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Vanessa Hudgens Shares The Most Adorable Pic of Her Puppy Shadow

Vanessa Hudgens Shares The Most Adorable Pic of Her Puppy Shadow

Vanessa Hudgens heads back to her car after running a few errands in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (June 26).

The 25-year-old actress recently shared a sweet pic on Instagram with her puppy, Shadow, who lives with her parents.

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“Reunited and it feels so gooooood. #shadow #puppylove #cutieeee,” Vanessa captioned. So cute!

Earlier in the day, Vanessa was spotted with her arms full of take out.

15+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 01
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 02
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 03
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 04
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 05
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 06
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 07
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 08
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 09
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 10
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 11
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 12
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 13
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 14
vanessa hudgens shadow reunite adorable pic 15

Photos: AKM-GSI, Instagram
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  • zacfan

    so pretty

  • Whatever!!!

    Again, seriously??? The QUEEN OF NOTHING just prances around town hoping someone takes her photo. Either change your management or stay home because you are EMBARRASSING yourself!!!

  • Shelly

    I wish these ridiculous paid posts for this horrifying woman would stop. It’s getting stupid

  • Nightwish

    Fat, short arms, overtanned, aging, immature, unemployed loosier. Justjared is her remaining claim to fame. This site is desperate in her behalf, as are her fans and hudgens as well. Go to skool, hudgens!

  • florence2

    Don’t get why Shadow doesn’t live with Vanessa especially when she’s not working and why her parent’s have her.

  • Effy

    Alright Jared, how much is she paying you? You post pictures of her multiple times a day and it’s only causing a majority of people to dislike her. We never see JLaw on this site.

  • bbb


  • dff


  • df


  • Agnes

    She has a cute dress!

  • http://Justjared Charlie

    I love the shoes of Vanessa and Shadow is so adorable. She leads a beautiful life.

  • Randal

    The only reason Jared have her in this site is because she is half Filipino like him. If she wasnt she would be irrelevant in this site. She is a has been.

  • maria

    @Nightwish: You need to take your chronically verball diarrhea and your loser aliases elsewhere. So lame, so old, so pathetic. You know she looks great!

  • http://cfggg Glamour

    why does she work out this much if she is not gonna work . there really is no point of maintaining an actress ‘s fitness if she ‘s not one . afteral maintainin an actress ‘s fitness is not easy .

  • mean

    Her dog is living with her family not with her.This is all this women does run arrends and work out. Augly strangly hair. Her hair is all dried up.

  • mean

    Just jared said that she came back from hawaii vacation. Everyday is vacation for this women. Start looking for a job women. Get a life. Stick of her doing the same thing everyday.

  • mean

    justjared jr sorry!!!!

  • tina

    First, Shadow was always her family’s dog. She was originally bought for Stella. Secondly, if she never works again, why in the he ll should it bother you? She has worked since she was eight. She has earned enough to sit on her ass for the rest of her life if she chooses. When she comes to you asking for anything, then get back with me. Other than that why would you care how much she makes? Last you really don’t know what she’s been doing other than the daily trips to the gym. She said she was taking time off to do a personal project. If that meant weaving baskets beside her pool, guess what? Her life, her decision. Are you downing her for maintaining her body? Lmao. You people just get sillier by the day.
    Love this dress.

  • MT
  • zacfan

    be glad she’s not munching on “poppies” like someone we all know

  • mean

    See if its true or not about her staring in a play.

  • Nightwish

    @tina: WHO GIVES A F*CK

  • ZTB_Girl

    She isn’t doing anything at all.
    She has an expensive lifestyle and to keep that she has to work. She’s not that rich. She will have a few millions in her bank account but she has to pay bills, she has a big house a lot of other expensive luxury, someone has to pay that. Austin isn’t capable of doing that, he has way less than she does.

    I might be wrong, but I think she has troubles to get roles. Everything that came after Journey 2 was miserable and didn’t really pay off. twice or three times a year she needs a new car, because she’s always hitting something with it, speaking of the scratches in the car finish, bumpers, … To drive a car isn’t difficult, maybe it’s for her.

    She should really start to do something …

  • tina

    @ZTB_Girl: So it’s “what do you think day.” I’m sure you wouldn’t want some one who couldn’t possibly know anything about you “guessing” things about your life, but here you are giving us a paragraph about what you think about hers. “A couple of million in the bank?” Not enough for you? So you’re basically a billionaire, right? I want to know what she does that is soooo expensive? Own her home? That’s a plus. Have a gym membership? So do millions of others. Drive a car? Take a vacation? What? Sorry to tell you but all these things are what normal people do. If you hit something with your car it’s called insurance and repair.

  • tina

    @Nightwish: Obviously you. See you’re still here morning, noon, and night trolling. Must really be sad to be you.

  • maria

    @ZTB_Girl: Know what I think? I think you’re a Zac fan, who doesn’t know squat. Her movies after J2 were NOT miserable; she got good reviews, built a resume with some interesting roles, and Spring Breakers was on many lists of the best movies from last year. Her reviews for Gimme Shelter were great! So what are you smokin’? Are you jealous that she has stayed clean and out of rehab, has a great relationship, and keeps her head on straight? That’s worth a million bucks right there. I’ll bet if you asked Efron, he’d gladly give up a million to not be an alcoholic, with a long struggle ahead of him. Maybe if he’d learn to stay away from people and situations that are a problem, he would wise up. He hasn’t. So quit whining about this girl, and go worry about him elsewhere.

  • Ha

    @maria: Desperate to talk about your obsession huh? Funny how you are always the first to bring him up, completely out of context. Like a sad teenage girl with an unrequited crush. Does your husband know about the secret Zac shrine you keep in your “shoe closet”

  • Ha

    @tina: You’re getting on someone’s case for saying what they think about a celeb on a celeb gossip site? What the heck do you expect? Meanwhile, you know specific details about the Hudgens family dog? You are either a family member, or a really strange bird.

  • Ivy

    @Ha: I know right. Did the ztb girl say she was an efron fan? No. Didn’t say anything about him whatsoever. Maria went off for nothing. She basically “assumed” the girl was one of his fans when in reality it could have been anyone. So what someone didn’t like her movies after J2, big deal. Everyone’s different. It’s like Maria can’t make her point across without always bringing him up, but then she says talk about him on his thread? Don’t get that. She can easily write a post about only Vanessa and still make a point, but she chooses not too. It’s sad.

  • tina

    @Ha: Actually I know that because I’m not a johnny-come -lately and have been her fan for a long time. She said it in an interview, nothing “strange” about knowing something. And yes, I feel if she can say what she “thinks” I can tell her just what I “think” about people who sit around making things up because they “thought” about it.