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Jason Sudeikis' 'Horrible Bosses 2' Teaser Trailer Gets Us Laughing - Watch Now!

Jason Sudeikis' 'Horrible Bosses 2' Teaser Trailer Gets Us Laughing - Watch Now!

Check out Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, and Charlie Day in a brand new teaser trailer for their highly anticipated film Horrible Bosses 2!

The three guys are joined in the film by Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, Chris Pine, and Jamie Foxx.

Horrible Bosses 2 centers on “Dale, Kurt and Nick who decide to start their own business but things don’t go as planned because of a slick investor, prompting the trio to pull off a harebrained and misguided kidnapping scheme.”

Mark your calendars, Horrible Bosses 2 hits theaters on Wednesday, November 26.

Also pictured: Jason filming scenes for his upcoming film Sleeping with Other People on Tuesday (July 1) in New York City.

Jason Sudeikis – ‘Horrible Bosses 2′ Teaser Trailer

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  • WTH is wrong with our society? Why do people think that it’s funny/sexy when a guy takes a dump on them? What is this 2 girls one cup? Seriously -__-

  • lol

    LOL! I have to say that J.Aniston really seems a tranvestite after so many face jobs; she looks weirdy

  • Laura

    Fokin’ hilarious trailer! So excited to see chris pine in it XD

  • okay

    That crap was no where near funny! Another disgusting POS movie that will unfortunately make money because people don’t know what funny is anymore. Sad state of society.

  • Desperate Jen


    Agreed . The previous film is mediocre at best , and the public will support anything as long as it helps them forget their problems for a few hours . I find it sad that Jennifer Aniston now can only be sl***y in supporting roles to have box-office success . Talk about desperate for a movie career . She needs to go back to television , but she won’t because it would make her look like a failure .

  • uh…

    The trailer is stupid! so NOT funny.

  • Crickets

    The short guys voice is so annoying I can’t even watch🔥

  • Soccer

    I like short guys voice.
    Sounds lovely.

  • Kelly

    This movie looks dumb and nasty. I’m disappointed Kevin Spacey would agree to be in something like this. Doesn’t look funny at all.

  • akskskd

    bellisimos! and great artists.

  • chris

    Aniston is sooo HOT!!!

  • Joy B Angie

    One more funny movie – why not ?

  • Horribly so Ugly

    Poor MANiston, what’s up with all that makeup .. Ugh!!!! Oh well, when all that plastic surgeries making her even uglier than ever…

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    It´s always important to have a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR.
    Laughing is good for the heart and the health.
    Thus, it´s good to see a funny movie, yep !
    @JBA: Thanks for your comment of the former thread.
    Indeed, a dream about the wedding of Jen&Justin on a yacht would be an interesting dream for me, too. Then I´d like to be the one who would ask Jen: “Jennifer Anistion, will you love Justin in good and worse times? … and so on. And Jen answers: ” Yes, I will!”. And Justin, will you love Jen in good and worse times? … and so on. And Justin answers: “Yes, I will”. Jen & Justin, I declare you to wife and hubby ! (I´m holding my hands on their heads like a priest) Justin, you may kiss your wife now !
    Have a nice day and a nice night dream of Jen, JBA !
    BTW: About a year ago I had a lucid dream: I was holding my right hand on the head of a priest to give him some energy. He had a purple priest-cap on his head. And in the near of him were some old ladies drinking coffee. And I let levitate some cookies to the ladies by psychokinesis. (Really, that content of that lucid dream was so unique ! Thus it has found a place within my long-time-remembrance).

  • Joy B Agie

    You are right as usual, DRF, funny movies
    make our life longer and better.
    * * * * *
    To be with Jen in good or worse times
    Justin must be able to get what happens with her life.
    * * * * *
    Your lucid dream is very interesting -
    you have too-too much energy to charge the priest
    and to levitate the cookies in one time.
    It’s a Talent !
    But I’d like to know what was your intent
    when you had levitated the cookies.
    * * * * *
    What did these old ladies do to you ?
    * * * * *
    My latest bright dream was about Brad Pitt’s birthday
    about a month ago.
    It was like a wide allegory .
    Would be nice to know what does it mean at all.
    I think the sense is we live in very different mental coordinates.
    * * * * *
    Good for me :)
    * * * * *
    Have a nice day, DRF, I hope “Horrible Bosses 2″
    will be a great movie.

  • Ivermom

    Jennifer is use to being dumped on, John Mayer did it often enough.
    That Oscar is getting further and further out of her reach, just kidding the only way she could get an Oscar, was, if they were selling at Barney’s.
    Now she is starring in a movie finance by the Chinese mafia, which will sit in the can like her next release, then straight to Video on Demand.

  • Bet

    @Joy B Agie:
    I’m embarrassed for you dreaming of Brad, bet it was a wet dream, no wonder you’re always running down his wife.
    You need to start dealing with reality, seek help, pick up a homeless man, buy a sex toy, but do something.

  • Joy B Angie

    You can’t know anything about my night dreams.
    May be I was there with a machine gun – what can you know ?
    I can pick up a homeless man just if that will be you, kid.
    I’ll buy a sex toy and you will have sex with this toy for little money.
    YouTube visitors will be embarrassed much.

  • Iverdad

    John Mayer is a well known morron. Finally he will get an aids and die like a dog.

  • Leah#1

    I have one question why is it when other hollywood actress play sexy vixens for a roll, no one makes a big deal. But Maniston plays a vixen and all of sudden is big news. The truth maniston is the walking pity party

  • mara

    @Leah#1: you’re an idiot. jennifer played the girl next door type for many years on FRiends and in lots of movies. thats why it stands out when she plays a vixen. yea sure she’s a “walking pity party” with all her millions, hot bf and vacations to cabo. her life must suck.

  • Iverdad

    Jennifer Aniston is “walking pity party” with $ 150 M, mansion in Bell Air and her Star on the Walk of Fame….
    Everyone wants to a “pity party” like Jen….

  • Gerald Cord

    I want to be a 10% pity party like Jen is. 15 million dollars is enough :)

  • Leah#1

    @mara: Thankyou for proving my point, a walking pity party. By bringing up her net gross and vacation trip, proves my point.

  • Candis

    Jen looks good. I want to watch HB 2

  • mara

    Welcome. I hope you visit Cabo several times a year. Piece of cake :)

  • mara

    @Leah#1: aww sweetie, you are so stupid you dont even realize you dont have a point. and #26 is not me.

  • mara

    Wow SWEETIE I’m not sure you are the only mara in the world.
    #26 is me. SWEETIE… What “stupid” point did you find in my post?

  • LoLo

    Is it true the real reason they call Jennifer Aniston ”Maniston” is because she has a manly face. I just want to know this or do they call her ”Maniston” for another reason.

  • Sweet

    They call her Maniston because of Angelina HO llie.
    She has a team of crap makers to write the things like that.

  • LoLo

    @Sweet: But why do they call her Maniston

  • mara

    #28 some reading comprehension would do you well. i was referring to leah#1 whom i tagged in my post and i wanted her to make sure she knew i was not the one responding to her at 26 since you took the time to respond for me at # 26.

  • LoLo

    @mara: Who gives a f#@k!

  • Keachick (Rose)

    The trailer looks OK, but I do think that they need to delete the scene with Jennifer Aniston’s character suggests that he do “it” on her (ie defecate on her). That is so NOT FUNNY. I guess if we see it within its full context, it might seem humorous, in a cringeworthy sort of way.

    I am looking forward to seeing Chris Pine playing the kind of character he does not normally play, except for Smokin’ Aces, as Darwin Tremor. He was wickedly funny in that.

    Some of the comments above are just so off – like someone saying that John Mayer gets AIDS and die like a dog. This kind of thing you do not wish on anyone, not even jokingly. Not good.

  • devil’s advocate

    In Horrible Bosses #1 Jennifer’s role is that of a nymphomaniac
    who uses a banana to practice oral sex. In Horrible Bosses #2
    Jennifer’s role is that of a pervert who allows men to defecate
    upon her. I shudder to think what her role in Horrible Bosses #3
    might be, and I doubt that it will win her an OSCAR.

  • Nose

    The Smokin’ Aces is a BIG BIG BS. Fortunately Jennifer Aniston doesn’t act in the crap like this one.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    I did not charge the priest and let levitate the cookies at the same time.
    I must search what I exactly wrote about that lucid dream or OOBE-like phenomenon within my diary of dreams.
    But it was a following. I think I first hold my right hand on the head of that priest. But I don´t know it exactly.
    The old ladies didn´t talk about something.
    I let levitate the cookies to them, because they (of course, the ladies – not the cookies) were very old. Then it must have been more comfortable for them instead of streching the arms to the cookies.
    But let me look into one of my diaries of dreams. I will need a day or 2 to find that lucid dream or OOBE.
    It should be a lucid dream, because psychokinesis was in it.
    But I have a new theory:
    Different altered states of consciousness can transform into each other, without losing the continuity of what happens.
    Example: The phenomenon can begin with an OOBE, where your energy-body separates from the physical one. Then you can fly easily through walls or doors (I´d call that 100% transparency).
    But when reaching the target, the consciousness can transform to another one – to the lucid dreaming-state for example.
    Then there is a kind of resistance, when you try to fly or go through walls/doors/ceilings. If it´s there, then there is not more OOBE-state, I think. Every information that has been seen by the OOBE-state, now is transformed and therefore distorted to a certain degree into the lucid dream-state. I that distortion is to great, then you see things, that are totally not the same like you saw through the OOBE-state. And then
    psychokinesis can happen, too, I think. Or maybe psychokinesis is a manifestation of the process of transforming from the OOBE-state to the lucid-dream-state. Finally the lucid-dream-state can be transforming into normal-dream-conscsiousness and then the former information are distorted again. These are 3 spheres of consciousness.
    The highest is the OOBE-state, the lowest is the normal-dream consciousness and the middle is the lucid-dream-concsiousness.
    Once there is a dendency that´s going downward (from OOBE over lucid dreaming to normal dreaming), then there is no turning back)
    But if you find yourself first in a lucid dream, it seems to be impossible to go from there upward to the OOBE-state. I never experienced this upward-process. OOBE must start at the beginning, when you are awake in your bed.
    Once transparency is getting lower (and a resistance of a wall can be felt), then there is no turning back to 100% transparency.
    Have a nice day and a nice night dream about Jen, JBA !

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Of couse, finally, I must confess, that this “new theory” is not so very new.
    Robert Peterson (“Out of Body Experiences. How to have them and what to expect (1997)) decribed this kind of transformation very similarly.

  • Joy B Angie

    Wow, DRF, it was very polite
    to levitate cookies to these ladies.
    I hope they was not surprised too-too much.
    * * * * *
    It would be so great to fly across the walls,
    but – not with my luck.
    * * * * *
    I remember just several dreams with my ability to fly.
    That was a jump from the air plain
    and from the roof of the 9 fl. house.
    The main feeling was an air support.
    It was almost like to roll of from the mountain.
    But I have no theory what does it mean.
    Just a feeling of safety.
    * * * * *
    May be you can explain what could it be -
    you are an advanced scientist in this sphere.
    I like you theories.
    * * * * *
    Have a nice day, DRF, I hope the priest got a great satisfaction :)

  • anch77

    @LoLo: They call her Maniston because she looks like a man. Does that answer your question honey.

  • Tranny Manny

    @LoLo: it’s because MANiston is a homey transvestite.

  • mara 2

    @Tranny Manny:
    “She looks like a man ?”
    So fashion magazines with her face on the cover are for the transvestites ?
    You are extremely STU PID, Trannymanny !

  • Barbie and Kent

    Aniston has definitly skills for humor

  • Tranny Manny

    @mara 2:
    Stay extremely S-T-U-P-I-D while you being manipulated by the Magazines with Photoshopping Phoniness digital alteration Airbrushing yourTranny MANiston to the max.
    ps. I do hope little Freddie Munster will marry his transvestite princess soon.

  • Sarah

    We can see Aniston’s face right here without any photos hop and her face is not manly I think.

  • anch0.077

    Nobody calls Jen “Maniston”.
    Just poor anch77.
    His level of ”humor”…

  • ellie’

    I can’t wait 2 see this movie looks really good & funny…

  • Richard the kitten

    I can’t wait 2 …

  • anch0.00

    I’m extremely stupid. Sorry.

  • smell good

    HB 2 is going to be a better movie comparing to HB 1.