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Madonna Teases New Song 'Messiah' - Listen Now!

Madonna Teases New Song 'Messiah' - Listen Now!

Madonna and several of her dancers leave SoulCycle looking very sweaty after a rigorous workout on Wednesday (July 2) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 55-year-old superstar and her crew went right from SoulCycle to a Pilates studio to keep the workout going!

That same day, Madonna teased her brand new song “Messiah” on her Instagram!

“Magic makes the people come together yaaaaaaaasssssssssss. #messiah” Madonna posted on the social media site as a video of an orchestra playing. Check it out below! She also teased a picture of the sheet music for the tune.

Madonna Teases ‘Messiah’

10+ pictures inside of Madonna and her dancers working out…

Just Jared on Facebook
madonna goes from one workout right to another 01
madonna goes from one workout right to another 02
madonna goes from one workout right to another 03
madonna goes from one workout right to another 04
madonna goes from one workout right to another 05
madonna goes from one workout right to another 06
madonna goes from one workout right to another 07
madonna goes from one workout right to another 08
madonna goes from one workout right to another 09
madonna goes from one workout right to another 10
madonna goes from one workout right to another 11
madonna goes from one workout right to another 12
madonna goes from one workout right to another 13
madonna goes from one workout right to another 14

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Yuli

    It is going to slay…..Queen of Pop is here to stay !!!

  • Truth Serum

    I hope her new album won’t be discounted like Gaga’s ARTPOP- cheaper than a box of Tampons at Walmart.

  • XOXO


  • Jesse

    She’s very ridiculous. Luck of talent. She can’t even sing, play an instrument, compose…She’s just always been very dirty and nasty. And that’s exactly what is perfectly enough for dumb Americans. She doesn’t make music. She makes stupid sh** and stupid people buy it. Really talented people aren’t popular, famous, followed by masses. That’s a sad fact.

  • remember da truth

    Jeez, Jesse, why are you so angry? Bitter enough to spew lies….. She does play an instrument — guitar — and has since her earliest days, before signing a recording contract. She and her bandmates found she was more effective as a front person not holding a guitar. Secondly, she writes a lot of her songs, but “composing” and playing an instrument didn’t used to be necessary to be a performer. Remember Sinatra, Jesse? There was a time when just singing other people’s music was enough.
    She’s never claimed to be a great singer, but she is a great entertainer.

  • Jesse

    @remember da truth: Yeah, I know. I just really don’t like her. Her music, her personality, her vulgarity, her attitude, her whole empire. But I get what’s better. Next time I’ll just shut up instead of wasting my time by writing a critical comment;-)

  • Anonymous

    Someone tell her that surrounding yourself with 20 year olds doesn’t make you look younger, but older.

  • an idea for an album

    When are you going to do an album that has middle eastern musical notes or patterns? I would like to hear something like that introduced into our culture and morphed with our sounds as dance pop like your other dance music. Is that something you have considered doing? I think you are a great artist and love your music and girl power attitude.

    I have an album called morroccan spirit by Higher Octave Music or Tribe that i like that you could check out to get an idea of what their sound is that i am talking about and to see if it fits you or not. You would probably have to research the culture and musical forms more than i ever could but i know if you put your mind to it and if you are tugged by it you will do a good job. This is the only music i have that resembles middle eastern music. But i have wanted you to do an album of middle eastern music for a long time now. ever since your confessions tour and when i first heard this music.

    Please consider this request if you are so inclined.
    Thanks and Have a great day

    PS: We have no dance pop with a middle eastern influence and I would like to have it in our culture. I like dancing music, what can I say.

  • Gmaysie Kartofe

    What a vulgar disgusting Woman.

  • Anyone

    @Jesse: Either you are one of the usual Lady Gaga’s fans or you have NO IDEA of who and what you are talking about. No idea at all.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Nice to see Mo again so sporty, yep !
    These violins are magic !
    Mo often made songs, that began with violins. Remember, for example,
    “Papa Don´t Preach” and “Die Another Day” !
    The frequencies of strings can cause hemispheric synchronization, if the strings you hear on the left side of the ear phones have another spectrum of frequencies than the strings of the right side. The little difference (if its little enough) between the 2 spectrum create the Hemisync-frequencie(s). Hemispheric-Synchronization of the brain means that the 2 hemispheres of the brain now have the same electro-encephalographic waves, of this Hemisync-frequencie(s).
    And this the magic key to open the door to altered states of consciousness, if the Hemisync-frequencies are the right one and if the music has a spherical sound. Hypothetically – even drums and voices can be “hemisynced” by this technology. But I don´t know, if the effect will be similar to “hemisynced strings”.
    Wanna´ know more about Hemispheric Synchronization of the brain and altered states of consciousness, the go to:
    Some of my favourites: Listen to the “Gateway-programme”, to the CD´s “Higher” and “The Visitation”, “Journeys out of the Body”.
    Robert Allan Monroe developed this technoloy. He was a kind of Messias when it comes to OOBE´s. (Out of the body-experiences).
    But natural instruments like violens, cello, flutes and didgeridoo can cause hemisync-frequencies, too, if there are – for example – different violins on the “left side” than on the “right side” at the same time.
    Mo, what about “hemisyncing” your voice for your future-sounds ?
    But please ask the monroe institute, if you may do this, cuz´ this
    institute has patented the hemisync-technology (The way they make these hemisync-frequencies-pattern). But maybe there is a more simple way to create that signature. Just image that the audio stream is like a
    DNA with 2 sides that represent the 2 sides of an ear phone.
    Just separate them and put them together with a very little delay of time
    (concerning your voice) – about 0,04 – 0,12 seconds. And there it probable is:
    And that could be a way to create a hemisyced voice, that could not be prohibited by the monroe institute.
    Other possibility: Collaborate with the Monroe Institute, Mo !
    Maybe I´m your Messias for new inspiration, Mo !
    Mo-Power-Foreverrrrrrr-HerSoundsWillLetExpandEverybodiesConsciousnessInTheFuture, yep !

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Oh sorry, of course, I´ve forgotten to write this:
    217, give me 5, makes 222, 168 !
    Highhhhhhhh 5 !!!!!
    *hemisynced strings
    *hemisynced drums
    *hemisynced voices
    *hemisynced synthesizers
    *causes altered states of consciousness – LIKE A MESSIAH

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Sorry, the former link to the hemisync-site (post # 11) was incorrect.
    Try this one:

  • lucy

    i’m sick of this bitch i wish she would do everyone a favor and retire like i don’t wanna see a 60 year old act like a teenager.

  • Davon

    @XOXO: Bitch please 1. Janet 2.Madonna 3.Mariah Carey. You know just 3 of the people Beyonce copies off of to boost her career.