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Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Kissing Photos - See Them Here!

Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Kissing Photos - See Them Here!

Zac Efron and rumored new girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez share a steamy kiss while relaxing on a yacht together on Saturday (July 5) in Sardinia.

The 26-year-old actor and the 35-year-old actress have caused some waves online with these hot new photos and now everyone wants to know if the stars are a new couple or not!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

Zac and Michelle, who have been friends for years and spotted on numerous occasions together in the past, have spent nearly two weeks together vacationing in Italy with their pal Gianluca Vacchi.

DO YOU THINK Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez make a cute couple?

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez getting close in Italy…

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zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 01
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 02
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 03
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 04
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 05
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 06
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 07
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 08
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 09
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 10
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 11
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 12
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 13
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 14
zac efron michelle rodriguez kissing photos 15

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  • lauren901

    jared your a day late on this?
    we now from your five posts on them of them hooking up.

  • LOL

    Imagine all the millions of love struck Zac fans squealing in despair…

  • mmmhmmm

    Get it girl….she’s no lezzy hell she tried that side and decided nothing can replace a strong hard **** from a warm blooded man.

  • Those 2??

    Really those 2? That is one ODD couple, they do not like a couple. Michelle looks like a man sometimes.

  • Cougar anyone?

    I think he likes cougars and she likes fresh young meat!!

  • mmmhmmm

    @Those 2??:

    They may not be a couple, couple just friends with some hot benefits.

  • lauren901

    alot of fans actually are confused as into why he wanna be or touch michelle tbh/
    its not all meltdowns

  • Paulie

    She must have coke on her lips.

  • Roberta

    She may not be a lesbian, but she is bisexual!

  • Amy

    So… do they share the same agent, manager or publicist?

  • Sexythang

    I thought she was gay?

  • huh….

    Have you ever considered she doesn’t HAVE to like one OR the other? Just sayin’…

  • psss

    It’s kinda sad how small Hollywood actually is…. And they don’t even try to find something somewhere else. All the hook ups, make ups and break ups… There are plenty of non famous girls and boys out there, but no… now it’s even come to that that even those two are hooking up. It’s kinda gross to be with someone who’s been with not one or two, but many others you know at some point…
    I don’t even know which one is the saddest. 35 year old addict who has some kind of early midlife crises when she not only goes after younger meat, but can’t figure out witch one (last month she was with a girl…) she wants or Efron who after coming out as an addict himself goes after this one. PR or not, this won’t last. And if Michelle always was the crazy one and I’m not judging her then Zac lost a lot of respect from me. So much for staying sober. Not everyone is so naive as your HSM fans.

  • gth

    they share the same drug dealer….
    in before his fans comment about how healthy and “sober” he looks

  • Cate

    Two addicts together. Messy. Seems Zac is back to the old habits that landed him in rehab. At least he won’t need to go to Skid Row or wherever to score again now he’s hooking up with Michelle.

  • Rome

    Ewwww. Like what the hell is he crazy. You can do so much better man . don’t go after this cougar

  • Kline

    It’s called bisexuality – she swings both ways and apparently like ‘em young too. Angelina Jolie, Evan Rachel Wood & Amber Heard are others that come to mind.

  • Jamie

    Kind off sad. And probobly just a summerfling. Won’t last long.

  • .

    Gross…She’s skanky and he’s looking for easy drugs.

  • duh

    @Kline: Yes, we know what bisexuality is, we’re not morons.

  • Dylan

    I’m laughing at all the bitter comments from the ugly people on here that are too hideous to have a boyfriend or girlfreind so they just snipe away. Kinda sad. Mostly funny.

  • Nice bods

    Great bodies on both of them
    @Dylan: Totally agree

  • BlogBrat

    I hear ya Dylan…Men have been lusting after Michelle for years now…They are only 9 years apart…In HW that is nothing…Dylan is correct…The bitter comments are from the ugly Jolie fans that are on this site 24/7 defending their s!ut….Michelle & Zach look like they are having a great time…KUDO’S to them…..

  • Jay

    MRod is smokin hot!!! I get the feelin the ppl callin her ugly are fat out of shape middle aged women who are unhappy w/themselves. Damn no ones stoppin y’all from goin to the gym instead of hatin on a hot woman havin fun w/a young good lookin dude.

  • vienna

    I think it’s fine. Both single looking to mingle. They’re just having fun and enjoying each others company while doing this project together. Very casual and nothing big to expect. She’s like a manly older version of Vanessa.

  • Emily

    Faaaaaaaaaake, staged for the paparazzi that they knew were photographing them. Reason? Both are gay and want this to make them appear as straight. Although Michelle is already out as bi afaik, so she just probably helps Efron with this.

  • Ash

    Most random couple ever.

  • Ruby

    I doubt they are a couple per say….Looks more like friends with benefits if anything.

  • Mel

    @Emily: Why would Michelle need to stage a kiss to “appear as straight”, she’s already had a public female relationship. I doubt she gives 2 sh!ts what random internet critics think of her or her sexuality. And Zac has been getting called gay ever since HSM, and it doesn’t seem like he gives 2 sh!ts either…he doesn’t directly address his sexuality (what’s the point?) and he says he has gay friends and has no problem with people who are gay. Calling someone gay is such a lame insult, it’s like who even cares anymore, unless you’re a homophobe, which is just sad and pathetic in this day and age.

  • Michi likes sausage

    @gth: was there ever time he didn’t look healthy and sober? But he wasn’t. He’s a junkie.

  • Solid

    Drug and alcohol-fuelled “romance.”

  • Guest

    @Nice bods: Yeah they do both look really good.

  • Mean

    Never heard of that girl before. What does she do fo

  • Mean

    Never heard of this women before. What does she do for a living. Zac hooking up with her for the sex. He”s prombley wants a girlfriend. Odd couple.

  • holly

    Looks to me like they are just having fun. With cameras always on them I’m sure they’re just messing around because they know what the media does with that kinda stuff.

  • Jasmine

    Know what? Whether they are actually together, or just putting on a show, they are shameless. Talk about being a PR puppet. He is a disgusting piece of work, and not at all the prince charming his fans think this guy is. He makes me sick. Actually, he deserves this jailbird drugged up bad girl.

  • link

    @Mel: ”And Zac has been getting called gay ever since HSM, and it doesn’t seem like he gives 2 sh!ts either” Totally agree with you on this one.

  • @37

    @Jasmine: And you sound like a real princess charming, sweetie pie…yeah right! Miserable cow

  • Lauren901

    She’s in the fast and furious movies, she has a trouble past and she him how do you not know anything about her?

  • Jiselle

    i don’t get why she’s his “rumored girlfriend.” why can’t they just be hooking up?

  • Love The Shoes

    More than anything? I’m freaking fascinated by how this is bothering so many. It has seriously banged with so many heads and its hilarious. It’s like “HOW DARE THEY?!” Like you own either of them and they needed approval from any of you. I read jealous, envy and just High School Musical fans who think the guy is still 16 years old and how dare he grow the hell up. Get over it! He’s an adult man who at least for the present time, is enjoying the company of an adult woman. The End.

  • staged

    they are both gay so this is clearly staged

  • laura

    damn Michelle has game… first Cara now Zac? she hooks up with the hottest

  • Perfect body

    She has the perfect body. I’d have to work out 4 hours a day for that. :/

  • Michi likes sausage

    Why was my post deleted? All I said was the fans of michelle and cara aka Mara fans are maaaad. The site is called L CHAT. THe lesbians that were Mara fans hate bisexual women and they think michelle is pure lesbian even tho she said “michi likes sausage.” Herself. Hahah

  • rrr

    wait i thought she was bi..! lol well i think zac is bi too! …

  • Yaaaaaaaaylife

    She’s hot! I’ve always found her hot and what age difference? Leighton Meester and her husband have the same age different except she’s the younger one and he’s the older one yet no one says anything about that.

    To be honest I think zac is lucky that a woman like Michelle even paid attention to him.

    Good Luck!

  • pekinese


    Cara is fug lol

  • Addicted

    “Two addicts, Zac and Michelle, K I S S I N G behind the shed…”

    This is a hook-up. Drug and alcohol are the other two parties involved.

  • Dino2

    @Emily: I don’t think there’s a problem because he is a poossy. Michelle likes that.