • ShayShayGoNayNay

    Oh, Thou Greedy Hollywood Suits, what thee won’t do to squeeze out a few more hundred mil & ruin a perfectly good film in the process by puking up a sequel no one wants and makes no sense.
    So, let’s review: while, granted, Stewart was just playing more Stewart, she was your titular character. You even left the window ajar for a possible romance b/t SW & The Huntsman. Evil Queen dead, vanquished. YEAH! Now b/c of some (tacky, hurtful, inappropriate–but not worthy of the death sentence) smooching post-film photos in a car, the brilliant director is OUT, Snow-effin-White is OUT, and though she died a brilliantly poignant -even sad (considering the fantastic editing of a back story for the queen), I mean DEAD, you’ve decided to g’head, do a sequel anyway!! With- let’s face it, IMO, Hemsworth is great to look out, fab ‘roided out physique, but still a little behind the 8 ball on the acting chops -coupled with?? Another band of Merry, heroic dwarves? The Cowardly Lion & Scarecrow? Fighting off EVEN MORE TERRIFYING CGI TREES? While our (ahem, DEAD) Evil Queen arises zombie-style (cue new director, Darabont) & what?!? Bites half of England into Walking Dead or hurls all the stained glass the country has left? While SW, relegated to a sentence or two, is busily raising her lovely brood with Prince Milk Toast & can’t be bothered? Oh, clap clap. Fabulous sequel potential, all. The original (even WITH Bella Swan as SW) was quite good. Too bad you greedy morons don’t remember the industry that pays your obscenely inflated salaries: when they made a great film, they made a great film. Then moved on to the next. Bleccchhhh!

  • lulyl

    WOW sin blanca nieves no tiene sentido la pelicula

  • bbb

    blancanieves y el cazador 2 sin blancanieves me suena a pedir un sandwich de jamon sin jamon

  • LLL

    SIN Blancanieves NO HAY PELICULA asi de simple

  • tinoninoniiinnnfdd

    beautiful people

  • Bengie

    Effy,and others, if you are more about entertainment (as watching movies should be), take Ms. Stewart personal life out of the equation and watch her movies prior to your feelings regarding the character of Bella, If half of you even the the movies (Twilight) and not just going with other people opinions (a lot of American’s, entertainment wise) seem to be doing that lately,

  • Helen

    @aquarius64: yes because you’ve on every site trashing her so we know you live to remember 2012 all day and night but k will not even be a a tad bit affected by this she’s worked more this past year than a lifetime , so save your sympathy for rputz flop the rover lmao….

  • Dee

    Meh, wtvr….. seems pointless without the main character, but also I dont see it as them writing KS off, she CLEARLY wants to go back to being ‘obscure indie movie girl’….and shes been doing indie movies with really cool directors these past 2 yrs, one after the other it seems like….so im sure this was probably her decision in the end, obviously the scandal is still has a taint in this franchise but I mean whats there to tell about SW in the sequel ..i mean really?? How shes doing ruling as new queen and who her king will be??? I can just go watch ‘Princess Diaries 2′ for that….thx. -_-

  • Jack

    Maybe Kristen will write a book and tell you what really happened and shock the heck out of you. I always questioned the so called affair and wondered, Was it just a kiss goodbye caught on tape out in broad daylight and not anything else happened. It is a picture of a kiss and nothing much more. She probably thinks it’s none of our business and she is right. People need to be more concerned with the behavior of our so called good people, Politicians. Bad apples are certainly there.

  • http://RayRayray6563 Jack

    I hope one day Kristen writes a book about what really happened when that pictured was taken of her and Rupert and surprise the heck out of everyone. I always questioned the made up affair part. It was a picture of a kiss and nothing much more. She doesn’t think it is any of our business and she is right. We should be more worried about affairs and corruption of our so called Politicians.

  • Brandy

    Keep the same ppl!?!? I’m so sick of actors being replaced! Big pet pev. Keep Kristen and Chris. It’s Snow White!!!! She’s the whole piont of the fairy tell.

  • Jane

    WHAT?!! No Snow White?? WTH! I’ve been waiting for this movie for so long and now it’s only going to be half the main characters? No, no, no. If u don’t want Kristen S in it, then replace her with someone else. But Snow White has to be in it!!! I won’t watch it otherwise.

  • lottie

    even before the director, rupert sanders pulled out of making the sequel to this movie, the storyline of the movie was set to be focused on the hutsman, so don’t try and bring all this ‘writting out kristen stewart on purpose’ because they didn’t.
    i do wonder why the movie is focused on the huntsman in this one though, but overall i’m actually looking forward to it. and it’s sad to see that kristen is possibly getting a cameo in the movie.

  • Chris

    boring. Only Charlize and her character worths. Fact

  • Nancy47

    I love the first one in fact I bought but because I am a Kristen Stewart fan and a livid Twilight fan and I own the whole Saga if Kristen Stewart isn’t going to be in the second one there’s no reason nor any desire for me to watch!! I wish everyone would realize that Kristen Stewart’s private life is her business and there’s alot of FAMOUS ACTRESS’S who by the way had affair’s! which never had anything to do with the public or their acting skills!!!!! So come on people move on and leave Kristen Stewart alone!!!!