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Zac Efron Works on His Fitness with Gianluca Vacchi in Sardinia!

Zac Efron Works on His Fitness with Gianluca Vacchi in Sardinia!

Zac Efron carries a pair of weights while going for a jog with his pal Gianluca Vacchi on Saturday morning (July 5) in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

The 26-year-old actor was seen doing pushups and stretching his body out throughout the outdoor workout that morning.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

Zac has been vacationing with the Italian businessman, actress Michelle Rodriguez, and some others for over a week now. He has been seen in some dance videos that have gone viral and most recently going shirtless while doing a backflip off a yacht!

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Gianluca Vacchi working out together…

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zac efron works on his fitness with gianluca vacchi 01
zac efron works on his fitness with gianluca vacchi 02
zac efron works on his fitness with gianluca vacchi 03
zac efron works on his fitness with gianluca vacchi 04
zac efron works on his fitness with gianluca vacchi 05
zac efron works on his fitness with gianluca vacchi 06
zac efron works on his fitness with gianluca vacchi 07
zac efron works on his fitness with gianluca vacchi 08
zac efron works on his fitness with gianluca vacchi 09
zac efron works on his fitness with gianluca vacchi 10

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  • Jess54

    Oh My God he’s so hot !!! Look at those arms !!

  • Meme

    This is getting a bit much, multiple posts in a daily basis? Zac seems pretty thirsty, does he really have to stoop to these levels to be in the press. It’s making him look pretty pathetic. Enough please.

  • Cate

    What exactly does this Gianluca Vacchi do? He seems to be very wealthy. His relationship with Zac seems random but they both seem to be fanatical about their bodies and working out so maybe that’s what they bonded about.

  • Ruby

    I can’t see Zac as good-looking while he’s jogging with hand weights.., pretty sure you can only get away with that if your over 60 ;)

  • OK

    It seemed like a long time between Zac posts , It is nice to have so many right now.
    Zac looks great, healthy,and sober.
    Just love these pics. of Zac.

  • E3

    Can someone tell me why do people think Zac is gay? Is it because of High School Musical? Did he admit that he is gay? Attracted to guys? Are there any pictures of him making out with a guy? God forbid that a young good looking man is single. He’s gay immeditely. Shows how much the internet makes people dumb.

  • Priscilla

    @Meme: Zac is not the one posting them. It’s not coming from his page.

  • Lea

    @E3: I really don’t know either. I’m guessing it had something to do with high school musical. Don’t know why. Just weird.

  • June

    It’s like old school basketball vs modern basketball (shorts).

  • Tris

    @Meme: if this is bothering you so much than you can, oh I don’t know, ignore it? Maybe?

  • lauren901

    because hsm, he’s good looking and they think he is based of what he does and etc, it doesnt matter.

  • lauren901

    well other posts are from the guys instagram and zac’s instagram those dont really count, but actually pap pics count like from today, and the ones of zac and michelle on the boat.

  • Yaz

    The dudes glasses, YES!!!! Let me work out with him.

  • Payton

    @E3: people are crazy… Sike, I don’t know. It’s not even an insult now-a-days. Don’t know why people keep trying to make it one. Doesn’t matter though.

  • Faye

    I’m sweating just looking at them do those push ups.

  • OK

    Zac is straight and always has been. Rumors started because of stupid blind gossip sites where people believed false stories.
    (started by haters and some ex-friends that were jealous of him.)
    He has said there is nothing wrong with being gay and some of his friends are gay.
    He has also worked with many gays. (Who in Hollywood hasn’t)
    He also falls under that old stereotype “He is to good looking to be straight) . That is just not true in this case.
    Zac is 100% straight

  • sara

    You don’t know him to say he us 100 percent gay or straight

  • Uh

    @E3: Exactly. @sara: he’s straight. people should deal with. I ain’t believe he is gay until it comes from his owe mouth that he is gay.

  • Uh

    @OK: Yup. People are either interested in his body or his sexual oriantation. Pathetic tbh.

  • Lyne

    @Cate: just google it if you really want to know but he is a real work out/fitness nut.

  • OK

    @UH I won’t lie I like his looks but I love his acting.
    I’m gay and I’m the first to say he is straight.

  • Anna

    Don’t be so naive — Jared gets payola to feature this Zac fluff.

  • Uh

    @OK: Thats bloody awesome that you are a guy and a fan of his. Usually it’s always annoying fangirls.

  • Kelley

    It’s so hot watching a guy work out.

  • Truth

    @Meme: This is my take since he is well aware of all the rumors about him being with these party people . Michelle in particular he is making sure he is see doing healthy activities for damage control to stop any gossip about him using or drinking again. With his fans it’s working with people that know about addiction they know he is most likely in a bad enviroment.
    for a recovering addict to be with a girl who is hard core drinker and party girl is suicide.. He is smart to do this takes away all suspicion. All his fans care about is how hot he is and his abs.

  • Truth

    @OK: he doesn’t help matters by hanging out with people who have sex with anything with a pulse boy or girl. That Sugar daddy has made it with Michelle and is a playboy with a huge coc*. He swings both ways too so what else are people to think?

  • florence2

    And people complain about Vanessa posting pictures of her doing nothing well that’s all the pictures of Zac have been him hanging out with these paeople usually with his shirt off and not doing much else so whaty he’s the only one allowed some down time and not work but nobodyu else can do the same. He’s well into the playboy lifestyle and all these recent puictures show that.

  • Lissa

    @E3: idk, it’s strange. It has to be about the musicals. That’s my only suggestion because I don’t know about anything else.

  • Marley

    @Priscilla: I know. Zac posted one thing on Fourth of July. That’s it.

  • Lacy

    @OK: yea, I still don’t understand why people are so focused on his sexuality. It’s getting deeply disturbing and very awkward.

  • Max

    @Lyne: yea, I saw some of his workouts. So not up to that level… Yet.

  • Z

    I wonder when the haters on here are going to realize that their opinions are completely irrelevant. 1) what makes you think you know more about him than his own fans do? 2) nobody really cares what you think he’s doing and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give a crap what haters think either. He’s healthy, he looks great and y’all need to stop wasting your time commenting on his life when you have your own life to worry about. stfu already.

  • So

    @Z: Poor thing so delusional. As much as people don’t know he is using you don’t know he is clean and sober. Time will tell but when you hang with party people and Michelle has problems he is in danger.

  • Z

    @So: and I’m being delusional? That’s hilarious. you’re ridiculously obsessed with his life for a hater. It’s quite funny. Unless you have clear proof he’s into trouble (and judgements you have about these people isn’t proof, sorry to disappoint), you have no room to assume anything. Like I said, your comments are completely irrelevant so you might as well stop wasting your time.

  • Claudia

    This is too much to handle!!!!!!!!! Zac is too HOT! <3

  • juliana

    After Tom Dailey, another hottie has slipped from ladies hands:(

  • ZTB_Girl

    @Cate: Little bio of Vacchi: Mr. Gianluca Vacchi serves as President of SEA Società Europea Autocaravan S.p.A. Mr. Vacchi has been a Director of I.M.A. Industria Macchine Automatiche SpA (IMA) since January 28, 2010. He serves as a Director of Fin Vacchi Finanziaria Vacchi S.p.A. He serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of several investment companies such as GV Finanziaria S.r.l., Eleven Finanziaria S.r.l. and 3T Finanziaria S.p.A. He served as Director of Tesmec S.P.A. since February 23, 2010. He is an entrepreneur and Financier. He graduated in Business and Economics from the Alma Mater Studiorum University in Bologna.

  • ZTB_Girl

    @florence2: And the hater par excellence is back. Maybe you should think a little bit. He’s on VACATION, that means free time for him, where he can do whatever he wants. When I’m on vacation I also don’t wear my uniform I have to wear during my job. When I’m on a boat and plan to jump in the water, I wear a swim suit as all other normal people would do, because in my case my dark blue uniform wouldn’t be the best choice to go swim with it.

    Go the threads of Vanessa, since you’re so in love with her and leave him the hell alone.

  • Jess54

    @Uh: Totally agree

  • Vell

    @ZTB_Girl: isn’t he married?

  • OK

    @Uh thanks, I have been a fan since “HSM” days . Lots of my guy friends are also.
    @truth I guess they should think Zac doesn’t judge what people say about his friends. did you ever think it is possible to have friends (Male or female and not have sex?)
    Why would you care anyway who he has sex with.
    I judge people by how they treat others not by who they have sex with.
    @Lacy I agree with you. It is amazing that people are so concerned about his sex life.
    I have both gay and straight friends and I do not have sex with friends.
    I had the good fortune to meet Zac once and he and his friends treated me and my friends with nothing but respect. He was nice charming and talked with us for sometime.
    People there knew I am gay and it was never a problem or even brought up.

  • OK

    Zac seems happy and healthy right now. He is a very good actor and very charitable person. He is nice to his family, friends, and fans.
    That is what is important.

  • Fruitfly

    @Lacy: Zac’s sexuality is one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood. There’s been tons of rumors with no proof to substantiate them. Mystery and curiosity drive the desire to know, but don’t expect Zac to announce his preferences to the world. He doesn’t want to alienate any of his fans.

    I know it’s wrong (running with weights is tough), but they look so much like toner chicks with those baby weights, lol. It’s cute.

  • Keke

    He’s been spotted at this bar and he was seen working the dj table. He was also seen kissing Michelle and guess what..DRINKING. When will his fans give up trying to defend his sorry a$$? He’s not as saint-like as you think he is. Clearly, his manipulation skills are all working on you.

    And to those who wouldn’t believe that he and Michelle are fcking? Let those pictures speak for themselves.

  • hannah

    @OK: “I had the good fortune to meet Zac once and he and his friends treated me and my friends with nothing but respect. He was nice charming and talked with us for sometime.” <— Nice story, glad to hear you had a good experience meeting Zac :-)

  • OK

    @Keke they serve non-alcoholic drinks in clubs. OMG he was kissing Michelle !!!! Zac is not an angel(Saint) but he isn’t as bad as the haters say either.
    @hanna it was one of the best times I ever had and my friends and I will never forget that night.
    Just might have a little more to add later.

  • bree

    ”Let those pictures speak for themselves”. And yet there is none. If someone like Zac Efron is making out with someone (and people are yelling about it like this) there would be pictures. But there’s not. I even looked up. But if he is having fun with Michelle…what’s wrong with that? He’s rich,he’s young, he’s SINGLE for gods sake, where’s the problem? Same goes for her. What’s in it for you? It’s his life.If he’s using something still, that’s his weakness, some internet trolls won’t change a god damn thing. It’s up to him.
    And why everyone wants him so desperatly to be gay? He’s not. Although, I don’t know a celebrity who’s not called gay, so…whatever…

  • hannah

    @OK: That’s so awesome you and your friends are lucky! I’d love to hear more details.

  • Mel

    @hannah: Agreed, I enjoy OK’s posts too, always positive and genuine.
    @bree: Right? Trolls are the exact opposite of genuine. They’ll write anything negative, whether true or false, just to try and stir up trouble. They’re not even creative with their insults, just the same redundant gay/rehab references over and over. Or speculating on who he hooks up with and then assailing that person’s character as well. So lame and desperate.

  • Luce