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Joan Rivers Walks Out on CNN Interview - Watch It Here!

Joan Rivers Walks Out on CNN Interview - Watch It Here!

Joan Rivers angrily points her book at the camera while becoming agitated during a nationally televised CNN interview on Saturday (July 5).

The 81-year-old Fashion Police personality was being interviewed by CNN Newsroom host Fredricka Whitfield when a lot of the questions seemed to be criticizing her humor.

“I’m going. I really am going because all you have done is negative,” Joan said. “I’ve made people laugh for 50 years. I am put on Earth to make people laugh. My book is funny. I wear fur that was killed fifteen years ago. I work for animal rights. Stop it with ‘and you do this’ and ‘you’re mean.’ You are not the one to interview a person who does humor, sorry.”

“Off camera, [Rivers] kept her microphone on as she continued to talk and dropped some rather unflattering four-letter words,” the CNN host added later.

Joan Rivers Walks Out on CNN Interview
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  • tim

    the host is a kunt

  • tim

    the host is a c un t

  • Roberta

    So, Rivers can dish it out but can’t take it in? It’s funny to see how she really feels qhen the criticism is turned to her. Btw, she is not funny.

  • thomas

    the interviewer seems horrible, if she did wanted to show Joan River’s bad taste sometimes, she really did a bad job at it.. And I don’t like J.Rivers either but regardless… if I was Joan River’s I’d leave too. She should be fired.

  • http://comcast Amanda

    Joan Rivers has to be the most sickening woman alive. By walking out, she is just looking for publicity.

  • Jennifer Swarbrick

    Joan Rivers has been around since before this “host” was even thought of by Mommy and Daddy. She was trying to get a rise out of her and it worked. Kudos to Ms. Rivers for walking. It was a ridiculous interview and she deserved to have her walk out on her.

  • Jennifer Swarbrick

    @Roberta: Actually, she’s hilarious. I don’t like her show either but she is an amazing woman who has done a lot of good in this world. Kudos to her for walking,

  • Allie

    This is all for publicity. Her seeming mad even at the end is all fake. Come on now. We are talking about her so I guess it worked.

  • allison

    Joan Rivers says more than she does not like the dress;she does attack the celeb.
    How dare Rivers get upset with just questions being asked. Just like she tells others not to get upset with just jokes being told.

  • allison

    @Allie: I agree. All about promoting her book

  • Madonna

    this CNN journalist is disgustingly haughty and condescending in manner. who the fk she thinks she is – fake skin, fake hair, fake smile, fake teeth etc. moron.

  • Fat jokes

    What an overreaction, she should just smile and be grateful that she still has a career and can make a living doing what she does.

  • Najah

    Joan Rivers is the lowest piece of scum on earth. She’s an old bag of bones trying to keep up with Kathy Griffin. The whole cast of a Fashion Police have me at a loss, not one of them is remotely attractive yet they tear people apart for a living. People who have acclomplishments. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

  • http://comcast Teresa

    I hate Joan Rivers show Fashion Police, three freaky women and a guy, knocking beautiful actresses and what they are wearing. Just unbelievable that they could criticize some of these actresses(example, they were knocking one actress a couple weeks ago because she was too perfect ????????). LOL Walking out on this CNN show was another publicity stunt.

  • TheTruth

    No, she was a total b and Joan was right to walk off. You could tell from the start there was something up her ass and was going after Joan

  • http://comcast Lynda

    Agree 100 percent with comments 13 and 14. Joan Rivers using successful people to make fun of. She also has a filthy mouth.

  • LOL


    “fake skin, fake hair, fake smile, fake teeth etc. moron.”

    Sounds like you’re talking about Joan

  • .

    @Roberta: Yes she is. If you don’t like her, don’t watch her.

  • Allana

    Joan Rivers is extremely mean and negative on her show. And its not just about fashion, she crosses the line all the time with her so-called jokes, while the other hosts cover their faces, or turn their head and try not to be seen laughing. Yes, laughter is a wonderful thing, but at the expense of others…sounds like bullying to me. And she excuses it with how much money they make, well Joan, as much money as you have I guess you should be able to take an attack too.

    As for the interviewer, she could have been more strategic. Maybe backed off a bit at times, but still asked the controversial questions here and there. I mean, thats the point of of an interview…not just to get promotion but it goes 2 ways. You promote and the interviewer gets to try to get something out of you.

  • http://comcast Bridget

    @TheTruth: I don’t think the gal on CNN was out of line at all, she was asking questions that we would like answers to. Joan Rivers can ask really insulting questions but nobody is suppose to ask her anything. Rivers just wants publicity for her book because no one is probably buying it.

  • duh

    @Najah: She was Kathy Griffin’s mentor, moron!!

  • http://comcast Bridget

    @Jennifer Swarbrick: Made up name huh?????

  • http://comcast Robert

    @.: Nobody does watch her. That is why she needs the publicity.

  • WTH

    Joan get over yourself. She was not attacking you. I had no idea you were so thin skinned. But you have no problem “joking” about people’s loss or their children. So you should be able to stand a bit of “are you being mean”
    I was wondering if the interviewer was being negative.. she was not. This is what Joan has been asked on every show she has gone on. The women on The View did the same. I guess she is tired of those questions; but you book is about jokes and things about other people. so the questioned asked on CNN were actually very appropriate.
    If you want gushing then only promote on your E show.

  • Neil

    Joan Rivers, a classic example of, can dish it out but can’t take it. A withered hag of a woman….. with her “legions” up in arms about her “mistreatment” ….. LOL

  • Ava

    F-ck people Joan Rivers is 81 years old .. Has been one of the top 10 female comics for over 50 years , who this loser reporter on a failed network like CNN think she is… Show some respect to people whom you invite on your show .The reporter went after her because Joan Rivers made fun of their liberals messiah the spectalurly incompetent worst Preisdent in history Obama and shemale wife.

  • Ap

    I’m so glad Joan got OWNED. I loved the interviewer’s laugh. She knew Joan was her b–ch lol


    when Joan Rivers dies and goes to hell I’m sure she will be screwed by Satan………….I just hope he wears a condom.

  • Hi

    A true talented comedian can make people laugh without turning someone down, it’s just hilarious, that she can’t take her own medicine !

  • holymariah

    @Jennifer Swarbrick: Joan has done a lot of good in this world ……like making jokes about Cleveland kidnapping and rape victims and refusing to apologize???

  • holymariah

    Joan is a waste of oxygen nuff said

  • Amy

    I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for Joan Rivers. Her “jokes” are so distasteful. She should think about retiring.

  • sam

    this is the best thing i’ve seen in year. joan rivers is vile. apparently what she says is protected under the guise of humor, but she can never take it.
    f this useless, two-faced, pathetic d-list loser.

  • Cameron


    I can remember a time when Joan Rivers was funny. That time has come & gone. I agree with Allison. The reporter was doing her job, just like when Rivers claims to be doing her job. Rivers isn’t funny anymore.
    If Joan didn’t want to get questioned she shouldn’t have gone on CNN. She can dish it out, but she cannot take it. I used to like her, too. But I got over her about ten years ago.

  • laCroix

    Well, in an interview you aren’t suppose to be attacked for everything you say or do in your book & on your show, the interviewer had really nothing positive to say at all. All her questions where attacking Rivers. Not to say I am a fan of Rivers or her show or her humor, but it was weird & even weirder to walk off so unprofessional by both women.

  • No

    @Jennifer Swarbrick: The person thinks she isn’t funny. Just accept it.


    Notice that nobody wants to ask Joan Rivers if Barack Obama is really and truly gay?
    Who in the world would ever want to open that can of sunshine?

  • Deborah

    Joan Rivers hasn’t been funny in 40 years. She is a vile, vengeful, unpleasant woman with a foul mouth. Her usual rant is that the subjects of her “humor” should lighten up. Take your own advice, Joan. What goes around comes around.


    Don’t even look at this link if explicit material is offensive to you, at:

  • Caleb Taursus

    The hostess is a token who struggles with the English language so what do you expect, a real interview!

  • oldfolkshome

    Joan needs to go home and soak her dentures.

  • verdad

    como pueden considerar a esta momia un ejemplo ..parece que no tiene espejo en casa que no se ve ella mismo lo horrible y ridicula para vestirse y se atreve a criticar a los demas,,,todos merecemos respeto sus chistes se basan en ofender a los demas .parece que es la unica forma de tener fama sino nadie la mira su basura de programa una vez mire vi su contenido asqueroso ni mas creo que toda persona con sentido comun busca algo positivo

  • Melody

    I actually met Joan Rivers once at a speaking engagement for nurses. She was extremely nice, sincere and grateful. Many of you on here have never met the woman and may not like her style of humor but who are you to judge? Go Joan! That’s all I can say.

  • http://Google Errie

    I do watch Fashion Police sometimes; but I find myself lowering the volume when the host are extremely mean/vile… They remind me of this bully in school who was consider not so attractive by others, but was so mean to others that we stayed away from her…I sometimes wonder if she grew up to be as hateful and nasty as these Host… I know that they are doing their job, but they should comment on the fashion and not people personal life. The Guest Host should not play into this type of on air bulling either. Sometimes when we are asked to do a job that we know hurt feeling and image, we need to stand up and say NO… It can still be funny and worth watching.

  • Give her a break

    She’s up there in age. She’s more sensitive about her feelings and also has less of a filter now. I know, my elderly mother has almost completely lost her filter. So, I’m afraid it is what is is from this point. Anyway, she probably wanted to talk about her book and this interviewer kept harping on the “animal rights” thing. Move on.

  • jeff

    CNN has turned into a real garbage channel. They have the worst hosts on most of their shows. As for news, they never heard of investigative reporting.

  • http://comcast Roberta

    @Teresa: I think you are referring to a remark Kelly made about Nicole Kidman being too perfect. I thought at the time Kelly couldn’t think of anything to criticize her about so she went for the ‘you can be too perfect looking’. I don’t get these people !!!

  • TK

    @Bridget: I agree with you. She didn’t bring up anything Joan doesn’t say or do. She wasn’t attacking…she was asking questions, and when she says she was mean…she is mean sometimes. But most was just asking Joan her opinion on how other people feel. If Joan got defensive because her mean jokes are NOT funny. Talking about someone’s outfit like others talk to their girlfriends is not making a comment about those girls in Cleveland who were held captive. She thinks because none of the girls died and that one got a book deal that it’s OKAY and ‘alls well that ends well’. She’s delusional. She has funny moments and then she just crosses the line. But you can’t tell someone “JUST TAKE A JOKE” all day when you’re being mean and then when someone ask you questions about it then get “THIS INTERVIEW FEELS LIKE AN ATTACK”. You know? She really can dish it but not take it. What’s a better interviewer for her? Someone who will just nod and pay her compliments? Playing on something Joan said in the interview…the interview wasn’t saying anything that someone else isn’t saying to one of their friends.

  • Dave

    I thought the old bat was dead…

  • liz

    good. that bĂ­tch deserves to be called out and humiliated on national tv. well, she already humiliates herself every single episode of fashion police which is also on national tv. but I’m so sick of her bullying. she is the most miserable creature this universe has ever birthed.