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Eva Mendes Pregnant, Expecting Baby with Ryan Gosling!

Eva Mendes Pregnant, Expecting Baby with Ryan Gosling!

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are reportedly expecting their first child together, a friend of the actress confirms to People.

Rumors that the 40-year-old actress and 33-year-old actor are expecting surfaced earlier today, and a source apparently confirmed to some outlets that Eva is seven months along in her pregnancy!

Eva and Ryan have been together since 2011 and have been notoriously very private about their romance.

Eva was last seen out and about in March of this year.

Stay tuned to as we wait for an official confirmation.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  • ugh

    why do people care about these 2?

  • Sayer

    Lol! She’s 40. She’s having this douchebag’s baby. Sorry Notebook fans.

  • marie

    Wasn’t she the one who repeatedly said that having kids is not for her?

  • lmao

    @Sayer: rofl. this is the exact words the just jared article should be saying hahaha.

  • sweetness

    somehow he’s lost his mojo since being with her…even the baby news seems just eh?

  • Love The Shoes

    YIPPIE!!!! It’s just been a freak’n banner day with all my old (Eva-Ryan) and new (Zac-Michelle) HW couples! I’m over the moon for them. I had a feeling this was actually one the tabs got right because it was just to much evidence saying yeah. Good on them and I’m very happy.

  • jen

    @marie: She may still feel that way. Women who don’t want kids can still get pregnant…condoms and pills don’t always work. My aunt got pregnant on the pill and condoms aren’t 100% protective. She may also be a woman who never wanted kids but wouldn’t terminate if she got pregnant either. She may not have saw kids in her future, but sometimes life throws you a curve-ball with something that wasn’t in your plan.

  • Love The Shoes

    @marie: So did Angelina Jolie and so why is Eva any different? Sometimes love changes minds. People get to change their hearts about stuff. Can you imagine Angelina not now wanting her kids? Put that silly “but I thought” crap up on a shelf.

  • linden

    I hope those aren’t true >.<

  • linden

    @jen: If she didnt want kids at all she should have used pills and condoms for him.

  • jen

    @Love The Shoes: Thank you! Also, on another note, I’m happy for them that they got to keep this to themselves for at least most of her pregnancy. Looks like they had enough people in their circle of friends / co-workers that could keep a secret…until now.

  • jen

    @linden: Didn’t you read my comment. Sometimes taking the pill or wearing a condom isn’t 100% effective when people think they are. People have gotten pregnant using both methods. If it’s in your cards to get pregnant, you’re going to get pregnant.

  • summer

    IVF treatments? A 40 year old woman doesn’t just magically get pregnant. She’s too old to concieve naturally.

  • linden

    @summer: Be careful with your words

  • Anna

    Oh no. Never liked these two together…

  • Cate

    @summer: You need a biology lesson. That isn’t true at all. Women 40+ can conceive naturally. Obviously it is more difficult but it isn’t impossible.

  • ZZZ

    He has flop after flop, he’s kind of passé – guess its time to settle.

  • Ap

    she trapped him with a baby………….or maybe they are truly in love who knows

  • Martha Willington


    my mom got pregnant at 44 naturally so yes it does happen

  • Congrats!

    Wishing them good luck and a healthy baby

  • SMH

    @summer: Wow, you need to go take a course in biology. I love how you know how fertile Eva is. Is it truly pure ignorance on your part… or just jealousy?

  • Canadian Actors are cursed

    What is going on with these pregnancies.

    After Hayden Christensen being trapped with a pregnancy with an irrelevant D listed screen actress Rachel Bilson.
    Now Ryan Gosling!! Well at least he seems to have better tastes when it comes to women.

    They will be stuck with child supports

  • geez


    Dang, you act like 40 is 60! Your egg count goes down after 35 but you’re not sterile. All it takes 1 good egg to get pregnant. Heck I know someone who was pregnant at 50! She was shocked because she was going through menopause.

  • scarlett

    It’s not like she’s got anything else to do.

  • Guest

    If this is true, she’s a smart lady. She hid the pregnancy so paps wouldn’t stalk her every waking moment like they’re doing to Mila. I never understand why some celebs make it public so early in the pregnancy and instagram every ultrasound pic, etc… I don’t like how oversharing is considered normal nowadays, and people are criticized so much for being private. The ones who overshare should be the ones who are criticized imo.

  • Dee

    Theyre still together!?!

  • Nessa

    I mean, if this is true and they are happy then good for them. I just don’t understand them as a couple. Never have, never will. I have never seen one ounce of chemistry between them. But hey, you never know what goes on behind closed doors. So, if there is a little gosling on the way, then best of luck to them. That will be one cute kid.

  • go go

    Both their careers are over anyway

  • kami

    they kept it a secret for seven months? that’s amazing


    LMAO! I knew she would trap him, I mean how many times did they break up before she got knocked up and now he’ll stay… for a while at least. Congrats on knocking up an old hag Gosling. Neither one of your careers are thriving so match made in heaven. I expect that Michael Fassbender will be the next victim, give him a year and a half and he’ll knock up some young ethnic chick or random hookup. LOL Congrats Ryan and Eva

  • jd

    @sweetness: Same here.

  • rach

    There’s never been any kind of chemistry between them at all not on screen or when they’ve been seen together, such an odd coupling. Her career is dead in the water anyway, at least getting knocked up gives her a purpose. I can only imagine the smugness.

  • Elizabeth

    @summer I’m 43 and pregnant naturally now. I had first child at 37 second one at 40 and I’m due in September. I had no help from any doctors.

  • stef

    That woman isnt attractive. I cant see what he likes about her?

  • Nonya

    All of you who wrote those negative comments need to GET CHO LIFE! You seriously have no life if ya take time off to type negative shit all day! 📢

  • Jojo

    Well Gosling just lost a bunch of fangirls, the only people left who gave a crap about him heh. He’ll have no real appeal for them anymore.

    I think she realized her career is over and changed her mind about kids, figuring that being linked to him would always keep her relevant. Problem is, HIS career isn’t that great.

  • Cassie

    So she lied on Ellen DeGeneres show and lied to the public when she wouldn’t go through that airport security. Karma will come back to you Eva. Not only this, but the way you treat people who are not your equal.

  • Wait

    So does this mean her career is finished? YESSS. And Gosling’s career has sucked ever since they got together (her flopness totally rubbed off on him), so soon enough he’ll be completely irrelevant too!

  • troll

    Hopefully that baby, be it boy or girl comes out beautiful, especially since it’s going to be a mixed baby. They’re both very attractive for their age, but for some reason even attractive celebrities make hideous kids. I’m hoping both genes come through.

  • meh


    Meh, he’s completely bland looking and she is very mannish and harsh looking. I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s an ugly baby.

  • Honour

    Is she going to use a bark collar on their baby to train it?

  • lolz

    @geez: Yeah to have a healthy baby you need to pop it out before you’re 35. After 35 you may get pregnant but your baby will have serious issues.

  • troll

    @meh: I’m wondering what your thoughts are on Brad and Angelina.

  • lolz

    @Elizabeth: You’re very selfish to have kids at that age. Your kids will have some serious problems.

  • Cad44


    Yeah I noticed and it can’t be a coincidence, that when Joaquin Phoenix came back to acting, nobody has had any need for Gosling anymore. Gosling’s peak was pretty much just him being an adequate placeholder for Phoenix during his hiatus. Joaquin effortlessly has that awkward, nutty brilliance that Gosling has always been a try-hard poseur at. His moment is over pretty much IMO. He became a fad/shtick that wore out.

    As for this baby, congrats I guess. They’re really boring and basic together and never seemed that happy or in love to me but not my business.

  • AshleyLove

    She trapped him.

  • AshleyLove

    They don’t look compatible in the least. He’s more easy going and she’s more uptight and looks like a real bish. I feel sorry for him.

  • eww

    She’ll be a senior citizen, pushing 60 by the time the kid is in high school LMAO. I always knew Gosling was a dumbass who is nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is.

  • DiMarco

    Grandmas shouldn’t be having babies.

  • Hmm

    He didn’t seem very happy in Cannes. You’d think even while still keeping it a secret, he would have been visibly over the moon. Neither seem like parent material to me. Didn’t her dog, that she put in a shock collar recently die? They both seem very self-absorbed.