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Vanessa Hudgens Celebrates Her Independence Day in a Bikini!

Vanessa Hudgens Celebrates Her Independence Day in a Bikini!

Vanessa Hudgens flaunts her bikini body while spending time by the pool to celebrate Independence Day on Friday (July 4) in this new photo posted to her social media pages.

“Fourth of July, big chillin’ in my Bongo bikini!” the 25-year-old actress captioned the pic.

Earlier in the day, Vanessa wore an expletive on her Jac Vanek shirt while having fun at a workout session with younger sister Stella Hudgens, who wore an identical t-shirt.

” Happy 4th of July loves!!! kicking the day off right with @shapewithangela @stellahudgens #represent,” Vanessa wrote as the caption to that photo.

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vanessa hudgens fourth of july bikini 01
vanessa hudgens fourth of july bikini 02

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  • Isabella Soprano

    What a joke. These paid posts cheapen the site.

  • assman

    no more of this no talent actress

  • Jr

    Well she seems to really be enjoying her 4th of July. Good for her.

  • Nightwish

    Old looking duck face wannabe.
    Also, dumb not to realize that theres nothing for americans to feel proud about their country anymore. ignorant and lame

  • Haters Suck!

    She’s so sexy.
    Speak for yourself dip$hit

  • Whatever!!!

    “In my Bongo bikini” said the PAID SPOKESPERSON. Come on Jared, get real. This is pathetic that you keep dropping brand names on your site. Do you think ANY of your readers don’t see through it? It’s called a PAID PLACEMENT. Come clean or stop insulting your readers before they all leave your site.


    She looks great in Bongo and she is after all their spokesperson. She walks the Talk and that says much. Love her in them Bongos, suits her style.

  • Cripes

    Her shirt is just about as stupid as she is. And that idiotic tongue out pose was already done to death by another moronic and lame attention addict. Is she really 25 years old? Sighhhhh…

  • Uncle Sam

    Hollywood Rednecks, Fvck No!

  • lol

    tina did she borrow this shirt from you?

  • Ugh

    This woman needs to act her damn age, not like a 12 year old girl. My 5th grade daughter has more sense than her.

  • Moriarty

    She’s so gross. i don’t understand it.


    Nightwish, pretty please stop posting under diff. Names. I know it’s you.

  • lulz

    Doing the redundant duck face because she has thin lips. duck face does not work for anybody, including you V lol

  • Arrested Development

    Thank goodness she doesn’t have children (knock on wood)

  • Alex

    @lulz: Boy do I hate duckface selfies, talk about a horrible trend that just never seems to die (e.g. Uggs)

  • pol

    nice moustache…very sexy

  • http://justjared Charlie

    Vanessa is so beautiful and fantastic. I hope that she has spent a happy 4th July. What better way to spend this day with family or friends in pool or at the beach?Followers on twitter of Vanessa seem to increase very quickly.

  • woah

    Nutwish posting under so many different alias’. Get a brain chump.

  • woah

    @Nightwish: Dude you’re nuts. Just saying.

  • Love

    if you guys don’t like her then why do you waste your time commenting on her posts? smh

  • Love

    “Ugh” you have a daugther in 5th grade and you spend your time hating on celebs? wow what a good example to be a mother, congrats!

  • kassie

    Won’t be long now before we get a topless photo from her

  • mcwitch11

    just sad just jared, u are the only ones who put this nobody on their site! LOL, she hasn’t did anything in years worth mentioning. We all know she pays in one way or another to have u pathetic idiots post about her daily. Time to move on Jared, she’s been a has been for years!!!!

  • tina

    @lol: No she didn’t but I remember the movie it came from. Funny. Can you refrain from using my name in your idiocy? Unlike you I have a life and am not here every day, so don’t pretend to know me.

  • tina

    Don’t like her, don’t open her post. Plain and simple. Of course, you should feel free to add to her post counts, so we get more post. Or do you really think JJ was just waiting for your opinion. Lmao.

  • lame JJ

    this girl is cracked she hides from paps out in the streets the public streets yet she pushes a little button on her i phone that says “click here” and then she posts the lame pix on instagram. desperate girl lame and childish behavior .

  • wuzza

    what a brilliant hollywood by product spending her whole day on July 4th snapping pix and then trying to decide which ones to post on the internet. walking joke !

  • Nightwish

    @lame JJ: @wuzza: Word! But her third world fandom (all 350 of them) will be so disappointed if she changes in any way. She’s almost 26 i think.. so embarrassing and pathetic. Even tina would agree.

  • tina

    @Nightwish: Love that a grown man would think to criticize someone for posting pictures on their account. Just seem funny to me. You know what the cure for that is don’t you? Keep your critical ass off her accounts. You never have to see them. Plain and simple.

  • tina

    When I check both of my nieces fb pages I see the same thing. Pictures of themselves and their friends.(and believe me we have monitored them since they first started them). One has her masters in education and the other will receive her law degree next summer. Why are you having a hissy fit over her doing what others her age are doing? Grow the he ll up.

  • Nightwish

    @tina: Wow, why not make it phd in nuclear physics and make the other one a rhodes scholar? I was at oxford getting my philosophy phd, and did i tell you keira knightley had a huge crush on me the whole time? She took my out to expensive dinners behind jamie dornans and rupert friends backs. That was really flattering coming from the most beautiful actress on earth. LMAO!

  • lol

    tina tells people to stop addressing her like they know her, but yet she not only writes her own life story on jj, but also includes details about her husband, friends, children, nieces, etc… and of course, conveniently, they’re all extremely accomplished overachievers who would never waste their brilliance writing on a pap site. except tina herself who’s on jj an awful lot for someone who claims to have no time in her busy schedule to come on here. unless of course, this is one of her paid jobs, which explains why someone so accomplished and brilliant would spend so much time defending this idle airhead baby v.

  • tina

    @lol: I told YOU, not people, just you get it straight. Don’t know you, don’t care to know you. Don’t have time for a lemming with their head up a 30 year old man who lives in his mother’s basement ass. When you get a thought that doesn’t need Nightwish’s approval maybe you can bring it to me, other than that, don’t waste your time.
    Didn’t “make” them anything, nutcase. They grew up to be productive people who have lives and don’t spend 24/7 putting some one will never meet down. Sorry but not everyone lives for someone to agree with them on someone else’s blog. And because I have a life you two play among yourselves as always.

  • Omar

    Michelle has found a new poossy

  • Haters Suck!

    Cool. Two drunks and drug addicts together is always a great combo. Wonder who will fall off the wagon first. I say Michelle. But dollars to donuts says it was just a vacation $crew.

  • Mean

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  • Mean

    Her sister is just like v. Bitch!!!

  • Nightwish

    Check out this lame ass chick Tina worships-
    VH hides her face with drinks
    VH makes a duckface selfie in bikini
    VH wears a dumb shirt, says she’s just like a girl
    VH goes hiking, stages pap pics
    VH walks into gym
    VH posts 9 second youtube vid because shes bored and feeling dumb
    VH misses her vacation, was on vacation the week before and is still on vacation
    VH posts instagram
    VH posts twitter
    VH takes a selfie
    VH shows off blonde bird nest looking extensions
    VH posts pic of dog

  • Jules

    @Nightwish: @Nightwish:
    “WHAT KIND OF ‘CELEB’ IS THIS???” <– An unemployed socialite. Paris Hilton gets posted on this site too, so go figure. Even the Kartrashians do more work than this chick.

  • Haters Suck!

    Maybe she should do drugs, abuse alcohol, go to rehab, cheat on her boyfriend, $crew a married man and become a homewrecker to get a part, spend lots of time on the casting couch you know like the people you like. Would u like her then?

  • tina

    @Nightwish: The type you spend your every waking hour stalking. Can you get any more pathetic? Seriously are you really a grown man or a jr high girl? Lmao what a joke you are.

  • Mikey

    This girl is so filthy. I love it. Would be boning her constantly


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