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Jenny McCarthy Leaving 'The View' Along with Sherri Shepherd

Jenny McCarthy Leaving 'The View' Along with Sherri Shepherd

Jenny McCarthy is officially leaving The View in addition to the just announced departure of longtime co-host Sherri Shepherd.

The View will be moving in an exciting new direction next season and ABC has made decisions to evolve the show creatively,” ABC said in a brief statement about the departures.

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The exit of the two co-hosts comes a month after original co-host and show creator Barbara Walters retired, leaving just Whoopi Goldberg on the panel.

WHO DO YOU THINK should become a host of The View next?

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  • Maria

    Save Rob, his mother and sisters don’t care!

  • Gmitse Ko

    Jenny is a huge liability to the Network. Every time she opens her mouth there is potential for someone suing . That other Woman Sherri Shepard is also a disgusting Woman. She admitted on the air to having multiple abortions, She used the procedure as birth control. Now she is mired in a nasty divorce, again something the Network wants to avoid like a plague.

  • Jan

    one person can’t maintain control, since Barbara left it has been loud, noisy and ignorant. the show no longer discusses, mostly it accuses. Keep Woopie, (?) and get a nice calm person back. Elizabeth kept a nice even tone.

  • Kim

    No one it’s over!!!

  • http://comcast Audra

    Jenny was the only one that acted sane. Sherri is terrible on the show, always interrupting others and yelling.

  • Cici

    @Jan: Elizabeth was psychotic! She prob has a negro slave in her basement. lmao

  • Olivia

    Jenny and Sherri are a great duo. They should get their own show! They’d be far more entertaining and relevant than Kathie Lee and Hoda.

  • Balance

    I don’t like Elisabeth Hasselbeck, but she was right for the show. They need a conservative voice so they can argue political topics. Remember those great Rosie vs Elisabeth days! They should have realized Elisabeth was right for the position. Let’s hope they figure this out or just cancel the P.O.S. show.

  • cali

    She actually got fired. She got hired because they thought she’d be really opinionated and controversial but in reality she was just a dumb loud mouth.

  • Lulu

    Rosie is coming back, going head-to-head with Whoopie? Ross isn’t too bad. Juliana would be better than Bill Rancic (I don’t think he can go toe to toe with others in the group). No matter what, Elizabeth was the right ingredient for the show.


    @Cici: If she does, he’s probably bangin’ her cause she lets him.


    @Cici: The democrats were the pro-slavery party. The Republicans were the antislavery party. Just to tell you some history.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Love Jenny on The View, she doesn’t have a chance with Sherri always interrupting her. The worse ever was Sherri, what a rude, loud mouth.

  • Carol B

    I am SO glad Jenny and Sherri are leaving. Sherri has moments of being funny, but not many. I stopped watching when Jenny started. She replaced Elizabeth and I taped the show just so I could fast forward when she talked. If it wasn’t for Whoopi (love her), it probably wouldn’t have lasted this long. Why doesn’t Barbara get some well-rounded, compassionate, experienced women on the panel? Someone like Lisa Ling, and there was a journalist who was excellent in her interview, but I can’t remember her name.

  • ….

    Whoopie is the only one on this show that I can stand.

    Happy they let those two idiots go.

  • Erin

    Jenny shouldn’t even be allowed on tv. She has contributed to the mass of people who are not vaccinating their children and she is now trying to use a public platform, the view, to backtrack on what she initially claimed and to evade responsibility.

  • Cici

    But more than likely, she would have a PuertoRican negro slave in her basement since the PuertoRicans were slaves longer than any other group in the western world.

  • wow

    Good ! She needs to spend more time with her kid! (Jenny that is), and Sherri is gross. cancel the show.

  • Ms.Fitz

    Jenny. Mmm. Nope. When they cut to commercial, she always grabs the guest, & starts talking in close, fawning. Looks like she’s having a job interview, or wants to seem important because she knows everyone, & they only want to talk to her. If you watched the last 2-4 weeks when Barbara was on, she took Sheri down a few notches everyday. “May I finish”, “don’t use the word frickin, we all know what it means. ” Whew! Takedown by Ms. Walters.

  • Joy

    @Jan: It’s ALWAYS been loud and ignorant. That’s why I don’t watch it, they sound like a bunch of hens talking at the same time in a henhouse. Sherri is an ignorant moron.

  • .

    @ROUNDABOUT: You’re a moron, along with your “history” lesson.

  • miniluice22

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  • MartyBee46

    Never have liked Jenny-& Sherrie seems preoccupied – but not with Jeffrey – she has her own agenda. Whoopie is the only one left with common & business (learned) sense, Give her the host job & let HER & Bill choose the co-hosts, Will definitely be a much more desired show!

  • daxxon jabiru

    F–king morons the both of them. One for directly causing the reemergence of diseases such as measles and polio and freakin’ diptheria for chrissakes by encouraging idiot breeders not to vaccinate their larval effluvium — “precious children” — and the other for not f–king knowing the earth is not flat!!! Seriously — WTF!!!

  • Gator Girl

    Thank heavens Sherrie has been dumped. I stopped watching years ago because she is loud, obnoxious, unprofessional and STUPID. When she eats on air, it’s enough to make one lose their lunch. Her “also too” and “the earth is flat” is beyond ignorant.

    When the producers explained to her that the earth is indeed not flat, this 40 something woman with a small child claimed she was too busy taking care of her child to “research” it.

    I hope she just goes away. Starr Jones keeps trying to be in the limelight and I suspect this ghetto trash will have the same behavior.

  • Gator Girl


    True. But, surely you know that the Republicans in the 1860s were liberals, Democrats were right wing.

    The Republican from back then would today be called Democrats. The Democrats would be called Republicans. The philosophies are now reversed.

  • Chuck Estivez


    100% Republican vote an 23% Democrat vote to abolish slavery. 0%Democrat vote to give citizenship to freed slaves. Friends of the people, those Dem’s.

  • Chuck Estivez

    @Gator Girl:

    Roundabout, that is incorrect. The Republican were “progressive” still the same party.

  • Kathy Dame-Fierro

    I think Brooke Shields, Mario Cantone would be excellent. I think they will put a permanent male on the panel. I keep hearing Rosie is coming back but I think she burned her bridges already. There is that Spanish woman who is a congressman’s wife that I liked. Can’t remember her name. She is a conservative. They need to balance opinions instead of them all thinking alike.

  • sophia

    @Cici: What’s wrong with you. Are you in need of help. What’s with the slave talking. Do you have a slave?

  • sophia

    @Cici: What’s wrong with you? Are you in need of help? What’s wth this use of someone with a slave? Do you have a slave?

  • Carol

    The show needs a fresher, generational panel. I think they should add a man whether gay or straight and they should also have some variance by age….if Whoopi is in her 60′s then they should have someone in their 30′s and 40′s also.