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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Look So Happy Together at Serpentine Gallery Party

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Look So Happy Together at Serpentine Gallery Party

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse share an adorable moment while holding hands upon leaving the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party at The Serpentine Gallery on Tuesday (July 1) in London, England.

The couple laughed and joked before posing for pictures with Salma Hayek‘s husband Francois-Henri Pinault on the red carpet.

The Serpentine Galleries are among London’s most popular art venues showing modern and contemporary art, and even better yet, admission in free! Be sure to check out the galleries if you are in the London area.

FYI: Suki is wearing a Burberry dress with Topshop shoes. Bradley is wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses.

20+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse at the summer party…

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bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 01
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 02
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 03
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 04
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 05
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 06
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 07
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 08
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 09
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 10
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 11
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 12
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 13
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 14
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 15
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 16
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 17
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 18
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 19
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 20
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 21
bradley cooper suki waterhouse serpentine gallery 22

Photos: Getty, WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Drake

    She look nice here their photo ops are like clockwork. Begin of the month suki Bradley so in love pics. They on that Jennifer gardener Ben affleck rotation,

  • Ahhh

    Ahhh father and daughter.

  • Mary

    I like this couple a lot.

  • Ahhh


    Are you into guy whole like barely legals then. You sicko.

  • Ahhh

    Cooper is one step away from being a kiddie fiddler.

  • Designer?

    I love her dress. Which designer?

  • the revenant

    Suki is bland and doesn’t look like a model. She had a nose job.
    She’s a nice girl I guess.

  • Who is she?

    The dress is nice but the shoes totally ruined the look!! They do not even match the dress.

    How old is she and how old is Bradley?

  • Ahhh

    Quite a few people who are prev supporters here. You’re a bunch of perv enablers.

  • shaneeze

    @Ahhh: “A daughter will always have the memories of her father, her best friend” )

  • Nope

    @the revenant: she is only a good sucker.

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    He lost some weight ,it’s nice! Because he didn’t look muscular ( with his big cheeks)

  • Sexythang

    She’s nothing special. He has taste only in his mouth. He used to be married to Jennifer Esposito. She was too smart for him. She says he was a total manipulator, cruel and controlling and a chauvinist.

    Since he dates this high school drop out with no self esteem, it’s perfect for him.

  • cindy

    Bradley looks so happy with this girl.

  • Ahhh


    and the police and social services.

  • Ahhh


    And you’re a woman hater and perv enabler.

  • omg!

    I’d love to throw shade but I can’t hate, Suki looks pretty.

  • nicol

    Bratley 1975 Suki 1992!

  • Qq

    Hes a bad actor and shes just an average girl. Whats her profession?

  • Ahhh


    Shame on you then. Look at the silly little girl playing dress up in her stupid baby pink dress and mommy clumpy platform 70s blue shoes, with that big ole dyed haired dirty creepy old man.

  • Ahhh



  • Sexyback=Valleygirl



  • Verity

    Every other day, they say these two are broken up. They seem happily together in these photos.

  • Here we go again

    Ugh. Here we go again. These photo ops are always so awkward. No real chemistry. Very smiley but not a lot of real body contact. Just awkward hand holding and maybe a peck on the cheek. Straight business. But – it was time. We haven’t seen them in a while – since the staged photo op kiss on the set of his movie – so they’re back in the rotation. Bradley had to go to London this time because she went to the US too many times in a row (as seems to be the routine) so their PR needs to plan out the timing and locations well. I work in PR so it’s all about timing! And calling the right pap! Can’t over-saturate the media with names, but they need to keep them in the headlines. I love how they note that she’s wearing Burberry with Topshop shoes. That’s more her publicist kissing up to Burberry (the mention likely paid by Burberry, btw) than anything else, but further shows how obviously staged it all is. For once, I’d love to see a true candid of these two. I wonder what it would look like!

  • Jamie

    @Here we go again: I doubt he went to London for this photo-op. It seems like he went for Glastonbury. He also has a movie that is about to start filming there soon.

  • Polly

    @Here we go again: Bradlifer is that you ?

  • Dana

    Bradley Cooper has some interesting fans…

    I think they look lovely btw.

  • Jamie

    @Polly: The grammar is different.

  • Love

    TDruggies. wo ugly talentless drug addicted famewhores. They deserve each other. Pedophile Bradley Cooper and slat. They will overdose together one day. Cara looks stunning and does not need a 40 year old immature man to be written about.

  • LOL

    @BADLYCREEPER and WHUREHOSE.: Bradlifer isn’t funny. Are you writing a new fanfic? LOL
    Leo fans are trollin this thread too LOL They’re pretty dumbs as Bradlifer LOL

  • Love

    Love is not known to social climbers wrinkled eyes Bradley Cootiesper and wrinkled privates Sucky whurehome.

  • LOL

    Loser Bradley Pedophile drinking again and taking drugs. You are two low lives. You will both overdose. LOL. World will be better without you.

  • Bradlifer

    I absolutely love the new pr pics showing up exactly a month after the last ones. The non existent chemistry, the awkward so called moments where as usual sucky whurehouse is throwing herself at him, him looking rather not interested. The fake forced smiles are the best!! And I also love that it came directly after his party weekend. Lol!!! And let’s not forget the hand holding it looks so forced from both sides. Lol!!! Hahha

  • LOL

    @LOL: The world be better without you Bradlifer Sara khatme alias “Princess” literally. LOL Are you needing my name to defend your crazy idea? LOL Get back to your fanfics on tumblr! LOL

  • Sexyback=Valleygirl


  • ace11


    It shows this guy’s maturity level

    Girls his own age can’t stand him

  • Oh Dear!!!

    Now the bored trolls from Leo’s thread are trolling over here! Don’t worry, Jared should put up the new pics of Leo and Lukas Haas soon. You can go back home to Leo.

    Pics are on fangirl.

  • Drake

    Not to start anything but she is wayyyyyyy more skinnier now then when they first started. I can see her bones. Also when the cameras left their expression changed.

    @Jamie: yeah and yesterday he was partying with fassbender but she wasn’t in sight. I know chef is in pre-production but it can’t be filming anytime soon. He will have to promote gotg for the this month and some of August. then broadway.

  • LOL

    Leo wannabe Bradley is so over rated and lucky his castmates pull him through. Alone in The Words this azzhole can NOT carry a movie. GOTG has many stars next Emma Stone. American Sniper will bomb.

  • LOL

    this azzhule

  • LOL

    @LOL: what’s azzule Bradlifer #40-41? So predictable write style LOL Your brain still on permanent vacation LOL

  • Hello

    @Love: They look good on this one although I’m still amazed by how young she looks….She must be so happy that BC finally acts as a boyfriend in public with her.

    @Drake: What do you mean by their expression changed when the camera left ? We cannot really see their expression…..without camera.

    It seems that every new thread about them, the comments are increasingly aggressive. Honestly, I have enough of SW but I really think that she will be around for a while. If these pics are a prelude to the rest of the summer, it will be crazy on this mb.

  • LOL
  • LOL

    Bradley licking DOR azze begging him to put him in next movie with talented Jennifer to get an oscar. Sorry azzhule Bradley, you CAN NOT ACT. Bradley and Sucky Whurehouse are trash.

  • tomeeka

    I am not a Leo fan, however they DO look like a father and a daughter.

  • Suki and Cara

    No pics at this event of Suki and her BFF Cara? Too bad…they’re both wearing sleeveless dresses. Another round of armpit licking would be better than these pics. A lot more fun too. LOL

  • me

    I personally think that Suki is very beautiful and she is way more attractive than real models like karlie kloss or Behati prinsloo,

  • Not as hot

    These pics are a bit of a bore compared to the last batch where she was climbing on him and had her hand on his a$$. All she gets this time is a bit of hand clutching? Must be dull dating a guy old enough to be your Dad.

  • LOL

    @LOL: @Bradlifer #45 “the new Nina” suffer for the man you can’t have LOL buy a cutout cardboard and put pics on your tumblr LOL