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Kim Kardashian & North West Were Victims of Racist Attack On Recent Flight

Kim Kardashian & North West Were Victims of Racist Attack On Recent Flight

Kim Kardashian arrives at 75 Main for lunch with her pregnant older sister Kourtney Kardashian on Monday afternoon (June 30) in the Hamptons, N.Y.

On this weekend’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim was the victim of multiple racist attacks including the Vienna Ball blackface incident that was already reported, as well as an awful moment on the flight home from Austria.

“I fell asleep, I woke up to this woman screaming, ‘Kanye West‘s baby!’ The woman is screaming at my child, I jump up…” Kim said before her mom Kris Jenner finished the story. She said, “This lady stood up in the cabin in first class, and yelled at the top of her lungs, ‘She’s with a black guy, and that baby is black! And you need to shut that black baby up!’”

FYI: Kourtney is wearing ASOS shorts.

To watch what went down at the Vienna Ball, check out the video below:

Racist Jokester Ruins Opera Ball for Kim Kardashian

20+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian out for lunch in the Hamptons…

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  • irishdad

    if you don’t like the world you live in, why don’t you use some of that money and take a private jet? the world isn’t going to change for you

  • ks


    it should. this behavior is inexcusable and no one should be a victim of it no matter where they come from or how much money they have.

  • Mariah

    Yeah as someone who’s mixed I can say that this type of thing is not unusual. People are weird and intolerant a lot of times. Just wait until North goes to school…that’s where the real psychological damage will be done that’s all I can say I don’t care how much money and fame they have – kids are cruel and they learn it from each other and from their parents. I wish it were another way….

  • Garrett

    wonder how much the kardashians paid this women to do this on purpose so they can create more publicity and drama?

  • Myrna

    When North grow up. Her classmate is not gonna show her mothers SEX SCANDAL…and thats worst than racist!!!!

  • Myrna

    When North grow up. Her classmate is gonna show her mothers SEX SCANDAL video‚Ķand that’s worst than racist!!!! So, she better prepare how to explain that to her kid!!!!! just saying!

  • neal

    There are some sick people in this world.

  • swiftie

    That word “Kardashian” sounds like some kind of monster or something really evil and disgusting. Whenever I hear “Kardashian”, I always think of Kevorkian (Dr Death). He was Armenian too. Kendall & Kylie should consider themselves lucky to be Bruce Jenner’s kids.

  • nogo

    Where is this woman who supposedly screamed?? Does she even exist or is she a figment of the imagination of Kris and Kim?? I wouldn’t believe a word that they say about anyone because they live their lives for publicity and they know that a story like this will bring them publicity. And why haven’t we heard about this before?? Probably because they were saving this made-up story to boost the ratings of their crap tv show, which is sinking fast.

  • Hollywood

    I can’t believe people are dumb enough to believe this actually happened lol.

  • Martha

    That woman is sick.

    however i was wondering why North was crying , seemed like they couldn’t keep her quiet. I know babies are unpredictable but i think since The baby doesn’t know who it’s mother is it is even more scared/crying.

    Who flies their baby on their own without a mother there? Poor child (look it up on TMZ)

  • liarliar

    That story sounds fake. She’s just looking for attention. We all know she’s never with her child.

  • heidi

    @#9 – I also believe that this is a made-up story or we would have heard about this a long time ago. There were other people on the plane yet nobody said any such thing happened, nobody. The only two people saying this happened are the two people who would be sure to garner headlines for this story, Kris and Kim. Wouldn’t believe a word out of their botoxed lips.

  • Anon

    I don’t for a second believe the story. It would have been all over TMZ. The entire show is scripted.

  • lili

    They’re really sinking to the bottom of the barrel when they have to invent airplane stories just to get sympathy. Can this family be any more disgusting??

  • nell

    A fake story coming from the family of fake – what a surprise!!

  • Kaye

    Oh I believe it…weirder things have happened

  • DUH



  • nell

    @#17 – yes, weirder things have happened, but why hasn’t anyone from their flight, either passengers or crew, said one word about this?? The only people talking about this so-called incident are Kris and Kim, and that seems awfully suspicious ….

  • Alya

    I do hates Kim and Kanye but “you need to shut that black baby up” that’s an awful thing 2 this kind of people still here?

  • trish

    The only person screaming at Kim is the little man inside her head who is begging her to get a brain.

  • DUH

    I guess they need something to get folks to watch their trash show. So they are going down the “racist” route.

  • Tina

    I don’t believe this story for a second.
    But I do believe Kim pushes around a stroller with towels inside, not north.
    I also believe Kim lets others raise her baby, fly alone with her baby etc

  • Why

    So this racist comment was just after the ball and the women was screaming. There were other people on the flight right? No one tweeted about it, no one but these two talked about it until now that this episode is being aired? What airline did they fly on?
    The story seems kind of disjointed to me.
    I don’t understand what is with all the racist story’s coming out about her and Kayne. Is this a new angle to get extra attention, or sympathy. Did she experience any of this with her other boyfriends. Why now?

  • Why

    @Tina: “But I do believe Kim pushes around a stroller with towels inside”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHaHAHA me too!!!!!!!!

    What should we call the towels?

  • Meagan

    Don”t let your big boobs fall out of that dress bitch. Augly dress. All that family wants the attention..

  • Lol

    I don’t believe a word of this story…I bet it’s all a staged, make believe event to gain sympathy and ratings.

  • jon m’shulla

    They set the whole thing up. No one screams stuff like that on a jet. We are meant to feel she is a victim of racism? BS. She is an over privileged brat , spoiled beyond belief.

    All this “racism” crap….her latest round of PR campaign, along with the wedding etc…just crap.

    No Kardashians.

  • J

    @irishdad: why should people spend money on a private jet to not get harrassed on a plane. That’s ridiculous. Tell that to the thousands of African Americans getting harrassed on a daily basis. Tell them to avoid the world they live in. You sir part of why the world is so backwards.

  • ayava

    @nogo: They are lying as usual. Remeber that so called ‘racist white teenager’ attack from a couple of months ago? There was no proof that it happened, and sae with this fake story. No proof. How low can a person go to use racisim as a tool to get higher ratings?

  • ayava

    Really?? Why are there no pics or tweets or anything about this? These people document everything they do. Its fake, just like their other fake racial attacks. Anyone who doesnt think the Kardshaians are scum, here is your proof. What kind of folks use make up stories of racisim to get sympathy from people?

  • truth


    Exactly! I had it pegged as a publicity stunt for their “show”. That family is nothing but a bunch of famewhores!

  • lol


    LMAO – Oh I can’t stop laughing! So true!

    & most people posting here have brains because no one is believing this BS story for one minute. LOL!

  • cam


    LOL – you have something there. “Pushing around a carriage filled with towels”, LOL. These people are the worst. Say what you want about the Lohan’s but the Kardashians are the biggest phonies & talk about “selling” you children to make a buck – Kris wopuln’t care if all her kids made sex tapes & they could make money selling them. Famewhores – that’s a good word for them!

  • Neil

    Republicans; can’t take them anywhere without them making a mess.

  • Emerald


    Hey! What that woman did to Kim and her baby was/is inexcusable. There is no justification for that kind of racist behavior. Shame on you!!!

  • Emerald


    You are dumber than a sack of hammers. Please stop inserting that size 18 foot in your mouth.

  • Lee

    Until someone not connected to her comes forward and confirms that
    this actually happened, I think it is just another of her manipulating
    lies to get press attention.
    I for one will be glad when the rag mags stop pushing her down our throats.

  • Dee

    I seriously doubt the validity of this story. Not because racism doesn’t exist, but because there is no way on earth that Kim would have kept quiet about this for so long.
    Kanye loves to cry about racism. You can be sure that he and Kim would have had this plastered everywhere.

  • Looselipz

    Neither event happened. Hey are both nothing but publicity stunts. I can’t believe the ball would allow them to film that nonsense. Money talks. Lots of it. What a disgust this entire fake family is. It’s difficult to look at a Kim and how blown up and plastic her face is. Scary and sad at the same time.

  • fashionista

    Like seriously this whole clan lost credibility a long time ago and the more antics they pull, even the naive have to see it. I wonder if they can’t remember what is truth and what is made up anymore. Too bad Bruce didn’t escape with the 2 youngest, Too late now. They are in the coven fully fledged.

  • Mitchies

    If you don’t like The Kardashian’s why do you watch their show, read articles about them or even comment on their lives? All of this negativity is unnecessary. Why waste your time commenting on their every move if you disagree with their lifestyle? Their popular because of the likes of you and your need to know what their doing.

  • Luanne call Me Countess

    Did happen about 2 years ago. Man used N word and slapped the baby on a flight and slapped the baby. Was an executive but got fired. Drunk and flying to pull a kid off life support is my recollection. Arrested for it. If anyone believes Kanye West would have kept his mouth shut and the person saying this would have been allowed off the plane without ramifications, they are delusional. Any upsets on planes nowadays are met with zero tolerance. This is as real as Lindsay Lohan’s miscarriage!! Even the wording was phony. How many times was “black” used in3 sentences? Totally unnatural, especially for a rant…in first class. Also, no Kardashian has stepped up to reaffirm this happened. Though it did…to someone else. Look up the story for yourselves. Then stop watching their show, buying their crap and keeping them rich and famous.

  • ohm

    @Garrett: If I were the supposed woman I would sue the living daylights out of kardashians…oh yes I would. Why do I find this really hard to beleive?

  • Luanne Call Me Countess

    Who would this alleged horrible woman be? They were purposefully vague. If someone attacked my child like that and there were no charges being pressed, I would be announcing every descriptive detail I could recall…including flight number, date, time and where the flight departed from and landed. Age, color, height, weight and outfit worn would also be provided. I would not let go if my kid was attacked. If nothing else, I would hope people who knew the offender would realize who it was and judge her appropriately. The alleged victims of what would be a horrible attack are way too complacent! These are not classy people and they could have followed this racist woman out of the airport and let her have it in front of the paparazzi. Best vengeance ever, and yet everyone let this deranged woman just walk away without one word after attacking a baby? Their baby and grand baby? No freaking way! Even if Kim froze up, Granny has some fight in her. Kim, although you are trying to make it so, racism against blacks is not currently your battle. If you ever legitimately witness racism, feel free to defend the victim. However, you didn’t actually make it your battle, did you? You jumped up and let a crazy racist woman verbally assault your innocent, treasured child without uttering a word. Then you whined about it months later. Just shut up and leave the fight to fighters. Don’t make up stories ahead of time. Your daughter will likely have dealings with racism down the road, and I hope you stand up with her and for her when it really happens. Currently, at best you are a rotten liar. At worst, a rotten mother who lacks any legitimate protective instincts. I wish the best for the baby, and it ain’t looking great. She will have plenty of money for therapy, though, to address being abandoned while the parents chose fame and fortune over nurturance. Grrr… so suck!!!!!