Lea Michele Goes Hiking, Boyfriend Matthew Paetz Uses Her Car

Lea Michele Goes Hiking, Boyfriend Matthew Paetz Uses Her Car

Lea Michele is all smiles while going for a hike through the hills with a gal pal on Wednesday afternoon (July 2) in Hollywood.

The 27-year-old actress and her friend stopped by Earth Bar for some smoothies after working up an appetite during their hike.

Lea has been spending a lot of time with her new boyfriend Matthew Paetz over the last week. He has been seen at her home and even using her car to run errands around town. Check out the photos below!

FYI: Lea is wearing the Fabletics Sevan sports bra, Switch Back tee, and Dili shorts.

15+ pictures inside of Lea Michele going hiking…

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lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 01
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 02
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 03
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 04
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 05
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 06
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 07
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 08
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 09
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 10
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 11
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 12
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 13
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 14
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 15
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 16
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 17
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 18
lea michele hiking boyfriend matthew paetz uses her car 19

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures, National Photo Group
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  • …..

    So she’s a sugar mama to the gigolo? What an idiot.

  • Tamyrn

    I just don’t understand the timing of this…2 weeks before the anniversary of Cory’s passing and they’ve gone public with their relationship. The pictures posted in People were undoubtedly staged, and pre-arranged by Lea and her team. To quote Jennifer Aniston, there seems to be a “sensitivity chip” missing…

  • Jen

    If Lea and Cory was Monchele, this one is what? Gigochele? lol :)

  • Isabel

    I doubt the car is the only thing of hers he’s using.

  • Maria

    The test to see if someone is a loser is if you see that you have a full tank of gas when they return your car.

  • Maria

    They are not using you.

  • Maria

    Although users might know that and fill it.

  • Maria

    Or they might sell the car and say it was stolen.

  • ryan murphy

    @Jen: I think gigolochele has a nice ring to it :)

  • Maria

    I did that once, maybe twice and I’m quite proud of myself.

  • arbitary timeline

    @Tamyrn: Well since it was out already she didn’t want to keep having to dodge paps and questions. I see no difference in it being July 2nd or Aug 2nd.

  • James

    @Maria: you sound nuts. marry me? <3

  • Maria

    I love Lea, but I’d still try to steal her money or cut her big nose off at night and sell it on ebay.

  • stop

    @…..: So you are privy to his bank account?

  • Maria

    I bet it would bring in a lot of money, I could cut it up in a lot of pieces (she has a big nose) and sell it to all her fans.

  • Maria

    He’s after all the money she made from her album and book. Poor guy, he must really love her.

  • …..

    @Tamyrn: Move on.

  • Maria

    Hey Matthew Paetz, you too can make 86 dollars a day working from home increasing Lea’s online profile, all the hits add up at the end of the year to show relevance to a career.

  • JJ

    @stop: I don’t think he’s using her for money…I’m sure he made a lot from all those women who paid for her services. He’s probably just using her for the fame because…well…when did you ever see him on Just Jared or in the media BEFORE being linked to Lea?

  • Jay

    @Tamyrn: I agree. I love lea but can’t help but feel they are rubbing this in our face and going about all of this in a very insensitive manner. It is interesting all of this comes out after she finished her book and album tour, can’t have this affecting the sales can we? And now she is being super aggressive about letting us know she has moved on with a new man. Cold.

  • Maria

    I hate my job, I think I have a chance to be a star myself.

  • Maria

    86 dollars a day working from home and I can drink beer while doing it.

  • Maria

    She sure has a lot of hits tonight.

  • Maria

    Lets top Beyonce this year with google hits, lets make Lea a star!

  • mcalbert

    ^ @biebersmichele is that you? go home, crazy person.

  • Moo

    Guess Cory the Cash Cow is all out of milk and Lea has invested her hard-earned money in a fine piece of meat. Definitely getting her money’s worth!

  • Tamyrn

    Her little “I’m over Cory” media tour started with the On My Way video…that was a pretty blatant wink to the public to get used to the idea of her with someone else.

    Lea and Cory were very private with their relationship, especially in the beginning…not sure why she’s taking the opposite approach now. We’ve already gotten quotes from friends and sources revealing that “they are a good team” are “supportive of one another” blah blah blah. Why do we need to know all this? Keep your private life private.

    Anyone who doesn’t think the timing of this is insensitive, needs to check themselves. Anniversaries involving the loss of a loved one are very delicate…and, to actively publicize your NEW relationship 2 weeks before such a time is just wrong. She staged that photo in People. Are ya’ll not picking up on that? She’s keen on broadcasting this relationship to the world…and disrespecting her previous one in doing so.

    But, let me reiterate: Moving on is not the issue here. It’s the TIMING.

  • anch77

    I think this picture of Leah Michele is the best I seen.http://maleysbhoys.com/2012/11/30/the-most-threatening-muppet-of-them-all/

  • ace11

    We can now assume the Cory whining is officially over?

  • Bi

    @Tamyrn: @tdheartnyc is that you?

  • Patsy Gonzalez

    I totally agree w Tamryn’s post. We all knew that she would meet someone at some point and would move on, but this timing of publicly broadcasting this relationship with this so called male gigolo just before the first year death anniversary of the late Cory is just completely out of line. I know many pele would disagree with me but this how feel and I actually feel sad for her at the saw time. I don’t know how she can easily expose this relationship with a guy who has already been known to have been n that field…It’s none of my business but I think her behavior shows her lack of decency and respect.

  • sam

    I don’t think this has anything to do with Cory. I think Lea has learned you get more attention paid to you when you are part of a couple. Glee is ending soon, she has another book coming out but she can’t use the Cory factor to help sell it. Maybe there will be a chapter on making good choices by having a gigolo help you get over your boyfriend who died, stays at your house and drives your car, and travel with you because you are now his only client.

  • GetOverYourself

    @Tamyrn: It’s none of your business. If she wants to date and publicize it, she can do whatever she wants. She doesn’t owe you or other Monchele shippers anything. You don’t know her. You don’t know how she’s dealing with Cory’s death, or rather how she’s dealing with the insensitive shippers like you and others who hound her endlessly for daring to live her life on her timeline, not yours. Frankly, she’s probably doing something like this so she’s not inundated with endless amounts of insensitive tweets from people like you on the anniversary. You don’t know what that day was like for her. You don’t know her and your bitterness that she’s living her life, is exactly why I’m cheering her on and hopes she does more just to piss you off. She doesn’t owe you or anyone anything and it’s her life and timeline and you should get one of your own Also, Monchele was never private, so that argument is invalid.

  • TJ

    I guess all the stuff in her book is all lies, dating a prostitute is not leading a healthy life style and surrounding herself with good people. i wonder I she gets discount or pays the full rate?

  • Delia Gonzales

    Bittersweet and desperate act of connecting with a human. No matter what the cost.

  • TJ


    How about Hookerchele?

    At least he is getting his 15 minutes to bask in her fame. He can probably raise his rates when she figures out he’s trash and dumps him.

  • Tamyrn

    GetOverYourself: You really need to calm down. First of all I’m not a “shipper” And, it seems as if you’re taking this really personally, as you so valiantly came to her defense. She’s really got you all wrapped around her little finger doesn’t she?

    Frankly, I don’t give a damn about her personal life…that’s my point. She shouldn’t shove it in the public’s face. When I see celebs manufacture press, or publicly stage a photo op, it pisses me off. I don’t care if it’s part of the “game” You can choose not to play it. Plenty of celebs do.

    Lastly, I have huge empathy for anyone that suffers a loss…and I am a cheerleader for people on moving forward in their lives. Lea, has unfortunately chosen to come public with a new relationship right around the time of the anniversary of Cory’s passing. She knows this is a sensitive time for all who knew and loved him… It should be a time of reflection for his family and friends…not a dog and pony show revolving around her and her new boyfriend.

    I am sticking strongly to my opinion that her decision to voluntarily publicize this relationship during this time — not MY TIMELINE but rather the actual month of Cory’s passing are unsettling and disheartening.

  • Alice

    @Tamyrn: I agree. I do however think she is still grieving and vulnerable to a dating expert/gigolo. I worry about that a little. But, she said she wanted fans to see her as who she really is and not Rachel Berry and what we see is her butt in that second video and then a lot of exposing of her body since then. If this is the real Lea, then the whole story is different and she is not the person I thought she was. Oh well. I think I always liked Cory the most.

  • OMG

    @Tamyrn: Get over it! It was a PR RELATIONSHIP!! Like many in Hollywood!! Cory Monteith wasn’t interested in being serious with ANY one female, that’s what he wanted!! He played the field!! Those were photo ops when we saw them posing together, they were just good friends, and she’s milked it for every dime she could get since then!! Let him rest in peace!! She’s finally stopped milking it, so why do YOU keep rehashing it?? And get a life!!

  • Alice

    @Tamyrn: I didn’t believe it for awhile for that very reason. Lea wouldn’t be that insensitive to announce her new boyfriend that close to the anniversary. Even if she doesn’t care, she has a lot of young fans who really loved Cory/Finn. I didn’t thing she would blow them off. So weird.

  • rollins

    So now in addition to the People mag pics, the pics of him at her house and driving her car E! now has hiking pics of them together. After nothing for a couple of months to a barrage of pics I wonder what the strategy is here.

  • kimj

    @rollins:I think the game plan is to show him as being any thing but a gigolo. The picture in the park looks like 2 high school students out on their first date, the hiking pictures is that he is doing something that she always does, running errands in her car seem to be she trusts him. Remember she supposedly did not know he was a gigolo, but when she found out he told her he was doing it for research purposes. There has been a lot of PR, first all the pics with just her girlfriends and then the picture showing that she got a new car. Next will probably be a picture having dinner with her parents, They are working on his image, to make her being with him look better.

  • Gunny

    @Patsy Gonzalez:
    I have been a Lea fan for years but this is not who I thought she was. It’s easy to be a blind follower and I think I must have been. No one I truly admire would pull a stunt like this. SHe has a loyal following on Twitter and Facebook and there was no warning – no hint – nothing. If she really loved her fans the way she says she does, I think there would have been a comment. She has so many young fans that loved Cory so much.

  • Bi

    @OMG: I don’t know which one is more idiot, you or Tamyrm.

  • Reb

    OK you people have no idea how much money this guy has or makes on his own. You have NO right to judge and say he’s using her or that she’s his “sugar mama”. I don’t believe Lea is dumb enough to let some new guy use her. She’s a grown woman and knows what she’s doing. As for it being almost a year since Cory died. Yes, time goes by. Lea is allowed to date and I don’t believe there is any “timing” to this. You people are ridiculous lol.

  • A

    You people are ridiculous.

    You’re all Cory lovers. Lea is her own person, separate from Monchele. Cory is dead. Get that through your head.

    “Lea and Cory were so private! Lea and Matthew are so public!” Yeah, 55 sets of “candids” in one year from C-List actors. That’s private. They had PR written all over them. Milk it for the Finchel fans who wanted a real life Finn and Rachel. You got them…until Cory passed away. Now you’re too upset to get over the fact that you NEVER MET HIM OR LEA (and they never got married or had Monchele babies) so you’re acting like Lea is a criminal for moving on.

    It has to happen. You cannot seriously expect this beautiful young woman to mourn forever, right? Just to feed your sick little minds. That is selfish.

    Let Lea be happy. Be happy FOR her, regardless of who she dates or eventually marries.

  • Anna

    This just feels so wrong.

  • Patsy Ramsey

    @sam: Or maybe Lea should have included a chapter in her last book about how to engineer a romance with your co-star, make sure to call the paparazzi at every possible opportunity so your truelove! is always in the public eye, and then treat your boyfriend’s heroin addiction like it’s no big deal. Oops, better hope that boyfriend is careful and using CLEAN needles before he injects himself so you don’t end up catching something, right? I’d buy that self-help book!

  • talia

    How exactly is lead broadcasting her new relationship if she is in fact dating this guy? You only ever see pics of lea by herself or out with friends so if they are dating don’t you think someone would have got a picture of them together?

  • Karen

    @talia: there’s pics of Matthew inside Lea’s gate taking food delivery. http://matthewslea.tumblr.com/post/90588990380/lea-micheles-new-boyfriend-matthew-paetz-collects