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Taylor Swift Doesn't Think Music Should Be Free

Taylor Swift Doesn't Think Music Should Be Free

Taylor Swift wears an itty, bitty, teeny weeny, black and white polka-dotted crop top and skirt while out in New York City on Monday afternoon (July 7).

The 24-year-old singer/songwriter recently wrote an insightful article for the Wall Street Journal on where the music business is going in the future.

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She wrote: “In my opinion, the value of an album is, and will continue to be, based on the amount of heart and soul an artist has bled into a body of work, and the financial value that artists (and their labels) place on their music when it goes out into the marketplace. Piracy, file sharing and streaming have shrunk the numbers of paid album sales drastically, and every artist has handled this blow differently.

“In recent years, you’ve probably read the articles about major recording artists who have decided to practically give their music away, for this promotion or that exclusive deal. My hope for the future, not just in the music industry, but in every young girl I meet…is that they all realize their worth and ask for it.”

Taylor added, “Music is art, and art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for. It’s my opinion that music should not be free, and my prediction is that individual artists and their labels will someday decide what an album’s price point is. I hope they don’t underestimate themselves or undervalue their art.”

FYI: Taylor is wearing the Reformation Clinton Two Piece in Jingle and carrying a Kate Spade New York purse.

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  • sx

    i shed 1000 tears writing this album so it should be worth 100 dollars

  • Jay

    Surely you would just want to share your art, if it’s really about the art and expressing yourself and sharing your point of view and not want to
    attach any monetary value to it, as it is priceless. Even Beyonce priced her whole album plus the 12 videos at £12. Surely at this point it shouldn’t be about the money, like artists who are just starting out, Taylors worth 282 million. Surely the fact the the ‘music industry’ is all about profit over ‘art’ is the real dilemma.

  • Jeanne

    Real artists create art from the soul, not to make money or even for recognition. Even if they weren’t “famous”, they’d still do it.

    Popular music artist earnings mainly come from radio and endorsement royalties, movie royalties, private gigs (millions of dollars) concert tours, swag sales, fan clubs, etc.

    Piracy may be affecting the smaller, less well known musical acts, but the big names are still doing fine.

  • Sienna

    This girl is mentally ill. She becomes friends with whoever is the big thing at the moment, then a year later they are never seen together again. Her latest victim is Karlie Kloss. She even styles her hair like Karlie now. I bet she even stalks all her ex boyfriends and friends to see what they are up to.

  • Cm

    The crap that I am hearing on the radio these days a lot of these artist should be giving their music away.

  • .

    Of course she thinks that it shouldn’t be free….How else is she going to pay for all those granny purses she always steps out with?

  • Lacey

    There is nothing rare about music these days when awards are given out like skittles once a month on tv. And as much as I enjoy singing along to Taylor Swift in my car, there is nothing important about her music unless I just broke up with my boyfriend, in which case, you know exactly how to dry my tears and sooth my soul. And lets be honest, half of the music out there now isn’t even worth the paper on which my money is printed on.

  • sillyme

    I can count on one hand the number of artists whose music I would buy these days. Mostly, I listen to oldies – meaning about 5-6 years or older.

  • tick

    She looks 12 in the picture on the right and that bright red lipstick is a makeup staple for prostitutes. At least this isn’t another junk post. In fairytales, people only get 3 wishes. If I had only 3 posts, I wouldn’t waste them on Armenian reality stars.

  • tick

    She looks like a 12 year old in that pic on the right. The lipstick is too bright. At least this isn’t another junk post. In fairy tales, people only get 3 wishes. If I had only 3 posts, I wouldn’t waste them on reality stars. They aren’t real celebrities and they’re certainly not actors.

  • kat

    @Jay: Music is a business, if you want to hear more of it than obviously you have to fund it in order for it to thrive. Just like movies, if people all decide to bootleg movies and not go support it in the cinemas, than theaters will shut down and the future of movies would be mainly streaming or straight to dvd. The studios would feel less inclined to make movies because they’d be losing a major source of profit. Resulting in less movies. Its the same concept as records. If people stop buying records, labels will feel less inclined to sign artists, who won’t have an avenue to share and create their work. These big mainstream artists who sells big on their records and doesn’t seem to be hurting, are the ones who supports the label allowing them to spend on the smaller less known/ indie artists.

  • ffsfs

    saw her at the gym today. she actually DOES change. She arrives exactly like that but changes on the room to regular gym clothes. She seemed very normal.

  • Poor little rich girl

    I disagree with Taylor completely. Recording artists have it way too good to complain about piracy and file sharing. They make 10x the money us normal people make for working half as hard. Not to mention, a lot of their money comes from endorsement deals and concerts. Any musician who says music should be paid for just doesn’t understand what music is all about. She should be grateful that people even put in the effort to find her music and download it.

  • allison

    When she was a struggling singer/songwriter she probably put more thought, emotion and her soul into her songs. She would have gladly released some of those songs for free just so other would discover her. Now that she is famous and rich she thinks her “art” is too precious for other to get for free. Give me a break. So full of herself.

  • Ha

    @Sienna: I think taylor is a lesbian. She has these ‘friendships” that seem to disappear because they’re romantic relationships that end and she moves on to the next girl.

  • lol

    she’s SO unattractive. if i pass her on the street, i wouldn’t look at her twice.

  • jen

    I am an artist and I have to be able to pay bills and live like everyone else. So YES if you want the work that someone does PAY for it. Otherwise it will be a very quiet place….
    Taylor looks amazing!

  • jenny

    @kat: while I agree with you on the fact the music is after all an industry, these days artists don’t need labels to sign them or to help them put their music out there, a lot of people put their music through places like youtube or sound cloud, the music industry is evolving in a way that in some cases labels aren’t needed for artists to be known another thing is that singers make most of their money from tours and they don’t need to be big productions or a headline tour thanks to music festivals, and even if you actually buy music it will never be like the old days were you had to buy a whole album and artists actually got the whole value of it , now you can only buy maybe 3 songs out of 15 so even in the legal way no artist is actually getting the whole worth of an album anymore, plus streaming charts exist now which can actually help to boost sales sometimes

  • jen

    @Poor little rich girl:
    It is called enterprise. Any when you grow up maybe you too will want to be worth some money for all the hard work you do .

  • She’s Right

    Everything Taylor said in the article is how it should be. Artists should be getting the money they deserve. Taylor’s right, music is an art, even if there’s little effort put into it, it’s still music, and time was spent on it. I’ll be the first to say I’m not happy with some things I hear on the radio today, but I know the artist put time and dedication into it. The article that Taylor wrote confirms why she’s one of my favorite artists, she has hope for the future of music, and I hope other people do as well. Also, I’d like to add that Taylor is extremely grateful for what she has, and the opportunities she’s been given; this isn’t an example of her being a “money-crazy-rich girl” (you’ll never find Taylor acting like that), this is Taylor saying what she feels about music, and you can disagree all you want. Your disagreement doesn’t make her wrong.

  • pekinese

    What a money hungry hoe!

  • Patrina summers

    At first I thought what a bitch,I won’t listen to her anymore. But when I read what she had to say, well I had to agree these writers put a lot into their music and they deserve to get what their worth.piracy is wrong, it’s stealing, so they lose because of these thieves.I do hope things change in the future so everyone gets what their worth is.So don’t be so hard on her because she’s only telling the truth about how it really is in the music industry.So let’s hear it for Taylor, at least she had the balls to say what’s on her mind.thank you& have a great nite.

  • Texti

    I don’t tend to buy new music as the plastic covers are too brittle, they should relable the design and also sell mp4, totally agree with mp4 as the future of paid media for music. It also allows ppl to watch live while entertaining. The police won’t allow home venues as nightclubs tho.

  • Just Me

    I used to agree with her until the last 5-6 albums I purchased absolutely sucked! There was no way to return them like an ill fitting shirt. I definitely couldn’t get my money’s worth. I have mostly streamed music or bought singles since then.

  • anthrax

    I wish her music cost so much that radiostations couldn’t afford it so I didn’t have to hear it

  • Rita

    Do world have enough money as Taylor cost ownself? No.

  • Hannah

    She’s completely right. That article just shows how smart and talented she is, and she deserves all the awards for it. We can only hope that there will be more people like her.

  • Sage

    Of course she doesn’t think music should be free – she makes a sh!t load off of hers and wants to keep it that way.@anthrax: Ah yes, I agree with you. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

  • m

    Money hungry _itch!!!

  • me

    hahaha ,same haters as always ,how r u guys? hahaha u can deny thats shes soo smart and talented,,even how much u hate her,,lol,,and so many comment people in wall street jurnal agree with her,mostly olders ,take that bitchess,,hahaha,swift rule,woop woop.

  • me

    carrie never ever beat taylor,,like ever,,t.swift top of the worlds,just sayin.

  • Jamie

    I’m not even a Taylor Swift fan, but she’s 100% right. Piracy is stealing and it’s wrong. Someone else did the hard work to put that music out and you can’t pay for it? You didn’t put in the work. Artists are artists,regardless of the reason they put out their music, they are still the ones who put in the time and effort. They deserve their fair share of the profits. Stealing is wrong no matter how you slice it and piracy and file sharing are exactly that, stealing someone else’s work without paying for it. It’s wrong.

  • Bluefin

    I don’t know about you guys but I love Taylor! She always has the best outfits and you know what I agree music should cost money because the artists and producers do work hard on these albums and they deserve their do!

  • Bluefin

    Check out more info about her op-ed here:

    What do you think about her decision to write this and the effects of it??

  • MM

    The girl is perfectly sane and a happy successful individual. Give your head a shake.

  • MM

    Taylor speaks for all musicians and the music industry as a whole, not just herself. You should charge what you are worth. It has nothing to do with being money hungry. It has to do with the artistic talent and effort one puts into their work. Why else would you desire to create music for the sake of music alone. Those that give away music for free tend to write crappy music. Those that put a great deal of artistic value and effort deserve to be paid for that talent. It is with any job. I am not going to work for free and the more talent or expertise that I have, then I expect a higher pay. That is reality. Not calling someone a hungry whore when she speaks for all artists in general.

  • MM

    Get real. She is speaking about the music industry and not just herself. So stop thinking illogically. She is completely right in her assessment.

  • bobksjajsdf

    Taylor Swift is bellisima and great artist.

  • Martin

    In a way she’s right. It’s not just for her, there were people behind her or every artists that also needs the income. They all have families to feed, to educate, to shelter. Each everyone of them put time and dedication and pour their hearts on their job and its what they deserve, even the music is blah. And actually its not fair for them that piracy steel what’s for them. “Music is an art, and art is important and rare.” – It’s correct! It’s not being a “money-whore” but getting what every artist deserves. I’m a struggling musician myself and I want to succeed but we can’t achieve that if were not thinking for ourselves too.

  • http://google joseph taylor

    you are hot