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Rob Kardashian Tweets That He Has a Son

Rob Kardashian Tweets That He Has a Son

UPDATE: Rob has sent out a new tweet to clarify what he said here – check it out!

Rob Kardashian has just shocked us and all of his Twitter followers by revealing that he has a son!

“Happy I got my Son with me for the 4th tomorrow !! Can’t wait to watch fireworks with my little man ! Hope everyone is safe !” the 27-year-old reality star wrote on his page.

Rob had previously alluded to being a father two weeks ago when he tweeted, “And to my baby mama I loveeeeeeee you.”

At this point we don’t know any details about the child or who the mother is, but we’ll have to wait and see if Rob reveals some more!

ARE YOU SURPRISED to hear that Rob Kardashian is a father?

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  • Amy

    LMAO… Blind Gossip had the scoop on this awhile ago.

  • alan

    omg so he was pregnant with him that’s why he was so fat

  • cali

    We knew this a couple years ago. Old news. NEXT.

  • Jen

    Not a shock, reported on Blind Gossip months ago.

  • http://thethis jdx420

    Explains the weight gain, he must have been pregnant.

  • Jen

    See…goes to show that his sisters and mom have all their dirty laundry aired because they want it aired for publicity. Rob keeps his business his business, and if he decides to share something he keeps names and pictures underwraps. Good for him.

  • nope

    i’m actually happy for him, that he doesn’t have to hide his life or listen to that old dusty queen kris anymore. yasss, rob!

  • Hey girl, hey

    As been reporter, Blind Gossip confirmed this last year. Good for Rob for confirming it.

  • Whatever!!!

    Probably referring to a foot long hoagie as his “son” – he’s so fat he can’t see that it’s really just a sandwich.

  • Oneda

    Good for Rob Kardashian. This shows he’s the only decent member of the family who didn’t parade his child, baby mama, or her pregnancy for their utterly pathetic show. The only one with integrity int he family, it seems. Fat and happy and GOOD. Go Rob!

  • Dido

    A Kardashian who can actually keep a secret and doesn’t sell their lives for money and publicity. I bet mommy is furious this would have been a great story line but then it’s true and we all know the truth isn’t part of anything the Kardashians do.

  • leelee

    Next spinoff: Rob Kardhashian and Son take on Miami guest starring Kris Jenner.

  • Scott Disick

    yeah, he got many woman knocked up, one of em was Kourtney!

  • Sae

    He isn’t even behaving like an adult so what kind of a father can he be? He seems depressed and mentally unstable

  • Darleen Ajrulaj

    @Scott Disick: s
    Scott if you think disrespecting Kortney is funny it’s not.

  • Zsa Zsa Giggleman

    He should have kept his penis in his designer sock.

  • bluehair

    ooOO, YOU LATE, it was with that girl from miami, but that was years ago.

  • Kaspa

    prob. talking about a new pet dog or something

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  • Jock DickSik

    Oh Contraire.

  • Jock DickSik

    Not surprised, just none of my arsing business!

  • Jmo

    Kris Jenner is disgusting for ignoring this child & trying to force Rob to do the same! This poor guy gets no emotional support from his family! To all of you making fat jokes regarding him being pregnant… Shame on you!

  • Spainrock

    well that explains the over wieght,, he ate him

  • Lindsa

    No, he’s been pregnant like forever…

  • Bre

    Im sure this miraculously just up and changed his outlook on life too.. right and hes all better now.. He looks bloody awful… a son will not define you Rob, as much as you think it will. you are still a miserable person who wont get out of his own way to make himself happy even. You cannot live under your sisters coat tales your entire life..I mean really what would you “son” think?

  • Kestrel

    How many tines are you going to log on here to say that? How much are they paying you? Funny how the baby/kid isn’t even given an age but you say it’s been news for a month? What if he’s a week old? Seriously, troll with your nothing-to-say childish nonsense elsewhere. Contribute to society, bitch.

    @Hey girl, hey:

  • dora glasberg

    Another manufactured publicity stunt,
    He’s as pathetic as his sisters.

  • dora glasberg

    @Jen: ANd just as fake

  • dora glasberg

    Since ALL of the grandkids are illegitimate
    does it EVEN MAKE SENSE this had to be kept secret?
    Why are any of you buying this clearly manufactured story?

  • Ray

    Who gives a crap?

  • Louie

    I remember when he was pregnant so he had a son, congrats Rob. Hope the bith wasn’t too painful.

  • jeani rottet



  • tom tomas

    That poor child doesn’t have a chance in that family!

  • dora glasberg

    More FAKE publicity.
    He deleted the fake tweet.
    He and his family are insane media hoes.
    When did the Kardashians ever feel the need to hide illegitimate children.

  • Nevaehsmommy33114

    @alan: thats f****d up

  • Ernest

    Congrats on him being a father.

  • Rob is Mine

    Now Now Dora watch what you say, as you can see I am the baby Moma,Rob and I don’t want a thing to do with his sister’s and that trashy Mom of their’s. We don’t plan to raise our son around them are the camers’a.And to really upset the we want Lamar to be the God Father, after all he was behind Rob living with him his entire marriage,great guy@dora glasberg:

  • marie

    @Oneda: How do you know who does what on that show? If they disgust you so much then why do you watch it, and post negative comments, what have they done to you? Oh, you watch it and secretly wish you had their lives. But the hater in you makes negative comments. Good for you, does it make you feel better? Anyway, whether we post negative or positive comments, millions still love to watch them, obviously because they are still on tv, in mags., etc and making a lot of money. More than most of will ever see, so they must be doing something right!!! Have a great evening because mine is..

  • Rich

    That’s funny I thought he was gay?

  • klud


    To be fair, if they weren’t airing all their dirty laundry, no one would even know Rob exists – he’d be a nobody.

  • Janlee

    So surprising, (sarcasm) :-O !!!!!!

  • NanaKay

    Scott; you are just ‘SO DISGUSTING’! Making that remark about Rob getting your wife Kourtney pregnant; how does this woman even put up with you? She is so beautiful, you are going to lose her Scott, believe me, your a real disgusting husband to her. I hope she dumps you & soon; the sooner the better. There are too many decent men I am sure would love to take up with Kourtney, God you are so sick!!!!