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Keith Urban Opens Up About Wife Nicole Kidman On Stage!

Keith Urban Opens Up About Wife Nicole Kidman On Stage!

Keith Urban gives a thumbs up to photographers while arriving for a concert at the Rod Laver Arena on Thursday (June 26) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 46-year-old singer also performed a show at the venue the night before and talked about his wife Nicole Kidman while on stage.

“A couple of months before the wedding, we were in our hotel and we were talking about the future and Nic was getting very nervous about marrying me,” Keith said. “She was saying things like ‘It’s a long shot’ [but] I knew she loved me and was just nervous. I did everything I could to remind her that I was going to be her man forever.”

FYI: Keith is wearing Levi’s jeans.

Keith Urban Opens Up About Wife Nicole Kidman On Stage!
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  • Amy

    Aw. So sweet! He looks so good in these pics! Grow that hair, baby!

  • Yeah

    Because she was aware he was two-timing her. I’m sure they really love each other but he’s a cheat and he enjoys the prestige of being with a former a-lister / oscar winner.

  • Me3

    So nice how he talks about his wife like that. You have to respect and admire a faithful, loving husband.

  • Tea

    He is such a sweet man. Nicole is a lucky lady. It must be a relief for her to be married to a man who loves her and isn’t in a cult.


    That guy looks more feminine than his wife.

  • True Love

    @Yeah: You’re an idiot! Keith already has the most beautiful woman in the world, and seeing them together in person just proves it. I live near their house in Nashville, and they are always together, holding hands and totally loved-up. Does it make you feel good to tell lies?

  • Lulu

    Love your family and love yourself, Keith. Peace.

  • http://sad ere
  • Yeah

    @True Love: Google Amanda Wyatt. I meant he cheated on her, during that time, not necessarily now. And While I like Nicole Kidman, she’s not the most beauitful woman in the world, okay?! Get a life!

  • Yeah

    Also, i think Nicole was probalby also apprehensive because of Keith’s well documented drug and alcohol issues, but apparently he’s clean now.

  • Me3

    Why do you drag up the ugly past? Irrelevant! Move on!

  • True Love

    @Yeah: NO ONE ever proved that he cheated with Amanda West. She was paid $25,000 for that trash, which she herself later admitted was totally embellished by the British trash mag. She was a known druggie whose life is a mess. And yes, he IS clean and sober, for 8 years, and totally in love with his WIFE! Their real friends know that, too!

  • http://comcast Joni

    What a beautiful couple they make. I do believe they will be together for life. Keith is one of the most talented musicians, guitarists going today. Seems to me there are a lot of jealous, hateful people on this blog, puzzles me why anyone would want to be so hateful.

  • Shelly

    I bet they are getting divorced. No one lays it on so thick in real life.

  • Sally

    Keith’s message to the world in the past couple weeks has been beautiful describing how much he loves his wife.

  • Sally

    No Shelly if you know anything about the couple you would realize how wrong a statement you just made. They’re not getting divorced they love each other to have two beautiful children.

  • Sally

    I meant to say they have two beautiful children.

  • Cari

    @Shelly: Some do, but they aren’t celebs so you never hear about their love and how it lasts.

  • 1urbanfan27

    My sweet Keith…But why on JJ, his arrival to his show…I don’t remember that happening before…As for the rest… :)

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Sally: Why the over the top Sally? I know why…

  • Ruby

    Keith has been sharing his love for Nic at every concert in Australia, pretty sweet when a guy isn’t afraid to make open declarations :)

  • Not buying the hard sell

    These two are so fake. It almost as though they are selling the marriage on HSN, like Urban’s cheap guitars.

  • Datalounge Thread

    Keith Urban OUTED on Blind Gossip

  • Tea

    Beautiful couple. This week is their 8th year wedding anniversary. That is why Keith has been talking about his love for Nicole at concerts this week. This is a very special week for them. I know you haters would love for there to be trouble in their marriage, but it’s the opposite. They are happy and will be together forever just like both sets of their parents.

  • http://comcast Amber

    @Datalounge Thread: What does this mean?

  • http://comcast Patricia

    I am happy for them, they are crazy about each other. I have followed them from the start of their relationship as a fan. lovely couple. Love Keith on American Idol also.

  • http://comcast Patricia

    @Not buying the hard sell: You sound like a very hateful, nasty person. I am sure you are!!!!!

  • Linda

    Didn’t you know? The truth isn’t in what he says, it’s what he doesn’t say! ;-). So convenient to believe that! But really, Keith is a romantic who expresses his emotions in a very healthy way. All men should take notes.

  • Sally

    @1Urbanfan27 you don’t know ANYTHING stop listening to those voices you hear in your head. Yes I actually do know why. This is a man who loves his wife very much and he and Nicole where very upset that, as he put it, and felt sucker punched by all those ridiculous tabloids saying otherwise. He loves his wife very much and wants everyone to know. He also has beautiful girls that he is protecting with all his heart because Nicole, Sunday and Faith are his heart. Keith has been saying for years how much he respects and admire his wife but you just choose to ignore everything he says. The only one who is left out of the loop is you. In all the years you’ve been posting your insane stuff, Keith has been off with his wife or family. For a man that supposedly only married his wife as a promotion, he is sure happy as hell and his life is Keith says is, only getting better.

    This woman in Australia, Catriona Rowntree, who works on a travel show had a M&G with her husband in Melbourne and met both Keith and Nic and this was what she wrote on her blog:

    Soon, we are led into a darkened room where there seems to be this kind of tent at the centre, the curtain opens and I just watch James face as this smile spreads across it and he’s rendered speechless as we’re guided in to meet Our Keith… But there’s an unexpected bonus…….Tonight just happens to be the 8 year Anniversary of Nic and Keith’s Wedding. The Royal Couple! Lo and behold standing before us holding hands are the said couple. The King and Queen of Oz themselves! I mean, Keith and Nicole!

    Oh, I’ve so much to tell you, where do I begin. They’re gorgeous! Ok, you know that. They’re in love. You know that too, but I’m here to say, they’re totally smitten. Holding hands, complimenting each other, supportive, funny, they’re the real deal I feel so relieved to declare. She’s beautiful, tall and he’s taller than I expected too. So relaxed. Laughing and chatting with us about everything from children to stamps.

    When he mentioned that his wife was indeed watching from up in the box tonight, we all turned to wave like mad goons, sure enough a long elegant arm waved back. Love.
    Sooo, if your going to see Keith, you’ll have an awesome night, tell him I said hi. And, if you ever, ever, see one of those rotten nasty pieces in the gossip mags, you just remember my meeting… Still holding hands!!!

    Go back to where ever you came from because after all these years of posting your crazy stuff and all of us seeing Keith the happiest he’s ever been and ony getting happier. Your posts at this point are just to humorous.

  • Sally

    Oh and 27 this will not make your day but if you look at the third picture above you can see that Nic is with him. Her reflection is so clear on the hood of the car. You see they just came back from a romantic dinner to celebrate their ’8th” anniversary. 😍

  • Sally

    Sorry 27 one more thing, and yes I know this for fact because I have friends who were at that Melbourne concert. When Keith was talking about his love for Nicole for all the world to know, he had tears in his eyes. You could hear it in his voice. His LOVES his Nicole ❤

  • Linda

    They aren’t humorous. They are sad. Frustrating and sad. I know I can’t control people or convince them that white is white, but it makes me crazy that such evil exists in this world. Yes, I consider a woman who won’t accept or respect a marriage as evil. Marriage is hard enough without outside forces trying to undermine it. They made a promise to each other and owe those innocent children a happy, intact home. Stop trying to drive a wedge. That is the most evil, selfish thing! Family is sacred.

  • Wendy

    He looks so happy and handsome! Hair is growing thankfully.

  • Wendy

    Oh, don’t worry. Keith knows what he has and he knows how to make it last a lifetime. Nobody will get in the way.

  • Linda


    I am sure you are right. 8 years is proof that he is committed. What a sad waste of a life. To spend it stalking another woman’s husband. He is very good looking and talented, but no man is worth throwing your life away for. And thats exactly what she has done. Why cant she accept that he is not hers and never will be? Dear Lord! We all can’t be Mrs. Keith Urban. That’s life!

  • Wendy

    Obviously not mentally stable.

  • Carolyn

    That was a sweet tribute. So many couples take each other for granted after they’ve been married for a few years. Keith and Nicole seem to be keeping the romance alive. When you’ve got something good, you don’t want to lose it.

  • I smell a rat

    Keith has been selling the PR marriage hard while in Australia. I’m not aware of another celeb couple so intent on convincing the masses their marriage is the real deal. It is suspicious, overdone and far from normal.

  • Sally

    I smell a rat – it’s sad you don’t have a love like Keith and Nicole. I have this kind of love, so I fully understand and support both Keith and Nicole talking about their love. I love my husband, my husband loves me we support each other we are best friends it’s so easy when you have a truelove as I do and as Keith and Nicole.

    Sad for you to see you go to life not truly being loved.

  • Me3

    @I smell a rat:

    Far from normal? Really? It actually exists. Real love. Commitment. Really. It does. More than you know, apparently. Maybe you are hanging with the wrong crowd, or, maybe you weren’t cut out for real love and commitment.

  • Crazy people!

    @I smell a rat: You not only ‘sound like’ dear ol’ “1urbanfan27″ with her stupid “fake marriage” crap, you obviously haven’t watched or read much! Geezel, check out Jay Z and Beyonce’s new “act” together, and now they’re touring together with this “act” in stadiums! She’s wearing a thong and grinding all over him, and they’re all but having sex on the stage! Talk about trying to “convince the masses!”

    At least Keith is respectful and loving in what he says about HIS wife. People who LOVE each other show their love and respect because they’re PROUD of their spouses and marriages. Too bad you and some other hateful creeps wouldn’t recognize true love if it hit you in the face!

  • truth

    Crazy One can’t deal. She posts on a board where another troll says Tim McGraw is gay. The Kidman haters have always hated Faith Hill too. You know they all had huge breakdowns yesterday when the official Meanwhile Back at Mama’s video was released.

  • Sheri

    @Not buying the hard sell: I just bought one of Keith’s “cheap guitars” as you put it on HSN. It is beautiful, well-made and sounds great. Did YOU actually buy one?! He is a talented, loving, kind musician and he is great in concert – I know because I have been to two of them. You shouldn’t spew things you know nothing about.

  • so

    Such a pity you can’t simply enjoy the great love that the Urbans have for each other, and to keep spoiling your mood and joy by worrying about what anonymous people think. Put on some candles, have a candy, play some nice music, look at pictures of the loving couple and bathe in their joy. Enjoy, enjoy. Don’t waste your pure absolute joy at celebrating the Urbans’ marriage and love for each other. Celebrate it, sing out loud! Stay happy. Don’t keep dragging yourself down down down. Life is too short. Forget the massive evil in the world; the evil here that just keeps spoiling your happiness. Ignore the opinions of others. Love the Urbans. Love their children. Ignore the monsters in the world. Your heart is just too sensitive to allow it to be bashed and injured so much, all the time. Every day. Look up. Smile. Think of the Urbans and be happy. ok?

  • Sorry

    There is no joy in being lied to. Mr and Mrs Nicole Kidman are liars and the phony marriage they try too hard to convince us is real, is a HUGE lie.

  • tan

    When Keith coming out as gay ?

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ sorry and tan. What a pathetic person you are. We all know you are really THE CRAZY ONE with your other 50 or so names!! Is it just pure jealousy, Scientology or is it a case where (as/ someone else suggested) you through your panties on stage and he through them back ????????? . You are so full of hate, it just isn’t good for you, mentally and physically.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Also Quoting Nicole: “Nothing will ever, ever come before Keith. ” I thought this was a beautiful statement.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Correcting my spelling, that is threw your panties……threw them back.

  • Amy


    Even if they are lying, so what? What’s it to you? I mean, if I thought any celeb was spewing BS, I’d simply ignore it and them. I wouldn’t follow every word and comment for years on end. That would be so stupid! (And not for a second do I think it’s a lie. The idea that they’ve lied for 8 years is truly bizarre. )