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Madalina Ghenea Strips Down for a Scene with Michael Caine

Madalina Ghenea Strips Down for a Scene with Michael Caine

Madalina Ghenea strips down while filming a scene for her new movie Youth alongside co-star Michael Caine on Thursday evening (July 3) in Venice, Italy.

The 25-year-old Romanian actress wore a bedazzled bikini and a Miss Universe sash while walking along a giant runway. She’s looking so hot!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Madalina Ghenea

Here is the film’s synopsis (via Variety): Youth follows “Fred and Mick, both knocking on 80 – one a long retired composer-conductor, the other a still-jobbing film director – who are vacationing together in an elegant hotel in the lap of the Alps. Sensing their time could be quickly running out, they decide to face the future together, regard with curiosity and tenderness their children’s confused lives, the enthusiasm of Mick’s young writers and the other guests at their hotel.”

20+ pictures inside of Madalina Ghenea stripping down for Michael Caine

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madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 01
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 02
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 03
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 04
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 05
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 06
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 07
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 08
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 09
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 10
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 11
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 12
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 13
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 14
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 15
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 16
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 17
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 18
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 19
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 20
madalina ghenea strips down michael caine 21

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  • bim

    gorgeus!!!!so hooooot!!!

  • lol


  • cop

    Michael you make us proud. She looks so classy and hot

  • kk


  • porto

    I love this woman!!!

  • surprise

    Well when you have no other talent…

  • surprise

    @bim: morning you RO wh o re

  • surprise

    @lol: morning you RO wh ore

  • surprise

    @cop: morning you RO wh o re

  • surprise

    @kk: morning you RO wh o re

  • surprise

    @porto: mornings RO wh o re

  • surprisesurprise


  • Shamu

    WTF!? Who did she f**k to get the part? I wish directors would just stop giving airheads roles. No matter how good bj’s they give.

  • No matter wat

    No matter wat good for her if that is what she wants out of her life.
    Good luck to her and do not forget karma is always present. You will always have to pay back wat you receive. Reading these posts I guess she is and will.

  • talentless

    Talentless sack of sh*t who used to be a w/h0re. Typical Hollywood disgustingness.
    The film will be another flop like Dom Hemingway because she is is in it.

  • damedench

    Her bolt-ons could kill a British icon. Wonder if she will ever get a role where she has clothes ON in a movie more than OFF. When she isn’t on screen for less than 5 minutes in the first place.

  • Hollywood 101

    Shamu – that’s been going on in Hollywood since it was established – that will never change unless all the female actresses and wannabe actresses just say no BUT there is always going to be women who will sleep their way to their goals. That’s probably been going on since cave man days.

    The only change is men are sleeping their way to roles and maybe that was going in Hollywood before, we just never knew about it.

  • Hot chick

    This chick looks sooo much better than leodicaprio ‘s last two bimbos, I wonder why he didn’t keep her. Leo ‘s got great taste.

  • gosssip


  • Huge

    She’s a BIG woman, her legs and arms are sooooooooo long.

  • The Men

    @Shamu: Bernard Hilliard and Mark Ryder!

  • lmao

    I didn’t know this woman had a fanbase? My guess is that either we have ourselves a creepy crazy fan who is posting as multiple people to make her look famous or Madalina herself is posting as multiple people. I heard she goes to gossip sites and praises herself lmao pretty sad and pathetic if its true. The only reason that fatty is famous, (cause she looks fat) is because of the famous guys she sleeps with.

  • Not a fan

    But that’s Paolo Sorrentino’s new movie, and he won an Oscar for ‘The Great Beauty’, so I think he knows what’s he’s doing. In that film there were some pretty awful Italian actors who were perfect for their roles, I guess her part is fitting for someone like her.

  • melanie

    At first glance I thought she was Conchita Wurst lol!

  • Princess


  • against size zero

    @lmao: you’re calling her fat? really? I guess, you’re having a dubious opinion of the ideal of female beauty – like all this size zero skeletons? i’m not a fan of her and i’m convinced she isn’t a good actress, too, but I’m very glad, that woman has some curves.

  • jan

    25? She’ll be 27 next month — and she looks 35.
    I kind of feel sorry for her. She seems to really want to be an actress, and yet she can’t act and only gets cast in small “model-type roles”. Her performance in Dom Hemingway was…….well, not good. And her singing was embarrassing to watch. At some point you have to know your strengths and weaknesses and face reality.
    She should stick to modeling. She’s a pretty girl and is a good model. But that’s it.

  • Wow

    That 3rd picture shows how ridiculous her implants are!!! Hahahaha. Nice bolt ons!!!!

  • Romanian bimbo

    Doesn’t she live in Italy? And she got cast for a beauty contestant that is probably on screen for five minutes? Wow, what an achievement.

    She is a joke. And her t*ts look ridiculous. She looks like a c*m dumpster.

  • she looks different

    Has she gained weight? She looks much heavier than she used to. She used to be very, very thin.
    And I agree about the breasts. They are over the top and a bit ridiculous looking. She should have left herself alone. She even looked better before she got the lip injections. Now she is a bit of a cliche.

  • Diedre

    If a 25 year old man was shown with an 80 year old woman people would be screaming “GROSS!” at the top of their lungs.

  • Mada princess

    She`s so beautiful! She will be great actress and will get Oscar for this role! Dreams come true :) Nice work, Mada!

  • Taylor Made

    Hey Mada Princess stop drinking the koolaid you don’t get nominated for a a few seconds on screen. They don’t give Oscars for small bit players or extras. You said she’d be nominated for Dom Hemingway. Guess your judgment is clouded perhaps by your own vanity?

  • Amex

    @Mada princess: this is a tiny bit part for madalina. She isn’t in this movie for more than a few blinks. She will not be nominated for any award. she is in her underwear once again as she always is. It’s what she’s known for in career and life. She is a huge liar, fake from head to toe and dim. Nothing will ever come of her acting. She’s too self conscious to act well.

    She is looking her real age now. She is not looking youthful. She’s hardly old but she isn’t 25/26 years old as she claims as she’s changed her date of birth multiple times. she looks like a drag queen in these shots. She was more feminine and naturally pretty before all her cosmetic surgeries. after dating half if Hollywood (6 actors in 3 years!) you’d think she would be aquirering bigger roles. But she’s still in her knickers pouting. Its great to appear next to a legend but all the famous boyfriends, lies and fakery you really expect more by now. I hope she enjoys it while it lasts. I can’t help but feel these roles, although tiny, would be better utilised by a real actress.

  • Michelle macho men

    Madalina WHORE

  • Christopher87

    Has she been cut out of the movie already? There’s no mention of her on the movies imbd profile. In ‘full cast’ she is nowhere to be seen. Maybe the director is unsure whether to use her scenes?? Or her role isn’t worth crediting?? I know her acting isn’t great but she is a good b**bs and as* girl. She’ll never be a Angelina Jolie or Elizabeth taylor but she looks hot in a bikini.


    a bunga bunga girl can’t help but acts as herself

  • london

    Madalina Ghenea now lives between Milan and London. Her relationship with Fassbender still continues. It will be made ​​official after the summer.

  • ^_^

    Romanian se/x litter …

  • lol

    RO H.O.O.K.E.R )))

  • Mada princess

    She`s the best! I`m sure she will be great actress!

  • huh?

    @london: Between London and Milan that would put her in Eastern France.

  • milan

    @london: Why not make it official now if it is for real? Unless she’s been bought and paid for. Setting off the BS meter. Nothing new there.

  • lol

    And again the children of Haiti on your instagram, madalina? Again with the manipulation. The Haiti pics already re-posted in time for this news . The Haiti earthquake occurred in 2010, no time to do some other act of charity? LOL And above all, charity should be anonymous and not an attempt to get publicity. And kids should not be exploited

  • Mojo

    Michael dumped Madalina after he had his fun. It doesn’t surprise me she is trying to convince people she is still dating him. Especially now she has got some crumbs of publicity. Yep the Haiti pics reemerge and so do the rumours she’s dating Michael Fassbender. Sorry he dumped her after she purposely revealed his home location on her Instagram and of-course after he was embarrassed by some of the media stating she was an es/cort. Not to mention the interesting rumours that she miscarried his baby (when there wasn’t a baby to start with!) all rumoured to be from her pr camp. Oh and the interesting rumours that Michael beat her up coming from a Romanian TV personality who apparently knows Madalina??!! This woman is disgusting. Watch how she ends up. Desperately trying to cling to any horny B-lister who will provide her with some attention. She’s already been used by half of Hollywood. It’s obvious what we are dealing with here, the public aren’t stupid. She will get some cheap/smutty parts and will probably be used by a few more actors before she ends up a even sadder figure than she is now. I’m sick of these talentless h/o’s lying and bullsh/iting. Bring in the real actresses and not the fake, talentless wannabes.

  • Hollywh/ore

    @Mojo: Enough with Hollywood actors who allow these famewh/ore epidemy. Enough with Dicaprio, Butler, Brody, Fassbender, Cooper etc … A new Hollywood, clean and full of professional people. A dream.

  • Madalina

    My PR said I cannot post here. I have to show I am happy and carefree and sweet . So I post on intagram more since I love myself. See i run with puppy. I love to stroke and pet. And I pay people to write proper reviews about my talents in Dom Hemingway and now this movie where I am the star. I had to tell Ro press I will take a break from entertainment when my jobs are slow. But look at my but now. No I do not lie. But I still post here. You are all jealous and vile. Men love me. With little cloth. Women want to be me. With little cloth. It is all about me. I will be the next Kim Kadashian. Or Sophia Lauren. Serious actress. Everyone will still help me since I am beautiful. Ugly people do not deserve anything. So what Campbell went on one date with my Michael Fassbender. So what he did not hide her like he did me. She is not as young as me. But he paid me to keep everything hush. So what my Gerry is dating that Italian ho. He loves me. Leo wasn’t ready for marriage either. Amazing men! I will go to the Oscars one day. I pretend well. I am gorgeous and envy of the world!

  • Madalina

    Btw…Rachel Weisz is a …..amazing. I will steal her husband.

  • Madalina

    I see you looking at my buns. You cannot resist. Michael Cain is amazing. I am working with Oscar winners. I will go. You see.

  • Mada princess

    She gives the best performance in bed! Great actress!