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Jennifer Lawrence Is The Voice of University of Louisville - Watch Now!

Jennifer Lawrence Is The Voice of University of Louisville - Watch Now!

Jennifer Lawrence lends her voice to Kentucky’s University of Louisville to honor the college’s move from the American Athletic Conference to the Atlantic Coast Conference!

“I grew up in the Derby City, home to a proud and storied university, filled with rich athletic tradition and packed with fans who are as loyal and passionate as any in college sports, the 23-year-old actress says in the video.

She adds, “This region and these people live and breathe the Cardinals. The ‘L’ is the sign that connects all of us to one strong and united Card Nation. Now the next chapter of Louisville athletics is upon us as we join the prestigious ACC and prepare to face some of history’s most accomplished and elite collegiate programs.”

“The competition will be fierce. Let’s do this!” Jennifer closes.

FYI: Jennifer‘s mom Karen was once a cheerleader for the university.

Jennifer Lawrence- Kentucky Cardinals Video
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  • Jess54

    Am I the only one thinking that Jennifer is a wonderful actress and an extraordinary person ? Am I ?

  • Lia

    @Jess54: no you are not :-)

  • Paula

    @Jess54: You’re not :)

  • This is 20

    Her voice is so boring

  • the other Liz

    Am originally from Louisville. They are the Louisville Cardinals not Kentucky Cardinals. University of Louisville Cardinals.

    It’s the University of Kentucky Wildcats (Lexington,KY)). SEC (Southeastern Conference).

    They are big State rivalries.

  • Lena

    That girl is a self entitled phony in my opinion. Photographed smoking pot, flipping the bird with more frequency than a kid with Turret’s syndrome shouts profanities, not to mention that blind gossip item about her allegedly leaving her stash of coke in her limo during an awards show. Along with her public statements that her critics need to be imprisoned. What a vile little fake humble demon that one is. And I tend to believe the cocaine blind gossip item. Especially since I learned what the term “coke bloat” is. Yeah, people call her fat. But, she’s skinny. She just has an unusually bloated face to me. That would explain a lot in my opinion.

    And, geez, surely there is an actual celebrity COLLEGE alumni who could lend their voice to this school. Way to go University of Louisville, reminding all the students who are pretty much mortgaging their futures to pay you to attend school there, that the voice of the school is a narcissistic druggie who was too lazy to go get a college education despite her millions and plenty of time to study.

    How much is the possibly taxpayer funded school paying Lawrence to “lend her voice” to the school? You know it’s most likely NOT free right? And the $$$ they’re paying this “uneducated” ding dong who actually has CONTEMPT for higher education is being covered by 1. Taxpayers and 2. Higher tuition, eh?…

    Oh, and if you don’t believe that she has CONTEMPT for education, consider what she said in the February 2013 Vanity Fair article entitled “girl uninterrupted”. She said this..

    VF: Have you been to college?”

    Lawrence: “I didn’t go to high school. I am vastly uneducated.”

    VF: “Would you like to go back to school?”

    Lawrence: “Absolutely not.”

    Well, maybe not for an education. But if she can make some money hypocritically serving as the voice of a college, why not? Isn’t she entitled to make up rules of decency and ethics as she goes along? Being an entitled greedy celebrity???

    Uh oh…I best be careful… I’m being critical of Jennifer Lawrence. She doesn’t like that. Thinks people who say mean things about her need to be imprisoned. Hey Jennifer (Lena waves her hands in the air…hey, muffin…. I’m over here, I’m not fond of you. I don’t plan on jumping on planes to go anywhere near you or any celebrity. But, hey, guess what you immature little monkey??? It’s America, and we have something called the FIRST Amendment. See, sweetie, maybe if you would have gone to high school or college, you would have learned 1. About free speech 2. Drugs are bad for you and 3. It’s uncooth to flip off the public in photos every chance you get. LOL. :)

    Uh oh…I just thought of something scary. In my satirical sarcastic addressing Jennifer Lawrence directly on JJ, it might look like I’m trying to make personal “contact” with her. Like that kid tried to make contact with her through calling her brother and then going to that police station thousands of miles from where she was, maybe I might get in trouble for posting this sarcastic thing on JJ. Like it could be construed by Queen Jen that I’m trying to make personal contact with her oh so special self. Oh my dear….what have I done? LOL. :). Hahaha (yeah….sarcasm intended). Ummmmm…they also teach satire in college and high school English class…oh my….

  • Lena

    ************** =JJ does not like the term fl//pping the b/rd. Apparently. LOL. :)

  • Jules

    Jennifer Lawrence looks so incredibly adorable in that top picture. Love her…nice that she’s lending a hand to U of L.

  • Jules

    @Jess54: @Jess54: Abdolutely not…especially when Jennifer Lawrence is always referred to as “internet darling”, “much loved”, “critically acclaimed”, etc.,. A trolls opinion is is meant to upset and gain attention. Pay no mind.

  • Wow


    Holy shit… such a long troll post… you obviously obsess over her. Hopefully you don’t find her and harm her… geez… some people are weird.

  • Trufff


    Jen smokes weed its been documented like lots of people dont condone but dont care, Jen flips off the paps not her fans. Jen’s father donates $$ to the UofL athletic department so she did it for her dad probably for free.

    On the cocaine left in the limo… you read and saw that post. That post was about Portia De Rossi and Ellen Degeneres, there was a reason that post said significant other not boyfriend as a hint and now that Portia has entered rehab for drugs and alcohol it solves it even more. Also you can clearly see in the video at the oscars that Jen gets out of the limo with her mother. I highly doubt Jen would be doing coke in front of her mom.

    Lastly you say your post is sarcasm but its clearly something else, lots of hate for someone. Its easy to say nasty things when you are devoid of the person. Why are you projecting such emotions onto a celebrity you don’t even know?:

  • Lena


    Awwwwwwww…. how cute….nope…sorry @wow. That is NOT the way it works. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t get to have crazed fans throw out there that someone might hunt her down and hurt her and based on the crazed fan’s attempts to impose those thoughts or conduct on someone then get that person tossed in jail. Perhaps much to Jennifer Lawrence’s dismay. LOL. :)

    JLaw. The same ding dong who got a fan sent up the river then went to the press and announced that the thought anyone who calls her fat should be put in jail. Yep, to me, that little POS seems like she has some serious mental issues including getting off on the idea of jailing anyone she wants.

    But guess what…., I get to criticize her. Cause she’s a public figure. As well as SAY I hate her. And I don’t have to go to jail for it you raging idiot. (Note: But, I don’t HATE her. However, it’s typical of a koolaid drinking zombie fan. If you have the slightest criticism of the idol, then it’s because you’re a hateful bitter person, not because there is a valid criticism.

    And yes, I believe she is a coke head as well as a phony and all that bad stuff. And nope, I read a limo blind that involved coke and the folks were saying as a reveal it was her. Not Portia DeRossi. And, it’s my personal opinion on the coke bloat looking face. Her face looks abnormally bloated to me. It’s my opinion. As to what she looks like. If you don’t approve. I honestly DON’T care.

    And by the way, got PROOF, she did the voice thing for FREE? I seriously doubt it. I seriously do. Why would she??? With an agent fielding $$ offers for her??? I’ll believe she did it for FREE when I see PROOF of it. But, who cares? Who’s dumb idea was it to get a flaky actress who didn’t finish high school and would never advocate college to solicit students for attendance? Just some dumb Kool Aid drinking fan who wanted to fulfill their own fan fantasies by getting a school with millions of other people’s money on the line to cover the kicks and giggles fan worship exercise.

    By the way, kiss my @$$. You don’t set my word count limit. You don’t approve??. Then your best option is not to read.

  • LOL


    This comment section is gold, glad I clicked on the link… @Lena and her long troll obsessed ranting and then @Truff trying to reason with a person like this. Then @Lena back two days later with another long obsessed ranting troll rebuttal post, @Lena must have spent some time writing those. @WOW some people are weird indeed.

    As for this article, good for Jennifer, if she is a U of L Cardinal fan and can help the university by bringing her notoriety and fame to help showcase the school that is all that matters. :)

  • Kudzu Kard

    Wow, look at these people with no lives making comments about someone they know nothing about. I love the implications to. Yeah, like none of you losers never did drugs or drank alcohol. Engineering Master graduate from UL (and Homecoming King) and if they want to use her voice by all means I applaud it. There are loads of fans of various universities who cheer on those teams having never attended, especially in the SEC. Get over it Lena and get back to Plenty of Fish to find you a date as I am sure there are a lot of educated truthful people on there.