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Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky Are the Cutest Wimbledon Couple

Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky Are the Cutest Wimbledon Couple

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky look so cute together while sitting in the Royal Box on Centre Court before the start of the Men’s Singles Finals match at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships on Sunday (July 5) at the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club in London, England.

The 37-year-old actress recently posted on Instagram about a charity photo shoot that she did.

“great photo shoot with the amazing Fabrizio for the #bulgari campaign @savethechildrenuk #charity. It’s good to work with brands that donate money for charity. Hopefully they will be an example for other ones,” Elsa captioned the pic.

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Credit: Matthew Stockman; Photos: Getty
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  • Annophrie

    Happy, natural, relaxed beautiful unlike posers beckhams

  • Me

    They are such a lovely couple! They look very good together <3

  • kami

    this woman tries way to hard to be relevant. why doesn’t she relax and enjoy wimbleton instead of posing, posing, posing?

  • aquarius64

    It’s official. Elsa’s not letting go of Chris even if he ran around on her. She wouldn’t get an invite to the Royal Box if she weren’t married to Thor.

  • ……..

    @aquarius64: Everyone knows she’s a social climber/fameseeker who couldn’t make it as an actress. He’s her bread and butter. She has nothing without him.

  • tick

    This marriage will end in divorce like most other Hollywood marriages. She’s 7 years older than him. He will dump her for someone younger when she hits the big 4-0. She is deluded if she thinks she can hold onto Chris forever. He’s the new Brad Pitt. He can have anyone he wants.

  • Loki

    @kami: Because she’s a famewhore who always poses for the paps, too. She even wanted to pose in Playboy after having the twins, to promote her career, and her and Thor got into a huge public fight about it in an L.A. restaurant. She’s just like Hilaria Baldwin, she needs attention all the time. She’s REALLY lucky, because she has no acting talent. And NO, I’m not jealous…Thor doesn’t look very good to me. I just know about all the manipulating she’s done in the past. She’s a TOTAL phony.

  • Yup

    @tick: He doesn’t seem very bright, though, the way she dumped Adrian Brody and latched on to him and married him in no time. I don’t know if he even realized what hit him. I always got the impression that he is like Brad Pitt about having kids. To him, that seemed like a priority over everything. He seems to be concerned about his image, but seems totally unaware of her past. Not a brainiac.

  • ha!!

    @Annophrie: Are you kidding??? She’s the biggest poser of them all. She calls the paps when hubby isn’t around and loves every minute of it, even when she has any of her kids with her. She never shows any concern for them while she’s busy smiling for the cameras.

  • Love all

    She’s invited to the royal box, but looks like she didn’t even watch the match. She looks like she was blabbing the whole time.

  • aquarius64

    @Yup: You got the image part right. It would be bad for Chris’ image to walk out of the mother of his three small children without cause. Elsa would have to do Kristen Stewart’s Mini-Coopering with the married director for a non-career-damaging divorce to happen.

  • SR

    That didn’t happen-they were in London-where he’s filming Age of Ultron when that fight in L.A. “supposedly” happened. She’s not a famewhore. They got together before he even got the part of Thor. They’re a beautiful couple and have a beautiful family.@Loki:

  • Nope

    @SR: That fight was big news, and it happened at Craig’s in L.A., before they went to London. There were alot of witnesses. And yes, they DID get together in 2010, long after he got the Thor part. They finished filming sometime in the spring of 2010.

  • Tudelu

    Get your facts straight. They met before he became a well known name. She went from an Oscar winner to an unknown soap opera star at the time.
    Stop being so hateful people. God what kind of judgemental people are you?!

  • Awww….

    @Tudelu: Angry much?? They started dating and married in 2010, which was the year he filmed Thor…Get YOUR facts straight.

  • omg

    @Tudelu: Yeah, she dumped the Oscar winner for him, after the Oscar winner bought her a castle.

  • SR

    -which was LONG before the movie was released and LONG before they knew he’d become an A-lister. And where is the photographic evidence of this supposed argument? His reps have already said that it didn’t happen and the way people claimed he acted certainly doesn’t jive with his personality or his desire to keep a low profile in public. @Nope:

  • Go away

    @SR: Of course his reps said that it didn’t happen, that’s what they get paid to do!! Most high end restaurants in L.A. don’t have patrons taking photos while dining. Do you even know how it works? Everyone keeps saying they started dating before he even knew he got the Thor part, which is untrue. And YOU said it…He likes a low profile, but she doesn’t. That’s the point…duh!! Enough of this article, it’s certainly not that important, so don’t bother responding. You’re probably one of her relatives, anyway.

  • SR

    Yes, I do know how it works. I know that there are nasty trolls all over the place who hate on Elsa ALL the time. I’m actually a HUGE fan of Chris’ and I don’t believe he would behave that way in public for one. And I also believe that he’s smart enough not to marry a famewhore. They’re happy together so why don’t you stop responding.

  • aquarius64

    @SR: Sorry, Elsa now has a reputation for going through Hollywood guys looking for a come-up, and she hit the jackpot with Hemsworth. Her marriage has netted her entree to the finest Hollywood and the world have to offer; she’s not able to get it on her own. She has a blog and a book deal, all because she’s Mrs. Hemsworth. As an actress the US barely knows for Fast and Furious 6 and Snakes on a Plane (both in which she was bad). She did Playboy before she met Hemsworth (2004), so I’m not surprised about the story she tried to go back to that (bad) PR well again. She’s trying to be GOOP and Jessica Alba with the lifestyle advice (and look respectable) but she’s a long-lost Kardashian for the pap calling and posing for the paps on the street.

  • Tudelu


    Hey darling, the movie hadn’t been released yet. There was no way of knowing if it’d go to hell or not. And you call me angry? Look at all the shitfaced teenagers over and you still claim me as angry? HAH!

  • Gross

    I think Chris enjoyed and enjoys being bewitched by this one. I don’t mind them; at least she’s not trashy Kim K going around showing her ass and cleavage at every opp. She does it fairly tastefully and her outfits are classy. And I don’t think she cares about credibility and she knows she’s not that great an actress. Newsflash: most men don’t care about that as long as you look good. Sad but true. So relaxx people.

  • aquarius64

    @Gross: If that’s true, then Elsa better pray Chris doesn’t want to trade her in for a younger model (see Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher). BTW, it didn’t hurt Kutcher’s career when he bailed, but there were no small children involved.

  • aga



  • greeneyes

    Guys, they’ve been married for three and a half years. They have three children. Elsa is quite obviously in love with him, and he loves her back. Why do so many people have to hate? Let them be happy for crying out loud!

    The fact that some of you are wishing horrible endings on them is pathetic. Grow up.

  • aquarius64

    @greeneyes: Simple, Elsa’s has a reputation she will never live down.

  • Lucio


    A 7 year age difference is nothing…I don’t know how that could be of any concern.

  • windcaller

    I don’t mind them. Yes, she’s a poser, but who cares? What I want to know is what the neck is that big thing on her neck. Dies she have a goiter?

  • hahahaha

    they both are trying way too hard, when no one really cares for either. They even made Thor a woman :P