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Alexander Skarsgard Went Butt Naked on 'True Blood' Last Night!

Alexander Skarsgard Went Butt Naked on 'True Blood' Last Night!

Alexander Skarsgard may not be on True Blood all the time anymore, but when he is we sure have been getting some awesome scenes!

While not as hot as last week’s sex scene with his hunky co-star Ryan Kwanten, the 37-year-old actor stripped down and bared his naked bum in last night’s episode.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

If you want to be spoiled about what went down during the episode, make sure to find out which actor was killed off the series.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard stripping down on True Blood

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alexander skarsgard butt naked true blood 01
alexander skarsgard butt naked true blood 02
alexander skarsgard butt naked true blood 03
alexander skarsgard butt naked true blood 04
alexander skarsgard butt naked true blood 05
alexander skarsgard butt naked true blood 06
alexander skarsgard butt naked true blood 07
alexander skarsgard butt naked true blood 08
alexander skarsgard butt naked true blood 09
alexander skarsgard butt naked true blood 10
alexander skarsgard butt naked true blood 11
alexander skarsgard butt naked true blood 12
alexander skarsgard butt naked true blood 13
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  • De

    Whoever wrote this show must hate women, that’s why the leading character is so insufferable. He wants people to hate her.

  • frenchcacahuète

    no big deal always the same flat ass ! Give us a break please.

  • Emma

    I can’t believe this show is still running???! Twilight was over several years ago, and this show is trying to milk it with naked bodies. Boring.

  • Ok

    Whats the deal about it he gave us a peak at his penis the end of last season so a butt screen isn’t a big deal at all specially since we have seen it alot on the show before this episode.

  • Amazing hair

    My sexy wife :)yeeeees

  • Lala

    I would miss Eric Northman! <3 <3 <3

  • Nice

    Nice butt & great legs :-)

  • Pic #1 ?

    Jared why can’t you show a vagina?

  • Pic #1 ?

    oh lord even the word is censored too?
    *vag ina– is it really that offensive to people? Strange…

  • jon m’shulla

    Great show. Famous from books and TV long before Twilight, d’uh. Love his 80s flashback sequence.

  • Tripleew

    sad flat asscakes, and he’s too beefy for my taste, has zero muscle definition

  • Slinky the Cat

    Mmmmm mmmm that man is glorious. They’re milking that for all it’s worth. Can’t say I blame them because….dayum! Dat ass! Hellooooo Tarzan!

  • Wednesday

    Isn’t the real question whether or not he hooked up with that actress? That’s what he known for, no?

  • Brooke

    This is news? Someone is naked on True Blood? WOW…who isn’t naked on this show?

  • OK


    This makes no sense. Someone who is beefy has muscle definition.

  • Sine

    @OK: It does make sense, have you seen Ryan Kwanten’s body? askars is just huge

  • Hmmmm

    Where’s Ladybug? She and all her aliases seem to have disappeared!

  • psycho kitty

    @hmmmm , i was wondering the exact same thing!!!!
    maybe she freaked out when she was ‘outed’ for being a ‘hired fangirl’
    she really cut down on her comments after that ..she seemed to almost disappear at least from askars comments section but continued her rants elsewhere on other celebs.

  • psycho kitty

    he’s got a great pair (legs) on him .

  • psycho kitty

    the episode was great especially the last few minutes in the woods with sookie and co BUT…Ii felt they just sped through these last few episodes and the writers didn’t sound like they took the time out to write decent dialogue .
    they clearly ran out of use for Pamela other than having her weeping (for eric) in almost every scene since season 4!!!!!! kristin-bvs has been described as a real life cry baby so what i i mean is Kristin playing Pam or is Pam just playing Kristin?
    cos i cant tell the difference.
    same thing been going on with Jessica she’s so patheticly weak and non existant
    and Sookie doesn’t even exist without her man/men beside all the time ..she’s supposed to be the lead yet she’s been reduced to being ‘pimped’
    this show really truly hates women.

  • psycho kitty

    p.s i wonder when/if jaredj will delete my above comments….

  • ForHire

    @psycho kitty: I’m curious is she just a hired fan girl for Alex or others as well?

  • Actually…

    …THIS scene was hot, unlike the one with Jason, which was simply funny.

  • @Sine

    Ryan is nothing in comparison with Alex. Same goes for Moyer.

  • Rin

    Alex, dear, come out of the closet

  • Whoa Nellie

    Alex was a little lanky and not very good looking in his younger days yet he grew into a beautiful man.

  • @Rin

    Yeah. I think he is a bottom. Very effeminate at times.

  • Hi. Sexey.:P

    I like a man who is in touch with his feminine side, that represents me 100% His hair is so sexy there.…all ya haters..Alex rocks!! Alex and his rocking hard body :)!!!

  • pretty kitty

    i have stans now!! awesome@psycho kitty:
    ladybug probably just got tired of the jealous stans

  • Is it true?

    Stephen Moyer is hermaphrodite, I heard.

  • Cafélady

    @Hmmmm:,@psycho kitty: #17,18
    Oh, don’t worry – we, the allegedly “hired” fangirls are still here. And before you ask: No, I’m not ladybug using an alias.
    I say “we”, because someone suspected me for the same (regarding allegedly hired) a while ago.

    I took a break because it was soccer world cup – and ladybug? No clue, but I guess, she is busy with something or whatever.

    And surprise, surprise; no comments regarding the new pic with alex and this unknown girl – strolling together at a beach?? Really? How lame.
    …she doesn’t look like Robbie… ;)

  • Olivia

    That picture is old.

  • Cafélady

    @Olivia: Yes, of course…but usually certain people doesn’t disturbs the fact, that a pic is old and/or that the situation itself was harmless when he were papped. At least such facts have not prevented, that then the wildest theories flew around…normally…
    I presume, said people have no ideas anymore – after all, we had already almost every sort of speculation… ;) LoL

  • :)

    Today I read on the Internet Katie Holmes and Alexander Skarsgard are said to be more than just friends. The 35-year-old actress grew last year to 37-year-old to Skarsgard on the set of “The Giver” and they have kept in touch ever since. The last time the two would have enjoyed some secret dates . that’s why we have not seen anything from him in a while ?

  • Mafer C84

    You can see is just gossip,as she said that she is focus on motherhood and work.I don’t see them be together not now nor anytime soon.

  • Hatcat

    Daaaaaaaamnnnn….his body is crazy…..:P he is not dating her though, Thats pure press junk…me thinks..he lives them livelier..?

  • Hatcat

    *likes them…(stupid autocorrect)

  • Hatcat

    Yes. Yes. He looks sooo yiammi when he is beefed up a bit…he he…

  • Cafélady

    @:): No clue – is she (katie) currently in london at all? I mean, what we know is, that he is still shooting ‘tarzan’ in london. ;)

    And may be, we didn’t saw much of him (for a while), because perhaps he did in the last weeks something totally ordinary like: working his ass off almost every day, and after that: watching soccer games, for instance? At least, he loves also soccer – so it’s imaginable.

    And I think it would be nothing strange, if he still would have contact with some ex-colleagues. I mean, if you travel so much, if you aren’t at home often and if you have the opportunity to meet constantly that much new people (because the job) – I think, that’s normal then.
    I presume, meanwhile he knows a bunch of people – in every city where he ever worked once. :)

  • TB is Sad

    Alex has always looked good on TB, especially season 2, and has developed the character of Eric over the seasons, but the writing in the show has definitely taken a down turn. It s sad to see the material that the actors have to work with go downhill. I find myself skipping thru most of the show. Last season and they can move on to other projects.

  • #40

    True. These actors are amazing that play in the show, they deserved better written scripts, the show was so fun and loved the comic feel of it in the beginning. It suddenly lost direction and shifted into this dark dramatic’s over.

  • Nelly Fangs

    Are we sure he’s not with that Hanneli women. She does spend a lot of time in London lately?

  • Cafélady

    @Nelly Fangs: …the media and certain “fans” brought him already in connection with almost every woman with whom he ever talked with or just stood beside her (and was papped). That list is miles long now – so meanwhile, I confound the names and the persons already. LoL ;) Who was this woman again??

  • Coachella2014

    Coachella hook up

    He normally isn’t that friendly with female fans!

  • Cafélady

    @Coachella2014: …well, what do you expect?? That he kisses constantly his female fans (I mean every single one of them)?? LoL
    (May be he sends in his thoughts a kiss like in that pic to every single one of us…LoL…who knows?) :))
    And btw. you’re wrong – he IS incredible friendly to his fans! And especially compared with the behave of some of his showbiz-colleagues what you can see sometimes.
    And I guess, sometimes he has also to do a bit work… ;)

    If he would start such a thing, and would kiss every fan he has – I fear they would never let him go again…and then he would never find time again to shoot movies for us…LoL
    At least, he found the time to visit the Lovebox Festival how it looks:

    …a bit wild, his mane – don’t you think? :)

  • Luvstruckpussy

    I want to marry him…

  • Cafélady

    @Luvstruckpussy: I fear, you must line up in the queue then… ;)

  • Grim Fairy Tale

    @:) , #34 #35 @cafelady#39
    oh please you girls!!!
    anyone with just miniscule of a brain cell would have figured it out already who he’s really with (CW) and she moved to london at the exact same time as him.
    it’s always been that way he, goes somewhere .she goes there.she goes somewhere he goes there..
    and before you go and mention wynton! let me tell you that that ‘union’ is fake .yes it’s all for show. just for you .

  • Dr

    @Grim Fairy Tale: take your meds.

  • ;)

    His nipples are smiling at me…:)