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Ariana Grande: 'Break Free' Full Song & Lyrics - LISTEN NOW!

Ariana Grande: 'Break Free' Full Song & Lyrics - LISTEN NOW!

Check out your first listen of Ariana Grande‘s brand new song “Break Free” featuring Zedd!

The 21-year-old entertainer absolutely has another hit on her hands and we can’t wait to see her perform the track at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards next month.

“It is a mix of her because she has a really special voice, and obviously you kinda of clearly hear me in the song, so I think it’s more unusual for her than it is for me ’cause I do this all the time,” Zedd shared of the track with MTV. “For her, I think it’s the first time she has made a song like that so she is really stoked about it.”

Click inside to read the lyrics to Ariana Grande‘s song “Break Free”…

[Verse 1]
If you want it, take it
I should have said it before
Tried to hide it, fake it
I can’t pretend anymore

I only want to die alive
Never by the hands of a broken heart
I don’t wanna hear you lie tonight
Now that I’ve become who I really am

[Chorus x2]
This is the part when I say I don’t want it
I’m stronger than I’ve been before
This is the part when I break free
Cause I can’t resist it no more

[Verse 2]
You were better, deeper
I was under a spell
Like a deadly fear I am, babe
On the highway to hell

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus x2]

(Our love baby, oooh)
The thought on your body
I came alive
It was lethal
It was fatal
In my dreams it felt so right
But I woke up and pretend
Oh baby

[Chorus x2]

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  • JJ

    I don’t think she’s untalented but it bothers me that she doesn’t enunciate a single thing she says. It sounds like she’s whining all over her songs or like her mouth is frozen open and she’s still trying to form words. I told someone the lyrics for “Problem” the other day and they were totally shocked she was saying some of the things because 905 of the time her words are unintelligible. Doesn’t she have a vocal coach to help with that…or do people think it’s cute? Don’t get me wrong…”Problem” is a summer jam of mine, but it’s more to do with the awesome beat and Iggy’s involvement than Ariana’s part. I know her fans will probably send me disses, but that’s how I feel.

  • JJ

    90% (not 905 lol)

  • JJ

    Just listened to part of this new song…it sounds like she’s singing clearer here…and I hope she keeps it up because her songs “The Way” and “Problem” were off.

  • Bismark

    ♫♫♪ Yaaasss…!!! I LOVE IT!!! ♫♫♪

  • kassie

    Can you say autotune?

  • Zacfan


  • leelee

    Boring generic song. #1 hit for sure.

  • http://df first
  • love it!

    Such a great song & I love it! I love how Zedd’s voice is along with it, and no it’s not autotuned, she has Zedd mixing her voice into it so it sounds like it’s autotuned but it just gives the song effects, btw.

  • Cody

    In the 2nd verse, the words are “I was under your spell” not “I was in there instead”. :)

  • Cody

    The whole 2nd verse is:
    You were better, deeper
    I was under a spell
    Like a deadly fear I am, babe
    On the highway to hell

  • Matt

    bleh. so unoriginal, sounds like everything else on the radio right now. I’m sad she didn’t bring it. Liked the first single but it got old fast. Won’t even give this one a chance. boring. basic.

  • julia

    painfully obvious this was made for radio. it sounds like every other song i’ve heard. what pisses me off is that it’s probably gonna be number one for a while. ariana, i know you barely write the music you release, but at least pick some more creative songs. this is way too generic.

  • Theresa

    You can definetly understand her lyrics in this song better than “The Way”. I’m feelin another hit coming! Keep it up ariana! <3 @arianagrande

  • Theresa

    You can definetly understand her lyrics in this song better than “The Way”. I’m feelin another hit coming! Keep it up ariana! <3 @arianagrande

  • http://@mg22 maggie

    I have to say i’m a huge Zedd fan of the music he produces under his name (Electronic music). Lately however, he’s been producing for everybody. I have to say the Lady Gaga tracks he produced are waaay better than this. I’m disappointed at how lame it sounds and i’m not a big fan of hers either.Great theme for the lyrics and title i’m sure i’ve never heard people sing about crap like this before..

  • mia

    I love Ariana, but this style isn’t for her. Hopefully the rest of her album is unlike this song.

  • morgan

    wait wait is this her talking about breaking free from nathan and saying Jai was ‘better’ and ‘deeper’ hmm

  • jake

    omg its so bad

  • sharleen

    not a nice piece of music -however katy could handle it (with a little help of her boyfriend diplo of course)

  • Mark

    He did some songs with Lady GaGa that were dope and I like this but not as good as that or his solo work…

  • arianagrandesay

    i love it

  • alisha

    I love Ariana, but this style isn’t for her. Hopefully the rest of her album is unlike this song.

  • http://Google+ Sya123456$89


  • bernard and india walker

    Hey what kind of Red Bull goes with Grande !!!

  • Courwes

    No No NO! She needs to go back to her R&B Pop sound from her first album. I’m so sick of this fake club music infesting the airwaves lately. Every artist sounds exactly the same with all the electronic/dubstep backing tracks. Her old sound set her apart because of that throwback feel it had. This song is terrible. I was becoming a Huge fan of hers but if this is where she is headed, I’m done.

  • me

    hopefully this electronic dance music trash phase is going to end soon..

  • snowsprout

    The beat during the verses sound awfully similar to Pitbull’s “Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor)”. Someone should do a mash up!

  • Liam woods

    I’m a huge fan of ariana grande like she’s my idol and I really like this song but I don’t think this is the right style for her and for the people that say she uses auto tune thanks but maybe go to one of her concerts cause ive been to 2 and I’m a 1000% sure she doesn’t use auto tune that powerful voice doesn’t need

  • Stepg

    Not a fan. Don’t know who she is but heard her being compared to early Mariah Carey? Really? Pop drivel that sounds like a valley girl & SUPER heavily produced, manipulated and auto tuned. But not surprised since the delusional teenslike her like they like these stupid boys who get millions of Twitter followers. A D nothing like tweeting 16 million followers about dyibg 👴 for attention anything she releases should be a hit with so much social media. I wouldn’t even download it free

  • waytomyagb/ig

    IdK why people say this song was bad. Zedd and Ariana slays okay. I respect other opinions but this song is great! Yes I gotta admit dat most of people said problem music video kinda lazy but I’m sure this one will slays everyone. Check out her ig. She posted the promo.

  • waytomyagb/ig


  • m

    here for zedd

  • Sharmain

    Ariana Grande is the NEXT Mariah Carey. No one else could sing Mariah Carey’s emotions song… because no one could hit the high whistle notes Mariah Carey is in the the Guinness book for in that specific song. So I’m telling all you losers above that this 21 year old is it. She’s got it. Don’t hate, if you knew about singing or octaves or range or tone then you would shut your stupid mouths up. As you all sound illiterate. Every artist has to go with what’s hip, Mariah Carey is now all about hip hop. When was the last time she song a good song? You guys continue in oblivion, you f@&king stupid cunts. @ onmywaytoagb. You tell them girl. She’s the one and only Ariana Grande. The next Mariah Carey. And she’ll be better than Mariah Carey with the right guidance and songs.
    So F@&k off you losers. Go live your pathetic lives!!!!!

  • Laura

    I agree with you Sharmain. These losers and deadbeats wanna make ignorant comments. Shows they know nothing about talent or singing!!

  • http://andersonintersty douglas

    your preety

  • http://andersonintersty douglas

    i love your hair brown it looks preety

  • http://andersonintersty douglas

    im so in love with you