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Amy Adams Gives Up Her First Class Seat to a US Soldier in Coach

Amy Adams Gives Up Her First Class Seat to a US Soldier in Coach

Amy Adams was on a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles in a first class seat on Friday morning (June 27) when she noticed a soldier get on board in the coach section of the flight.

Jemele Hill, co-host of ESPN’s Numbers Never Lie, who happened to be on the same flight, detailed what happened to Today via email.

“When we were waiting to board, I saw her glance the soldier’s way and then she said something to the person she was traveling with,” Jemele said. “Once we boarded, I saw she was in first class. I was upgraded to first class and she was a couple rows behind me. I think she must have said something to the flight attendant, because before we took off she had vacated her seat and the flight attendant brought the soldier to her seat.”

“I just thought it was incredibly classy and thoughtful,” she added . “I already was a fan of hers, but now I’m a bigger one after today.”

Jemele also tweeted the news from the flight.

“Just saw actress Amy Adams do something incredibly classy. She gave her 1st class seat to an American soldier. I’m an even bigger fan now.” she wrote.

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  • 2 cts

    Anything for good publicity.

  • Pam

    Her father was a soldier. Such a classy move, too bad there aren’t many celebs that nice.

  • but why?

    Was he a veteran or something? If he wanted 1st class he could have bought himself the right ticket. You can’t convince me that this is not PR. She’s already campaigning for her next Oscar.

  • cam

    @but why?:

    It’s really sad when a person’s gesture of kindness and reapect for someone who has served our country is somehow deemed a PR stunt. Amy Adams is a very sweet person and I believe her gesture tro be sincere and sweet. I love her movies & will now be an even bigger fan.

  • Jess

    Reverence for the US military is a profoundly bizarre concept to me. They get paid to kill people and invade their countries for a variety of economic reasons and corporate interests. Just give some of your money to a charity in need if you really want to do a good deed.

  • Chris

    @Jess, Its respect for someone serving the country. The soldiers have no choice where they go. Most join the military to get money for college or some training to be able to better support themselves or family. Most soldiers don’t join up to fight, only to get skills. The fact that they have to fight sometimes is not their fault. And to be honest, the sacrifices soldiers make are above and beyond a normal citizen, and as well as the sacrifices their families have to endure. I come from a military family with a long tradition of service, and I can guarantee, no one in my family is a killer, they are all well adjusted men whom proudly served their country in some of the worst wars we have ever faced. I will always thank a soldier or sailor for their service, they deserve my respect.

    @but why, Considering she never made a big deal about it, it was an espn reporter who happened to be on the same flight, and the fact she seemed to quietly have the switch done, tells me this was done out of kindness and respect. I can be quite cynical for the human intention, but sometimes a kindness is just a kindness, and just because the person doing the kind act happens to be a celebrity doesn’t mean their kindness is only for “PR”.

  • Drats

    @but why?: your cynicism is disgusting

  • Drats

    @2 cts:

    You sound like one unhappy person. God help you.

  • Drey

    come on, how can you think this is a PR stunt when she wasn’t aware anyone would tweet about it…

  • Cate

    That’s very nice of her. Her father was in the military so she probably has a lot of respect for the military.

  • Cristi

    @Jess: Jess are you an American? If so, you are an extremely uneducated person. Do yourself a favor and pick up a history book sometime, that will give you “reverence” for the US soldier. Your parents and teachers have failed you miserably.

  • WTFEver…

    @Jess: Exactly! They invade other countries. Rape their women. Piss on bodies, dead or alive. Humiliate their holy books/women/culture and Americans celebrate the gesture by treating them as if they were messiah’s. GMAFB. The way Americans pimp these stories and the comments by their naïve and incredibly uneducated nation is melodramatic and over-the-top, to say the least. Always makes me roll my eyes. These aren’t heroes, they’re Hollywood action-hero wannabes. You’d be surprised at what American solders *really* do in those countries. Sick monsters.

  • Fercat

    Frankly, you should blame the guys who send them there. Other than the salvation army I haven’t known an army at war without atrocities.

  • monkeygrudge

    @Fercat: I was in the Salvation Army with Michael J Fox and Sean Penn, and I can testify to some pretty nasty stuff…

  • jen

    @jess @WTFEver thank you for existing.. I wished there’d be more enlightened,smart americans like you :’/

  • Fercat

    “Sean Penn”
    That’s just asking for it.

  • Fercat

    ‘Humiliate their holy books”
    I respect a guy who think books have feelings.

  • Jess

    @Chris: I respect their sacrifices but it’s not like they live in a country where military service is mandatory and your country is in any real danger. They volunteer, so they know damn well what they’re getting into and what they’ll have to do. Call them what you want but to me they’re nothing but government pawns… Killing strangers to pay for college or make your family proud, seriously?!? Stop whining and wake up, you guys are not living in Darfur, you have both your legs, a roof over your self-righteous heads and food on your tables every day.
    @Cristi: No, not American. America is not the only free and educated country in the world and you are not a special snowflake. You need to deal with the fact that different countries have VERY different views on the US military. Not everyone sees them as freedom fighters and worship the ground they walk on just because they have no other life goals other than blindly “serving their country” to get a super awesome cookie, free therapy and shitty health care when/if they come home alive. If you don’t mind having random citizens’ blood on your glorious patriotic hands, then good thing we both live where we do.

  • Scott

    @Jess: Well said ! I LOVE YOU !

  • What an idiot

    @Chris: So you think people that haven’t served in a war do not deserve respect or act of kindness? The idea of defending freedom and actually doing it are two completely different things. By enlisting you are not defending freedom. You are only volunteering to be a henchmen for the corrupt politicians in Washington. The problem with brainwashed tools like you is you believe everything some higher ranking person tells you…which is usually a lie. The bombing of Hiroshima, the Vietnam mess, alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, no proof Bin Laden was actually killed by american soldiers, Iran having nukes…..all BS claims to get idiots like you to defend freedom by paying more taxes. It’s more like a hoax so the american govt can get its hand in other countries affairs and get away with it. I have served in war zones, so I know first hand what kind of BS and lies are told to not only the american public but especially to those who serve. There’s nothing noble or great about being a soldier. Being a soldier is an ugly, dirty and cruel job. It consists of killing people, training to kill people, or assisting others in killing people.

  • Kyle

    @Chris: Let’s face it…. How many soldiers joined the military because they were really great at school or in good terms with family members? I hate to say it but today’s military breeds three types of people: assholes, alcoholics, and laziness. I would never give up my seat for one of those but for someone in need? No problem.

  • Living in a box

    The bottom line is nothing good come from war, even when you joining a military to serve and protect your nation, some as s hole will send you million miles away from your home and to destroyed someone else home in the name of democracy. Regard what Amy did, pr or not it’s still a nice thing to do.

  • Cbryns

    @Jess and @WTFEver …you are making a generalization of hundreds of thousands of brave and selfless people based on the actions of a select few idiots who were disrespectful and took their power as a person in control of a situation way too far. My father is a veteran of the Gulf War and he helped save American lives by selflessly defending our freedoms for over 30 years of service. My boyfriend is also in the military and works to defend our nation in the intelligence arena. Your comments are insulting, rude, and completely off the mark. Clearly you do not grasp the virility and necessity of what it takes to defend a nation that is free like ours. Adams was showing due respect as these service members sacrifice years away from family, friends, the comfort of home, and put their lives on the line to ensure that YOU, and the rest of us, are able to roam free and live a happy life. If it weren’t for the military and its efforts to protect Americans, you would not be able to enjoy even the freedom you have to have even just posted those snarky remarks. If you have never met, been involved or related to, or experienced anything our service members endure, do not assume to speak on it in any valid manner.

    “The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge.”

    Do your homework.

  • Cbryns


    Again, a generalization. I know many servicemen who joined because they felt it was their duty and had a desire to defend their nation. Not to get money for college, not to be lazy. In fact the training these people go through is something probably 85% of American civilians could not endure successfully.

    My father joined after receiving his master’s degree and served for thirty years defending our country. He is the LEAST lazy person I know, and doesn’t drink a sip. My boyfriend joined only after he made sure he got his bachelor’s degree and may I repeat – NOT lazy. Your generalizations are insulting to those who actually work hard and find meaning in their service and the families who stand behind them and sacrifice as well.

  • meme

    she quietly did this. she was very discrete about it not even saying anything to the soldier himself, simply asked the flight attendant to make the switch. someone from Espn noticed they switched seats and she called in this story. This isn’t amy seeking publicity. She’s not kim kardashian people, putting everything she does on display

  • Joel Moreno

    Less than one percent of the U.S. population has served in the military. Thus, 99 percent of the U.S. population has no idea of who joins the military or why. Being in a combat type unit (primarily infantry) is one of the most arduous/physical things someone can do. Not for the lazy. A bomb goes off at a marathon, people are hurt. Do you realize soldiers and Marines expose themselves to this kind of danger willingly, many, many times during every depolyment. They do NOT do this for a relatively small pay check. Until YOU find the courage to face danger over and over again, do not judge those courageous men and woman who raised their hands and serve (or have served) defending YOUR right to express yourself, no matter how ignorant or assinine. First, display your courage, honor, dedication, committment and charecter, then you can speak from a position of knowledge about soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen, about who they are and why they do what they do. In the meantime enjoy your cool beverage, wings and TV while sitting on your buttocks, speaking of things you know absolutely NOTHING about. Amy Adams thanks