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Zac Efron Goes Shirtless & Does Amazing 'Wiggle' Dance - Watch Now!

Zac Efron Goes Shirtless & Does Amazing 'Wiggle' Dance - Watch Now!

Zac Efron goes shirtless while lounging on a dock with a bikini-clad Michelle Rodriguez during a trip to Italy over the weekend.

The 26-year-old actor is spending time vacationing with stylist Domenico Zambelli, digital entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi, and dancer Youssef Giga.

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In one amazing video posted to Instagram, Zac and some of the guys are seen doing a dance to Jason Derulo‘s hit song “Wiggle” and you must watch!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac Efron’s dance moves?

Click inside to watch a video of Zac Efron going shirtless on the dock…

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zac efron shirtless wiggle dance 01
zac efron shirtless wiggle dance 02
zac efron shirtless wiggle dance 03
zac efron shirtless wiggle dance 04
zac efron shirtless wiggle dance 05

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  • lauren

    i cant wait for the positive comments on here on how zac shouldt be hanging out with Michelle because of her past and etc, because you know thats going to be half of them.

  • ATizz

    he is dating Cara Delevingne´s ex girlfriend, how gross, i guess he is not clean and sober anymore, considering Michelle´s lifestyle we are getting zac’s first mugshot soon. Also how good are his friends, showing the world how the supposed clean Zac is partying in Italy with people who are associated to the drug world. lmao

  • lauren

    @ A tizz
    i highly dobut he’s dating michelle, and you know maybe zac can have friends who are girls and not assume every girl he’s with he’s dating them? so two people who are on vacation with friends automantically means zac is sleeping with michelle? considering your user name is A-tizz you seem like a joy.

  • Unknown

    He’s so so cute, but he can’t dance for shit lmao

  • OK

    Love you Zac. Such an adorable video. Hope you enjoy your vacation.
    Let the haters begin.

  • Unknown

    @ATizz: Oh here we go again! Always people like you who act like they know him or know everything about his life.

  • Woah

    @lauren: haha you’re right. Look at the comment below you. This fool actually thinks he’s dating her lol.

  • lauren

    i know, because you know those comments will be ” zac is toally dating michelle because logic and etc, but im pretty sure Michelle is bi ( witch doesnst matter) but it seems in the past she likes girls more? who knows but apparently every girl zac talks to,friends with or anything it means hes banging them. so logic of course

  • LOL

    they all just look like rich friends on vacation…I didn’t even think for a second they’re dating. In the summer friends go on vacation together.

  • Mike

    @Unknown: no, no he can dance. He got rhythm and he got straight swag. Just put him in dance movie. He’s going to show off lol.

  • lauren

    ignore ppl like ”a-tzz” who comment and act like they know zacs life because of what they say based on instagram pics and videos or sightings of zac.

  • Camme

    Werk it! You guys should check out that gianluca vacchi’s Instagram where the video came from. I wanna train with him. His exercise routines look so awesome but challenging.

  • Zac

    Zac got some great moves!! Looks good <3

  • Linda

    Oh! Zac is getting it. Now the real question… Where can I find that yellow crocodile for my pool lol.

  • Woah

    @lauren: haha, yup.

  • Elise

    Watch out! Zac is going to be in the next top dance movie lol. Alright Zac I what to see you dance to talk dirty to me.

  • lauren

    at this point its predictble, if this was a walking post of zac doing somthing in la ppl would say the same thing except he looks rough.
    its no different then hes in italy.

  • Meg

    @LOL: yup that’s what I saw too.

  • Erin

    Nice. The only problem that I have is that the video is not long enough!

  • Woah

    @lauren: yea, it is. You’re right. This must be their favorite hobby.

  • OK

    The man has moves that is for sure. Love the idea he is enjoying himself.

  • Keisha

    Wow, this just made my day. Imma learn how to do that handstand.

  • Max

    They all have moves. Loved zac, loved the guy in the middle and absolutely loved the guy on the left, he was feeling the beat too.

  • Kia

    @Zac: yes he does. @lauren: I feel as though Zac could be hanging out with nuns and it will be the same response lol.

  • Jane

    Gorgeous!! Hope your enjoying Italy. It’s beautiful over there.

  • kami

    your comment indicates that you think he’s doing something wrong by being with michelle? guilt by association? and yours is the first comment on here, so you’re not responding to the so called haters. what exactly bothers you about him hanging with michelle?

  • Larry

    @kami: no, not really. Her comment was meant for the haters. Hopefully stopping something before it began, but we all know that never succeeds.

  • lauren901

    Im not? But the repsones ive seen are negative? Where did i say i have a problem with him hangih out with her ? I said i bet theres gonna be comments because ppl not just me focus on the negative???? Did you read any of the comment after me at all? Did u honestly think no one was going to say somthing negative at all towards michelle? Come on u know how this site works???? Fyi i never said anything bad so.

  • Kailee

    @Camme: I just look on it, you’re right. His tattoos are pretty fierce and usually I don’t like that but it works for him. Just jared sure does love using shirtless in their titles. They all killed the dance even though they weren’t even trying.

  • Camme

    @Kailee: yup, yup.

  • milla

    vcs são muito burras mesmo o zac é gay ,mais nunca vai assumir ,ele nem pode fazer isso porquer iria atrapalhar a carreira dele,mais ele é gay e vanessa que namorou com ele sabe disso é amigos também.

  • Cello

    That’s my jam!

  • Nikki

    I keep forgetting he can dance and sing because he hasn’t done that in a while.

  • Jen

    @ATizz: I don’t think he’s dating Michelle Rodriguez at all, but it makes sense now of why every time Robert Pattinson is hanging with Michelle, Zac Efron is there too. Sounds like they’re all a group of a friends. People are like that you know, it’s not much different from growing up in high school. Some people have little groups of friends here and there. It doesn’t mean they’re all hooking up.

  • Keith

    Wingle, wingle, wingle.

  • Cate

    What a random group of friends.

    That Youssef guy is a good dancer and I forgot that Zac was a pretty good dancer as he hasn’t danced in a while. The old white guy…is having fun.

  • Vell

    Italians sure do love their speedos. There’s nothing wrong with that though.

  • Digna

    This makes me want to take a vacation to somewhere hot and awesome.

  • Ursula

    He’s with the right alcoholic crowd. That’s what you call the coke dance.

  • GayZac

    So gay.

  • cokeaddict

    Now all he needs is a bong and a pipe, Sizzurp

  • Lisa

    To answer your question, Zac did very well. This makes me want to take a vacation, well this and its summer. @Keisha: I want to learn that too.

  • Jana

    So what if he is with a fast crowd. Michelle always looks high and in her words she f**ks whoever she pleases she loves both sexes. So let’s just say he is between lovers and he has a sure thing , go to f**K buddies. No biggie that is the way most of HW is. Zefron is no different as far as him keeping away from alcohol and drugs with the people he has been around lately good luck with that.

  • Relapse?

    The problem with hanging with that crowd AND Michelle is that they LOVE to party, and Efron should be steering clear of ALL that. He is SO stupid to think he won’t be tempted. There ya go, lauren. No hate, just stating the obvious.

  • hsm fan

    hf the old dude in the speedos and zac’s feet

  • Amelia

    @lauren: Uh uh, regarding comment 17, thats right but if they want to waste their time doing that then its their miserable, sad lives.

  • Dela

    @Relapse?: Wait, do you even know that crowd or are you just assuming? because a lot of people don’t. And why do you use random capital letters? I’ve seen that before. I’m pretty sure people can read fine without that.

  • Mila

    It’s sad when people can’t enjoy vacations anymore without getting criticize for it.

  • Amber

    Dance moves where on point. Whoever’s property that is, the dock splitting the lake and the background is beautiful.

  • Chris

    geez, all these celebs on this site taking their vacations. Let me take my vacation right now.